Happy Holidays from the Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind


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With each year passing, I look back to see where I was and where I am now. I feel like a different person having lived multiple lives in a single lifetime. There is a feeling of elation and a little remorse for taking so long to get this far. There is a sense of urgency now since so much more needs to be learned and yet very little time remains. Thank you very much crew for your efforts and learnings so far, building up the network and practically giving it away for free. Looking forward to learn and contribute more.
Happy Caesarmass to the group and all of the forum members!! Stay strong and keep looking at the skies!


The Living Force
The FOTCM calendar arrived safely. It is already up on the wall. It is a beautiful calender, thank you! Happy Holidays, and best! :cheer: :flowers:

Michael Barker-Caven

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Merry Caesar-Mass to all. Thank you to all in the chateau and the team at SOTT for another year of truth spreading. Fond regards to all on the forum and happy holiday to all at the Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind


The Living Force
Thank you. Received my calendar this morning (and mug a little earlier). I just need a nail now so I can put the calendar up in pride of place!:)
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