Happy Holidays from the Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind

Orthodox Christians will be celebrating Christmas on January, 7 (I hope I'm correct, it may be the 6th).
That doesn't only apply to Russia, I have friends from Serbia, they do, too.

Today I realized: They celebrate according to the Julian calender!
That's of course the calender proposed by Julius Caesar.

So why not reserve the "Santa Claus holidays" for the kids and family and make January, 7, a spiritual remembrance day
to commemorate IULIUS CAESAR?


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Happy new belly every one! when the belly is happy, we feel happy. So this is my wish for everyone of you. Be this new year a good one to see and enjoy even if we know the road will be a little... hard. But no matter what will be, this forum with all the beautiful people in it is the best thing we will have to walk and learn. Thank you and Happy new year!



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Thank you so much for the beautiful calendars, I received them both just in time on New Year's Eve!

And a happy 2019 to everyone around here with even more knowledge and growth! And may we continue growing as an ever stronger network :flowers:
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