Happy Holidays from the Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind

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Orthodox Christians will be celebrating Christmas on January, 7 (I hope I'm correct, it may be the 6th).
That doesn't only apply to Russia, I have friends from Serbia, they do, too.

Today I realized: They celebrate according to the Julian calender!
That's of course the calender proposed by Julius Caesar.

So why not reserve the "Santa Claus holidays" for the kids and family and make January, 7, a spiritual remembrance day
to commemorate IULIUS CAESAR?


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Happy new belly every one! when the belly is happy, we feel happy. So this is my wish for everyone of you. Be this new year a good one to see and enjoy even if we know the road will be a little... hard. But no matter what will be, this forum with all the beautiful people in it is the best thing we will have to walk and learn. Thank you and Happy new year!



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Thank you so much for the beautiful calendars, I received them both just in time on New Year's Eve!

And a happy 2019 to everyone around here with even more knowledge and growth! And may we continue growing as an ever stronger network :flowers:


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Merci pour les bons voeux!

My Mom had a little Bichon Frisé. He was all black, and we called him Milou!

Many adventures were had.

I miss them both.

Thank you to everyone.

None of you understand the immense and good impact you have by simply being here.


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Received my mug, mousepad and cigarette box today - they look cool ;) and solid, with big potential to provoke questions about SOTT on various occasions ;) thanks!


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Just like last year, this was sent to our members via email, but we'd like to extend our greetings to all of you, wonderful members of this forum::flowers:

A gift will be sent to everyone who donates
10 US dollars (or 10 EUR) and above.
If you would like a calendar or another item,
please make sure to visit
this page
and fill in the information required before making your donation!

Dear Friends in Fellowship,

We hope that this letter finds you well. As 2019 draws to a close, we would like to extend our greetings and wish you all the best for the year to come.

As most of you have probably noticed, this past year the events in the political, social and environmental spheres of life on our planet have continued their apparently inexorable descent into chaos. Responsible political leadership is sorely lacking and the influence of the psychopaths in power is reflected in the divisions and antagonism among social groups. Added to this, and perhaps also reflective of it, we notice the increasing intensity of earth changes, with torrential rainfall, freak storms, wild fires, heavy snowfall (and much more) being registered in many parts of the globe. As the situation worsens, we understand more and more the value of having each other and our network, and how important it is to hold a knowledgeable and loving frequency through these changes so that knowledge and love can shape a ‘new world’ on the other side. At the same time, it’s just what’s in us to do!

Regarding our usual activities this year, we proceeded with our Crystal project, NeurOptimal, online meetings, and gatherings in our local communities and other places where members could spend some days together in good company and with soul enriching activities and conversations, and recharge their batteries. A new addition this year was “H20” (Hyperdimensional Harmonic Optimization), which you can read about here. We also pursued our research on various topics, shared as usual on our forum. If you are not active there, you are missing out!

For our latest news, and to learn about Laura’s exciting research and writing at the moment, you may want to read this thread.

To all of our members, we would like to extend our gratitude and tell you how happy we are to be able to know you. To all who have participated or contributed in their individual ways, from participating in gatherings or online discussions, to research, editing, translating, transcribing, donating, technical support, artistic contributions, and especially working to better themselves for the benefit of all; Thank you! We think that Fellowship members are the best people in the world in every way. In the current times, being able to share our path with colinear fellows is a precious gift.

Thanks to the creative talents of our members Damian Assels and Ana Del Toro, we have a new FOTCM calendar to offer for 2020, which features a selection of beautiful images accompanied by inspiring quotes.

2020 calendar1.jpg

2020 calendar2.jpg2020 calendar3.jpg2020 calendar4.jpg
(If you would like a calendar and/or any other item, please make sure to use the form provided here

Annotation 2019-12-05 155635.png
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Thank you everyone for all the effort you put in throughout the year, I have gained so much knowledge from you, books recommended and reading quite a lot of the posts here on the forum. I wish all of you (and all the forum members) a Very Merry CaesarMass and may the New Year be filled with blessings of good tide for all!


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This calendar looks so impressive and beautiful. Thank you Damian and Ana for the work. It will be shining brightly in my home as a reminder to daily connect to my dear Crystals.

And Chu for the anual heartwarming "letting us know" e-mail.

Indeed it is a true joy to be part of this best creative group who constantly reminds us to walk the path of searching for objective reality, practicing STO and devination.
I am full of gratitude and want to extend this gratitude to all of you who keep this network and work alive. May all be in good health and Spirit.

Happy Ceasarmass ( a bit early) to all!!


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Thank you all for everything this year and the tireless, continual work you do! :thup:

It has been quite a year geopolitically and environmentally.

What a beautiful calendar, Damian and Ana 😍

I may have to start covering my planners or plain notebooks with images from old calendars and sticking the quotes in my journals, because I have loved some of the previous designs and quotes. This one being no exception. They're all timeless in their wisdom and quality.


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Chu, je ne l'ai pas reçu ce message... Je touche ma pension de retraite le 9 et ne manquerai pas de vous faire un don...

Chu, I didn't get this message.... I am receiving my retirement pension on the 9th and will not fail to make a donation to you....
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