Session 10 Aug 2019


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Session Date: Aug 10 2019

Laura, Andromeda, and Artemis at the board

Pierre, Joe, Chu, Ark, PoB, Scottie, Niall, Noko the Wonderdog, The Lunar Module, Pikabu zee Cat

Q: (L) Are we ready? Today is August the 10th, 2019. [Review of those present]

A: Elaleia of Cassiopaea here. Be helpful to one another.

Q: (L) Is that a general statement of your orientation or a specific characteristic of tonight's session?

A: Close.

Q: (L) So, back in July we went to Paris to this paranormal conference. Ark met this fellow who has put together this healing method, for lack of a better term. But he doesn't say that he does any healing. He says he just helps tune your body so that you do your own healing. He says it connects you to the information field so that you can acquire the information you need into your energy field so that healing takes place. He had some kind of strange name for the method... What was it?

(Chu) "Original Bioquantics"

(L) That's really weird. Anyhow, he admitted that it had nothing to do with quantum physics or quantum anything, but he didn't know what else to call it because it was so strange. So, since the guy is in Spain and his workshops are in Spanish, Chu went off to learn the technique. She came back with the information and some gadgets and walked us through the procedure, that is, me and Andromeda, so we could get a feel for what it is. After we witnessed it and played around with it a little bit, we came up with the idea that it should be renamed to something like Hyperdimensional Harmonic Optimization (H2O) because that seems to be what is really taking place. Obviously something is happening; the testimonials from practitioners were amazing and Chu witnessed some interesting results during her week there. Without going into more details about it now, we want to ask some questions. So, first of all, is this is a therapy that is worthwhile for us to pursue in terms of learning, practicing, experimenting, etc.?

A: Indeed, as you have felt some benefits already.

Q: (Andromeda) Is the form that it's in right now good enough, or should we look to improve it?

A: Good idea!

Q: (L) Okay, so there are these little devices that are being used. First, the inventor was calling them filters because they're kind of like little round filters for a camera. They involve the use of little bits of gel film as used to be used in the early days of color photography. Then he decided that filters might not fit, and that he wanted to call them “tuners”.

(Chu) Harmonizers.

(L) Harmonizers, okay. So what is it about these "filters" that makes them respond - that is, harmonize and detect or whatever they are doing?

A: It is not the "filters" it is the practitioner.

Q: (Andromeda) So theoretically the person could just use their hand, or does there need to be a device of some sort?

A: The "tuners" tune the practitioner.

Q: (L) Well, let's go through some of these questions that we have written down here. Then we'll come back to some other things. During the process of this procedure, does it in any way open the person up to any kind of negative influences hanging around or whatever?

A: Not really unless the person is a psycho with attached entities.

Q: (L) Okay.

(L) Okay, so the theory is that the process helps the person to connect to the information field so that some part of them can make choices to heal or improve or somehow change their life or whatever. The question is: At what level is the person's choice made at? Is it the subconscious taking over here, or is it the higher self, or what?

A: Not the subconscious which is more or less bound to and driven by the genetic body. In this process, it is at the interface between the spirit body and the hyperdimensional body as you have been calling it. Otherwise known as the 4D body in the process of growing.

Q: (Andromeda) So that's the part that makes the choice of what to work on.

(L) Okay. Now, part of the procedure, according to the inventor, involves feeding information into the field of the person at some distance from the body, which is kind of like what made me think of it as hyperdimensional. Having read Lethbridge's work on dowsing and how he had to increase distances to dowse into other dimensions... he kind of discovered this accidentally and it’s a cool story. So, there are these images that are more or less waved around in the person’s energy field at various distances, and he says that this consists of information being fed in, and there's a whole stack of them of the images. The practitioner uses a combination and dowsing and kinesiology to select the one that is appropriate for the individual to give them the information that they need. Then you apply it into the field with certain gestures. We looked at all of these pictures. They're just small photographs, most of them very ordinary, or even like nothing at all. We looked at a lot of them, and they seem to be almost random places all around the planet. In general, are these images and the information they contain safe?

A: The dowsing process insures the proper selection.

Q: (Joe) What's special about the pictures?

A: About any place on the planet has an energy signature that can be captured by photographs. Any person with a multiple incarnational history can respond to any number of such photos. In a large enough collection you are bound to get some hits. You can expand the photo collection yourselves.

Q: (Chu) So it's an energy signature that the hyperdimensional/spirit body is taking in. But why does that make you make different choices?

A: You can tune in to yourself in the past or future thus gaining insight or strength. Or it can simply be a "thought" of the cosmos.

Q: (L) So that's why you mentioned the multi-incarnational thing. If there's a photo of a place on the planet where you may have had some past life or future life or some energy signature that in some hyperdimensional way is somehow... relevant to you. Then that information can be given to you. So, for example if there's a picture of a place where you were or that was known to you in a past life or in a future life, the experiences of that life or whatever could be transmitted to you in a more dynamic way across the dimensional fields. Or what they were saying: It could be a thought of the cosmos. Maybe that place is just for... I mean, you've got neurons in your brain firing all the time. How do we know that the whole planet and all the biosphere and solar system... It may be some kind of big brain or something. Maybe that's just a little snippet of the brain of the cosmos.

A: Yes

Q: (L) So I'm on the right track there.

(Joe) That would suggest that it might be traumatic or unsettling for some people if they're tapping into dynamics or energies from a past life. It's not always going to be a pleasant experience.

A: Sometimes there are things that need resolution.

Q: (L) So sometimes you open up something that needs to be dealt with. It's not all sweetness and light.

(Chu) What about our question about how to make sure that you're not interfering as the practitioner?

(Andromeda) Yeah, how do you not influence the choosing of the spots or filters or the pictures?

A: That is possible. One way to train is by practicing with dowsing lost objects to sharpen your sensitivity.

Q: (L) Somebody who's not real sensitive could tend to overlay their imagining onto what they're doing. But a person who is sensitive and who has trained their sensitivity will be feeling what the body that they are working with is communicating to them and it will create a correct feedback.

A: Yes

Q: (L) You have to practice separating yourself from it. And that's why I guess it's better to practice searching for lost objects because you get feedback from more or less neutral objects. Anything else?

(Joe) Where did this guy get the idea from?

A: Putting flashes of inspiration with knowledge acquired.

Q: (L) Well, I just have a problem with him being a vegetarian and stuff. [laughter] I mean, did he ever apply the method to himself and inquire what's the best thing for him to eat?

A: An example of a "physician" who does not take his own medicine.

Q: (Artemis) Didn't we get the inspiration for Éiriú Eolas from a guy who was a vegan?

(L) Yeah, that's true. So you can be a vegan and come up with ideas. Maybe it's because vegetables are more attuned to the Earth and its vibrations? I dunno.

(Pierre) We didn't ask where the flashes of inspiration came from.

(L) Why would we ask that? I mean, are we gonna try to narrow this down to STS or STO? Is that what we're going after?

(Pierre) Well, yeah.

(L) Why can't you just ask that question?

(Pierre) Well, there might be other forces. Is his inspiration STO and/or STS?

A: In Marcel's case, STO dominates his "flashes".

Q: (Andromeda) Okay, so I just want to make this clear. So what they said so far is that it's pretty safe to do, it can be improved upon a little bit, we can take new pictures, and the filters are okay to use as they are.

A: Yes, and eventually you won't need either filters or pictures. They are, in a sense, training wheels.

Q: (Chu) Would it be worth it to get the other filters and protocols?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Is that true for anybody? Anybody can just do this procedure?

A: Like playing music or singing, some are more gifted than others.

Q: (PoB) Should the pictures be taken by us, or they can be found on the internet?

A: Take them yourselves. Some unusual photos that attract you strongly can be downloaded.

Q: (Joe) Leclerc parking lot! [laughter]

(Chu) Arky has to go take pictures when he rides his bike to the store!

(Pierre) Well, Arky already has thousands of pictures.

(Andromeda) Meteor showers. Or crystals. Lots of cool photos we could try.

(L) We might even come up with better pictures.

(Chu) What about pictures taken of the crystals that we charged?

(Artemis) That reminds me, we wanted to ask if playing recordings of our voices singing will charge the crystals.

(L) If we want to charge up another batch of crystals, can we record ourselves and then play the recording on a repeating loop on the crystals and make them supercharged that way?

A: Yes!!!

Q: (Artemis) So we can just leave it on repeat for like DAYS! [laughter]

(L) Well, we could just make the recording and people could download it or something and play it.

(Artemis) Do It Yourselves! Geez! [laughter]

(PoB) The first crystals in the world charged by YouTube videos.

(L) Oh... Our singing is just not that great.

(Andromeda) Only the crystals like it.

(L) We'd have to practice and sound good.

(Ark) We also want to know if the place where this procedure is being applied needs to be chosen with certain selection in mind because there are some places that are good and some places that have wrong vibration. Even inside the house, one place is good, and another is not. So, is it important, and if so, where?

(L) In other words, is it important to pick the place where you apply the therapy?

A: Moderately, but most calm places will do.

Q: (Andromeda) What about the orientation of the person's body? North and South?

A: Head to North is always good for such things.


Q: (L) Alright. You say that these little tuner things are like training wheels. In what sense are they like training wheels?

A: They manifest and/or connect to energies of a very subtle nature. Recall the experience of Lethbridge and the pentagram/triangle.

Q: (L) We'll have to look that up, but I remember it was weird. I think it's in Secret History or The Wave somewhere.

(Andromeda) So there really is something to the filters... A clear plastic disk with little jellies inside?

A: Color and composition.

Q: (Ark) Are there other known practices that so to say achieve similar results? Do people somewhere in the world practice something in a different way but essentially producing similar results to this procedure?

A: Traditional magnetizing by a gifted individual.

Q: (L) But it has to be a gifted one. It can't be just any old body!

(L) How does it work?

A: The main element is the use of the practitioner's system to help balance the patient. Done properly, the practitioner is a conduit. This energy engages with the information in the tuners and images.

Q: (L) The energy engages with the information in the tuners and images to do exactly what?

A: Transmit that information to the patient.

Q: (L) And what does that information...

(Pierre) It's a kind of rebalancing?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) What information is in the tuner?

(L) Didn't they just say it was kinda like that business with Lethbridge? Does it matter that the pieces of gel move around in the filter tuners?

A: Yes important. The arrangement morphs!

Q: (Chu) Well, I guess we're gonna have to...

(L) I can't think of any other way to get to it. We're trying to talk about something that's hyperdimensional, and we don't even know how to go there.

(Joe) For some reason, the material in the tuners and the color acts as a receiver or conduit or something for information.

(L) Is it kind of like a sieve?

A: Yes!

Q: (L) So when you're moving it through the person's energy field, the configuration of the elements and the motion sieves out or combs the energy?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) So it aligns the fibers of the energy field...

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) a specific way so that...

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) ...they can receive information... I'm just pulling this out of my...

(L) You're channeling!

(Joe) Carry on. [laughter]

(L) So it's actually like when you put a magnet under a piece of paper with iron filings on it.

(Chu) That's how Marcel explained it. He had a box with screws in it.

(L) I guess when it's better aligned it's better able to pull in and pack more information.

(Pierre) It holds more by definition.

A: Yes

Q: (L) It helps organize. Okay...

(Joe) It's like having a bunch of receivers that are all aligned or pointed in the same direction. Whatever!

(Chu) Well, in the quantum body protocol, you have those tuners that are for organizing information that you supposedly have already. And the other ones - the clear ones - for receiving new information.

(Joe) You see, it's important. We're not just being nitpickers here. It's important for people involved in it to at least have a conceptual idea of what's happening - even if it's only very vague. Then you can kind of engage with it yourself and help it along.

(L) Well, that's kind of puzzled me. These little bits of gel in these tuners are just like floating around in there. They move around. So I guess the energy of the practitioner and the energy of the patient somehow interact to arrange them...

(Andromeda) And some of them are even shaped like triangles or rectangles in addition to being different colors.

(L) I remember, it was triangles that Lethbridge either drew or saw... I think he drew a pentagram or something to keep this witch away from his house. And then he woke up and there were triangles of fire at the foot of his bed; or maybe it was vice versa. It bounced back on her. Anyhow, there were triangles of fire involved somehow. So, the hyperdimensional view of this pentagram was a triangle of fire. It was something very different in another reality than what he could see. And I know that on a couple of occasions when I've had these visionary spells, it's like everything in this reality becomes living, moving light. You have no idea when you look at ordinary reality what a hyperdimensional view of that reality is.

(Chu) You saw the picture on the web site of the quantum body?

(L) Yeah.

(Chu) He showed a picture of a man standing, and it was all a bunch of little dots all around the body...

(Ark) This is something that we somehow neglected because he draws these pictures and he talks about these pictures. But what you learned until now has nothing to do with his getting pictures. So what about this getting pictures? It is higher level or something?

(Chu) You mean the images he got?

(Ark) How did he take these pictures? Will you be able to learn next time?

(L) Probably not.

(Chu) The only way would be to get him here and get him to explain it to you or something. Is he using the filters, or...

(Ark) The way that he talked to me and the way he puts it in his books... he is able to SEE somehow?

(L) So he has flashes of inspiration and he sees things.

(Ark) These things like Castaneda or whoever was seeing the...

(L) The flyers. Or the energetic body, the ball of light.

(Chu) He said he was using the filters and testing thousands of times.

(Scottie) Maybe he just kind of dowsed for the pictures in a sense.

(L) Okay, I'm getting tired. We're gonna have to wrap it up soon. Next question?

(Ark) Yes, is the moon partly hollow?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Is this theory of this Polish geologist about how the moon formed true?

A: Close.

Q: (Ark) Is his idea about earthquakes also partly true?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Okay. Can quantum theory be derived from General Relativity?

A: No

Q: (Ark) Oh my goodness! I'm done. I'm depressed. [laughter] So what should I do? I was working for four years on doing that?! And now you say it cannot be done? What should I do?

(Artemis) He's lost. Help him!

(Ark) Please?

A: Keep trying. It will lead to unexpected discoveries.

Q: (Ark) I'm done.

(L) Can we get a fan that blows over here? I'm getting REAL hot...

(Artemis) Oh yeah, that's great...

(Scottie) Aaaah!

(L) Now... What was it that you wanted to ask, Niall?

(Niall) Current events questions. What caused the blackout in the UK?

A: Sabotage.

Q: (Niall) Is that the same people who did the sabotage in Argentina?

A: Yes

Q: (Niall) Geez. Why would they want to target the UK?

A: Create chaos.

Q: (Niall) They're nuts. Was there more than one shooter involved in the Texas shooting?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Standard operating procedure.

A: Yes Greenbaum type programming. We have discussed this before and are surprised that you have forgotten.

Q: (Joe) We haven't forgotten. I guess we don't need to ask questions like that anymore.

(Niall) What happened to the Russian navy submarine that blew up in July?

A: Sabotage.

Q: (Scottie) I think the answer to all those is: sabotage.

(L) We want to know what happened to Pierre the other day when he fainted?

A: In case you did not notice, a great wave of negative energy circled the planet over the past few days, affecting those who are vulnerable due to lack of awareness.

Q: (Artemis) What happened?

(Andromeda) There was all kinds of stuff like multiple shootings and...

(Artemis) Yeah, but why and from who?

A: General chaos generated from 4D STS sources.

Q: (L) Okay, are we done?

(Artemis) Wait, wait, wait! I have a question! On the subject of past lives, is it possible for a person to remember past lives that belong to family members and to think of them as their own?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Is it due to like genetic memory maybe?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Also could be like psychic closeness... tuning in.

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Is there an optimal time for people to pray?

A: Early morning before dawn.

Q: (L) Just before, or as the sun rises?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Why is that time preferable?

A: Energy of Earth has quieted and there is a gap just before the energy of the sun returns.

Q: (L) So there's like a gap that you can escape through into the cosmos.

(Artemis) So it's kind of like the internet. When everyone's sleeping, the internet is faster!

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Is there such a thing as the Ashkenazi genetic profile?

A: Yes, but it isn't Semitic.

Q: (Pierre) Yes! What are the origins of this genetic profile?

A: Ask another time after doing homework. Goodbye.

Thanks for the new session! Here's Laura's discussion of T.C. Lethbridge from Secret History, for those interested:

Tom C. Lethbridge, was Director of Excavations for the Cambridge Antiquarian Society and Director of the University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. He had absolutely no interest in psychical research until after he had retired. In the early 1930’s, he and another archaeologist were looking for Viking graves on the Isle of Lundy in the Bristol Channel. After finding what they came for, they were just killing time while waiting for a ferry and decided to try some experiments with dowsing, which had been an interest of Lethbridge for some time. Lundy Island is crisscrossed with seams of volcanic rock that extrude through the slate, and Lethbridge wanted to see if dowsing would locate them. So, he had his friend blindfold him and lead him about with a forked hazel stick. Every time he passed over a volcanic seam, the hazel fork twisted violently in his hands. The friend was carrying a very sensitive magnetometer and was able to immediately verify that Lethbridge had accurately located the volcanic seams of rock.

Lethbridge realized that, like running water, volcanic rock has a faint magnetic field. He had written about dowsing earlier, “Most people can dowse, if they know how to do it. If they cannot do it, there is probably some fault in the electrical system of their bodies.”

Lethbridge’s success with finding volcanic rock started him off on his investigations into other realms. Hidden objects could not stay hidden when Lethbridge was wandering around with his rods, twigs or pendulum. There didn’t seem to be any limits to what could be detected this way. He had proved to his complete satisfaction not only that dowsing worked, but that it was “mind stuff” – the rod or pendulum was connected to the mind of the person holding it in some way.

Tom Lethbridge’s results proved to be not only accurate but also repeatable, and he found the responses appeared to be governed by vibrations of various wavelengths. The wavelength of water, for instance, was different to that of metal. His principal instrument became the pendulum, and he found a lot depended on the length of the pendulum’s cord. He was able to test not only for minerals but abstract things and qualities like anger, death, deceit, sleep, colors, male, and female. In a lengthy series of trial and error experiments, he created a table of very precise measurements showing, for example, that a 22-inch length would reveal the existence of silver or lead, while iron demanded a 32-inch stretch, but sulphur a mere 7 inches. Stranger still, though, the pendulum would react to different emotions and attributes, with a different length for feminine (29″) and masculine (24″) objects, including human or animal remains. The details of his experiments are utterly fascinating. This open-minded and extremely literate man was aware that many people would regard his methods and findings with suspicion. He once wrote:

“It is impossible for it to be imaginary. If you can use a pendulum to work out within an inch or two exactly where something lies hidden beneath undisturbed turf, and do this in front of witnesses, and then go to the spot which the pendulum has indicated and take off the turf, dig up the soil beneath and find the object; if you can do this same operation again and again and almost always succeed, this cannot be imagination, delusion, or any of those things. It is scientific experiment, however crude it may be.”

Lethbridge found himself confronted with a very strange world – “far stranger I feel than anything produced by physics, botany or biology” – , and he wrote of millions of cones of force surrounding each of us in our homes and backyards which can be contacted instantly by something in our own “energy field.” It was much more difficult to comprehend than molecules, atoms and electrons, he said, because we had been brought up to take these for granted.

Where does the power to work a pendulum come from? Lethbridge thought that it might be something invisible and intangible, a part of us, which knows far more than we do. Is it mind or soul? Some sort of electromagnetic or psychic field? Something linked to a higher dimension? He agonized over this and admitted he wasn’t wise enough to come to any definite conclusion, apart from the thought that ancient man knew far more about it than we do today.

In 1957, Lethbridge left Cambridge in disgust at the narrow-minded attitudes of the scholars there. During his retirement, he continued his experiments and wrote a number of excellent books that form a collection that has been called one of the most fascinating records of paranormal research ever compiled. In recent years, Lethbridge is finally beginning to be fully appreciated. Combining the skills of a scientist with a completely open mind, he conducted a series of experiments that convinced him of the existence of hyperdimensional realms that interact dynamically with our own. Over the past ten years or more, Lethbridge’s work has served me and my physicist husband as a platform for many fruitful speculations and experiments about hyperdimensional realities.

In Cambridge, Lethbridge and wife moved into Hole House, an old Tudor mansion on the south coast of Devon. Next door to him lived a little old white-haired lady who assured Lethbridge that she could put spells on people who annoyed her and that she was able to travel out of her body at night and wander around the district. She explained that if she wanted to discourage unwanted visitors, she had only to visualize a five-pointed star in the path of the individual and they would stay away. Lethbridge, of course, was skeptical.

But, being an experimenter, Lethbridge was trying the visualization one evening while lying in bed. That night, his wife awakened with the feeling that somebody else was in the room. She could see a faint glow of light at the foot of the bed, which slowly faded. The next day the old lady came to see them and told them that she had come to “visit” them the previous night and had found the bed surrounded by triangles of fire.

Leaving aside whether or not we can prove this story to be anything more than a subjective experience, there are two important points we would like to make. The first one is that somehow, this practice of “visualizing pentagrams” seems to have a causal relationship to the appearance of the old woman in Lethbridge’s bedroom. It was almost as though the practice “attracted” the visitor, possibly even inspiring the wish or compulsion to visit. The second is that the visualized pentagrams appeared as triangles of fire. Theories of how of hyperdimensional objects might appear in fourth dimensional space-time, or how four dimensional objects might appear in three dimensional space time, in mathematical terms, lends a modicum of credibility to this story. If the old woman had seen fiery pentagrams, we would not take such notice of the event. That a pentagon in our world might appear as a triangle in another realm suggests something very mysterious here.

Several years later, the old lady told Lethbridge that she was going to put a spell on the cattle of a farmer with whom she was quarreling. At this point, Lethbridge took her seriously and warned her about the dangers of practicing magic. She ignored him, and one day not long after declaring her intentions, she was found dead in her bed under mysterious circumstances. As it happened, the cattle of two other nearby farmers did get hoof and mouth disease, but the cattle of the farmer with whom the old lady was quarreling were unaffected. Lethbridge was convinced that the “spell” had rebounded on the old lady in some way.

Sometime after the old woman’s death, Lethbridge was passing her cottage and suddenly experienced a “nasty feeling,” a “suffocating sense of depression.” His curiosity aroused, Lethbridge walked around the cottage and discovered a most interesting thing: he could step into and out of the “depression” just as if it were some kind of invisibly defined “locus.”

This reminded Lethbridge of a similar experience he had had when walking with his mother as a teenager. It was in the Great Wood near Wokingham, on a nice morning, when suddenly the two of them experienced a “horrible feeling of gloom and depression, which crept upon us like a blanket of fog over the surface of the sea.” They left in a hurry and only later discovered that the corpse of a suicide had been discovered lying just a few yards from where they had been standing.

Some years later, Lethbridge and his wife went to the seashore to collect seaweed for their garden. As he walked on the beach, he again experienced the sense of depression, gloom and fear descending on him. Resisting this influence, Lethbridge and his wife began to fill their sacks with seaweed. After a very short period of this activity, Lethbridge’s wife, Mina, came running up to him demanding that they leave saying, “I can’t stand this place a minute longer. There’s something frightful here.”

In a discussion about the phenomenon with Mina’s brother the following day, the brother mentioned that he had experienced something very similar in a field near Avebury, in Wiltshire. When he said the word “field,” it clicked in Lethbridge’s mind and he remembered that military field telephones often short circuit in warm, muggy weather. “What was the weather like?” he asked.

“Warm and damp,” replied the brother.

Right there, the idea began to shape itself in Lethbridge’s mind. Water. On the day he had been in the Great Wood, it had been warm and damp. When they had been at the beach gathering seaweed, it had likewise been warm and damp. Experiment was obviously in order!

The next weekend, Lethbridge and his wife again visited the bay. Again, as they stepped onto the beach, the same bank of depression and gloom enveloped them. Mina led him to the spot where she had experienced such an overwhelming sensation that she had insisted on leaving the place. At that spot, the sensation was so powerful that they actually felt dizzy. Lethbridge described it as being similar to having a high fever and full of drugs. As it happened, on either side of this spot were two streams of water.

Mina went off to the cliff to look at the scenery and suddenly walked into the “depression” again. She actually had the sensation that something or someone was urging her to jump off the cliff! When she had brought it to the attention of Lethbridge, he agreed that this spot was as “sinister” as the spot on the beach between the streams.

As it turned out, nine years later, a man did commit suicide from that exact spot. Lethbridge wondered if there was some sort of “timeless” sensation that had been “imprinted” on the area via some sort of “recording” principle. It seemed that, whether from the past or the future, feelings of despair were somehow recorded on the surroundings, in the very atmosphere, it seemed. The only question was, how? Lethbridge believed that the key was water.

According to Lethbridge, hints were provided by the work of Y. Rocard of the Sorbonne, who had discovered that underground water produces changes in the earth’s magnetic field, and this was proposed as the solution as to why dowsing works. The water does this because it has a field of its own which interacts with the earth’s field. Also note that magnetic fields are the means by which sound is recorded on tape covered with iron oxide. This suggested to Lethbridge that the magnetic field produced by running water could record strong emotions that, as Lethbridge also noted, produce electrical activity in the human physiology. Such localized fields could be “played back” continuously, and amplified in damp and muggy weather. This would explain why these “areas of depression” seem to form invisible walls. If you bring a magnet closer and closer to an iron object, you notice that at a certain point, the object is “seized” by the magnet as it enters the force field.

Lethbridge’s experiments took a new turn at this point, and led to evidence that many things that are perceived as “hauntings” or “ghosts” are really just “recordings.” At some point he thought about the fact that ghosts are often reported to reappear on certain “anniversaries” which suggests that there are other cyclical currents that turn such recordings on or off or simply amplify them.
Wow, that's really interesting. I've been feeling the urge to get pictures of my grandmother for my room. I recently moved a picture of my last dog into my room and dreamt of her soon afterwards. No filters mind you, but there is a mirror in the room that I don't like, so I put the picture in front of the mirror.
Lethbridge and his flaming pentagrams and this personal information conduit are fascinating, the pictures to help information exchange to the user is just like the Dejavu feeling of being in a place in the past or future and having that inspired moment you cant decode without the correct filters and make sense of it..brilliant what a session thank you to the team for making the picture clearer or pictures.
Thank you for sharing this amazing session!

A: That is possible. One way to train is by practicing with dowsing lost objects to sharpen your sensitivity.
There is: Session 2 January 1995
Q: (L) I used a pendulum and dowsed. I came up with a spot using a pendulum, I found a spot. I used the sledge hammer and broke open a part of the cellar floor, dug down four feet, and there was nothing there. Now, I don't look forward to doing that over a 9 by 7 space, and I certainly don't intend to knock all the walls down...

A: Part of discovery process, test dowsing skill on known entities in order to refine process.

Q: (L) Well, either dowsing works or it doesn't, wouldn't you say? Test it on known...

A: Depends upon skill of dowser as in all psychic talents.

Q: (L) Well, the clue I am getting from that is that I may not be the one to do the dowsing, is that correct?

A: If you take one piano lesson and fail to produce Chopin, does that mean you should give up the piano?
A few thousand hours and some talent would probably help.
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