Session 10 Aug 2019


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Thanks for the session.

The "Original Bioquantics" make me think of the "Aurascope" described in Cayce readings.

As suggested, the theory of the mechanical device is to determine not only the aura of individuals but to use same in the diagnoses of disorders in various portions of the body.
As is known, the body in action - or a live body - emanates from same the vibrations to which it as a body is vibrating, both physical and spiritual. Just as there is an aura when a string of a musical instrument is vibrated - the tone is produced by the vibration. In the body the tone is given off rather in the higher vibration, or the color. Hence this is a condition that exists with each physical body. In the material things we find that to tone, or to find a tone or the color to the eye, only three colors are necessary to make, for the perfecting of the various shades or tones that may be had in ANY vibration. In any print in nature itself we find these are existent. Hence these set with the absence of color, or with the crystal, in their rotation so that they are turned (by the hand, preferably), being on the same spindle or same manner so that when one turns the other turns also. With these changings of the color there soon sets those vibrations by the beholder, in its active force of beholding or discerning the variations, so that there is set in a practical manner the aura ABOUT the body. To be sure, as indicated, it will necessitate the developing of the psychic forces. [440-6]

It was made of prism, crystal, lens, glass and the operator was required to develop his psychic forces to use it.


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Q: (Artemis) Is there an optimal time for people to pray?
A: Early morning before dawn.
Q: (L) Just before, or as the sun rises?
A: Yes
Q: (Artemis) Why is that time preferable?
A: Energy of Earth has quieted and there is a gap just before the energy of the sun returns.
Q: (L) So there's like a gap that you can escape through into the cosmos.
(Artemis) So it's kind of like the internet. When everyone's sleeping, the internet is faster!
A: Yes

I think this critical information will have major implications in the near future for people wrestling with seemingly impossible problems & tasks!


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Merci pour cette session passionnante mais j'aimerai bien en savoir plus sur ce Monsieur Espagnol et ses pratiques...

Thank you for this exciting session but I would like to know more about this Spanish gentleman and his practices...


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Very interesting! Thank you for another session. Very grateful for this amazing new healing information.

In Kinesiology with Dr. Klinghardt, he developed a method to record specific frequencies and information on different CDs. After muscletesting, which CD and in what distance, it is put on a signal enhancer (lense) in the field of the client and transmitted. It is used in addition to other modalities within the method to work with the root causes of diseases.


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Je n'ai rien trouvé dans les livres en Français sur ce Monsieur Marcel Vega ni sur Original Bioquantics chez Amazon France...

I found nothing in the French books on this Mr Marcel Vega or on Original Bioquantics at Amazon France...


Thank you for this great session!
This is new information I would love to know more about.

(L) We want to know what happened to Pierre the other day when he fainted?

A: In case you did not notice, a great wave of negative energy circled the planet over the past few days, affecting those who are vulnerable due to lack of awareness.

That would probably explain why we felt weird last week at home, kind of sad.
I thought it was due to Arky Chu Gong routine as we started it last week and like some other people on the forum have testified.
Maybe due to both.
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