Session 10 Aug 2019

Thanks for sharing! Interesting as always. I hope you can describe the method in more detail at some point. :thup:

There's just almost no way to describe it; you have to see it. And then, you have to try it yourself with someone walking you through the steps. Otherwise, it just looks like someone waving their hand around in the air around your body holding what looks like a small magnifying glass. Intermittantly, they wave the little glass around over other little glass things, or pictures, or sheets of paper with words or numbers written on them. When I first saw it done, I thought "wow, that looks like some kind of shaman waving stuff around somebody's body to get rid of evil spirits!" You know, like feathers, bones, rattles, etc. But actually, the movements of the practitioner's hand are rather precise and the use of different tuners is part of the process.

At the end, you ask when the next session is supposed to be. Chu reported that one practitioner had a client who was scheduled for surgery; the process told her to repeat the "tuning" every two hours. So, she did, and a couple days later when the woman had another scan done at the hospital, the doctors were amazed to see that surgery was no longer needed.

There were all kinds of other stories the 50 or so practitioners at the workshop were telling Chu; if she gets time, she may share one or two. Apparently, the technique works on little children and animals, so it is apparently not a placebo effect.

The most difficult part of the process is to get the "feedback" thing going. You press your thumb on either your index or middle finger where you are supposed to be able to feel a pulse. This pulse reacts to the scanning and tells you what to do. Some say they feel a buzz or a small shock or something like that. I'm just trying to feel an ordinary pulse!

Anyway, it is very interesting. The inventor, Marcel, (very nice man and we had dinner with him and his wife in Paris), says that the method can even cure genetic conditions by giving information to the body to turn off bad genes and turn on good ones, or bypass, or bring something else online, or whatever.
Thank you for the new session!
After everything discussed on the forum and in the reading material I had the feeling that information could be transmitted to others. Maybe this is how stone circles worked, but it wasn't just information for fixing physical ailments?
Along those lines - I wonder if when you finally have a good understanding of something and it 'clicks' into place, that the 'clicking into place' is the receiving of the information?

(Niall) Current events questions. What caused the blackout in the UK?

A: Sabotage.

Q: (Niall) Is that the same people who did the sabotage in Argentina?

A: Yes

Q: (Niall) Geez. Why would they want to target the UK?

A: Create chaos.

Interesting. I wonder if they just want to create generalised chaos, or there was something more specific they had in mind? Usually there is a purpose to these things, an aim to apply pressure. Have they gone so crazy that there was no aim here?

(L) We want to know what happened to Pierre the other day when he fainted?

A: In case you did not notice, a great wave of negative energy circled the planet over the past few days, affecting those who are vulnerable due to lack of awareness.

Q: (Artemis) What happened?

(Andromeda) There was all kinds of stuff like multiple shootings and...

(Artemis) Yeah, but why and from who?

A: General chaos generated from 4D STS sources.

I had the fortune to be spending that weekend with good friends. I had thought it was the company but I felt immensely grateful for the opportunity/company, but it could have been related to the wave of chaos. Also when feeling tired and wanting to retreat/run away I talked about it (and made fun of it) instead.
So gratitude and networking seem to help here.
For an interesting connection to the Gauguin that was mentioned in the below thread as well as the 3 May 1997 session.

I was just translating the page in the following link in deepl and come across this phrase:
"what we are, what we do here, where we go back to or will go next"

at 08/10/2019 session said:
Q: (Ark) Okay. Can quantum theory be derived from General Relativity?
A: No

Q: (Ark) Oh my goodness! I'm done. I'm depressed. [laughter] So what should I do? I was working for four years on doing that?! And now you say it cannot be done? What should I do?

Maybe reason for this is fact, that GR doesn't "operate" on higher number of dimensions and doesn't take into account a torsion ?
I think theory based on GR described deformation (curvature and torsion) of multidimensional (infinite dimensional) Space could explain QM but it is not GR already ;) So maybe C's answer for Ark's question was like that ?
Precise question - precise answer...
Here are some translations from Marcel Vega's page

The artist is:

A being who lives for his creative function.

A human being who connects humans with something beyond themselves.

A body, a mind, a soul and a spirit that is constantly in tune with something that surpasses them.

An organism that has special needs because of its work.

An emotional body that suffers every moment overwhelming impressions that affect its genius, its intimate relationships and its interior.

A body, an organism, a mind, a soul and a spirit in special conditions that needs to be taken care of with a medicine totally compatible with their state.

A being that should not be cared for by means of drugs, or devices of any kind, or by energies of any kind, or by impositions of hands, or by vertebral corrections, or by medicinal plants, or by stones or minerals ... only needs something new to sustain his spirit, heal his body, stabilize his emotionality and help him continue.

An uncommon being with uncommon crises.

A being who lives for his creative experience.

In "Caring for the creative" which for us is the most important of this website, we explain that humanity is guided through art in its many manifestations.

We also expose that in our consultation we receive artists of national and international scope and we ask them to continue spreading us, as they are doing, since their successes, their stability, their genius and their transformations are necessary for all.

We are indebted to art professionals and their contributions to our consultation, to our courses, to this website, to our way of looking at the future, etc. For all of this and much more we say: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

"Consciousness, Vision and Direction" are reflections around:

Body: how we are beginning to assume that we have an emotional body in addition to the physical body.
Soul, how the soul is the root of the emotional body and how its reality is becoming apparent even in skeptical fields.
Spirit, this reality is foreshadowed both in each of our daily actions and in our most sublime thoughts.
We explained that the vision of those who guide others might need more involvement at the experiential level.
We are aware of how delicate this is and, beforehand, we ask you to excuse us for such boldness, as our visions are directed to the fields of official medicine, of psychoanalysis, of us in particular and of all citizens as to their responsibility.

Translated with


Art guided the human soul from the beginning.

From time immemorial, the sparks of creative imagination guided religious as well as politicians, doctors and philosophers in their search for the higher realities that consciousness sensed. When a civilization loses its creativity, it succumbs. This was the case in Nineveh, Persia, Syria, Rome, Greece, Crete and ours if we do not awaken in time from the collective hypnosis of materialism with its biological reductionism so that once again - and thanks to art and its unlimited possibilities - we can recover, feel and perceive the intensity that palpitates in everything that surrounds us. Intensity that gives us strength, imagination, ecstasy and hope whose harmony and experimentation we should never have lost.

Today even the artist is infected by the material side and his work, too often, lacks the necessary power to awaken that which exists in the human being beyond the mind. We have the satisfaction of having among the people who come to us to ask for help in consultation an important number of artists from very different fields of creative work: we collaborate with painters, writers, designers, composers, musicians, singers... some create with the brush, others with the pencil, with their bodies or with the stone and all of them have put their creative inner movement before their sustenance in the first place. In this way they achieve connection and flow with that order that takes them beyond themselves as creation takes place. Often they are frightened and overcome by it, it surpasses them by taking them with it to unexplainable impressions that affect not only their genius but also affect or can affect their emotional stability.

The continuous successes in the collaboration with the artists have led us to write this website thanking them for their trust and asking them to continue recommending us. We have the audacity to ask him because, although our work in consultation in principle was concentrated on the activation of health or the exit of a crisis, today we feel that the health of all fields of human activity needs to recover that enthusiasm that the artist gives off when he creates, to vibrate, feel and be impacted by his work. Each artist that comes to us receives the help that his soul needs and that his spirit claims to go with more and more honesty, simplicity and love to the encounter of his rapturous sense: to flow with the creative experience and to be overwhelmed by it.

We are human beings. We live here and now. Before the totality, behind horizons dreamed by dreams.....
And a voice that cries out incessantly: Awaken, awaken, awaken! And if you cannot, call the artist who comes to help you! Call the artist who comes to wake you up, to free you from the dream of ignorance, of routine, of thoughts... to free you from your limits and open your heart once and for all!

Translated with


For the past 400 years Western civilization has repressed the aspects of body, soul and spirit by an unreasonable mechanistic view of science, philosophy and power-based relationships. To this end we have all contributed, and all of us politicians, doctors, scientists and other citizens need to reflect on this; because if we do not do so urgently life on this planet will continue to run out and die at times, and future generations will pay even more for our irresponsibility.

When we say "body" we are referring to feelings, sensations, emotions. By "soul" we mean all that underlies all this as root and source. Regarding the "spirit" we are not yet in a position to advance in a clear way, although we refer to what is underlying the reflections, the concepts, the value judgments, the possible deductions of the correct use of common sense. The spirit also understands the logic and phenomena that bring us closer to the intuition of those profound meanings referring to "what we are, what we do here, where we go back to or will go next" - whether or not we will follow or not or whether it is true what religions so surely proclaim about a higher intelligence that created and continues to create our world without us being fully aware of it.
The spirit is also related to what ethics should guide science in its research, or what should be the role of human beings with planet Earth, with its ecosystems and all the biodiversity that we are killing; as well as if there is any principle by which to govern our conduct every day, or if it is right that the planet is powerfully divided, in continuous wars, and we accept it that way.

The spirit is behind our ability to accept love as the basis of relationships, or else it is still business, adulation, idealization, fear, etc. When we act according to our principles we are sustaining our spirit. When we inquire into which role is right for art, science, humanities, history and their understanding as well. When we inquire about religion, respectful medicine, respectful politics etc. When someone shows us his deep personal conditions we say of him that he has this or that, because we are alluding to the centre of this which we call spirit and which is to the individual what the brain is to the organism.

Only those who are experiencing others through mechanisms, only those who advise others on how to live based on the results of programs whose harmonizations are far from being able to verify, only those who value others, their organism, body, soul and spirit in a habitual way, can be convinced that the authority in their field are machines, robots and not what their consciousness dictates to them.

The laws that operate to sustain and make possible this world and all that exists in it are part of what our spirit can grasp. When we say that our spirit is healing our world or not, we mean that according to its vision - your vision we call spirit - so art, science, relationships etc. will be directed towards improving this world or not: then we are annihilating everything or vivifying everything. Just as a thought predisposes to some possibilities and not others, our spirit pulls our bodies and feelings towards what is good or closes us to a life disconnected from ourselves, the environment and nature to bet on the death of everything.


The work that psychoanalysis is carrying out with respect to psychology and psychiatry, as well as in the field of therapeutics in general, is not sufficiently valued either by society or by the different levels of official health. Although it seems certain that its beginnings were influenced by the conditioning of a certain era, it is no less certain that its discoveries have marked and oriented our culture towards possibilities of self-knowledge that would otherwise be unthinkable. The norms and principles with which every act or psychoanalytic work is governed help the subject to go beyond himself and to gain access to bonds that not only transform his life but also help and favour the fruitful relations between those around him: then, it is a real path for inner and outer peace. Every psychoanalyst needs to be careful to continue advancing in his own inquiry into his body, soul and spirit to get rid of postulant scientific axioms that we already know the material reality or that we know things about the universe that we cannot demonstrate.

To think that we already know enough of the human soul, that we have already achieved the highest quota of technique and actions in consultation, that it is untouchable or irreplaceable this and another way of attending to the subject letting him escape, idealize the greats of psychoanalysis or project in society the responsibility of the psychoanalyst being seen or having fame of this or that, to sustain old forms of three or four dimensions when society or the present generations live daily in higher dimensions, to transfer to society the own discomfort for using obsolete aspects that distance those who need the couch the most... all this, to God thank you, it is being changed and we are assisting new professionals who have dared to feel deeply what they are carrying in their body, soul and spirit, and propose new precisions that are leading every day more citizens to know and experience within them that knowledge is only true when it is not known, that feeling is only correct when it is beyond the psychosomatic structure resulting from child defense to isolate us from an emotional pain that we believe outside and is inside, that the act of living is only possible if one dares, that birth and death are every instant.

Since the twentieth century Western civilization begins to investigate the conditions that their psyche, their soul and their mental faculties show regarding their movements and their essence. As a result of this, psychology and psychiatry begin, opening new paths for their understanding supported by scientific experiments. When it comes to such subtle realities that are only possible to know, intuit, imagine and move forward from one's own experience, the dead end is explained in which the mechanistic, reductionist and isolationist scientific system of the living is cornering the researchers of the psyche and of the link in the relational.

Psychoanalysis, in spite of itself, is also being dragged in that direction, only very subtly - and deeply - by considering the subject as lacking in the dimension of its spirit, by emphasizing concepts, rules, by influencing processes that are "already known" -according to its founder, and insufficiently activate the connection with the reality of the sensations and feelings of the body as well as the emphasis - contagion of scientific pride lacking in rigor - that we already know the steps that each subject needs to take, where he has to arrive and what he has to say or understand to receive the pass, or discharge as a patient.


In the same way that physics went from considering material reality as a compact whole and in a few years - from the end of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth - everything collapsed, the psychoanalyst is attentive because it could be that compact psychic complexes or apparently solid fields, of the "I" could hide "atoms or quarks" that understood would increase the efficiency and depth of their excellent work and would open the human soul and spirit to unsuspected experiential regions where what we were basing ourselves on is transformed by dawning another embracing reality, close, respectful, dignified, whose limits open up to other horizons in which it is only possible to access from risk, daring, trust and the determination to do so.
Psychoanalysis and psychotherapies are celebrating because the human soul and spirit are biting with tenacity at the doors of their whole being to achieve the experience of living beyond what had never been done before.
''Yes but it isn't Semitic'' I assume they're referring to the expanded definition of Semitic types having a moral compass,more or less.Thanks for the session.
What a fascinating and information packed session, thank you everyone!! :wizard: :flowers:

I'm really curious about this new method, it almost sounds like NeurOptimal for the body and soul! :wow:

(L) Without going into more details about it now, we want to ask some questions. So, first of all, is this is a therapy that is worthwhile for us to pursue in terms of learning, practicing, experimenting, etc.?

A: Indeed, as you have felt some benefits already.

I don't mean to be nosy and if it isn't a personal matter, would it be OK to ask what benefits you've noticed?
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