Session 10 Aug 2019

There's just almost no way to describe it; you have to see it. And then, you have to try it yourself with someone walking you through the steps. Otherwise, it just looks like someone waving their hand around in the air around your body holding what looks like a small magnifying glass. Intermittantly, they wave the little glass around over other little glass things, or pictures, or sheets of paper with words or numbers written on them. When I first saw it done, I thought "wow, that looks like some kind of shaman waving stuff around somebody's body to get rid of evil spirits!" You know, like feathers, bones, rattles, etc. But actually, the movements of the practitioner's hand are rather precise and the use of different tuners is part of the process.

It would be so fascinating to some day discover the methods of the true archaic shamans! If generally, shamans of recent times only have fragmented knowledge and there's been lots of copying of, for example, those hand movements, then it would be really interesting to learn those precise movements, alongside the correct process of such a healing session. Another facet of marrying science and mysticism.
The most difficult part of the process is to get the "feedback" thing going. You press your thumb on either your index or middle finger where you are supposed to be able to feel a pulse. This pulse reacts to the scanning and tells you what to do. Some say they feel a buzz or a small shock or something like that. I'm just trying to feel an ordinary pulse!

Basically checking your pulse with only your one hand as in thumb and index/middle finger from the same hand?
For me making a fist with the thumb inside and exerting some force to close on the thumb works like a charm. It can be tiresome if hold in this way for too long, so maybe that's not the ideal method. Just some thoughts.

Anyway, thank you for the session!
This was a most exciting session, this new healing technique sounds like it has amazing potential!

Just reading this session made me feel so very grateful for the knowledge the C's sessions give us - there is always something different that can expand our awareness and keep us learning, growing and moving in the right direction. What a precious gift this is. Thank you so much!
Thank you for this new session! And thanks to Chu and Orange Scorpion for making the trip to learn more about this technique. I've always been intrigued by the work of Lethbridge and eagerly await the fine tuning of H2O/bioquantics!

I looked online for more information and saw these tuner/filter bracelets for sale (in French). Very interesting!!!

Onward and upwards! :cool2:
Merci à tous pour cette transcript très intéressante, complétée par la réponse de Laura.
Are you going to load some crystals ? if so, I would like to order some because I arrived too late on tthe site to benefit from the previous group sending.
Thanks for the session,

The process described and the mechanics of this H2O sound incredible and extremely interesting. Although I must admit that it doesn’t sound like it will be something pleasant in 100% of the cases, which I guess speaks to the hygiene and discipline needed by the practitioners.

Thank you for sharing this! I can’t wait to learn more about it!
Fascinating information! I had the opportunity to receive my H20 from Chu last week. It was interesting that the information that came up coincided and/or resonated with what Heather (SRT) saw in my energetic field, including the years when a particularly troubled past life "got activated". I've worked that particularly program/past mostly after the SRT, which is why I think the H2O felt like a very positive experience to me. In the past, the info unveiled through Heather was particularly difficult, but liberating.

After the H2O, I was breathing better, feeling like there was extra space in my chest. Dreams were also interesting afterwards and overall, I feel better, even despite the world's craziness. Looking forward to learning more :flowers:
Do you still have the link in French of that website @Lilou

No, I didn't save the link. I just googled Original Bioquantics and looked thru the results. Most of the links are in Spanish or maybe Portuguese, not French as I originally said.

There are several sites selling the filter/tuner bracelets, mostly out of Brazil. I'm going to wait for Laura and crew to refine the process and let us know how to proceed. It is very exciting, but can't go off half cocked without proper research and knowledge!

May be a good time to re-read some T.C. Lethbridge. :cool:
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