Session 10 Aug 2019

Really big "thank you" to Laura, crew and all who participated in this Session. I hung on every word!
Back in my 20's I took a dowsing class and had lots of fun experimenting with it. I even helped a family member find the best spot to drill for their water well!!! Very much looking forward to more information.
Thanks for the new Session!
And thank you Chu, for went there to learn the Original Bioquantics.
It seems good idea to improve it and teaching members who want to learn and helping others.
Then we would have “Hyperdimensional Harmonic Optimization” practitioners all over the world that helping whoever needed. Hope it will be counterbalancing chaos generates from 4D STS sources.
I think Laura explained it very well. It's strange to watch, and to do it. Each protocol has its specific set of "filters" and movements in a specific order, although sometimes they overlap. Some protocols had those pictures, others just the filters/harmonizers. You can relate certain answers to specific organs, meridians, dates in the person's life, emotions and specific questions made by the person. It reminded me of a mixture of kinesiology, dowsing, Reiki and the I-Ching. :-P

Some other testimonials we heard (some were videos with the patients relaying their story):
- A baby with a genetic defect (a mutated protein in the brain). He was constantly crying and miserable. After the first session, he became calmer and stopped crying more than normal.
-Stories about animals getting better and more energetic.
- A 6 y.o girl with autism, who started reading and writing.
- A woman with a terrible back pain who could hardly move, and after the session felt much better and it stayed like that (she was at the course).
- A woman with multiple sclerosis getting much better and having big life realizations.
- A man with psoriasis disappearing-
- A man having combated a drug addiction
- Many with pains and aches that would go away after they had changed something in their lives. For example, doing something that they had always wanted to do but feared doing, having an honest conversation with someone they were in conflict with, and things like that. Suddenly feeling more able to decide, to be themselves, to open doors for themselves that led to a better life.

Was it coincidences, placebo, the fact that they were trying something new with a practitioner they felt they could trust? With babies and animals that is harder to explain, though.

The most difficult part of the process is to get the "feedback" thing going. You press your thumb on either your index or middle finger where you are supposed to be able to feel a pulse. This pulse reacts to the scanning and tells you what to do. Some say they feel a buzz or a small shock or something like that. I'm just trying to feel an ordinary pulse!

I don't consider myself "sensitive" to this kind of stuff and it's just the beginning, but FWIW, for me it's a "pulse", and if you press with the right kind of pressure on the artery, you get a rhythm, same as when you do it on the wrist, except milder. But while following the protocol, the closest I can describe it as is that the "normal" state is a fainter pulse, while the "response" is like a much louder pulse or a wave as if you were pressing hard on the finger when you are not, or a current. The first day I didn't feel a thing. The second, the "pulse", and only once a "response". With more practice, a couple more "responses", and so on. Most people said to go with the first hint of a response, but it's hard to leave it at that, and I usually try to check over and over. The other difficult thing is to focus on the intent, and on "forgetting" what you know about the person, so as to avoid influencing them. That also requires concentration, focus, non-anticipation, etc. So, I reckon it's a learning curve in many respects.

Anyway, it is very interesting. The inventor, Marcel, (very nice man and we had dinner with him and his wife in Paris), says that the method can even cure genetic conditions by giving information to the body to turn off bad genes and turn on good ones, or bypass, or bring something else online, or whatever.

Yes, there are several protocols, for specific "fields" and conditions. There is even one where he talked about past lives, and another one for souls "in the no-time zone" (5D?) and the process of incarnation. Strange, but plausible. Just by reading the website, I didn't want to go! It was so vague... And it sort of still is, but now we know a bit more about how it may be working, or at least a theory. And the explanations, although Marcel used different terms, very often matched what we have been researching. E.g., they are not big at all on the theory of evolution and on medicine being the end of all except for mechanical fixes. They consider the hypothesis of parallel universes and different "dimensions", different degrees of consciousness, and a field consisting not of energy, but of pure information.

One of the things I liked about them was that they weren't pushy about people getting all the "kits". They advised to start with the two basic protocols (and most of the testimonials above came from using those two protocols alone), and only after having more practice and if we saw results or had a particularly difficult case, to try the others. That seemed like an honest approach to me, as opposed to people who would try to get as much money as they can right this minute.

Another thing were the people at the course, and the organizers themselves. Except for a a very few and some we didn't get to talk to much, most of them seemed to be quite rational and open minded. We had a couple of "bashing the New Agers" conversations, and they were open to exchanging ideas, talking about reality, etc. They were pleasant, super helpful, always willing to answer questions, some of them well read.... This didn't seem to be the usual audience in "healing courses", FWIW. Most of them were going back for a refresher and the newest protocols, and have been practicing for years. There were only 6 newbies including OrangeScorpion and myself. There were people from all areas of life: normal office jobs, an engineer, osteopaths, psychologists, an astrophysicist, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc. Most of them had gotten to know the system because either they had tried it themselves, or a loved one had, with positive results.

Even after all the good experiences and stuff, I came back thinking: "I don't know what all of this is, or if it's safe/worth it!" But after seeing some benefits in others, now that Laura, Andromeda and others have experienced it a bit, and having asked the Cs, I feel much better and I'm looking forward to learning a lot more. Who knows? It could be a very good tool if used in the best way we can. And it was also great to share the experience with OrangeScorpion, to have more eyes, more questions, etc.
There is a way to do it at a distance, yes, but we were advised to first practice with real people. :read::sewing:
My own testimonial, FWIW:

I had a treatment done by a woman who has been doing this for 8 years. I can't say for sure that it was the session, or simply the trip or whatever. But I have noticed several new things: physically, emotionally and intellectually. I've had a nodule in my vocal chords for 3 years now, and they were much better right after the session (and now it comes and goes, but I feel it's a bit better overall).

Some thinking patterns which are usual for me are shifting. It's difficult to describe. I guess I could say that I've been seeing layers of programming I hadn't before, and feeling like doing something about them, as if I had extracted more of the lesson behind them or something (some moments were difficult, but others, I feel much "lighter", for lack of a better word).

I also had a weird moment on the drive back home, when I got an idea for a project I've been considering for a while. Usually, I'll just ignore it, or think it's worthless, but this time it had a distinct feeling of "I can do it, it's worth a shot!". It lasted a long time, with clear ideas. It may morph into something else, but it was something new.

As you can see, there is reason to remain skeptical, because there is nothing "miraculous". But regardless, it seems to be beneficial in a strange sort of way. We'll see!

I forgot to mention that when talking about "fields" the Quantum body description (and he said it was just a fancy name) reminded me a lot of the idea of centers as described by Gurdjieff, with the addition that way above the atoms, electromagnetism and energy, we have "links" (antennae) pointing at the information field, connecting us to it and to others. Some "fields" were overlapping others, the emotional "body" ruling our thoughts and some of our physical ailments (centers usurping each other?). That was interesting.
That seems like a more practical approach, since there's always the danger that a person will claim they can feel their pulse in that way without *actually* feeling anything. I mean, it seems bizarre that they would suggest you feel your pulse in one of your fingers. Generally speaking, there is no clearly discernible pulse there.

One of the meditation practices I´ve learned years ago was actually feeling the beat of the heart in each part of the body, one after the other. All it´s needed is a vigilant and relaxed attention, and even if the attention tends to wander occasionally, you might still feel the beats now and then. I´ve tried it now with the thumb pressed against the middlefinger, and I find it even more easy to feel the pulse in that position. Fwiw.
One of the meditation practices I´ve learned years ago was actually feeling the beat of the heart in each part of the body, one after the other. All it´s needed is a vigilant and relaxed attention, and even if the attention tends to wander occasionally, you might still feel the beats now and then. I´ve tried it now with the thumb pressed against the middlefinger, and I find it even more easy to feel the pulse in that position. Fwiw.

Sure, some people might feel it better, but I think it would still be better to have more robust and objective feedback mechanism.
Thanks for your description, OS! Could you describe where the correct zone is located on the thumb (if that's possible via writing)? Is that the normal pulse in the finger you're working with?

It's hard to explain in writing, but I'm going to try.

The correct zone is the vein, you have to put the fingertip of the thumb in one of the veins of your index finger or your middle finger.

if you press too much you obstruct the flow, if you don't press you can't feel anything... it must be a gentle pressure, but pressure after all.

It is done with the left hand and should be open and resting on the stretcher at the height of the patient's left ear.

Therefore the ideal is to use the index finger, because it is more comfortable (the session can take more than 30 minutes and you have to keep this thumb pressure all the time), but many preferred the middle finger because they felt the pulse better in this finger. So you have to experiment and see what your zone is.

Not everyone can see their veins on their fingers. One trick they told us was to use the cell phone flashlight in a dark room, so you can see where veins pass through your fingers.

Yes, I'm practicing this.
If you had asked here first, I would have recommended another route. First, we may try to organize something here if he is willing at some point. Second, you would be more likely to get a discount. Third, there were three non-Spanish speakers in the course, and they missed out on a lot of the explanations, because they only had google translate on the screen. The rest of us helped as much as we could, but it's not easy while you are paying attention, taking notes, etc. AFAIK, they have no interpreter working for them. So, I would check that there is an arrangement made in that direction before singing up.

Looking for it. Thanks so much.
Many thanks for sharing another session. The bigger part of it was dedicated to H2O and combining that with additional Chu post related to this topic it seems this may be quite beneficial to try. I would really consider an opportunity, if there was such, to join a group of forum members to attend training.
(L) If we want to charge up another batch of crystals, can we record ourselves and then play the recording on a repeating loop on the crystals and make them supercharged that way?

A: Yes!!!

Three exclamation marks - that's a lot which means it's important and really good idea. It would be really nice if we were able to download the recording and play it for our crystals to re-charge them. And please do not be afraid of what we, as the listeners, think of your abilities to sing :) I personally see EE recordings very calming and relaxing. It's not about the form (tone) but the intent and abilities to help others.

(Niall) What happened to the Russian navy submarine that blew up in July?

A: Sabotage.

I remember that on the same day Russian President cancelled his visit to the other place to discuss this event with the Minister of Defense. The US Secretary of State did the same. The only thing that Kremlin spokesman told afterwards that these type of assets and their missions are absolutely classified thus no comments. It was just confirmed that the crew died as heroes and one unnamed civilian survived. There were even speculations on the Internet that the submarine was hit by NATO forces. However, sabotage means that the attack was executed from inside (in terms of Russia), regardless who was the main architect/sponsor of it. I recall recently there were other incidents with Russia's space rockets, radiation leak in Ural's mountain and very recent incident with test of alleged new weapons:
Plus opposition rallies in Moscow for last 2-3 weeks already with high visibility on Western Media. Add this to protests in Honk Kong and China's readiness to send military forces with heavy armors to stop riots. Trade wars, North Korea missile tests after impression that South and North Korea getting closer to each other, etc. Someone/something must be really busy and determined to create more chaos at international level.
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