Happy Holidays from the Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind


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We came home from our trip and received this years BEAUTIFUL calendar in the mail yesterday. We both love this year's design, it was such a good idea to use each month's birthstones, we really like the inspirational quotes and even the space for notes on the side next to the calendar was such a good idea. Well done to all involved!

Thank you very much for the kind note that you included as well.


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Here's wishing a very Merry Christmas filled with joy to all Forum members from Russia and other Orthodox Christian countries.
At least you have adhered to Caesar's calendar :-).
Happy Caesarmas 🎅🎄

{Some years back I was working and living in Ethiopia ( majority of their populace are Orthodox Christians) and their Christmas celebrations are a wonder and beauty to watch. Full of colourful processions, cheer and dance, prayers and singing/chanting vigils throughout the night in their very old churches and monasteries, making what we do back home in our country seem very dull in comparison.}


Thank you so much for the lovely card! :hug2: It put a big smile on my face and made me feel all warm inside :love: Even when I wasn't active on the forum, I kept receiving one every Christmas/early January for the past 7 years. You guys are so thoughtful.

Happy Caesarmas to the crew and all members!
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