Hidden Secrets of all existence in Prime Numbers?

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This is another fascinating information, so, I like to know if other have more thoughts about this subject.

June 13, 1998

A: Who are your prime numbers?

Q: The dwellings or the mystics, or do you want specific numbers?

A: Yes.

Q: How do we find out who are the prime numbers? Do we plot...

A: Who are the first 3?

Q: (A) 1 2 3 are the first three prime numbers...

A: Yes, thank you Arkadiusz!!!!
..all of creation, of existence, is contained in 1, 2, 3!!! Look for this when you are trying to find the keys to the hidden secrets of all existence... They dwell within. 11, 22, 33, 1/2, 1/3, 1, 2, 3, 121, 11, 111, 222, 333, and so on! Get it?!?!

Q: When you say that the secrets of all existence dwell within 1 2 3 or variations thereof, what kind of secrets are we talking about here?

A: All.

Q: Well, name two at the top of the list just so I know where we are going here?

A: You can do that!

Q: Are we talking about secrets of physics?

A: Yes.

Q: Are we talking about secrets as in encoded words?

A: Yes.

Q: Are we talking about the Fibonacci series?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) Continuous fractions?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) That means all...

A: Yes.

Q: So, how can we most effectively utilize this information in some way that makes it useful?

A: You have.

Q: How have I utilized it?

A: By receiving it.

This is Halloween October 31, 1998

Q: Now, the other night, in front of the psychomantium, I did not exactly have a vision, but something came into my head, and the idea was that prime numbers are important because, the principle that they are only divisible by themselves and by one is indicative of the fact that they are direct links, channels, or conduits to seventh density, or first density, or something...

A: How about all densities?

Q: Okay, that is sort of what I mean, that they are, in a sense, gateways - would that be a good term?

A: Close.

Q: How does one utilize the energies inherent in prime numbers in this respect? Do they represent frequencies or frequency relationships?

A: Verities.

Q: Is there any formula, or any thing about prime numbers that makes it easier to find them... anything about them that is unique?

A: Pyramidal.

Q: Pyramid relationships would help one find prime numbers?

A: Graph.

Q: A pyramid type graph. Okay, anything else about prime numbers? When you said that they were the 'dwellings of the mystics' I had an idea that a prime number could be a dwelling of a mystic because the individual would express in some manner a frequency that related in some way to a prime number. Is that somewhere along the line...? That mystics can traverse all densities because of frequency?

A: Something like that.

Q: My next thought was that it could indicate actual places or locations in space time on the planet that would be represented by coordinates.

A: Zuber.

Q: What does THAT mean?

A: Research.


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A google search produced Jean-Bernard Zuber who could fit the profile in this context as he is an emeritus professor in mathematics of some sort or other:

My recent research interests lie at the interface between Quantum Field Theory and mathematical physics.

Subjects on which I have been working recently include
  • Conformal field theories, integrable systems and graphs Graphs
  • Matrix integrals, combinatorics and knot theory Knots
  • Lattice loop models and combinatorics FPL and tilings
  • Lattice models and logarithmic conformal field theories
A forum search came up empty.

Otherwise, no clues yet. :-)

John G

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A google search produced Jean-Bernard Zuber who could fit the profile in this context as he is an emeritus professor in mathematics of some sort or other:

A forum search came up empty.

Otherwise, no clues yet. :-)
I think that is the correct Zuber. From the 9/14/2002 session:
Q: (L) Well a grand cycle is what, 309,000 years? So how does that relate? (Ark) Essentially it defines a unit of time. So if I say frequency is equal to 1, it means one grand cycle, if I say frequency equals 10, it means 10 oscillations per grand cycle, and so on, okay. Okay, it's a kind of an answer. If anything, it makes sense. I can do something with it. At some point when we were talking about these prime numbers, you mentioned a name and the name was Zuber. I asked what does it mean and you answered 'research.' Well I was researching, of course. I was just looking about, using google. I was looking for Zuber and prime numbers and something like this. And, surprise, surprise! There were essentially, very few references, and all of them were to Matti Pitkanen. So he has a lot of papers about prime numbers and theory of everything based on prime numbers...(L) How did Zuber get in there? (Ark) Zuber is one of these references because one of the references is a famous book by, which I even have, by physicist named Zuber about quantum field theory. So my question is, is the Zuber of the book on quantum field theory and conformal theories and so on, the right Zuber?

A: What do you think?

Q: (Ark) I think chances are 50%, and chances are that he's not the same.

A: 80 percent!

Q: (Ark) 80%, that doesn't help much! I have this paper by Mattie Pitcalean here, maybe you will reevaluate this. The paper is called Quantum Criticality and 1 over F nosxe. and here's Zuber. Let me read it, hmm...conformal invariance, yeah, it must be the same. Okay, 90 percent. (laughter).

A: 100!


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Side Track while reviewing Silbury Hill ... Not expecting to find anything like this, I came across opposing prime numbers. I found that there are a few angles that are prime numbers and have opposing angles that are also prime numbers. Here is a list of them. “Angles in opposition that are prime numbers; 7/83, 11/79, 17/73, 19/71, 23/67, 29/61, 31/59, 37/53 & 43/47”. What does it mean? I have no clue, at least not yet, but it is a clue, Haiku ...


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Side Track while reviewing Silbury Hill ... Not expecting to find anything like this, I came across opposing prime numbers. I found that there are a few angles that are prime numbers and have opposing angles that are also prime numbers. Here is a list of them. “Angles in opposition that are prime numbers; 7/83, 11/79, 17/73, 19/71, 23/67, 29/61, 31/59, 37/53 & 43/47”. What does it mean? I have no clue, at least not yet, but it is a clue, Haiku ...

7/83 7+8+3=18 1+8=9
11/79 1+1+7+9=18 1+8=9
all of the fractions above = 18 therefore =9
May not mean anything! But it is a pattern...

Indeed! It is a very interesting pattern! :-)

7/83, 11/79,
7-11=4, 83-79=4;

11/79, 17/73,
11-17=6, 79-73=6;

17/73, 19/71,
17-19=2, 73-71=2;

19/71, 23/67,
19-23=4, 71-67=4;

23/67, 29/61,
23-29=6, 67-61=6;

29/61, 31/59,
29-31=2, 61-59=2;

31/59, 37/53
31-37=6, 59-53=6;

37/53 & 43/47,
37-43=6, 53-47=6;


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Today's session is all about numbers and specifically 737.
I noticed this number twice in the same day, really it was moments apart. First the plane issue. Second was the number of inmates on death row in California. Coincidence, I am not too sure. Let’s look at the number.
737 is not a prime number, it has integers that divide 737 as follows: 1, 11, 67, 737.
The individual numbers 7 and 3 are prime numbers. Two of the integers are prime numbers. That is 11 and 67. That makes 737 a composite number of prime numbers 11 and 67.
Seeing it twice like this, not to mention the number of plane mentions in the news, may be a clue. Having so many prime numbers in 737 and integers/composite numbers 11 and 67 may also be a clue.
The C’s stated that prime numbers are important. And there are too many prime numbers here not to take notice. Did anyone else see 737, 67, 11, 7 or 3 numbers anywhere else? It might be important.
Looking at what we have right now in implications, I would say that 737 is a number that has doom written all over it. Crashing planes, death row inmates only spell disaster or death.
Looking at 3.
The first odd prime number.
The smallest reflectable prime.
The Italian-born French mathematician Joseph-Louis Lagrange (1736-1813) spent much of his life working on the 3-Body Problem.
The first in a pair of primes of the form (p, p 4) called cousin primes.
The smallest odd Fibonacci prime. It is the only Fibonacci prime with a composite index number: 3 = fib(4).
A mark on a small circle, rolling inside one with three times the diameter, traces out a 3-cusped hypocycloid. Euler called it a deltoid because of its resemblance to the Greek letter delta.
23 3 are primes. [Brown]
The integer part of 333/333 is prime! [Kulsha]
Choose a prime number greater than 3. Multiply it by itself and add 14. If the result is divided by 12, then the remainder will always be 3.
If N = p3, where p is prime, then N is multiplicatively perfect. [Gudder]
The smallest Fortunate number.
Captain Kirk and Spock played chess 3 times on the television series Star Trek. Kirk won every game.
pi(3!) = 3.
Vinogradov's theorem states that every sufficiently large odd integer is a sum of at most 3 primes.
Divisibility test for 3: A number is divisible by 3 if the sum of its digits is divisible by 3. (The same is true for nine.) [Greene]
The smallest Fermat prime.
Every Carmichael number is the product of at least 3 distinct primes. [Menezes , Oorschot and Vanstone]
The "Three-fold Law" is a common tenet held by some Wiccans stating that both the good and the evil that one creates in the world come back to benefit or hurt them -- magnified 3 times over.
Racing legend Dale Earnhardt drove the number 3 car for most of his career. (His first car was pink "K-2".)
Octopuses have 3 hearts.
In base three the only permutable primes are 12 and 21.
33 = 32 32 32. [Rivera]
Nicola Tesla (1856--1943), inventor, electrical engineer, and physicist, was obsessed with the number 3. For example, it was not uncommon to see him walk around a block 3 times before entering a building.
The Associated Press once reported that a dog was born in Gallatin, Tennessee, with the number 3 on its ears.
An odd amicable pair with only one member divisible by 3 has not been found.
Sharkovsky's theorem states that if a continuous real-valued function has a point of period 3 (i.e., x=f(f(f(x)))), then it has points of every other period.
We all know that 32 42 = 52 ... but less well-known is 33 43 53 = 63. [Goldstein]
The only prime, p, such that p 1 is a square.
If White's chess pieces are on their original squares and Black has only a king on h4, then White can checkmate Black in 3 moves. [Loyd]
The only triangular number which is prime. [Gupta]
The 3-toed sloth reaches sexual maturity at about 3 years of age. [Jinsuk]
The number of bits required to represent an instruction in BF, the minimalist eight-instruction Turing-complete computer programming language. [Croll]
The True Prime: "If I tell you 3 times, it's true." -- Lewis Carroll
We live on the 3rd planet from the Sun. [Levin]
3 is the only number which is equal to the sum of all the natural numbers less than it. [Murthy]
The dog-sized Eohippus ("dawn horse") had 3 hoofed toes on each hind foot. [Marsh]
The German card game Skat requires at least 3 players. [Luhn]
The only prime whose factorial is a perfect number. [Murthy]
The largely self-taught Indian genius Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920) proposed that sqrt(1 sqrt(1 2*sqrt(1 3*sqrt(1 4*sqrt(1 ...))))) = 3.
The only prime sandwiched between a prime and a composite number. [Murthy]
Aulacogens are the failed rifts of 3-armed rift systems.
3 is the only prime p such that p2 2 is prime. [Luhn]
The only Fermat number which is also a triangular number. [Gupta]
The only Fibonacci prime that is also a triangular number. [Russo]
The only prime p, such that p = pi(p!). [Firoozbakht]
The smallest prime p such that the previous prime concatenated with the next prime forms a square (25). [De Geest]
The 3 periods of the Mesozoic Era were the Triassic, the Jurassic, and the Cretaceous. [Dobb]
On Earth, water exists naturally in all 3 phases; solid, liquid and gas. [Wagler]
3 is the only integer n such that n!+1 and n!-1 are both primes. [Gupta]
There are 3 operations in the encryption process for the Even-Mansour cipher: an initial exclusive or, a permutation and a final exclusive or. [Croll]
In the fifth and all higher dimensions there are only 3 regular polytopes. [Rupinski]
There are 3 additive primary colors (red, green, and blue) and 3 subtractive primary colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow).
(2^(p-1)-1)/p is congruent to 0 (mod 3), for all primes p greater than 3. This is a corollary to Fermat's Little Theorem. [Dunn]
3 is the only positive integer n which is the difference between the least prime greater than n and the greatest prime less than n. [Hartley]
Terza rima is a verse form composed of iambic tercets (3-line groupings). [Palmer]
3! 3 = 32. [Woep]
2^{2^1}-1=3; 2^{2^2}-1 can be written as the sum of a prime power and two distinct powers of two in exactly 3 ways (namely, 2+2^2+3^2, 2^2+2^3+3, 2+2^3+5); 2^{2^3}-1=2^2+2^3+3^5=2+2^7+5^3. For any integer n>3, 2^{2^n}-1 cannot be expressed as the sum of a prime power and two distinct powers of two. [Zhi-Wei Sun]
DSL Prime news is distributed 3 times a month.
No rare number ending in 3 has ever been found. [Gupta]
The greatest number of consecutive integers which are pairwise relatively prime. [Rupinski]
As at February 2003, 3 and 13 are the only known prime numbers n for which the number of n-ominoes is also prime. [Hartley]
The Pythagoreans considered 3 to be the first masculine number.
The function n^(1/n) achieves its maximum value for integers n at n = 3. [Rupinski]
According to the quadratic reciprocity theorem, if p and q are distinct primes of the form 4k+3, then exactly one of the following congruences is solvable in integers: x^2 = p mod q or x^2 = q mod p. [Rupinski]
3 and 103 are prime, as are 3*2^103-1 and 103*2^3-1. There is no other pair of primes less than 1000 with this property. [Hartley]
The only Sophie Germain Prime p of the form 4k+3 such that Mp is prime. All larger Mp for such p are composite as shown by Euler and Lagrange. [Rupinski]
3 is the only time that 2/3rds or 66.6....% of numbers to that point are prime. [Gust]
3^2^1 equals 3!+2!+1! [Silva]
3 is the earliest prime p such that p^5 is the sum of 5 consecutive primes: 3^5 = 41 43 47 53 59. [Rivera]
The logo of Hutchison 3G is prime. [Patterson]
NUMB3RS is an American television show that airs on CBS. In one episode called Prime Suspect, a young girl's kidnapping is related to her father's work on the Riemann hypothesis.
3 is the smallest prime such that if F(p) = 2*p^2-1, then F(3), F(F(3)), and F(F(F(3))) are all primes. [Opao]
The smallest possible Proth prime, k*2n+1 with k < 2n, here k=1, n=1. [Rupinski]
The only number (curiously prime) whose subfactorial is also prime. [Gupta]
3 is the value of pi calculated from the measurements in I Kings 7:23 (if we assume the measurements are not approximations and the measurements both refer to the outside edge of the vessel). [Silva]
!3 1 is prime. Note that !3 represents subfactorial 3. [Gupta]
The only twin prime triplet starts at 3. I.e., 3+2 and 3+2+2 are also prime. [Opao]
The only cousin prime triplet starts at 3. I.e., 3+4 and 3+4+4 are also prime. [Opao]
In most jurisdictions, a tablespoon equals 3 teaspoons (but it is 2 teaspoons in Asia and 4 in Australia).
3 is the first Mersenne prime. [Rajh]
A codon is a sequence of three adjacent nucleotides, which codes for an amino acid. [Necula]
Texas state law prohibits taking more than 3 sips of beer at a time while standing. [Patterson]
1!*2!*3! 1 are twin primes. [Gupta]
Among integers, the prime number 3 is the best approximate for three important transcendental numbers: pi, Napier's number and the Gelfond-Schneider constant. [Ranta]
3 is the only prime number with a digital root of 3. [McAlee]
There are only 3 non-trivial pseudoprimes less than a hundred (49, 77, 91). [McAlee]
There are only 3 irregular primes less than 100: 37, 59, 67. [McAlee]
3#!-1 is prime. [Patterson]
pi(3) = !3, where !3 denotes subfactorial 3. [Gupta]
There are 3 complex terms in a quaternion. [Croll]
The smallest prime of the form x^2 - y^2, where x and y are two consecutive numbers. [Teofilatto]
3^2, 3^3, 3^4, and 3^5 have the same sum of digits. [Gallardo]
3 is the first prime Delannoy number. [Post]
There exists 3 and only 3 groups (or generations) of quark couples as well as those of lepton couples that comprise the entire family of elementary particles of matter known as fermions. [Beedassy]
The smallest Gaussian prime. [Beedassy]
The smallest prime with a prime subscript. [Beedassy]
The law of proportions, called "Rule of Three" by the Indian mathematician Brahmagupta (598-668), became a standard of rational thought. For example, Abraham Lincoln wrote that as a young man he "could read, write, and cipher to the Rule of Three." Charles Darwin wrote "I have no faith in anything short of actual measurement and the Rule of Three." Perhaps less known is the fact that they were born on the exact same day (February 12, 1809).
The smallest triadic prime. [Capelle]
If n is any odd integer > 1, and x is any positive integer, then x^n - x is a multiple of 3. [Lee]
The smallest prime with prime period continued fraction for its square root. [Beedassy]
The only prime that cannot be the arithmetic average of two primes. [Silva]
The only 'unwanted' number, as in "three's a crowd!"
The only value of p such that p and p 2 are twin primes and p(p 2) p - 1 and p(p 2) p 1 are also twin primes. [Opao]
The terms of the sequence 3/2, (5 7)/(2 3), (7 11 13)/(2 3 5), (11 13 17 19)/(2 3 5 7), etc., converge to 3 as the primes used approach infinity.
There are 3 sets of chromosomes in the mosquito. [Anopheles]
The smallest prime p such that pi(p2) = (pi(p))2. [Capelle]
The only odd prime that is a highly abundant number. [Beedassy]
The National Basketball Association adopted the 3-point field goal in 1979. [Lee]
The first lucky prime. Since lucky numbers are lucky enough to repeatedly appear in this book, let's take a moment to define them. Start with the list of natural numbers: 1, 2, 3, ... , and cross out every second number. The second number not crossed out is 3, so we cross out every third number, leaving 1, 3, 7, 9, 13, 15, .... The third number left is 7, so we cross out every seventh number---repeat forever. What remains is the sequence of lucky numbers: 1, 3, 7, 9, 13, 15, 21, 25, 31, 33, 37, 43, 49, 51, 63, 67, 69, .... S. Ulam (1909-1984) investigated these numbers and found a strong resemblance to primes.
The only prime p such that (p5 - 1)/(p - 1) is the square of a prime. [Beedassy]
(a^(p)-a)/p is congruent to 0 (mod 3), for all primes p greater than the positive integer a, except where p = 3, a = 2. [Papadimitriou]
The Fermat point of a triangle is located at a minimum total distance from 3 other points.
The only prime of the form n^2 - 1. [Pimentel]
The smallest prime p such that 2^p p is prime. [Silva]
The only prime p whose factorial is the sum of the first p numbers. [Silva]
The first prime of the form p=2*n^n+1. [Loungrides]
The number of sides of the only regular polygon which cannot be formed with n-3 folds of a rectangular strip of paper where n is the number of sides of the polygon [Fellows]
The only number that is both an odd prime number and a highly composite odd number. [Beedassy]
The only state capital containing 3 words is Salt Lake City.
There are three prime odd digits. [Silva]
It is conjectured that the Erdős-Moser equation 1k+2k+...+(m-1)k = mk has an integer solution only for m = 3: 11 21 = 31. [Capelle]
The only prime p whose double factorial (p!!) has p digits. [Silva]
The only prime p whose square is the sum of the factorials of the first p numbers. [Silva]
The smallest odd prime with a prime number of partitions. [Pol]
The only prime, p, such that 2p is congruent to -1 (mod p). [Wesolowski]
The only prime, p, such that σ(p4) is a square. [Wesolowski]
The only Wagstaff prime that is equal to the exponent of the form that creates it. [Loungrides]
According to Hindu scriptures the Universe is a 3-world-cosmology abode called "Triloka" that comprises the perceptible Physical world along with the subtler realms of the Celestial and the Nether worlds. [Beedassy]
Uniquely, 3 is the only prime whose powers (greater than 1) all have a digital root which is its own square. The simple proof is a direct consequence of the divisibility rule. [King]
The minimum number of moves required to solve the Turn the Fish Puzzle. [Lester]
The only prime p such that phi(p) is prime. [Firoozbakht]
The 3rd power of 3 equals 3 squared plus the sum of the first 3 composite numbers. [Silva]
"Houray !" exclaimed aloud 3 times in response to "Three cheers for ...": "Hip Hip Hip !" (uttered 3 times in succession) is a common jubilatory and glorifying interjection during social gatherings in many British-impregnated cultures. [Beedassy]
The floor function of phi^e = 3, where phi is golden ratio. [Gupta]
Popcorn kernals can pop up to 3 feet in the air!
The number of primes less than the first perfect number.
Scruggs (or 3-finger) style is the most common style of playing the banjo in bluegrass music.
April "3 cubed" is National Prime Rib Day.
The Christian doctrine of the Trinity holds that God exists as 3 Divine Persons, i.e., the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. [Silva]
It is not known whether a dissection of an equilateral triangle to a square is possible with 3 pieces.
The area under a cycloid is 3 times the area of the generating circle. [Beedassy]
Camels have 3 eyelids over each eye. [Northcutt]
Kannan Soundararajan and Robert J. Lemke Oliver of Stanford University found that primes ending in 3 seem to like being followed by primes ending in 9 more than 1 or 7. Prime conspiracy?
The Erdős–Kac theorem means that the construction of a number around one billion requires on average 3 primes.
The smallest number in the only triad of consecutive odd prime integers. [Silva]
Find the unique solution of the following cryptarithmic addition (proposed by Sidney Kravitz): OTTAWA CALGARY = TORONTO. Hint: The sum of digits of all 3 numbers is the smallest 3-digit number.
The end of a nucleic acid where the sugar group is located is called the 3 prime end. [Chin]
Can you find 3 cases such that p^2 q^2 = r^2 1, where p, q, r are consecutive primes? [Bergot]
Triduum is a 3-day period of religious observance in the Catholic Church. [Francis]
In a paper dated 19 Feb 2016, authors J. Cilleruelo, F. Luca, L. Baxter proved any positive integer is the sum of 3 palindromes in base 5 or beyond. [Beedassy]
Baryons are made of an odd number of quarks - usually 3.
3 consecutive tau numbers do not exist. [Zelinsky]
"Trey" is a cardplayer's term for 3. [Demuth]
The sum of prime numbers up to 3 is the 3rd prime. [Wiszowaty]
Sitar is a Persian word meaning 3 strings. [Caudhurī]
"Thirdsday" comes once every seven years or so, whenever January 3 falls on a Thursday. [Beedassy]
Now onto 7.
There are 7 letters in TUESDAY, which is the only day of the week whose name contains a prime number of letters. [Gupta]
The first prime number of the form 6n 1. All primes greater than three have either the form 6n 1 or 6n - 1.
Graph theorists have been able to prove that 7 colors are required on a donut-shaped map (i.e., an ordinary one-holed torus) to ensure that no adjacent areas are the same.
The first 7 digits of 89 form a prime. [Kulsha]
The only single digit prime number to yield a square when its cube and the cube's proper divisors are added. Thus 73 (1 7 72) = 202.
7! - 6! 5! - 4! 3! - 2! 1! is prime. [Guy]
Seven is the only odd prime that becomes "even" by deleting a letter. [Beedassy]
There are only 7 smoothly undulating nine-digit palindromic primes.
"Seventh heaven" is the farthest of the concentric spheres containing the stars in the Muslim and Cabalist systems.
Pill bugs ("roly-polies") have 7 pairs of legs.
In 1992, Bayer and Diaconis showed that after 7 random riffle shuffles of a deck of 52 cards, every configuration is nearly equally likely.
The Seven Bridges of Königsberg is a famous solved mathematics problem inspired by an actual place (now Kaliningrad, Russia) and situation. [Millington]
The smallest odd full-period prime.
If you turn a U.S. one-dollar bill upside down and place your thumb over the eagle's head, the shield becomes the Menorah, or the 7 candlesticks of Israel.
Jesus uses the word seven a "perfect number" of times in the last verse of the first chapter in the Book of Revelation. This makes perfect sense because seven is the number of perfection in the Bible. [Zirkle]
The only odd prime that solves 6y2 = (x 1)(x2 - x 6). [Ljunggren]
The first prime happy number. Replace a number by the sum of the squares of its digits, and repeat the process until the number equals 1, or it loops endlessly in a cycle which does not include 1. Those numbers for which this process ends in 1 are called happy numbers. There are exactly 7 prime happy numbers less than 100. Can you find all 7?
There are 7 indeterminate forms involving 0, 1, and infinity.
7 Up (or Seven Up) is a brand of a lemon-lime flavored soft drink.
17 47 47 57 97 97 27 97 = 14459929. [Randle]
Thabit ibn Qurra (circa 850 A.D.) noted that if n>1 and each of p = 3*2^(n-1) - 1, q = 3*2^n - 1, and r =(p+1)*(q+1) - 1 is prime, then (2^n*p*q) and (2^n*r) are amicablepairs. Descartes wrote to Mersenne in 1638 with the pair 9363584 and 9437056 (n = 7).
Add 7 to 720(10049 - 1)/99 to get a 99-digit undulating prime. [Pickover]
The largest known number of consecutive primes that can be partitioned into two sets such that the difference of their product is unity: (5 * 11 * 13) - (2 * 3 * 7 * 17) = 1.
The Clay Mathematics Institute announced in May 2000 a prize of $1,000,000 for each of the 7 unsolved Millennium Prize Problems. The Poincaré conjecture(essentially the first deep conjecture ever made in topology) has been the only Millennium problem solved thus far.
If asked to quickly pick a number between 12 and 5, most people will choose 7.
If n is composite, the first 7 primes of the form sigma(n)/d(n) are Mersenne prime exponents.
Michael Bell proved that 10^(100*n) n is prime, where n = 7. As of May 2000, it is the only known prime of this form.
7! 1919 is a prime number with 19's on both ends. [Kulsha]
There are 7 different notes in a standard major scale in music as well as in a standard minor scale. [Obeidin]
All primes p greater than or equal to 7 divide a concatenation of (p-1) ones. [Murthy]
Using A = 1, B = 2, ..., Z = 26, the sum of all the letter values in the word names of the numbers from 1 to 7 is a prime (367). If 0 is included, the sum is yet another prime (431). [Trotter]
Double 7! to get the exact number of minutes in a week (7 days). [Luhn]
The 'Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus' of Ludwig Wittgenstein brings 7 groups of aphorisms. The 7th group brings only one (a very curious one): Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man schweigen. About what one cannot speak, one must keep silent. [Gevisier]
A Mersenne prime (2p - 1) with exponent p = 3. The key prime factor of the perfect number 28. There are twenty-eight 3-digit numbers with digits summing to 7 (e.g., 601; 412) among which exactly 7 (e.g., 241; 313) are prime and also among which one (511) is of the form 2q - 1 where q = 3 * 3. The seven 3-digit primes sum to 2281, a prime with an embedded "28" and with first and last digits summing to 3. Note that the number 2281 is also the exponent of the 17th Mersenne prime.
The reversal of (7 - 1)! 1 is 27 - 1 (a Mersenne prime). [Luhn]
There are "7 deadly sins" used in early Christian teachings to educate and protect followers from basic human instincts (pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, avarice, and sloth). [Croll]
The first number of every sextuplet ends with 7. [Luhn]
The sum of the digits of each of the first two multidigit squares is 7. [Sladcik]
The smallest prime of all integers n such that Mordell's equation y^2 = x^3 n has no integral solutions. [Post]
There were 7 rings of power for the Dwarf-lords in the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien. [Oldenbeuving]
The number of points and lines on the minimal finite projective (or Fano) plane. [Poo Sung]
It is possible to place 7 cigarettes in such a way that each touches the others if the length divided by the diameter of each is greater than or equal to 7*sqrt(3)/2. [Gardner]
De Morgan suspected Shanks's calculation of up to 707 digits was wrong because of the lack of 7s contrary to other digits. [Poo Sung]
(77 777)/(7 7) = 61 is prime. Note that seven 7's are used and 6 1 = 7. [Poo Sung]
There were 7 papers in the first edition of the Ramanujan Journal. [Croll]
There are 7 seals in the New Testament's Book of Revelation. [Croll]
There is a persistent rumor that the philosopher G.W.F. Hegel (1770-1831) provided a logical proof within his doctoral dissertation that there could only be 7 planets in the solar system. [Poo Sung]
The only prime whose sum of divisors (p+1) is a cube. [Gupta]
The smallest prime which can be expressed as the sum of a prime and a composite number (7 = 3 4). [Murthy]
In most Hindu marriages the bride follows the groom 7 times around the holy fire, which is called a Saptapadi. [Das]
The smallest example of x-y,xx-y,xxx-y all being prime is with digits x=7 and y=4. So 7-4=3, 77-4=73, 777-4=773 are all primes. It is the only solution because one of three consecutive numbers x..x-y is divisible by 3. [Luhn]
(2^7-1)/(2-1) and (2^7+1)/(2+1) are both primes. [Dobb]
Uranus' moon Miranda (as viewed from space) has a "7" embedded in the middle of a rectangular corona that appears to have been formed by viscous icy lavas. Uranus is the 7th planet from the Sun.
There are 7 primes less than 77 that have at least one digit being 7 (7, 17, 37, 47, 67, 71, 73). [Bush]
7 is the smallest integer that is not the difference of two primes. [North]
The very first Menorah for the Tabernacle as commanded by God to be built in the book of Exodus had 7 lamps in it. [Obeidin]
The only prime such that all the positive values of 7-2^k are all primes, where k is not equal to 0. [Russo]
Seven Segment Display
Early electronic instruments incorporated alphanumeric displays that employed discrete circuit components known as 7-segment light-emitting diodes (LED's). [McAlee]
The smallest Woodall prime. [Russo]
The smallest cuban prime. The name has nothing to do with Cuba the country.
The bluntnose sevengill shark has 7 long gill slits in front of each pectoral fin. [Jolly]
7 = sod(sod(sod(4444^4444))), where sod(n) is the sum of digits of integer n. [Daly]
"Seven Minutes of Terror" is the phrase given to Curiosity's final minutes to landing on Mars. Touchdown on the floor of Gale Crater is expected at 1:17 a.m. (EDT) on 6 August 2012.
The Japanese word "Subaru" refers to an open star cluster called the Seven Sisters (Pleiades).
Kwanzaa (or Kwaanza) is a 7-day festival (December 26 to January 1) celebrated primarily in the United States, honoring African-American heritage. [Karenga]
The number of stars that form the asterism known as the Big Dipper in North America.
Roma was built over 7 hills. [Franco]
The only prime that can be the digital root (sum of digits computed recursively until one digit remains) of a perfect square. [Rupinski]
13 17 19 = 7^2. [La Haye]
Andrew Wiles spent 7 years working on his solution of Fermat's Last Theorem. [Croll]
7 is the only prime defined as a cube minus one. [Gallardo]
In "Western" music's 12-tone scale, ratios of fractions between 2 and 1 with a one-digit denominator that involve 7 are not used. This is true whether 7 is either in the numerator or denominator. Ratios such as 7/4, 7/5, 7/6, 8/7, 9/7, etc. are often common notes in the music of other cultures or blues music, but not the "Western" equal temperament scale. [Obeidin]
The maximum number of eclipses of the Sun and Moon that can occur in any one year. [Byrd]
7 is the number of frieze groups, i.e., the groups consisting of symmetries of the plane whose group of translations is isomorphic to the group of integers.
In 1995, Ramaré showed that all integers greater than one are the sum of at most 7 prime numbers.
The number of distinct prime knots containing 7 crossings. [Tait]
72 can be written as a sum of squares in 72 72 ways. [Hartley]
The smallest sexy prime triplet that is not part of a sexy prime quadruplet or quintuplet starts at 7. I.e, 7+6 and 7+6+6 are also prime. [Opao]
7^12 reversed is prime. [Patterson]
The numbers on opposite sides of a standard die always add up to 7.
The number of rank and good ears of corn that came up upon one stalk in Pharaoh's second dream (Genesis 41:5).
The sum of seven consecutive primes beginning with 7 is seven times the seventh prime. [Post]
The number of visible colors formed by light across a prism. [Gallardo]
According to the History Channel - 7 machine tools started the modern age: Lathe, Planer, Mill, Grinder, Drill, Band Saw, and Punch-Press. [McAlee]
The first exotic differentiable structure was a 7-dimensional hypersphere. It was found by Milnor (1956) using the calculus of octonions. [Poo Sung]
1!*2!*3!*4!*5!*6!*7! 1 are twin primes. [Gupta]
Atop the Statue of Liberty there are seven spikes, representing the seven seas. [Patterson]
sod(M4 exponent) = sod(M9 exponent) = sod(M16 exponent) = 7. [Harrison]
7 of the major planets in our solar system have natural satellites. [Wolfe]
7 is the smallest prime number that is equal to the product minus the sum of twin primes, i.e., 3*5 - (3+5) = 7. [Teofilatto]
The smallest prime p such that all five numbers p*10^k+1, k < 6 are primes. [Firoozbakht]
7 is the smallest Carol prime. [McAlee]
7 = 2^5 - 5^2. [Astle]
7 is the only number n such that n = (n)! - prime(n). [Firoozbakht]
Levy's conjecture (1963) states that all odd numbers greater than or equal to 7 are the sum of a prime plus twice a prime. It was named after Hyman Levy, who was apparently unaware that the conjecture was first stated by Émile Lemoine in 1894. [Capelle]
7 is a double Mersenne prime. [Post]
7 is the first centered hexagonal prime. [Post]
There are '7 things you need to know about prime numbers.' - Dr. Vicky Neale
The smallest prime followed by a prime number of consecutive composite numbers. [Silva]
7 is the smallest number that cannot be represented as a sum of 3 squares. [Poo Sung]
Assuming Goldbach's conjecture, there is no positive number that can be written as the sum of exactly 7 primes in exactly 7 ways. [Hartley]
Have you ever noticed that the word "indivisibilities" contains 7 i's?
The smallest prime whose reciprocal has semiprime period length. [Post]
Whilst every Fibonacci prime number has odd prime subscript, 7 is the first prime not appearing in the Fibonacci sequence. [Beedassy]
John Elway, one of the most formidable figures in NFL history, wore number 7 for the Denver Broncos.
The smallest prime NSW number. [Beedassy]
There are exactly 7 possible basic shapes for six-sided polyhedra (convex hexahedra). [Caldwell]
7 is the only prime in which a/b c/d e/f = a/b * c/d * e/f, where the variables a through f represent any nonzero single-digit numbers. [Morse]
The smallest hyperfibonacci prime that is not a Fibonacci prime. [Post]
Ladybugs have 7 spots on their back. [McCranie]
Divisibility test for 7 (or 13): Combine the digits in order into groups of 3 (starting from the right) by alternating them with positive and negative signs. If the result is divisible by 7 (or 13 respectively), then so is the original number. For example, 7 divides 62540982 because 7 divides +(62)-(540)+(982).
The smallest prime p that yields a number of the form pp when multiplied by the next prime. [Capelle]
Insert 7 in the middle of the 7th power of 7 and you will get a 7-digit prime. [Silva]
7*6*5*4*3*2*1 7654321 is a 7-digit prime with first digit 7 and 1*2*3*4*5*6*7 1234567 is a 7-digit prime with last digit 7. [Silva]
The only prime p such that (p2) < ( (p))2. [Capelle]
Patterson's Conjecture: If Pn is the nth prime, then the series (P1-1 P2-2 P3-3 ... Pn-n) is divisible by Pn if and only if Pn = 7.
It is possible to construct an angle of /7 using 7 matchsticks. [Beedassy]
Although baseball's first World Series, in 1903, was an 8 game series, as was 1912, 1919, and 1921, it has ever since been a best-of-seven-game series. [Post]
The dimensions of irreducible modules of the exceptional Lie group G_2 are all congruent to {-1,0,+1} mod 7. A similar phenomenon occurs for all exceptional Lie groups and for some classical ones as well. [Rupinski]
The smallest prime subscript n such that pn+1 is the first prime dividing #pn+1, (pn being the nth prime ). [Beedassy]
The only prime equal to the difference of the product and the sum of the two previous primes. [Silva]
The normal human head bears 7 sense organ openings: 2 eye sockets, 2 ear canals, 2 nostrils, and a mouth. [Beedassy]
The only prime that is member of two pairs of cousin primes. [Silva]
The 7 heavenly virtues are prudence, temperance, justice, fortitude, charity, hope and faith. [Croll]
The Hamming-7 code is a perfect error-correcting code of word-length 7, with 4 message carrying bits and 3 error-correcting bits. [Sirag]
The game Tetris uses 7 one-sided tetrominoes (referred to as I, J, L, O, S, T, and Z). [Poo Sung]
The largest known prime p such that p! 1 is the square of a prime. [Beedassy]
7 = 98532/14076 is the unique pandigital fraction expression including 0. [Poo Sung]
The only odd prime p whose n-th power pn, for any nonzero n below p, has exactly n digits. [Beedassy]
The checksum of the checksum of the first 7 decimal places of the common logarithm of 7 is 7 (log 7 = 0.8450980, 8+4+5+0+9+8+0=34, = 3+4). [Vastvision]
There are 72 natural numbers n such that n is equal to the number of 7's in the decimal digits of all numbers smaller or equal to n. [Capelle]
The smallest prime whose square is a concatenation of consecutive prime squares. [Silva]
The largest prime number whose third power (343) can be displayed on a 12-hour digital clock. [Fellows]
'Oh Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven'. The 7-Eleven (R) name reflects the stores' extended hours - 7 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days a week. July 11 (7/11) is the official birthday of the 7-Eleven convenience store chain. [Green]
The smallest prime with a composite number of partitions. [Pol]
The Pollock octahedral numbers conjecture (1850) states that every number can be written as the sum of at most seven octahedral numbers. Frederick Pollock, better known as a lawyer and politician, was a contributor of papers on mathematics to the Royal Society. [Capelle]
The number of distinct four of fewer face-joined unit cubes forming the polycube pieces of the 3-by-3-by-3 Soma cube dissection puzzle invented by Piet Hein in 1936. [Beedassy]
The largest known prime number that is not the sum of a triangular number, a square and a cube, all of them greater than or equal to 1. [Capelle]
Seven prime numbers cannot be written as a sum of squares of primes. Note that 7 is one of them and divides their sum. [Capelle]
The largest known prime number p for which the decimal expansion of pp does not contain any pair of consecutive equal digits. [Capelle]
There are 7 known natural numbers n such that n is the sum of two consecutive primes but not the sum of two sums of two consecutive primes. [Capelle]
There are 7 improper zeroless pandigital fractions that equal 7. For example, 37926/5418 = 7. [Bolling]
All multidigit Fermat numbers end in 7. [Gupta]
Dubai eGovernment has a logo in line with law number 7 of 2009 issued by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, which is one of the 7 emirates and the most populous state of the United Arab Emirates.
The number of capital letters of English alphabet with no symmetry (F, G, J, L, P, Q, R). Note that the letters P, Q and R are often used to represent the primes. [Capelle]
The smallest prime p followed by more than one prime prior to 2p. [Silva]
The number of strobogrammatic capital letters of the English alphabet (H, I, N, O, S, X, Z). The word strobogrammatic begins with S, the only strobogrammaticletter with a prime index. [Capelle]
"The Seven Year Itch" (1955) is a highly-rated comedy film starring Tom Ewell and Marilyn Monroe. The titular phrase refers to a declining interest in a monogamous relationship after seven years of marriage. [Green]
All 7 numbers n! nextprime(n), n < = 7 are primes. [Firoozbakht]
Each hind foot of Ichthyostega (one of the first tetrapods) had 7 toes. [Lindsay]
A segment called "Seven Prime Questions" first aired on PBS in January 2006.
The sum of all untouchable primes. [Loungrides]
"The time will come when diligent research over long periods will bring to light things which are now hidden." - Seneca, Natural Questions, Book 7, first century
1! 2! 3! 4! 5! = 6 (mod 7). It is the largest known prime (up to 10^5) with this property. [Firoozbakht]
The only prime, p, such that σ(p3) is a square. [Wesolowski]
Every connected (non-empty) one-dimensional topological manifold is homeomorphic to one of these 7: the circle, the closed interval, the open interval (real line), the half-open interval, the closed long ray, the open long ray, or the long line. [Post]
The smallest of only two primes less than a titanic prime of the form p^p+p+1, where p is a prime. The other is 31. [Loungrides]
7 is the 3rd lucky number. It is also the rank of the E7 Lie algebra (E6 and E8 are the only other E-type Lie algebras). [Sirag]
There are 7 hidden dimensions in 11-d Supergravity, which is the "low energy" approximation to M theory, which also has 7 hidden dimensions. [Sirag]
The metric system uses 7 fundamental units of measure: m, kg, K, mol, A, sec, and cd. [Jauregui]
The Heawood graph corresponds to the 7-color torus map on fourteen nodes. Note that "Heawood" has 7 letters. [Post]
The only two-syllable prime digit in English. [Mia]
The only known number whose factorial has 50% of its digits consisting of 0's: 7! = 5040. [Beedassy]
Hex-7. [Hein and Nash]
The smallest number n that yields two primes when preceded or followed by n ones. [Silva]
H-7 is the heaviest isotope of hydrogen observed experimentally in a heavy particle accelerator. [Beedassy]
The smallest prime that is not equal to the difference of two primes. [Loungrides]
The first 7 odd primes are all members of twin prime pairs. [Silva]
The French version of the popular cartoon Spot the difference puzzle is called "Le jeu des 7 erreurs" (meaning 'The 7 mistakes game'). [Beedassy]
Seven Prime Questions
7! 6! - 5! 4! - 3! 2! - 1! and 7! - 6! 5! - 4! 3! - 2! 1! are each members of a twin prime pair! [Homewood]
(7, 11, 13) is the first consecutive prime number triple (p, q, r) such that r divides pq+1. Note that the quotient is 6 (the first perfect number). [Loungrides]
There are 7 sexy prime quadruplets up to a thousand. [Homewood]
Carl B. Pomerance received his Ph.D. from Harvard University with a dissertation proving that any odd perfect number has at least 7 distinct prime factors.
Giraffes have seven neck bones, which is the same as humans and most other mammals but longer. [Capelle]
Why is 10 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9 and 10 is next! [Homewood]
Avenged Sevenfold (sometimes abbreviated as A7X) is an American heavy metal band from Huntington Beach, California. [Allison]
The only prime heptagonal number. [Homewood]
(123465789 987654321) +/-7 are both prime. [Bopardikar]
7 squared is the sum of 7 consecutive integers. [Silva]
The number of ways that primes can be written as the sum of one or more distinct natural numbers less than or equal to 4. That is to say {2}, {3}, {1+2}, {1+4}, {2+3}, {3+4}, {1+2+4}. [Deutsch]
A mnemonic for remembering the first seven primes is, "In the early morning, astronomers spiritualized nonmathematicians."
(Look-and-Say (7)) = 7. [Honaker]
The only non-titanic prime of form n^n+3, i.e., 2^2+3. [Loungrides]
Kaprekar's routine will always reach its fixed point in at most 7 iterations.
The average score for this Prime Numbers quiz is greater than or equal to 7.
The pH value of pure water is 7. [Gupta]
"Shmita" also called the sabbatical year or shǝvi'it (שביעית‬, literally "seventh") is the seventh year of the seven-year agricultural cycle mandated by the Torah for the Land of Israel.
If p is a prime greater or equal to 7 then any repunit number consisting of p-1 one’s is divisible by p. [Loungrides]
There is only one known case where the average of an amicable pair sum ends with the digit 7. The pair (1184, 1210) was discovered in 1866 by teenager B. Nicolò I. Paganini.
Bell's palsy is a form of temporary facial paralysis resulting from damage or trauma to facial nerve number 7.
7 is a rare digit at the beginning of . [Jacobs]
The remainder is 7 when sum of the first 7 primes is divided by the 7th prime. Is this the only odd prime example? [Bergot]
The population standard deviation of the first 7 natural numbers is "odd."
In 1956, psychologist George A. Miller published a paper in The Psychological Review in which he talks about the prime number 7 "following him around."
The sum of all n^k with n k = 7, i.e., 1^6 2^5 3^4 4^3 5^2 6^1 7^0, = 7#. [Bergot]
The only twin prime of the form 30n-23. [Homewood]
The first half of a leap year and the last half of any year can, only in different locations, have a number of hours divisible by 7. [Merickel]
Is 7 the only prime area for an n-gon plotted (n, prime(n))? Start (1,2), (2,3), ... ,(8,19) and connect (1,2) to (8,19). [Bergot]
Seven (stylized as SE7EN) is an American neo-noir crime thriller film directed by David Finche.
The standard ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) character codes for encoding symbols on a typical American keyboard were originally 7 bits long. [Beedassy]
7+10^999 is the smallest titanic prime that remains prime after you drop all the even digits. [Rivera]
"The Diabolical Long Division Brain Teaser" involves the digit 7 and a bunch of asterisks.
The last digit of Graham's number, and the rarest digit among the 500 rightmost decimal digits of Graham's number (these 500 digits include 56 0s, 56 2s, 56 9s, 55 5s, 54 8s, 49 1s, 47 3s, 46 4s, 46 6s, but only 35 7s). [Olry]
The largest undeveloped uranium deposit in the United States (#7 in the world) is located in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. [Shulz]
The sum of prime numbers up to 7 is the 7th prime. [Wiszowaty]
7! 7654321 is a 7-digit prime. [Silva]


Jedi Master
part 2
11 number next.
The only palindromic prime with an even number of digits due to the fact that all palindromes with an even number of digits are divisible by 11.
(1111 * 211 1)/(211 - 1) is prime. [Luhn]
There's a curious way to multiply a two digit number by the prime number 11. Add the two original digits and place this sum between them. E.g., 35 * 11. (3 5 = 8) and we get 385. Note that if the sum of the two digits exceeds 9 place the units digit of this sum between the two numbers, and add 1 to the hundreds digit. [Franco]
The smallest number with multiplicative persistence of 11 is 277777788888899. [Sloane]
The secret formula for Kentucky Fried Chicken includes 11 herbs and spices. [Sanders]
Sunspot activities seem to follow an 11-year cycle.
2 35 * 711 is prime.
1111 contains exactly two embedded elevens.
UPC bar codes consist of 11 digits (not counting the "check digit"). [Bobick]
The 11th prime times (11) has a digit sum of 11.
Half of the first sixty-four partition numbers are divisible by 11. [Wilson]
Rotakas, spoken in the center of Bougainville Island in the South Pacific, uses only 11 phonemes.
The smallest anti-Yarborough prime, i.e., a prime containing only the digits 0 and 1.
11 has the primitive root g = 2, meaning the remainders after dividing 2n by 11 assume all values 1, 2, ... 10, exactly once as n goes from 1 to 10.
Divisibility test for 11: Combine the digits in order by alternating them with positive and negative signs. If the result is divisible by 11, then so is the original number. For example, 11 divides 90816 because 11 divides 9 - 0 8 - 1 6. [Beedle]
Five consecutive powers of 11 produce palindromes:
110 = 1
111 = 11
112 = 121
113 = 1331
114 = 14641.
69696 divided by 6336.
"Elevenses" is a British and colonial meal that is similar to afternoon tea but eaten around 11 o'clock in the morning.
The number of cards including the Significator (the focus card) typically used in a Tarot reading. [Haga]
The first repunit prime. The term repunit (coined by A. H. Beiler in 1966) comes from the words repeated and unit, so repunits are positive integers in which every digit is 1.
The smallest two-digit additive prime (a prime whose sum of digits is prime). [Russo]
There are 11 stars in Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night. Was the great painter inspired by Genesis 37:9? [Easterling]
11 2n2 gives primes over the first 11 whole numbers.
( ) = 11. [Kulsha]
11 divides its previous consecutive concatenated composite numbers (8910). [De Geest]
Paul Erdős observed that both 3*4 and 5*6*7 are congruent to one modulo 11.
The repunit 11111111111 (11 ones) has only two prime factors.
If n is sufficiently large, then between n and n sqrt(n) there exists a number with at most 11 prime factors. [Brun]
Aibohphobia (the fear of palindromes) is palindromic itself and contains 11 letters. [Patterson]
At least one edge of the hypothetical perfect cuboid (or Euler integer brick) is divisible by 11. [Beedassy]
The number of letters in PRIME NUMBER. [Kumar]
11 is the (1+1)nd odd prime that cannot be expressed as the sum of two prime numbers. [Astle]
10! - 11 and 10! 11 are two consecutive primes. [Firoozbakht]
The only number in base ten that is not Nivenmorphic ; In other words, 11 never divides a number ending in 11 if its sum of digits is also equal to 11. [Boscaro andBeedassy]
The largest example where p divides (p - 1)# - 1. [Luhn]
Today only 11 lines of Sotades the Obscene of Maronea's works still remain. Most sources credit him with inventing palindromes in Greek-ruled Egypt, back in the 3rd century B.C.
The minimum prime p such that p 1 each has exactly 2 distinct prime factors. [Das]
The number 11 London Bus runs from Fulham Broadway to Liverpool Street Station. [Croll]
The Klein cubic threefold is the only smooth cubic threefold which has an automorphism of order 11. [Post]
The only prime p such that p 8 and p 6 are all prime. [Murthy]
A letter to the editor of "The Times" newspaper on the partially palindromic date of 22 February 2002 contained the 11 character palindrome "Madam I'm Adam" (excluding spaces and punctuation). [Croll]
The smallest prime with persistence (multiplicative as well as additive) of 1. [Gupta]
The smallest prime (the fifth) which is greater than the corresponding (the fifth) composite, which is 10. [Murthy]
The smallest prime for which the sum of digits equals the number of digits. [Murthy]
The smallest prime p such that 2p - 1 is composite. [Russo]
11 is the smallest prime of the form n ns followed by 1. Note that eleven 11s followed by 1 is also prime. [Poo Sung]
The smallest odd prime which can be represented as sum of a triangular number and its reverse, i.e., 10 01 = 11. [Gupta]
11 is the smallest prime that is equal to the product plus sum of two primes (2*3 (2+3) = 11). [Wagler]
The largest known example such that p# ± 1 are both primes. p# is primorial p. [Gupta]
The smallest multidigit Lucasian prime: p is congruent to 3 (mod 4) with 2p+1 prime. [Russo]
The smallest prime p such that 6*p-1 is composite. [Russo]
The smallest palindromic prime p such that 2^p-1 has at most 2 prime factors. [Russo]
The smallest odd prime which can be represented as the sum of a number and its reverse, i.e., 10 01 = 11. [Gupta]
The smallest strong prime. A strong prime is a prime that is greater than the arithmetic mean of the nearest prime above and below. [Russo]
11 = 3! 5. Note that 3 and 5 are the first twin primes. [Avrutin]
11 is the smallest prime p such that sigma(x) = 2^p has no solution. [Gupta]
11=1+2+8 and the only known values of n for which (p(n)^p(n)-1)/(p(n)-1) is prime are n=1,2,8, and 11. [Rupinski]
The largest number (coincidentally prime) which is not expressible as sum of two composite numbers. [Gupta]
The smallest prime p such that 6p 1 do not form a twin prime pair. [Rupinski]
The smallest prime p such that the sum of digits of p divides the sum of digits of the pth prime. [Beedassy]
11^2 = 37 41 43 (i.e., the sum of three consecutive primes). [La Haye]
2^^n-9 = 2^(2^(2^...(2^2)..))-9 is divisible by 11 for all sufficiently large n. 11 is the largest prime less than a million of which this is true. [Hartley]
11 is the earliest prime p such that p^3 is the sum of 3 consecutive primes: 11^3 = 439 443 449. [Rivera]
ElevenSmooth is an online distributed computing project searching for prime factors of M(3326400).
In "Western" music's 12-tone scale, ratios of fractions between 2 and 1 with a one-digit denominator that involve 11 are not used. The ratios 11/6, 11/7, 11/8, and 11/9 are not used in "Western" music. Neither are fractions with 11 as the denominator. These notes are not found in the "Western" twelve-tone scale, but might be found in the music of other cultures that use different tuning systems. [Obeidin]
The original formulation of M-theory was in terms of a (relatively) low-energy effective field theory, called 11-dimensional supergravity.
Self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller (1946- ), has spoken repeatedly about the occurrence of two 11's side-by-side. For example, the bizarre attraction some people have for the time 11:11 on digital clocks and watches.
N = 11 is the largest prime with the following property: N# is written with n-1 distinct digits, where N is the nth prime. [Necula]
The doubly-true solution to the following English alphametic, a type of cryptarithm in which the letters make sensible words or phrases: THREE THREE TWO TWO ONE = ELEVEN. The object is to replace the letters of the alphabet with decimal digits to make a valid arithmetic sum. The term "alphametic" was coined by J. A. H. Hunter in 1955.
11^11+11^11*11-1 is prime. Note that 11 ones are used in the previous expression. [Patterson]
The smallest prime formed from two Fibonacci numbers. [McAlee]
If T(A,B) = (A-B^2)^2-B with B < A, then 11 is the smallest value of A such that [A, A+2], [B, B+2], and [T(A,B), T(A,B)+2] are all twin prime pairs (in this case, B=5). All twin primes will exhibit this property if it is allowed that B > A. [Opao]
There are eleven two-digit primes ending in a prime digit. [Silva]
A hendecasyllabic is verse written in lines of exactly 11 syllables. [Patterson]
11 is the smallest prime equal to the product of twin primes minus their arithmetic mean (3*5 - 4 = 11). [Teofilatto]
11 is the smallest prime of the form 2^p p, where p is prime. [Teofilatto]
11 is the only prime of the form 3^p p for p a prime. [Patterson]
There are exactly 11 positive odd integers N that cannot be expressed as the sum of two coprime composite integers, both of which are less than N. [Rupinski]
The largest prime number that cannot be written as the sum of four hexagonal numbers. Note that it is the only prime number that cannot be represented using five hexagonal numbers. [Capelle]
11 is the smallest number of sides of a regular polygon that cannot be packed about a point with other regular polygons. E.g., a 7-sided polygon packs with a 42-sided polygon and a triangle. [Astle]
The Works of Charles Babbage, published in London by Pickering and Chatto Publishers, is an 11-volume set. [McAlee]
The sum of the 11 primes after 11 is another palindromic prime. [Silva]
World War I ended formally at 11 A.M. on the 11th day of the 11th month of the year. Now the date is celebrated as Veteran's Day. [McCranie]
There is no number of the form n^2+n+1 that can be evenly divided by 11. [Schuler]
11 Downing Street in London is the official residence of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. [McCranie]
The badge number of Napoleon Solo in the TV show "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." is 11. [McCranie]
The name for the now dwarf planet Pluto (discovered by Clyde W. Tombaugh in 1930) was proposed by 11-year-old Venetia Burney of Oxford, England. She is now a retired teacher whose married name is Venetia Phair. [Paddy]
Joseph-Louis Lagrange (1736--1813) is widely regarded as the finest mathematician of the 18th century. He was the first-born of 11 children.
The largest integer that cannot be expressed as a sum of (two or more) distinct primes. [Capelle]
United States Mint image
A hendecagon (or undecagon) is an 11-sided polygon. The shape surrounds the portrait on the Susan B. Anthony one-dollar coin. [Patterson]
The 2002 All-star baseball game was declared a tie after 11 innings (a rare and controversial occurrence). [McCranie]
The sum of first 11 primes ending with 1 is a prime that begins with 11. [Bopardikar]
Substance P is an 11-amino acid polypeptide that has been associated with the regulation of stress brought about by failure to find large primes.
The smallest tetradic prime. [Capelle]
The smallest odd Ramanujan prime. [Beedassy]
The first number n that divides N-1, where N is the least common multiple of all numbers below n. [Beedassy]
The rock group Spinal Tap has amplifiers that "go to 11." [McCranie]
Fasching (Carnival) begins in the Rhineland of Germany on the Eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month (In German: Am elfte elfte elfte elfte!) [Fellows]
There are 11 schools in the "Big 10" Conference. [McCranie]
There is no known number with multiplicative persistence > 11. [Capelle]
Golomb proved that n/ (n) takes on all integer values k > 1 at least once. Currently, k=11 is the only number known for which there is exactly one solution. [Caldwell]
A pack of Live Savers candy contains 11 pieces. [McCranie]
11!+11!+11!+11!+11!+1 is prime. One is repeated 11 times in the expression. [Silva]
Ocean's "11" is a film with George Clooney and Brad Pitt. This film won 3 awards and it had 17 nominations. (3 and 17 are prime also.) [Montardit]
The first prime which cannot be a pandigital fraction (including or excluding 0). [Poo Sung]
The smallest number that is not an idoneal number.
The smallest counterexample to Mersenne's conjecture is the Mersenne number M(11) = 2^11 - 1 = 2047 = 23 * 89, which is a semiprime (and brilliant) rather than a prime, even though 11 is a prime. [Post]
11 is the only prime of the form p*q+r, where p, q, r are consecutive primes. [Silva]
Any number of the form ABC...ZZ...CBA is divisible by 11. [Neves]
The only prime that can be expressed by two consecutive primes in the forms p^q+q and q^p+p. [Silva]
11^11 - (11)! is prime. It is the largest known prime with this property. [Javadifar]
11 ones minus 11! is an 11-digit prime with 11 as the first and last digits. [Silva]
11 = (11) ( (11)) .... It is the largest such number. [Firoozbakht]
The only known multidigit prime of the form prime(n)^n n. The next such prime if it exists has more than 30000 digits. [Firoozbakht]
11^(ln(11)) is approximately 100* . 11^(ln(11)) = 314.159789 and 100* = 314.159265 (6-digit accuracy). [Wehner]
The smallest prime which when sandwiched between a two-digit repdigit gives a multiple of 11. In other words 1111, 2112, 3113, 4114, 5115, 6116, 7117, 8118, and 9119 are multiples of 11. [Meller]
The smallest number of a finite set of numbers inscribed on the faces of a Mughal gold box in the shape of an icosahedron: 11, 20, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 101, 201, 202, 301, 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, and 901. An accompanying manuscript note records that the box was found in Tipu Sultan's treasury, after the fall of Seringapatam (India) in 1799. Some research has been devoted to the interpretation of the 20 Arabic numerals of this box, which at first appeared to be unrelated. Among the 11 composite numbers of this list, what's the smallest? [Capelle]
The largest prime whose cube (1331) can be displayed on a 24-hour digital clock. [Fellows]
The 11-cell (or hendecachoron) is a self-dual abstract regular 4-polytope (four-dimensional polytope).
Enter any 11-digit prime number to continue...
The smallest prime p whose next p primes starting with p add up to a prime (emirp) ending in p: 11 13 ... 43 47 = 311. [Beedassy]
The smallest prime whose digits are both nonprime and noncomposite. [Beedassy]
ELEVEN is the only prime word containing a smoothly undulating vowel/consonant pattern that begins with a vowel. [Cash]
Internet users who visited Google's website on September 27, 2009, saw the Google logo spelled "Googlle" in celebration of the search engine giant's 11th birthday.
The smallest number of divisors which no number can have among the first thousand. [Beedassy]
The first 1+1 digits of (11^11) are 11. [Firoozbakht]
The first prime of the smallest pair of non-trivial reversible twin primes. [Silva]
There are eleven five-digit palindromic primes formed from prime digits. [Silva]
The highest prime dividing the number of yards, feet, or inches (basic US length units) that make up a mile. [Beedassy]
The Apollo 11 mission put the first Earth man on the Moon. [Green]
11^n, for natural numbers n, will produce the binomial coefficients: 11^1 = 11, 11^2 = 121, 11^3 = 1331, etc. [Giberson]
2! 3! 5! = 7 (mod 11). There exists only one other known prime with this property. [Firoozbakht]
Some Russian leaders believe that 11 time zones across their country is too many. [Green]
The smallest straight-line prime. [Pol]
2*3*5*...*prime(11) = 11 (mod 11+1). It is the only known prime with this property. [Firoozbakht]
The only known palindromic Wagstaff prime. Note that it creates as exponent another Wagstaff prime. [Loungrides]
There are 11 major lakes in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. [Teague]
The kitchen at Prime Restaurant in Huntington, Long Island, NY, remains open until 11 PM on weekdays.
Probably the only prime whose cube is formed from the next prime after it and its reversal. [Silva]
12345678910 minus 11 is an eleven-digit prime. [Silva]
The maximum number of regions formed inside a pentagon when cut by its diagonals. [Green]
( (1) (2) ... (11)) = 11. It is the only number with this property. [Firoozbakht]
The smallest multidigit Zuckerman number that is prime. (A Zuckerman number is a number n which is divisible by the product of its digits). [Loungrides]
11 = 12 112 1112. [Poo Sung]
There are 11 capital letters in the English alphabet that have vertical symmetry. Can you find them all? [Cook]
Obtained by subtracting the sum of all digital primes from the sum of all non-prime digits. [Silva]
The largest of only two non-titanic primes of form p^(p-1)+(p-1), for p a prime (case p=3). The other is 3. [Loungrides]
There is only one case of three consecutive primes all ending in 11 among the first billion primes. Can you find them? [Gaydos]
The smallest odd prime whose binary expansion is not palindromic. [Pol]
The RMS Titanic had 11 decks.
The smallest prime whose factorial ends in prime number of zeros. [Gupta]
The number of nonsymmetrical fundamental solutions to the eight queens puzzle.
The largest prime number with a single-morpheme name.
The largest prime of form 1!+2!… +n!+2, (n=3). Note that every other number of this form, for n > 3, ends with 5 [Loungrides]
The only prime that cannot be represented using five hexagonal numbers. [Deza]
2^1+3^2 is the only non-titanic prime of form p^(p-1)+q^(q-1)+r^(r-1)+s^(s-1)+..., where (p, q, r, s, ...) is the sequence of the first consecutive primes. [Loungrides]
Ivan M. Niven (of Niven numbers fame) was selected to write the Carus Monograph Number 11, entitled Irrational Numbers.
Checkmate by promotion of Pawn to Knight can occur in 11 half-moves in unique sequence excepting a possible 'en passant' capture. [Merickel]
The Puzzle Prime website has an 11x11 Grid brain teaser.
There are eleven strobogrammatic numbers with distinct digits (0,1,8,69,96,609,619,689,906,916,986). [Gaydos]
Take all twin primes (including the "Siamese twins" 2,3) less than 11, namely: (2,3), (3,5), (5,7). If we square each prime and then add the squared prime pairs together, we get 121. Or, 11^2. [Missailidis]
Sir Frederick Pollock conjectured that every natural number is the sum of at most 11 centered nonagonal numbers. This is almost certainly true, but has not yet been proven. [Homewood]
The YouTube online unlimited video-sharing platform uses a 11-character randomly generated code in base 64 to identify each upload. [Beedassy]
11 is the 5th prime. Five is the 3rd prime. Note that 3 is the 2nd prime. [Roberto]
Joseph Smith obtained testimonies from 11 men who said that they had seen the golden plates. [Tedrick]
The smallest strobogrammatic prime. Can you find a prime formed from the concatenation of the first n strobogrammatic primes?
The custom essay writing service "Prime-Writing.com." provides an urgency level of up to 11 days.
Nearly half of the length of the book "Prime Recreations: An Olio of Curios about Prime Numbers" by Bruce Pyne, is devoted to 11 chapters of lists of primes.
There are 11 prime quintuplets of the form {p, p 4, p 6, p 10, p 12} less than 10^5. [Homewood]
There are eleven distinct nets on a plane that can be folded up to produce a cube. [Beedassy]
Great Britain lost 11 days in 1752 because of the Julian to Gregorian Calendar change. [Gupta]
And last but not least is 67.
Mersenne claimed 267 - 1 was prime, but it's composite.
The smallest two-digit Hyper-Cullen 2nd species prime, i.e., a prime of the form n * 2n (n - 1). [Russo]
6! * 7! = 10!.
The largest prime which is not the sum of distinct squares. [Crespi de Valldaura]
(6*7) = 6+7. [Firoozbakht]
67 = sqrt(9!/(9 * 9) 9). [Poo Sung]
567 starts with the digits 67. [Hartley]
The hull number of the U.S. Navy's aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67).
The smallest prime which contains all ten digits when raised to the tenth power. [Patterson]
The "Summer of Love" was a phrase given to the summer of '67, describing (personifying) the feeling of being in San Francisco that summer when the hippie movement came to full fruition.
If A = 1, B = 6, C = 1, D = 8, ... , (using the digits of the Golden Ratio), then 'MARIN MERSENNE' = 67; a prime exponent that he himself believed would produce a Mersenne prime number, but which later was proved to be composite [Homewood]
The inventor of natural logarithms (John Napier) died at the age of 67.
*67 ("star 67") is a free phone feature that blocks sending name and phone number on an outgoing individual call. Use *67 number being dialed (must be done for each call). [Greer]
The smallest prime p that divides the number of composites less than the (p 1)th prime. [Honaker]
Using the alphabet code, the value of 67 in its Roman numeral-based representation (LXVII) is the reversal of 67. [Necula]
In the opening scenes of the movie Hard Target, set in New Orleans, a horse and carriage numbered 67 rumbles by. [Haga]
The Escher compound that appears in the "Waterfall" lithograph by M. C. Escher divides the three component cubes into 67 individual cells. [Post]
67 is the sum of a twin prime pair. [Rivera]
Longitude 67 degrees West passes through the easternmost city in the United States (Eastport, Maine). A prime place to see the sunrise. [Punches]
2^6 2^1 2^0 = 26 21 20 = 67. [Morse]
Charles Lindbergh was the 67th man to make a non-stop flight over the Atlantic Ocean. (The first were Alcock and Brown, the 31 men on the English dirigible R34, and the 33 men on Zeppelin-Airship LZ126.) [Caldwell]
A new born infant is considered full-term when the gestation age in weeks lies between pk+6 and pk+7, where pk = 6+7 and pn is the nth prime (i.e., between 37 and 41 weeks). [Beedassy]
The sum of all idoneal primes. (A positive integer m is idoneal if and only if it cannot be written as ab bc ac for integer a, b, and c with 0 < a < b < c.) [Loungrides]
Fresh milk has a pH of 6.7 and is therefore slightly acidic. [O'Mahony]
The largest known prime number p for which the decimal expansion of 2p does not contain any pair of consecutive equal digits. It's also the case for the decimal expansion of 3p. [Capelle]
The largest known prime number p for which the decimal expansion of 2p does not contain any zero. [Capelle]
Smallest multidigit prime whose square (i.e., 4489) and cube (i.e., 300763) consist of different digits. [Gupta]
Smallest odd prime number of bicentered 3-valent (or boron, or binary) trees with n nodes. Here with n = 12. [Post]
Any digit n, 1 through 9, times 67 yields a 3-digit number (for the purpose of this discussion make 1*67 = 067), then the concatenation of the first and last digits of the product equals n times 7. E.g., 8*67 = 536 and 8*7 = 56. [Green]
"And that which the rest of the people gave was twenty thousand drams of gold, and two thousand pound of silver, and threescore and seven priests' garments." (Nehemiah 7:72, KJV)
To "be at sixes and sevens" is an informal expression meaning to be thoroughly confused. [Jose]
Foucault's most famous pendulum contained a 67-meter long wire.
One smoot is equal to 67 inches.
The only double-digit prime ab such that p^b+[R(p)]^a is prime, where R(p) is the reversal of p, i.e., 67^7+76^6 = 6253411533899. [Loungrides]
The first prime midway between a square and a cube, (3^2 and 5^3). [Loungrides]
Season 8, Episode 184 of "Dr. Oz" featured a woman who claims to have 67 different personalities. [Stath]
The smallest polite prime that is a concatenation of two successive polite numbers, i.e., (6=1+2+3, 7=3+4). [Loungrides]
The last combat use of the Norden bombsight was in the US Navy's VO-67 squadron.
The smaller of only two non-titanic primes of form n^(n-1)+(n-1) for n a composite number, (case n=4), i.e., 4^3+3. The other prime is for n=10. [Loungrides]
There are 67 four-digit Lynch-Bell numbers. [Shepherd]

I got all of these from https://primes.utm.edu/curios. Some real mind benders here and I do not agree with some of these, but they are interesting to say the least. Maybe jog something in somebodies mind, Haiku …


A Disturbance in the Force
hi all im new here. can this help ?


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Kay Kim

The Living Force
FOTCM Member
So, I think I understand something like,

‘The key to the hidden secrets of All Existence dwell within prime numbers 1 2 3 or variations of first three prime numbers
And they are important because they are direct links/channels/conduits to All Densities!’

And then I keep thinking about what is represent non-prime numbers that Total Non-Existence.
Then I found answer to that in another Session Transcript!

December 10, 1994

Q: .......(L) In terms of major STS, this may or may not be related, could you tell us the nature of a Black Hole?

A: Grand Scale STS.

Q: (L) Is it like a being that has achieved such a level of STS that it has literally imploded in on itself in some way?

A: Close analogy.

Q: (T) Possibly an entire civilization of STS?

A: No.

Q: (L) Well, maybe a civilization can't do it because that implies working together. It must need to be an individual being.

A: Black Holes are a natural force reflection of Free Will consciousness pattern of STS. Notice that Black Holes are located at center of spiral energy forces, all else radiates outward.

A: No.

Q: (L) Is it a radiating wave?

A: All in creation is just that: a radiating wave.

Q: (L) Now, you say "spiral" energy forces, and you also have said that this wave is a spiral. Is the central point of this wave that is spiraling, a black hole?

A: No.

Q: (L) Where does the energy go that gets sucked into a black hole?

A: Inward to total nonexistence.

Q: (L) Well, that is pleasant. And what happens to energy that is "total non-existence"?

A: Total non-existence balances total existence. Guess what is total existence?

Q: (L) Well, is it kind of like a balancing force?

A: "God."

Q: (T) Are we talking about the creator god as in the Pleiadians?

A: Not Pleiadians. Prime Creator.

Q: (T) What is the difference between the Prime Creator and "God?"

A: None. As long as you exist, you are of the Prime Creator.

Q: (L) Now, this stuff that goes into Black Holes, that goes into non-existence, is that, then, not part of the Prime

A: Correct.

Q: (L) How can Prime Creator lose any part of him or itself?

A: Prime Creator does not "lose" anything.

Q: (L) Well, then, how would you describe this energy that was in existence and then is no longer in existence because it has become or gone into a Black Hole?

A: Reflection is regenerated at level 1.
Q: (L) So, this energy goes into a Black Hole and... does it come out on the other side?

A: No.

Q: (L) Does it become like a primal atom?

A: No.

Q: (T) Does it go back into the cycle?

A: No. Reflection regenerates as primal atoms.


A Disturbance in the Force
6 4 1 case 4 "have option for 8 in sts stack case" 6 have none existance sts for balance n 1 hide 9 from reflection. this look like basic hologram concept in "back" to 1 2 3 thro field of 7


Jedi Master
This is another fascinating information, so, I like to know if other have more thoughts about this subject.

I am not sure about the secrets of all creation, but many of the concepts relating to your post can be found in the primes. This is my own personal subjective interpretations of some of the relating clues. It does not mean any of it meets the level of the intended meanings. None the less, a lot of it seems to fit in one way or another on a very simple basic level.

I think in the primes you can find parallel ideas for some of the concepts, such as:

Primes --> pyramidal --> pyr --> fire --> light --> frequency of light.

A connection between the square root of 13 (p-adic) and phi.
How do gravity, electricity, sound, light, all EM ( waves ) intersect or what do they have in common.

A primes object that demonstrates:

A double structure
Has a structure where the micro and macro are kind of swappable, totally interchangeable, invertible
Has an idea of perfect balance
Allows one to visualize inwardly and outwardly simultaneously
Contains the idea of something like flipping backwards and inside out
Has a concept for gravity and consciousness
Has a concept of expanded gravity, a great expansion of the same concept as we have
Gravity as a binder
Gravity as consciousness expressed
Consciousness as inverting the gravity geometric model
Consciousness is contained within the expanded realization of the gravity model
The synchronous relationship between gravity and consciousness
Union with the one

The attached image is the primes mathematical object that I think contains all of these concepts.
The attached PDF is kind of the journey I took to find these relationships I subjectively see.

I am an amateur with very basic math skills so I hope the language is not too scattered or mucked up.

For the attached PDF there are some simple things you need to have a basic grasp of:

You need to understand a very minimum about algebra, multiplication and distribution.
You need to be able to recognize patterns.
You need to understand what roots and powers are and what a power series is.
You need to understand summation of a simple power series of an inverse natural number converges to the next larger inverse natural number. This one is pretty simple and I try to explain it if you don't understand the concept.



  • biverse.pdf
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Padawan Learner
Numbers are definitely not one of my strenghts (need to work on it indeed...) so maybe this is a silly question...
There seems to be another current out there very much into the 3,6,9 pattern as holding the secrets of the universe...
Is this the equivalent of numerical battle of STS and STO? :huh:

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