How a Quiet Corner of Northern Europe Became a Theatre of Extreme Drug Warfare


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Excerpts from Health Canada today (June 1, 2022):

It all became official January 31, 2023:

But today, we’ll be looking at the opposite argument: That B.C.’s decriminalization plan could well just make everything worse.

It was made clear by police that they were not interdicting from some time ago, with the streets filling up from fentanyl policies, as can be seen in Vancouver is Dying.

Oregon is also mentioned (decriminalized there), which does not sound favorable.

True North also had an article on it:

Poilievre said the B.C. government has seen overdose deaths rise by 300% under Liberal and NDP drug policies. He said the results are on display in affected areas of Vancouver.

Often comparisons are made to Portugal, however have not read enough on how that was working out. One outcome (and people will know this who live in BC), is that crime will escalate, as it already has.
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