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Looking forward to reading your perspectives and thoughts on various subjects/topics, @luc. I watched you on MindMatters and I really like your knowledgeable and very articulate comments on the books being discussed. And I'm subscribed:read:

PS: Nice try at the artwork, but maybe stick to writing :lol:


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I subscribed and I look forward to reading your next post. I like this bit especially:

“[ subjectivism and scientism] Both are wrong, again, in their belief that their idea of how all this works is the whole story.

Not even close.

Both camps have just blown up some obvious observations into silly all-encompassing theories that severely limit their access to Reality.”



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Great second article Luc. Both topics you have covered so far have been on my mind recently.

What I have appreciated in both your pieces of writing so far is how they introduce simple language with which to understand the topics and linguistic tools to potentially bring the concepts into a personal conversation.

I often feel like I want to be able to stimulate other peoples thinking about ontological and epistemological issues but don’t have either a requisite depth of understanding nor language skills to discuss them. I think your illustrations (not the graphic kind) make fundamental but deep topics easily accessible to a wider audience. So I will keep reading, I occasionally need to consult a dictionary but not so much that it’s a burden.


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Your writing so far has been very good, Luc.

Your latest one on "Faith" will stick with me for some time I believe. To really understand what you wrote there can be of help in working on ourselves I think.

So thank you and keep up the good work! :)
I'm subscribing. The subject domain you're writing in really appeals. I have the Russia/Ukraine and Covid substack territory covered well, as you said, so you are for sure off the hook for those, lol! Learning as you are writing on your weekly schedule, a good practice, that discipline, too.
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