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Je ne pense pas qu'il ait été déclaré que les OVNIS n'étaient pas vus ailleurs; le fait était qu'une MAJORITÉ d'observations ont été signalées dans certaines zones, toutes disproportionnées par rapport à ce à quoi on pourrait s'attendre, toutes choses étant égales par ailleurs.
Hello Laura
Totally agree
I also think that you have to be in a country or a region where there is space in front of you.
Here in Brussels, with maximum lighting throughout the night, you forget about
When I used to go to my parents' house in the east of Belgium, in a small village where there were no lights on the roads, I used to look at the sky at night with my father and it was incredibly beautiful.
During the day I could see Germany at 80 km away.
In Brussels, 10 metres ahead of me there is a building.
Difference in perspective....

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I don't think it was stated that UFOs were not being seen elsewhere; the point was that a MAJORITY of sightings were reported from certain areas, all out of proportion to what one would expect all things being equal.
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