Increase in animals attacks

It's kind of a crazy but I teach my son how to climb trees, and things like that, what to do if some animal attacks, more out of fun. My friends were bitten by stray dogs when we were kids. When we were playing outside, a pack of dogs would come after us and we had to run into buildings, once we all closed ourselves into one of those old telephone boxes and had to wait until they'll give up on us.
I just hope people will take care of themselves and will be aware of all dangers.
Pit bull attack on 4-year-old videoed in St. James City, Florida --
Wed, 16 May 2018 13:01 UTC / Video

75-year-old woman killed by two pit bulls in Gulfport - WXXV 25
May 16, 2018 Video
According to Gulfport police, a 75-year-old woman was attacked and killed by two pit bulls on Deidra Court while on an early morning walk. Now, neighbors in the community are speaking up about the temperament of those dogs and past experiences that if taken seriously could have prevented the woman’s death.
Gulfport police report that the victim walked through the gate of the residence before being attacked. “Karma had just had puppies which is what I think might of struck her to do this because the lady came in the yard and you know she has puppies to protect,” said Gipson.
4 injured breaking up dog attack in Dolores Park
Wednesday, May 16, 2018
San Fransisco California:
Four people and a small dog were bitten when two pit bulls attacked them in Dolores Park, police said.
The incident occurred on Sunday just before 11:45 a.m., police said, when the three dogs were in the designated off-leash area in the park. The two pit bulls, one brown and one gray, attacked a Lhasa apso named Bloom, police said, leaving her with puncture wounds to her back.

Bloom’s owners and other family members attempted to break up the three dogs, and four had their hands bitten in the process. Three of the bite victims were taken to a hospital for further treatment, police said, and Bloom was taken to a veterinarian.

The pit bulls were put on leashes by a man who left the scene without providing any personal information or information on the dogs’ vaccination record. Police said he was last seen going north on Noe Street, but a search of the area failed to locate the man or the dogs.

Coyote attack leaves B.C. toddler needing over 100 stitches
CTV Vancouver Island | News Video - Latest Vancouver News Headlines, Breaking News and Live Reports
Vancouver Island Video / 02:22

Oklahoma Woman Mauled To Death By Pack Of Wiener Dogs
May 17, 2018 at 8:30 am
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Perhaps the most dangerous animal lurking in Colorado's vast wilderness, mountain lion encounters are no joke.

The terrifying footage below was captured by Kyle Burgess during a run. Details about where this happened haven't been released, but the footage shows up-close how scary a mountain lion encounter is.

WARNING: This video contains a lot of profanity. Rightfully so.

Burgess did a lot of right things during this encounter that should be mentioned.

1. He didn't run, he slowly backed away. This can help prevent a charge response from the lion.

2. He maintained eye contact with the lion as much as possible. Something to note is that the lion seems to charge when he turns back to spot the trail showing how important this eye contact is to keep the lion at a distance.

3. He made loud noises to try to scare off the cat. This is one thing he probably could have done more, though the cat seemed undeterred by his yelling.

4. He tried to make himself big. Though this isn't seen in the first-person video, he references this.

5. He remained calm. Keeping his cool prevented his fear from resulting in a bad decision.

One other thing that he could have done would be to throw objects in the direction of the lion. However, in the video, it is unclear whether or not he has anything to throw. While there are rocks around him on the ground, bending down to a crouched position can trigger an attack.

Read more about mountain lions in Colorado and what you can do to prevent an attack here.
It should be mentioned that the animal was likely acting in defense of young, quote from the original article (not included in the above post):

"It's likely the lion in this video was so aggressive because kits were around, as seen when a small lion turns to run at the beginning of the video. Mountain lions are more likely to be more brazen when defending their children."

So maybe not so unusual.

So maybe not so unusual.
This recent incident in California may be the new normal.

15 October 2020 / SF News / Jay Barmann
A very foolish man took about a minute of video of a mountain lion that was crouched by the side of a hiking trail in Pacifica this week, and he got way too close while also calling out "kitty kitty kitty" in the big cat's direction.

Just a few weeks after a Pacifica resident shot video of a mountain lion stalking some children from his yard, we have another tale of a close encounter with one of these usually elusive beasts... in Pacifica. And this time the guy who shot the video didn't exactly keep his distance.

The shooter of the video, Jimmy Wierzba, tells KRON4 that this all happened in San Pedro Valley Park, and that he got within 10 feet of the cougar.

"This is not the norm but they seem to be seen everywhere now in this seaside town," Wierzba said, likely referring to the September video of the other daylight mountain lion sighting.

He claims that the mountain lion was more focused on some nearby deer, grazing near the trail than s/he was on human passersby.

"Once we passed [the mountain lion], keeping eye contact all the way, he got up and sauntered off," Wierzba tells KRON4. "This is becoming quite common in Pacifica neighborhoods even in daytime."

Still not understanding why saying "kitty kitty kitty" to a deadly predator was a wise move. Cell phones make people dumb.

Previously: Video: Mountain Lion Seen Stalking Little Kids In Broad Daylight In Pacifica

The Wave, CR's...?

【#上海野生動物園熊傷人致1人死亡 ] On the afternoon of the 17th, an animal accidental injury occurred in the Shanghai Wildlife Park. The staff of the park was attacked by a bear while performing operations in the beast area (vehicle entering the area), resulting in the unfortunate death of a staff member. Currently, the park is actively cooperating with relevant departments to investigate the incident.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - There are more sharks in the water off the coast of Southern California than ever before, according to marine researchers.

The Shark Lab at California State University, Long Beach, tagged 38 sharks, which is more than triple the number tagged tag last year.

“This was a big year,” lab Director Chris Lowe said. “So, even with COVID, we tagged more sharks this year than we have any other year.”

Lowe tweeted about the findings and shared drone video of great white shark pups and juveniles swimming along beaches from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

The shark clusters were larger and remained in the coastal waters longer than in past years, Lowe said.

“This year there were just more sharks around,” he said. “And the question is why.”

Lowe sent fewer staff members to tag sharks this year because of social distancing and limited lab time and said he was amazed they found so many.

“Normally in our fall when our water temperature gets to the low 60s, that seems to be a cue that drives them to migrate south to Baja,” Lowe said. “And so far, here we are mid-October, and the sharks are still sticking around. Maybe 2020 is going to be a year-round shark season.”

18 October 2020 • 9:00am

4 days ago Snip
The alert about the latest shark attack came last Friday: a surfer was missing; his board dragged from the waves bearing bite marks.
Western Australian authorities have since called off the search for Andrew Sharpe, 52, confirming he was mauled by a shark.
Friends who witnessed the attack said he had been knocked off his board and pulled underwater. Police divers later found scraps of his wetsuit.

His death in Wylie Bay, a popular surf spot, marks the seventh fatal shark attack in Australian waters this year, causing alarm among beach-going communities.

Not since 1929 - when there were nine fatalities - have there been so many.
So is there something in the water, or is 2020 an anomaly?
A bear broke into a shopping center in Japan where it remained for more than 13 hours before it was shot dead. No one was injured.

An employee spotted the bear just before 8 a.m. Monday in the facility in a residential area in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture on the Sea of Japan coast. Security camera footage showed the animal entering the building through a service entrance.

All employees were evacuated. The center suspended operations for the day.

The bear, about one meter tall, was shot dead by hunters shortly after 9 p.m.

A frequent shopper said he was relieved to learn that the situation was under control. He added that he was reminded of the need to stay cautious when he walks his dog, because bears have recently been spotted in the neighborhood.

Eleven people in the prefecture have been assaulted and injured by bears since the start of the year. That's the highest since statistics became available in 2005.

The prefecture is calling on residents to stay alert for the animals.
Seattle police fatally shoot dog that mauled owner
A Seattle police officer shot a dog to death while responding to a call for help from the pet owner, who was severely mauled by the animal.

The Seattle Police Department said in a release that it is investigating the incident as a police shooting, which happened at a northside Seattle apartment about 4:30 a.m. Saturday.

The dog attacked three people inside the home, including one man with severe injuries. Officers applied tourniquets to three of his limbs to stem the bleeding at the scene before he was taken to Harborview Medical Center.

Police said an officer fired one shot at the dog after police heard a screaming woman still trapped inside and couldn't get to her because of the animal.
She and a third person were treated at the scene.

And an update from Japan:

Bear haunting information Most in 5 years Food nuts are poor Government emergency meeting
2020年10月26日 12時16分
In response to the nationwide damage caused by bears, the government held an urgent meeting of relevant ministries and agencies, with the most information on bear infestations this year in the last five years. It was reported that it became.
This fall, bears have been infested in remote areas all over the country, and people have been attacked and injured one after another. According to NHK's summary, at least 63 people have been injured since last month by the 23rd of this month, two of them. Has since died.

In response to this situation, an urgent liaison meeting was held in which personnel from the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the National Police Agency, etc. gathered, and Fumiko Nakao, Chief of the Wildlife Division of the Ministry of the Environment, said, "The damage caused by bears has increased public interest. It is necessary for the relevant ministries and agencies to work more closely together to prevent damage. "

And at the meeting

▽ Since April, the number of information on bear infestations received by last month has reached 13,670 nationwide, which is the highest in the last five years.

▽ It has been reported that nuts such as beech, which feed bears, are poor in many areas.

At the meeting after this

▽ Requesting local governments to share information on damage promptly,

▽ It was confirmed that we will consider how to promote information sharing between each ministry and agency.

63 injured by bears Last month to this month This autumn, there are many cases of bears appearing in remote areas.

As a result of NHK summarizing the situation nationwide as of the 23rd of this month through various broadcasting stations, at least 63 people were injured by bears from last month to this month, of which 1 in Akita and 1 in Niigata, respectively. The person has since died.

Breakdown of injured people by prefecture 13 people in Niigata, 11 people in Ishikawa, etc.
The most injured people


▽ 13 people in Niigata prefecture,
▽ 11 people in Ishikawa prefecture,
▽ 9 people in Iwate prefecture,
▽ 8 people in Fukui prefecture,
▽ Fukushima prefecture and Gunma prefecture each have 5 people, And so on.

123 injured since April, In addition, a total of 123 people have been injured since April of this year.

This has already significantly exceeded 53 in the last year, and in the last decade it is the second highest after 157 in the last year.


:shock: No copy info at this time!

August 22 2021 Vid:

Here's some coverage:


A tiger is believed to have attacked and wounded a logger before dragging him away into the forest, locals fear.

Logger Mikhail Shabaldin, 41, was sitting on the toilet while at work in a remote Russian village before vanishing.

Tiger footprints were found at the scene in Khabarovsk, the eastern region which borders China.

A terrifying video of Mikhail's shocked colleague reacting to pieces of toilet paper and even the missing man's bloodied clothes and innards has led locals to fear for the logger's fate.

Majestic amur tigers - the world's largest felines - prey wildlife and humans alike in Russia, China and North Korea.

Only 700 remain in the wild, although its numbers are recovering after conservation efforts by the Russian and Chinese governments.

Shabaldin is believed to have been attacked as he left his temporary accommodation near a logging site in Khabarovsk region to go to the toilet at night.

A search is underway but locals admit there is little prospect of finding the logger alive.

One theory is that a hungry or wounded Amur tigress attacked the man to feed her cubs, but a full investigation is now underway.

Shabaldin was on a 15-day logging shift when he was attacked.

His wife Elena has been informed about the horrific incident.

Mikhail's friend was certain about the poor man's fate.

He said: "He was killed by a tiger, this is a fact. His body has not been found yet."

Many loggers have said they are "afraid of meeting a predator" yet do not carry guns for protection.

The friend added: "Tigers are a frequent sight there. Everyone knows about this."

Amur Tiger Centre director Sergey Aramilev said tigers generally steer clear of their human co-habitants.

He explained: "It is too early to say what exactly happened to the missing person.

"A group has left for the scene and is investigating the circumstances of the incident.

"Usually, tigers try to bypass human habitats.

"Although the predator is the king of the taiga, it is afraid of 'two-legged animals'.

"Hunger, provocation, a weakened state through illness or injury might force a beast to attack a human.

"A wild beast that attacked a human is usually removed from the wild.

"Then the experts make a further decision regarding the fate of the animal."

Monday, November 1st 2021, 4:52 pm
Jury selection is underway in the case against a man charged with manslaughter after his dogs killed an elderly woman in 2017.

Antwon Burks is facing second-degree manslaughter charges after police said his dogs mauled an elderly woman and her dog to death in 2017.

In April 2017, 82-year-old Cecille Short was out for her morning walk, when police said Burk's two dogs escaped from his backyard and fatally attacked Short and her dog.

Records show Burks was out of town when the incident occurred.


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