Increase in animals attacks


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There seems to have been a sharp increase in the number of attacks by dogs resulting in fatalities across the world of late. To be a bit more specific - 11 in the last 36 days.



Here's a run down of the headlines (links in story comment box above) concerning these incidents on Sott:

-Elderly man dies after 2 pit bull terriers attacked him in Cape Town, South Africa

-Man found dead in what police believe was dog attack in McKeesport, Pennsylvania

-Woman bleeds to death after attack by pack of dogs while out for a run in Argentina

-11-year-old boy mauled to death by stray dogs in Karnataka, India

-Child apparently killed in attack by family dog in Creek County, Oklahoma

-Pensioner mauled to death by 2 dogs in Italy

-Woman killed in pit bull attack in Grant County, Indiana

-6-month-old baby killed after being attacked by family dog in Kodak, Tennessee

-Taiwanese man dies after pit bull attack

-16-month-old girl fatally mauled by pit bull in Akron, Ohio


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When Otters Attack!
A “group, lodge, bevy, romp, family” or, as I prefer to call them now, “Gang of Righteousness Defender” otters in a Singapore park, were minding their own business , doing otter stuff, when an inconsiderate, non aware jogger ran through them and stepped on one of the otters.

All hell broke loose, and the next human they saw, which happened to be a 200 lbs, 60 year old man with his friend, strolling along on the path, right behind the jogger, got the blame.

The otters took him down in seconds, attacking his ankles and lower legs, and proceeded to bite and scratch him.
These otters in Singapore are likely the intermixed hybrids mentioned in this quote from Wikipedia:

Hybridisation of Asian small-clawed otter females with smooth-coated otter males occurred in Singapore. The resulting offspring and their descendants bred back into the smooth-coated otter population, but maintained the genes of their small-clawed otter ancestors. Today, a population of at least 60 hybrid otters are present in Singapore”

Link to an article:


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Along the western coast of Europe, killers whales attack sailboats. The trend seems to be increasing. They even sank a boat. The video below (duration 1:42) is in French but it can activate the automatic translation:



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It seems that the effect of the incoming Wave continues to grow stronger, (with other factors at play as well).

How two shark attacks in two months changed everything at Lovers Point

Published on October 9, 2022 October 9, 2022


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