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'Israel is preparing to attack Iran to terminate JCPOA.'

Israeli spy chief slams Iran’s nuclear ‘charade’

12 Sep, 2022
The Mossad director vows to fight Iranian “terrorism” without regard for a possible nuclear agreement

Israel will not feel constrained by a possible renewal of the nuclear deal with Iran and intends to continue targeting the “state terrorism” of the Tehran “regime,” Mossad Director David Barnea said in a speech on Monday.

“We will not take part in this charade. We will not close our eyes to the proven truth,” Barnea said at the Reichman University in Herzliya, in his first public address since he took over the reins at Mossad last year.

“The deal is based on Iranian lies. Iran has sought to build a nuclear weapon that endangers Israel’s existence. The deal will easily help them reach this goal under international legitimization,” he said, adding that “even if a deal is signed, it will not provide immunity from Mossad operations.”

Barnea accused Tehran of masterminding “planned, systematic, and strategic terror” perpetrated by the intelligence agencies and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which he said has only become worse in recent months. Mossad, he claimed, has thwarted “dozens” of planned Iranian attacks against Israelis and Jews abroad, in places including Cyprus, Colombia and Turkey. Barnea also cited the recent US allegations that Iran plotted the assassination of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, two former officials in the Trump administration.

Attacks against Israel or Israelis, directly or indirectly by proxies, “will be met with a painful response against those responsible, on Iranian soil. We will not pursue the proxies, but the ones who armed them and gave the orders, and this will happen in Iran, the Mossad director warned Tehran.

Barnea spoke after returning from Washington, where he visited last week to voice objections against renewing the nuclear deal with Tehran.

Israeli leaders have claimed for over two decades that Iran is months away from developing a nuclear bomb, though Tehran insists its intentions are peaceful. The original nuclear deal, signed in 2015 by the US, the UK, France, Germany, Russia, China, and the EU, as well as Iran, was supposed to repeal many UN sanctions against the Islamic Republic while limiting its ability to enrich uranium far below the level needed to build an atomic bomb. The US pulled out under then-president Donald Trump in 2018, declaring the treaty fundamentally flawed and slapping further sanctions on Tehran.

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A draft of the new deal leaked last month shows a four-stage process starting with an immediate lifting of sanctions on 17 Iranian banks and 150 other economic entities. Iran would also immediately begin scaling back its nuclear activities, which it increased beyond levels permitted by the 2015 deal when none of the other parties held to their terms.


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'It will be a well-coordinated attack by CIA and Mossad.'

(Translated by Google)

Israel announces strikes on Iran (video)

Israel announced that it had received carte blanche from the United States for strikes against Iran.

According to Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, the Israeli side received from the United States the right to complete freedom of action against Iran. In fact, we are talking about the announcement of direct hostilities against Iran. Moreover, which is very remarkable, Israel will almost certainly be ready to start hostilities against the Islamic Republic if Tehran aggravates against Azerbaijan, which is one of the few allies of Israel, since the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has already been seen transferring military equipment towards the border with Azerbaijan.

It is known that Israel was actively negotiating with the United States to obtain support in the event of the outbreak of hostilities against Iran, and, probably, the corresponding negotiations for Israel ended positively.

At the moment, the situation on the border of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran remains extremely tense - Azerbaijan, after a short truce, resumed strikes on the territory of Armenia, while Iranian drones were seen 20 kilometers from the border with Azerbaijan. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, the situation on the border with Azerbaijan is extremely acute.


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All I hear about are the Mahsa Amini protests in Iran. I haven't heard of this terrorist attack on mainstream news yet to which Putin already sent his condolences:

“It is difficult to imagine a more cynical crime than the murder of civilians, including children and women, in a religious shrine. Once again, we have seen that terrorism violates not only laws, but also the norms of human morality.

I would like to confirm Russia’s readiness to further expand antiterrorist cooperation with our Iranian partners.”

The President of Russia asked to convey words of sympathy and support to the victims’ families, as well as wishes of a speedy recovery to all those injured.

Sputnik (emphases theirs):

Over a Dozen Dead, Scores Injured After Armed Group Opens Fire Near Mausoleum in Iran

Oct. 27, 2022

The Shah Cheragh funerary monument and mosque in Shiraz, southern Iran is one of the holiest sites in the Shia Islamic faith, becoming a major pilgrimage site in the 14th century.

A gunman or gunmen opened fire at the Shah Cheragh mausoleum and mosque complex in Shiraz on Wednesday, killing at least 15 people, including at least one woman and two children, and injuring 45 others.

Local media have issued conflicting reports on the number of attackers involved, with the attack reportedly perpetrated by between one and three individuals. Two suspects are said to have been detained, with a third feared to have escaped.

Footage emerged on social media showing security cam footage of an attacker entering the mosque facility.

Senior Fars Province official Esmail Mohebi-Pour said terrorists opened fire on parishioners as they were gathered for evening prayers.
Sources told the Nour News Agency that the suspected terrorists are not Iranian nationals. Sputnik Persian reported that Daesh (ISIS)* has claimed responsibility for the carnage.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds Force, an elite military formation responsible for Iranian military operations abroad, proved instrumental in pushing back Daesh's self-proclaimed 'caliphate' between 2014 and 2017, helping to organize Shia self-defense militias in Iraq, and to coordinate Syrian and Hezbollah forces during operations alongside Russia against the terrorists in the Arab Republic. The operations of the Quds Force and its allies helped save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Sunnis, Shia and Christians in Iraq and Syria.

President Ebrahim Raisi expressed his condolences to victims, their families, and all Iranians in the wake of Wednesday's attack, characterizing it as "another crime added to the list of atrocities committed by the enemies of the Islamic Revolution" and calling for national unity.

"Experience shows that Iran's enemies avenge their desperation, casting the stone of violence and terror to create a split in the close-knit ranks of the Iranian nation to stop the country's progress," Raisi said.

The president emphasized that Wednesday's "evil" act would not go unanswered, and that "the security and law enforcement agencies, having identified all aspects of this crime, will give a crushing and instructive response to the paymasters and commanders behind this terrorist attack."

Raisi later took to Telegram and continued to express sympathy for the victims and scorn for those responsible for the attack.

"I offer my condolences to the families of the victims and all the people of Iran amid the martyrdom of a group of pilgrims to the shrine, the Shah Cheragh mausoleum, in a terrorist attack... This evil will definitely not go unanswered... The security forces... will give a crushing and a cautionary response to the leaders of this attack," Raisi said on Telegram.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani tweeted Wednesday night that the holy site at Shah Cheragh had been "drowned in blood," and slammed the "false defenders of human rights" attempting to overthrow the government, suggesting that "behind their apparently humanitarian statements and false claims, they sought precisely these kinds of scenes of violence and bloodshed for the people of Iran. For them, the ends justify the means."

House Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf accused the social forces which have caused unrest across much of Iran over the past month of "laying the groundwork for the enemy's plots," culminating in Wednesday's terror attack. Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi similarly criticized protesters, saying that terrorists took advantage of the atmosphere of social unrest in the country to act.

Iranian security forces have been stretched thin by over a month of protests following the September 15 death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman who fell into a coma and died in hospital several days after being detained by Iran's morality for allegedly wearing her headscarf improperly. Western media and Iranian opposition forces immediately alleged that Amini died from injuries sustained from beatings by police. However, authorities later released CCTV footage showing that the young woman did not appear to face any forms of physical abuse while in custody. Tehran has blamed its arch-enemy Israel and the United States for fomenting the unrest in a bid to overthrow the government.

The Amini protests began a day after Iran signed a memorandum to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a Eurasian political, economic and security bloc whose other members include China, Russia and India.

* A terrorist group outlawed in Russia and many other countries.


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Iran attacked an American Boeing P-8A Posedon anti-submarine aircraft over the Gulf of Oman
An American Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft was attacked by the Iranian military over the Gulf of Oman.

When an American military patrol reconnaissance aircraft Boeing P-8A Poseidon tried to approach the borders of Iran in the Gulf of Oman, the latter was attacked by units of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. It is known that the plane was not damaged, however, the board was at a low altitude and, probably, for this reason, it was able to survive.

According to the Iranian media, the American military patrol aircraft Boeing P-8A Poseidon tried to conduct reconnaissance near the borders of Iran, however, the crew of the latter did not take into account information that the Iranian military is conducting military exercises. As a result of an attempt to conduct reconnaissance, an American Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft crossed the trajectory of the Karar drone and ended up in the opening fire zone. It is known that the shooting was conducted simultaneously on a training drone and on an American aircraft.

It is known that Iran warned in a timely manner that it intended to conduct military exercises in this part of the Gulf of Oman, however, the American military board ignored it, as a result of which it was almost shot down.
Иран атаковал американский противолодочный самолёт Boeing P-8A Posedon над Оманским заливом


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FLASH - #Allemagne : A 32-year-old Iranian, suspected of preparing a " #islamiste " attack using cyanide and ricin, was arrested in western Germany, announced on Sunday the police and the general prosecutor's office of #Düsseldorf .

January 8, 2023. (Christoph Reichwein / DPA / AFP)
BERLIN, Germany — An Iranian man has been arrested in western Germany suspected of preparing an “Islamist attack” using cyanide and ricin, police and prosecutors said Sunday.

The 32-year-old man was “suspected of having prepared a serious act of violence threatening the security of the state by obtaining cyanide and ricin with a view to committing an Islamist attack,” police in Muenster and Recklinghausen, along with the Duesseldorf prosecutors’ office said in a statement.

But a search of the man’s residence in the town of Castrop-Rauxel found no evidence of toxic substances, Duesseldorf prosecutor Holger Heming told AFP.

Authorities had been given a “serious tip” that had prompted the overnight raid, regional interior minister in North Rhine-Westphalia, Herbert Reul said.

The arrest was carried out shortly before midnight on Saturday evening, a spokeswoman for the police said.
Another person, thought to be the main suspect’s brother, was also taken into custody during the operation, she said.

Whether the second man was implicated in the allegations was being examined, chief prosecutor Heming said.

Authorities would “decide at a later point” whether the 32-year-old main suspect would be presented before a judge, police said.

The raids were carried out by agents wearing protective suits against the perceived chemical hazard, according to local media reports.

German authorities were tipped off to the risk of an attack with a “chemical bomb” several days ago by a foreign intelligence service, the German daily Bild reported.

Ricin is a highly toxic substance, which is classed as a “chemical weapon” in Germany. Much like cyanide, ricin can be lethal.

In 2018, a Tunisian man and his wife were arrested on suspicion of planning a biological bomb attack in Germany.

The couple, who sympathized with the Islamic State group, was found in possession of 84 milligrams of ricin in their Cologne apartment. The man was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2020, while his wife received an eight-year sentence.

Germany has been targeted in recent years by several Islamist attacks, including a 2016 truck attack on a Christmas market, that killed 12 people and left dozens injured.

A 13th victim died five years later having suffered serious injuries in the assault.

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