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It seems that adampants has been interjected by projections all way round.
The message that he brang is essential in the eyes of a native person. Sure it may not really matter where you come from and who you are, when it comes to the world, outwardly as it is. It is important although, to let the understanding of who you really are come as it is, not what the world projects you to be. He talks a lot about cancerous consciousness and entities, which is most pervalent in regard to pathological process.

Perhaps I can relay what he was tryin to say.

One intrepretation is that you are consciousness, which is why he didn't describe what it was. I'd quote that in regard to one speculation in this topic slot but do not know how. Also, when you realize who you really are, then there is no need to describe what consciousness is, because you already are. You are simpler than the description. Something that seems to be a recurring pattern within written structure is that the words themselves have more meaning and implications than the actual beingness than what they are trying to describe. If that makes 'logical' sense.

Another facet of what he was talking about was the ego, and its 'interruption' with the true self.

"What is the difference between the "mind/ego" and "spirit"? If, perhaps, your spirit shines through your being at a time, someone may say, "your eyes are youthful and sparkling". The "ego" will then look in a mirror and SEE...OBSERVE...the sparkle in the eyes. The insane ego LIKES how it feels in that moment. In an attempt to feel more of it, it attempts "replication". The person/ego will then MAKE their eyes sparkle with "behavior". Perhaps they will try to "widen" their eyelids...try to induce the sparkle. It is at this point that the "ego" blocks the access of your spirit to you and the sparkle goes away.
Influences: The essence of life itself."
Another set of extractions from his talks.

Message from Jonathan

Church: The spontaneous formulation of a mutual identity involving life forms that are organized around itself. I/We. The birth and death of an expression. The what is the why. When it is formulated from love, explosive expression involving ALL of the components equally is observed and leaves any other organization of consciousness in observation of this in AWE. Church is the organization of life around love/spirit and not a place that you "go to". This is when TRUE creation occurs. A "church" can form within your own body as well. When this occurs, one is neither displaying positivity nor negativity. They will display CERTAINTY. They will be piercing, commanding, and the voice of life in that time. The reason "song" came about is that when a group of people experience this they can not help but to express. Since they ALL need to express in an explosive creation of love...the obvious result would be a chorus within which all are equal, yet unique contributions...the bursting into SONG. When this happens within a person individually, you can see where "art", "architecture", or anything else creative comes from. The love of spirit.

It is VERY simple. Do the cells in your body attack each other when they are healthy? Do they hurt each other in any way? We are just a few scales up from cells. We are all cells to something larger. I believe life is a dream. Is that so bad? Would you want the cells in your body to be aware that they are just sitting there being cells? No. Wouldn't you want your cells to be able to dream? I think they might. I think we are larger cells dreaming.

Basically the truth is this. "Radiating" energy is NO different than "doing" anything else. If you send "energy" that is no different than giving a "hug". But, that is NOT "love". It can be the "result" of love. There is only ONE way to

It requires no more effort than that. So VERY simple that it has eluded almost EVERYONE. All of your cells in your body are unique systems, right? WHAT is animating them? YOU. YOU are EVERY cell in your body. If you know the scalar nature of this reality, there is only one truth. YOU are ME. If that is true, HOW can you "send" me love? Just LOVE ME.
Jonathan Adam Pants


Some time ago I'we come across interesting movie collection made by Adam Pants. I donno if the guy is still alive but I feel very close to that what he has to say. This are long sections but... they are worth the while.

What do you think bout this?

Best regards
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