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Esta imagen fue tomada en una mina subterránea en Chile, mientras se realizaban reparaciones dentro de la mina, la figura no se mueve:

Pero la figura es muy similar a la de una entidad en Argentina, donde se mueve, se puede ver una pequeña figura con las piernas arqueadas y lo que parece un sombrero.
I just realized that I posted in spanish, so this is what I wanted to say;

"This first video was recorded in an underground mine in Chile, while made repairs inside the mine, the supposed "entity" doesn't move. Just a silhouette with a strange shape is seen.

In this another video recorded in San Isidro, Argentina the supposed entity, if it moves, and you can appreciate a small figure with arched legs and what appears to be a hat."

Anyway, both "entities" are quite similar to each other, and similar to other video recorded in Bolivia too.

and I take the opportunity to post the full video of the "elf" from San Isidro, Argentina.

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