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Esta imagen fue tomada en una mina subterránea en Chile, mientras se realizaban reparaciones dentro de la mina, la figura no se mueve:

Pero la figura es muy similar a la de una entidad en Argentina, donde se mueve, se puede ver una pequeña figura con las piernas arqueadas y lo que parece un sombrero.
I just realized that I posted in spanish, so this is what I wanted to say;

"This first video was recorded in an underground mine in Chile, while made repairs inside the mine, the supposed "entity" doesn't move. Just a silhouette with a strange shape is seen.

In this another video recorded in San Isidro, Argentina the supposed entity, if it moves, and you can appreciate a small figure with arched legs and what appears to be a hat."

Anyway, both "entities" are quite similar to each other, and similar to other video recorded in Bolivia too.

and I take the opportunity to post the full video of the "elf" from San Isidro, Argentina.



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What ever it is, it's movements have a natural flow and agility. The entity (or human), looks to possess unusually strong upper body strength (to move at that angle and hold on for so long). As well as incorporating rhythmic foot placement.
A Sign of Our Time's, just like the session's have indicated.

Three minute read:
Whatever it may well be, it isn’t human. The video seems to show a humanoid type creature scaling along the bridge. One man decided to film this quite bizarre encounter. What is seen is something extraordinary. After the camera pans over towards a bridge, something appears to be climbing across the bottom using four different limbs. Eventually, this creature of sorts makes it way across with monkey-like movements.

Nobody can for sure explain this since the video was posted online. Speculations are this is clever CGI work done yet this is only a guess. If this is real, it is one of the best documented paranormal type moments captured on camera.

Estimations are that what is seen is some kind of an animal. Some species of sloths, lemurs and bats can grow pretty large but this is kind of far fetched. Some people even think that what is seen is naked man crawling under the bridge. Perhaps he was drunk or on some kind of drug. There are a number of dare devils out there, who will stop at nothing to get a thrill it seems. Maybe this is a daring graffiti artist ready to do some artwork.

The bridge seen in the video is the Parkovy Pedestrian Bridge. It stretches across the Dnieper River, between Naberezhne Highway and Trukhaniv Island, Kiev. The bridge itself was constructed back between 1956-1957. The bridge first opened on July 3rd, 1957.
This bridge is rather strong, as it was reinforced and raised with the automatic welding method. In total, the bridge stretches 1407.48 feet long. The width is about 23 feet wide for pedestrians to cross over upon. The shape of the bridge, has since become one of the traditional elements of Kiev’s panoramic view.

Unknowingly to those people driving and walking by, this unidentified humanoid creature is moving. This video is the only known recording so far of this. The person who recorded it never gave their name. Perhaps someone else out there has footage of this most unusual creature.

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A strange video has surfaced purporting to be from security camera footage which captured what appears to be a creature resembling “Dobby the Elf” from the Harry Potter film franchise.

A woman calling herself “Vivian Gomez” published the video on Facebook on June 6th, writing, “So I woke up Sunday morning and saw this on my camera and am trying to figure out...what the heck?? First I saw the shadow walking from my front door then I saw this thing....has anyone else seen this on their cameras?? The other two cameras didn’t pick it up for some reason.”

The clip has been shared and tweeted extensively and has over 5 million views. Speculation is rampant that the video was faked, based on inconsistent shadows, strange movement, and evidence of editing. Others have also guessed that the clip shows a puppet or a child in a costume.


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They burned the car before they cut it in half..Why they need to burned it when they just can cut it in half?...or just cut the tree is much easier coz its burned already..I think they hide something inside the car.https://youtu.be/NShI11LQ_Ys
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