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Corvinus said:
When it comes to Chernobyl there was a video of deer without head so there is mutation present, when it comes to other creatures it could be fake because it is popularized through games and movies, but it is a good place for experiments because it is an abandoned area.
Yes, the deer clip I was thinking that looks fake. But of course I'm no expert. I was thinking that too about Chernobyl being a great breeding ground for experiments and creating all these mutants.


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Cause unknown! Eight monstrous phenomena too mysteriously captured by the camera!
Aug 12, 2017


Top 13 Scary Moments Caught on Camera by DARK3 | Paranormal scary ghost videos (14:30)
Aug 15, 2017
"DARK3" is the Most Popular Ghost Video Channel. This video is a compilation of most viewed scary ghost videos on the internet. Best of scary Videos all time. these videos are taken from different places, this shows the presence of a real ghost in this world.
Good Kitty................. :shock:

6 Creepy Videos of Cats Seeing Ghosts Recorded on Video
Published on Jul 26, 2017



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Glitch In The Matrix: Watch NFL Player “Float” To His Feet After Diving For A Pass
November 27th, 2017 SHTFplan.com
The following video captures Buffalo Bills receiver Zay Jones “floating” back to his feet after diving for a pass in the end zone.

We’re not sure whether it’s a feat of superhuman strength. a problem with the video feed itself or a glitch in the matrix that proves once and for all that our world is not what it seems, so we’ll let you decide:

Even Zay Jones weighed in on the move, suggesting he has no idea what happened or how, and that God himself played a role:



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I think it's the way he quickly turns around at the end that allows him to gain his balance. Just wait, it'll become a breakdance move...


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CCTV Captures 'Strange Force' Knocking A Girl To The Ground

A GIRL was hurled to the floor by “strange forces” in this chilling CCTV clip The footage shows the girl walking out of a building carrying a basket. She walks onto a road but then turns back to the pavement as a lorry passes. Suddenly, she is violently thrown several metres, landing on a cardboard box. Onlookers standing nearby rush to her aid and manage to help her to her feet before the video comes to an end.



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I'm suspicious and that it could be fake. The truck is waiting from the beginning of the video and starts to move when a short time later the woman appears, another car is overturning the truck also some time before, that means he doesn't have a red light or something. The card box is almost perfectly placed where she hits the street and acts a bit of a buffer, though not perfect. And she gets pulled from the back if maybe the truck and a string pulls her. Also on '20-21 seconds of the video it seems to be a light reflection short before she gets pulled and it could be of a wire.

My two cents and I could be wrong.


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I also thought about the truck. And the guy in the red shirt is dropping something, just to take it up again, in the right moment.
And the guy in the red shirt is dropping something, just to take it up again, in the right moment.
Yeh, he seems very nonchalant about the whole thing... She practically crashes down in front of him and he barely notices, before bothering to potter over to offer her 'help' - as if its become routine.


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Flying Humanoid Caught on Film?
July 20, 2018 / Mexico

An odd video circulating online shows a strange object hovering in the sky over Mexico that some have suggested could be a flying humanoid and perhaps even a witch! The weird footage was purportedly filmed in the Mexican state of Jalisco earlier this week and, as such bizarre videos tend to do, subsequently appeared on YouTube shortly thereafter. Aside from the alleged date and relatively vague location for the sighting, little else is known about the incident.

Nonetheless, the ambiguous footage of the floating object has conjured some fantastic theories among viewers. Chiefly among them, likely due to the fact that it is dark and looks almost like it is wearing some kind of cloak, is that the anomaly is actually a witch or, presumably, some other type of black magic-practicing individual.

Imaginative observers not quite ready to go that far have simply offered up the 'more realistic' option that the oddity is a flying humanoid, possibly of the alien variety.

Skeptics, on the other hand, suggest that what was seen in the sky over Jalisco was simply a balloon that got away and point to how the object passes through the sky without moving. Based on what we've seen in the past with a case similar to this which took place earlier this year and also occurred in Mexico, that seems to be most likely scenario.

That said, paranormal history is replete with stories of beings who can inexplicably take to the sky, so, unless someone shows up soon with a deflated balloon to clear up the confusion, we can't entirely rule out that there really was a flying humanoid cruising over Jalisco this week.

Coast Insiders can learn more about the long history of the flying entity phenomenon by checking out the 9/9/2013 edition of the program featuring cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard



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Esta imagen fue tomada en una mina subterránea en Chile, mientras se realizaban reparaciones dentro de la mina, la figura no se mueve:

Pero la figura es muy similar a la de una entidad en Argentina, donde se mueve, se puede ver una pequeña figura con las piernas arqueadas y lo que parece un sombrero.

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Found a good youtube channel recently who gathers strange videos from the net while being fairly critical and open of what he is seeing, discussing and choosing. So far he has picked up videos I would find reasonable as well while ignoring others that float around the net and are most likely hoaxes.

I like people who bring some critical thought to the topic and not just swallow everything uncritical.
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