Life experiences represent interaction with "God"

Those familiar with the Cs sessions will probably have recongized that title. It comes from this comment:

I've read it many times, and seen it quoted even more. But today was the first time I really thought about that second sentence:

"Life experiences reflect how one interacts with God."

It made me wonder what a life with a good amount of suffering (of the unconscious and conscious variety) represents in terms of interaction with "God". Does it mean that the person is willing to suffer to know "god" aka objective reality/the totality of all that exists? Probably most people, with the idea of a benevolent deity, would think that if you have a good interaction with "god" you wouldn't suffer that much!

So... in this sentence:
"Life experiences reflect how one interacts with God."

I would like to start from God. First it is presupposed in this sentence that there is a God. Not nature, energy, universal law or matter. God. Wow.
I may get to this conclusion myself: inferring the reasons of being and making sense of the world at large. It simply makes no sense without the will and reason of God. God, as intelligent, autonomous being.
But - is this notion "God" in here matching my understanding of who and what "God" is? What C's ment?
Or in this particular session were they referring to notion which was closest to that time understanding of participants (not violating free will of religious people)?.

So. I may say - I know that there is intelligent being having will that is the reason of my being and the world.
But, I do not know that Being.

If the world is intelligible, in which I believe - (and there are constantly also evidences that it is true indeed) then Creator is talking by this reality. When he says, he creates. As he created it this may be at least in my belief treated as analogy to our "below world" when I assess artist by his/her creation. So I may know Creator by his creation. And why do I believe that this analogy is valid? Because using reason he made this world intelligible. So there is also source of the reason in this world which is Him. So the reason connects us. Other thing that connects us is free will.

Anyway, his will is huge, his mind is huge - and looking around, could I say that anything in this world was created for some "viscous" fun? If "evil" was at base of the creation then the world would make no sense. Ultimate evil is non-existence.

Chrisitan belief in God and his first creation - angel of light is somehow in my opinion helping understand why evil is there. Satan hated his Creator for the reason that it was not Satan's will to come to this world. He despised God for giving him life. But his life by definition was eternal so even more he hated God because he could not kill himself in protest. So evil wants the reality to stop. Evil hates reality because reality comes from God.

So reality makes sense. So knowing reality is like knowing God's words.
And then comes part of ..."HOW one intercats with God..."

What do You think?
I’m not sure this has to be all that convoluted and esoteric. In any given situation you have a catalyzing situation accompanied by some inherent reaction and the opportunity to respond.

IOW, what you feel and think and do In any situation reflects your own relationship with creation; with God.

I got a flat tire at a crucial moment a few days ago. I didn’t dramatize or overreact. I just did what I had to do ( drive 3 miles on a flat tire to a tire store and leave the car because it was midnight and the store was closed) My daughter (who was with me) and I even laughed about it.

I thought, if I don’t react, maybe bad stuff will stop happening. And then I thought, no! Bad stuff is never going to stop happening in this world! Will that realization stop bad stuff from happening???? Of course not! LOL the point is that I was utterly indifferent
A few thoughts from "The Wave: Volume 3", Chapter 23 come to mind (bold emphasis mine):

The Wave said:
The Christian church is the triumph of monotheism/left-brain domination. At that point in time, there were still adherents of the true mystical tradition, and it is very likely that Jesus was an initiate of the Grail and the only hints we can find to his true work are in the Gnostic writings and sects that continued to exist. At the very heart of Gnosticism lies an essentially feminine right brain view of the cosmos and this was the inspiration of the Cathars and alchemists.

The patriarchal priests of Rome, probably as agents of the Control System at fourth density, unleashed a horrendous persecution of the Gnostics and Cathars and any others that did not adhere to their dogma. It has been estimated that the cost of bringing Europe under the domination of Christianity was about ten million innocent lives.

By their fruits, you shall know them.

The Grail Hero, who can be anyone, is one who must discover the meeting place between the worlds where he can reestablish the links between feminine creative sovereignty and the kingship of the material realm. The loss of communion between the divine feminine rulership of the inner land and the rightful kingship of the outer realm is what we are concerned with here. The right brain rules the land or the material reality only by right of his true union with the feminine principle and championship of her freedom.

Springs and wells are symbols of the most powerful outward expression of life-giving abundance. Finding the Grail is the reestablishing of this creative power. In the Grail stories, we find that our hero, Parzival, has to go through three stages on his quest. The first is innocent and unquestioning acceptance of what others tell him. This is a state of unconsciousness of actions. The second is doubt. Parzival rebels against all he has been told because he has seen that it only causes him more trouble. The third stage is when he begins to believe in nothing but the love of a woman. This only means that he finally sees that what is natural and real is more trustworthy than a God who is an unreal, supernatural construct of the left brain. And it is at this point that magic begins to happen.

Godwin said:
Central to the Grail legend is that renewal must be preceded by a ceremonial cleansing, a purging, rather than just a purification. There must be a radical departure from what was past. The old world dies in order for the new one to be born. The principle is “The King is dead, long live the King”.

The essential theme of the Grail, repeated in all the Celtic accounts, is that of a union of the two principles of the Goddess and the Hero King. This is the foundational condition of paradise.

But man wishes to create paradise to his own specifications which contains all the desirable elements and none of the undesirable. Yet, every time Parzival lets the reins of his horse loose and relaxes into the saddle, accepting that wherever he goes is fine, it turns out for the best. But, the moment he tries to take control and “change things”, to impose his “superior vision” upon the natural order, he promptly becomes lost in the Wasteland.

When we come to the Lovers in the Tarot, the whole underlying message of the Gnostics, the Cathars, and the Grail finally fits into place. The Lovers is the card of balance and harmony and wholeness reflected in its twin card: Temperance.

And the path to the Light in the little landscape at the bottom left of the card lies between the two peaks – Perce a Val. Parzival has remained loyal to his true love, true to the quest to find something bigger than himself and to find his way out of the habits of being unable to truly see our true predicament in life. He has trusted in the natural order of things and has learned to observe and think for himself. He has stopped dividing life into Black and White and trying to change one to the other and he has learned to accept life as a seamless whole of nature including himself as both a spiritual being and a man of flesh with a family.

The new metaphysical age in the West has become a supermarket place for spiritual wares. All seekers are desperately trying to transform themselves. Every guru, therapist and preacher tells us that with only a little more effort, sending a little more love and light, we can attain whatever particular goal we desire, be it Moksha, Liberation, return to God, Higher Consciousness,
Consciousness, Psychic Enhancement, or Enlightenment. (Godwin 1994)
What is wrong with efforts to send love and light, the achieving of the goals of world peace or personal prosperity? What is wrong with wanting a return to God, or higher consciousness or any of the touted experiences that are guaranteed to initiate a person to whatever they desire? The problem is anticipation. When you seek any of these things by holding the thoughts in the left-brain in anticipation of making it real, you are raping the maiden of the well.

What if you are just trying to believe it is now? Belief is a function of the left brain; it blocks the manifestation of creativity because the creative right brain is also the empirical half of the brain that observes the dichotomy between the belief and the reality.

Desire is anticipation. Anticipation is read by the right brain as in the future, therefore not right now, and the right brain can only create now. When we desire, we have a future object in mind. The right brain only knows now.

If we desire to love God, we have a concept (left brain) of the future goal of loving God. It can’t exist now. Therefore we experience struggle to constantly love God, against the ongoing now of not loving God.

If we desire to win the lottery, and produce in the left brain future image of money flowing into our life, it isn’t now. So now continues moneyless.

If we desire happiness, and create the concept in the left brain, we have future happiness in mind. And the right brain reads it as unhappiness now, and this can manifest in thousands of unhappy experiences.

By the same token, if we send love and light to any directed recipient, we are holding a concept of future fixing that signals a state of brokenness now to our right brain, and the repercussions are felt in our life. In a larger sense, we may be signaling the collective right brain that a future state of peace is desired, and therefore, now is not peaceful. And so the right brain creates now. The perception of linear time constantly projects rewards into the future, blocking access to the present, like a donkey chasing a carrot for all eternity.

Cassiopaeans said:
Q: (L) If someone wanted to win the lottery, for example, what would be the correct approach? What should they do, or be, or think, or say?
A: Completely pure intent, i.e., open. Nonanticipatory.
Q: (L) Anticipation constricts the channels of creativity?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) A person has to be completely uncaring whether they get it or not, so to speak?
A: Happy-go-lucky attitude helps.
Q: (L) So, worry, tension, anticipation, and attachment to the idea, we constricts the flow?
A: Yes.

But you noticed, I hope, that intent is not considered to be anticipation or desire. The words themselves may provide a clue.

Anticipate: ante – before + capare – to take. To look forward to; to expect; to make happen earlier, precipitate; to foresee and perform in advance, etc.

We see clearly the connection between anticipation and time.

Intent: firmly directed or fixed; having the mind or attention firmly directed or fixed; engrossed; strongly resolved; a purpose or objective; will and determination at the time of performing an act.

Do we see a subtle difference? Even if it is somewhat semantically, it is sufficient to make us think about how to deal with our creative potential. Of course, we see that completely pure intent is a pretty tall order. Thus we see that the key becomes acting now with intent, but no imaginary anticipation for the future. A goal, with applied will of action, which necessitates left brain conscious preparing and planning, via the heightened awareness of the right brain, which deals directly with the present conditions, will result in an opening of life changing creative potential.

Cassiopaeans said:
Q: (L) Okay, we’ve been talking earlier this evening about intent, and of course, our own experiences with intent have really been pretty phenomenal. We’ve come to some kind of an idea that intent, when confirmed repeatedly, actually builds force. Is this a correct concept, and is there anything that you can add to it?
A: Only until anticipation muddies the picture … tricky one, huh?
Q: (L) Is anticipation the act of assuming you know how something is going to happen?
A: Follows realization, generally, and unfortunately for you, on 3rd density. You see, once anticipation enters the picture, the intent can no longer be STO.
Q: (L) Anticipation is desire for something for self. Is that it?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Okay, so it’s okay to intend something, or to think in an intentional way, or to hope in an intentional way, for something that is to serve another …
A: And that brings realization. But, realization creates anticipation.
Q: (L) Well, how do we navigate this razor? I mean, this is like walking on a razor’s edge. To control your mind to not anticipate, and yet, deal with realization, and yet, still maintain hope …
A: Mental exercises of denial, balanced with pure faith of a nonprejudicial kind.
Q: (L) Okay, so, in other words, to just accept what is at the moment, appreciate it as it is at the moment, and have faith that the universe and things will happen the way they are supposed to happen, without placing any expectation on how that will be, and keep on working?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) We have discussed a lot of concepts about shaping the future. In our discussions, we have hypothesized that it is something like an intentional act of shaping something good, but without defining the moment of measurement. In other words, adding energy to it by intent, but not deciding where, when or how the moment of measurement occurs. Like a quantum jump: you know it is statistically likely, but not definite, so you cannot expect it, but you observe so that you can notice when it occurs on it’s own, and in it’s own way.
A: Yes. Avoiding anticipation. That is the key to shaping the future … When it hits you, it stops.
Q: (L) When what hits you? The fact that it’s happening? That you are doing it?
A: Yes unless you cancel out all anticipation.
Q: (L) Well, this is very tricky.
A: Ah? We have doubts … And yes, you create your own reality!
Q: (L) Well, but you have also said that anticipation messes things up, and so I don’t want to have any anticipation.
A: Anticipation is not creating one’s own reality.
If non-anticipation opens the door to the creativity of the universe, what closes the door to negative occurrences? Can it be that we have a clue here as well?
Cassiopaeans said:
A: “Just remember that anticipation is the “mother of preparation”, and defense.
Lesson number 1: always expect attack.
Lesson number 2: know the modes of same.
Lesson number 3: know how to counteract same.

When you are under attack, expect the unexpected, if it is going to cause problems …
But, if you expect it, you learn how to “head it off”, thus neutralizing it. This is called vigilance, which is rooted in knowledge. Knowledge protects.”
So, it seems that the answer to this part of the problem is that when we are connected to the Cosmos via the right brain, and are not blocking the ability of our Cosmic Connection by limiting the forces with boundary forming imagination or images or illusory concepts, we allow the perfect manifestation of our own frequency resonance to occur. By the same token, when necessary, we can close the door to manipulation of our minds by constantly running a sort of computer scan of possible breaches of our security system in the left brain. We must marry the left brain kingship of the material world to the right brain queen of the inner realm.

Yet, it was only when Parzival rejected all of the advice, the exhortations, when he quit seeking to be a great knight on a sacred quest to save the world; only when he rejected God as the pure and good all-father that … it found him.

What is the wasteland? That we cannot accept the world and all within it, including ourselves, as being perfectly natural and perfect just the way it is – with all the good and evil it contains as part of the natural and necessary balance – the whole of existence is natural and as it should be at every moment. When you accept that all is perfect, when you cease holding God hostage by usurping the power of the right brain feminine principle with the images in your left brain, then the world will be perfect and fertile and you will heal the wound of the wasteland in your own heart.

If only we can act spontaneously, without being programmed into someone else’s belief system, we can ask the real question of ourselves; ask with no preconceived notion of what the answer will be; ask with no anticipation.

Then, miraculously, for one moment the vessel of the Grail is empty … and in the next it is filled with the wonder and glory of all and everything.

Lao Tzu said:
The Spirit of the Valley never dies. It is called the Mystic Female. The Door of the Mystic Female is the root of Heaven and Earth. (Lao Tzu)

And the Mystic Female is the infinite Sea of potential. It is God in the not aspect that only can be when expectations, anticipations, assumptions and obsessions are completely left at the door.

Lao Tzu said:
Negative existence is the silence behind the sound, the blank canvas beneath the painting, the darkness into which light shines. Emptiness is the stillness against which time moves. Negative existence enables a man to be what he is. It is the mirror of mirrors. Non-anticipation is noninterference, and allows the most perfect reflection of creation. (Lao Tzu)
I'm going to contribute to this thread with a couple of thoughts.

I have thought several times about the issue of "voluntary suffering" and I believe that it is directly related to the "choice" or interaction with God.

Faced with any situation that presents itself, the easy path and simplifying is the selfish choice. The other path is to sacrifice that for others and it usually entails "suffering" because it means denying the easy path.

Says Ra (Law of One), that "every honor is a responsibility and every responsibility is an honor."

However, this suffering becomes something so normal that it ceases to be, simply because it is what we are and the other path is no longer a choice, because it is not what we are.

It was difficult for me to understand the concept of voluntary suffering, because for me there is almost never another choice than that.
I’m not sure this has to be all that convoluted and esoteric. In any given situation you have a catalyzing situation accompanied by some inherent reaction and the opportunity to respond
I agree with BHelmet's statement, in that it's really not that complicated.

I see suffering as God's spade, where suffering turns the personality (the soil), so the soul may grow.
As I age, and continue my aim and refining my 'center's', I often come back to the previous experiences and wisdom of wiser men. Aeschylus quote of suffering through quiet fortitude, and at any moment given distinct info that has to be unpacked, is my interpretation of it. What I get out of that unpacking, is further refined within the sincerity of the question(s) posed originally.

Probably the hardest part to explain, and each individual has to experience it in their own way; is the q&a between our most innermost parts against the backdrop of reality(imho GOD). Hard for me to explain fully, but based on my own experiences in this life, their has been a constant continuum of seemingly infinite coincidences for me, and I assume for everyone else, since we all take part in this continuum of quantum entanglement.

To further make it more ephemeral, the more sincere the questions I pose in the suffering state, is reciprocated by more in-depth answers. Over the long years, not one sincere question has not had an equivalent answer to unpack, even if it takes many years or different iterations of said questions. Hope that helps.
I was thinking about this quote today in terms of how you can reverse engineer your life as it is presented to find out what your interaction with God is. And thus solve whatever problem is presented in your life. I think I've read this thread, but maybe a reread is in order.

Anyways I saw this video from a CEO that seemed close enough, because otherwise I was getting New Age manifesting type stuff. At the very least this was motivating. I was hearing some Joe Dispenza, self-representation, and limiting emotions/beliefs in there. FWIW.

Your REALITY Is A Reflection Of Your IDENTITY:

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