Life Is Religion Available on Amazon!


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Ennio said:
Just got mine! A beautiful and concise book!

Thank you everyone for for putting this together :)

Just got ours yesterday, can't wait to read it :thup: :wizard: :cheer:

Great job and thank you again for everyone involved! :)


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Got mine in the mail yesterday as well. Superb job to everyone involved! I echo Ailén's hopes that this will be part of a series of books.



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I recieved mine today by mail,indeed the book is very concise the cover is very beautiful,great job guys thank you once again. :thup: :flowers: :perfect:

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Ordered my book today, expected delivery date between July 18th - Aug 7th (standard postage to Oz), the speedy post was $33 - decided to pass on that. Maybe the kindle version will come out in the meantime .

Whatever arrives first it will be worth the wait :)

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I ordered mine from and received it yesterday. It looks fantastic, great read, short and to the point, I like it a lot. Thanks to everyone who contributed. I must say that although I didn't contribute to this work, I feel a little bit proud of those of you who did and got this little book written and on amazon so quickly when the need for it arose. That was a truly wonderful thing to see.

Are there any plans for a hardcover edition? I take mine it with me all the time so I think it will not last very long...


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Received my copy yesterday! Gave it a quick glance through as I did not have time to read it then. Going to read throuh it now!!


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Received mine yesterday :D and will start reading it tomorrow night!


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Amazing what a network can do, eh? This is a forum created book so I hope that all of you will not only get some copies for your loved ones, but also write reviews and spread the word that this gem is available on FB and wherever you can.
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