Make Ponerology Free?


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mudrabbit said:
How many people here have actually gone to the local bookstores and asked for said books?
I bought my first qfg book online off a really small book store. I sent them an e-mail saying how much I enjoyed it hoping that it would be replaced, but whether they did or not may go down to how long the book took to sell. I did wonder where these shops ordered qfg books from to make it worth their while if the quantity is just 1 or 2 even with their discount. Do they order them off some central distribution warehouse along with other books, or direct from redpill?

Since then I've always purchased the books from redpill, I figure cutting out the middle man passes a substantially larger cut of the sale to the author(s).

Quite a few copies of Ponerology must have been shifted; alone has it ranked 54,317 which looks respectable considering the hundreds of thousands of books they list. It's a shame the 2007 version doesn't add to this and not have to start back at the bottom.



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I guess it would be in bookstores if there were a demand for it. Thing is, the demand has to come first. And we can't do that unless we get the news of it out. So it's like a circle.

I think RedPill Press is great, but would it not be wonderful if these books were more widely avaliable? I think the only way to get this ball rolling is really push the books. Ask bookstores if they carry it, and then if needed, order it through them. I don't know about the larger chains, but it's not far fetched to imagine that privately owned bookstores just might order more than one copy, just to have one on the shelf. Some of the bookstores here are so small, that they rarely order more than two or three of anything.
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