Mass Shootings

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One dead in Brownsville overnight rollover
Updated: May 4, 2023 / 03:17 PM CDT
Michael Alexander Nash, 30, was killed in a three-vehicle accident at the 1900 block of Price Road near Parades Line Road. Two others were hurt following the crash and were transported to a local hospital.
Seven killed near migrant shelter after being struck by SUV in Texas
May 07, 2023 01:35 PM
A driver, 30-year Michael Alexander Nash, allegedly rammed his SUV into multiple people near the Bishop Enrique San Pedro Ozanam Center, a shelter for the homeless and migrants around 8:30 a.m. local time, authorities said.
Ukrainian blogger Aric Toler (and in association with Bellingcat) distorts the Texas mass shooting.




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Not a 'mass' shooting per se, but also in Germany today:

Two people have been killed in a shooting at a Mercedes-Benz factory in south-western Germany, police said.
A 53-year-old man entered the production hall at the plant in Sindelfingen and opened fire, shooting two 44-year-old men.
One of the victims died at the scene, the other died later in hospital. No one else was hurt.
Security staff detained the suspect and handed him to officers who arrested him without resistance, police said.

Haven't seen the shooter identified anywhere as yet, nor any motive mentioned.

Immediate calls for stricter gun controls after other recent shootings in the country as usual:

Recent fatal shootings in Germany have sparked a debate over implementing stricter gun laws in the country. The German government said it would revisit firearms laws in the wake of a shooting in March in Hamburg where a gunman killed six people at a Jehovah's Witness hall.
Update on the manifesto that still hasn't been made public:

Covenant School Shooters Parents To Transfer Ownership Of Manifesto To Victims Families, Attorney Says
The attorney for the parents of The Covenant School school shooter notified a court on Thursday that they intend to assign rights of the manifesto to the families of the victims, according to NewsChannel 5.

The news came during a hearing for a lawsuit seeking the release of the writings. The attorney for the killer’s parents reportedly said the documents should be the property of the families and that ownership would be transferred by the end of the week. Once the request goes through, it’s likely the manifesto will not be made public, the outlet reports.

“If they own the papers, then they have standing over whether they will be released or not,” the attorney said.

Those who do not want the manifesto to be released, including the school and a group of parents, cite security and safety concerns of the students and staff. Five groups are requesting the documents’ release, including the National Police Association, Tennessee Firearms Association, The Tennessee Star, The Tennessean newspaper, and State Sen. Todd Gardenhire, NewsChannel 5 reports.

The groups argue that since the manifesto is already in the custody of the Metro Nashville Police Department, it’s essentially already public record. The documents in question were recovered from the shooter’s car and residence.

The ownership of these writings transferred to the parents of the killer after her death, The Tennessean reports. Under this new development, the ownership would now transfer to the victims’ parents, even though the physical papers would remain in the custody of the Nashville Police Department.

Two weeks ago, Judge I’Ashea Myles permitted groups of Covenant School parents to “intervene” in the public records lawsuit, The Daily Wire previously reported, with an attorney for the groups arguing that the parents are victims and have a constitutional right to be free from harassment.

Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake said in April that the records would be released, but later reversed course and cited the public records lawsuit.

Key moments

Chosen by us to get you up to speed at a glance
3:07pmVictim in Magdala Road 'had been stabbed'
2:59pmTwo victims believed to be University of Nottingham students
2:41pmPolice keeping 'open mind' over motive
2:28pmMurder suspect described as ‘black man with dreadlocks’
9:41amThree dead and three others injured by van

Two of the victims killed during a knife and van attack are believed to be students from the University of Nottingham, the Telegraph understands.

An eyewitness has claimed they heard “blood-curdling screams” before a man and woman were attacked with a knife on Ilkeston Road. Police found two bodies on the street, while a man was later found dead in Magdala Road.

One student told the Telegraph: “They just got unlucky. They were five minutes from home and got stabbed by a random guy.”

The University of Nottingham did not provide comment when approached by The Telegraph.

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When Trans go breakingbad 2016

Meanwhile in Chicago
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It looks lot more happened across the country
At least 4 people were killed and more than two dozen others injured in shootings in Illinois, Missouri and Washington state in a deadly night of gun violence.

At least one person was killed with 22 more injured at a strip mall in Willowbrook, Illinois, a southwest suburb of Chicago, police said.
Authorities described the gathering as a peaceful "celebration of Juneteenth" that began at 6 p.m.

"At approximately 12:25 AM police were called away due to a 911 call alleging a fight had broken out nearby," the DuPage County Sheriff’s office said Sunday. "As deputies responded, they heard gunshots and immediately returned to the scene of the gathering."

Preliminary witness and victim reports indicated “that there were at least 20 individuals shot,” Eric Swanson, the deputy chief of the DuPage County Sheriff’s office said early Sunday. “At this time one victim is deceased,” he added.

He added that the victims had been taken to nearby hospitals, adding that the names and ages of the victims were not available. Some people were also injured as they fled the scene but not struck by gunfire.

“The motive behind this incident is unclear and this is still an active investigation,” he said.

Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital said it received 12 patients in relation to the shooting Sunday, seven of whom were treated and released. Four patients remained in good condition, with one person described as being in "fair" condition.

Some witnesses told NBC Chicago they were leaving the gathering when shots rang out

"We were all just out, and next thing you know, shots just got going off," said Craig Lottie. "Everybody ran, and it was chaos."

The shooting came hours after two people were killed and three injured near the the Beyond Wonderland electronic dance music festival in Washington State.

There, police said the suspect shot “randomly into the crowd,” at a campground near the Gorge Amphitheater, in the small city of George, around 149 miles east of Seattle.

Another deadly shooting took place just after 1 a.m. in St. Louis, Missouri. One person was killed and 9 others injured, according to St. Louis Metropolitan Police.

Those who were shot ranged in age from 15 to 19 years old, police said Sunday. The person killed was identified as a 17-year-old, according to police chief Robert Tracy.

The injuries range from graze wounds to gunshot wounds, including two people who were shot in the back. One teenage girl was trampled while running away and suffered serious injuries, according to Tracy. Their conditions were not immediately known.

Tracy said officers in the area noticed a group of people fleeing a building downtown and called for backup at the same time that multiple calls came in reporting a shooting.

It appears the shooting occurred at a party being held on the fifth floor of the building, an office space, Tracy said. The bullet casings at the scene indicate more than one gun was fired and "multiple firearms" were recovered at the scene.

One person of interest, a juvenile, has been taken into custody, Tracy said.

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones told reporters at a press conference Sunday that her office was working to expand resources for city youths to keep them away from gun violence. She also called on parents throughout the area to engage with their children and monitor their teenagers.

"We’re seeing downtown St. Louis become a place for teens from across the region to gather on a late night," Jones said. "The city of St. Louis is leveraging every resource we have making major investments and youth programming ... working with communities to create safe educational spaces for kids while they're out of school."

There have been 307 mass shootings in the U.S. in 2023, according to the Gun Violence archive, a nonprofit that tracks incidents and which defines a mass shooting as a single incident in which at least four people — other than the shooter — are shot.
The following appears to have happened over the course of Monday:

4 dead 12 injured in New York separate shootings​

4 dead 12 injured in New York separate shootings

No fewer than four people, including a 16-year-old, have been killed, with at least 12 others wounded in a separate shooting incidents that rocked the New York City on Monday.
In the latest violent spree of shootings, a 56-year-old man was found dead in the Bronx.
According to police investigators, the man was identified as Kevin Roberts, with multiple gunshot wounds outside of an apartment building on Simpson Street in the Longwood section of the Bronx at around 11 p.m.
Eyewitness News reported that no arrests have been made.

The victim is one of four killed over the bullet-riddled weekend.
Among those victims was a 16-year-old, who was shot and killed in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. It happened while the teen was standing across the street from where he lived on Marcus Garvey Boulevard just before 6 p.m. Monday.
The motive of the shooting is unknown, and police are looking into whether the 16-year-old was the intended target. Police have made no arrests.
It happened while the teen was standing across the street from where he lived on Marcus Garvey Boulevard just before 6 p.m. Monday. Anthony Carlo has the details.
In the Bronx, there was another deadly shooting that claimed the life of a 27-year-old, who was fatally struck around 2:30 p.m. Officials found the victim on Longfellow Avenue in the Longwood section with a gunshot wound to the head.
“I just ran to him, just dropped everything applied pressure to his neck, and I was just talking to him,” a neighbor of the victim told Eyewitness News.
The circumstances surrounding the shooting are unknown. An arrest has yet to be made.
It happened just before 2:30 p.m. Monday on Longfellow Avenue in the Longwood section.
Over in Manhattan, three people were also shot, and one was pronounced dead at the hospital. No arrests have been made.
Gunfire also ripped through Staten Island, where two people were shot near Victory Boulevard and S Greenleaf Ave Monday evening. Those victims, an 18-year-old male and 19-year-old female, are expected to survive. The suspects are described as four males
who fled the scene in a vehicle.
An investigation into each of these separate incidents is ongoing, with the NYPD investigating exactly what led up to them.
The following appears to have happened over the course of Monday:
1) The level of violence is simply unacceptable. Reports every weekend of 50-60 people shot and 10+ killed is getting tiring to process and detracts from Chicago’s many great features. If you’re a victim, it’s life changing and horrific.

2) As Mayor Johnson said, no one can single-handedly fix anything, but we can start by filling the approximately 1,500 police vacancies as suggested by Gov Pritzker recently (link:

3) I don’t doubt Mayor Johnson’s sincerity or motivations. But a weakness with his approach is that the city’s economic base will erode faster than he can make the types of meaningful investments he is calling for. And that will deprive the city of funding to make the kind of long term impacts he has in mind. It’s not so much a matter of priorities - there’s nothing controversial about wanting to see investment and opportunity spread across the city - but it’s a matter of their order of implementation. No organic investment is coming until businesses feel safe to operate. Public safety always has to be priority #1.

4) As a parent, I just would add that everything starts with a good foundation at home. Absent that, you get a lot of problems. It’s tragic for kids who don’t have this and I’m frankly not sure what the optimal approach is to giving kids a more stable life at home.

5) Guns held by violent people are a huge problem. We hear our local politicians discuss tighter gun laws all the time. I mostly agree, but that’s close to meaningless if we aren’t serious about arresting, prosecuting and holding accountable those who use guns to commit crimes. We are far too lenient in the local criminal justice system around gun-related crime.

6) Regarding the Mayor’s comment that getting ourselves out of this rut is going to take all of us - something he’s repeated in one form or another on many occasions. My response is: Why do honest, law abiding and hard working residents have to help solve this current problem if they haven’t contributed to its cause? I’m not saying that to be a jerk, or selfish or inconsiderate, but it’s a sincere question. We delegate solving these kinds of broader issues to government and those who work professionally in these areas - from police to educators to social workers - to make a difference. A lot of us here pay an exorbitant amount in local taxes, work hard to be productive members of our community and professional fields, and work even harder to be good parents. No offense to anyone, but I didn’t sign up to be a social worker - nor do I have the skills to make a difference in that area. Raising my kids right, contributing to the economy in the way I’m skilled at, paying all my city taxes and fees, following the law, being a good friend and neighbor - even advocating for sane public safety and economic/fiscal policy on here - are all a pretty decent contribution to the city’s civic fabric. Feel free to disagree, but I certainly think that’s doing my part.

7) If we don’t fix these public safety issues soon, people who can leave the city eventually will. My family actually likes living in Chicago. I really love my neighborhood and house, and living in the city had lots of positives. But if our family’s safety becomes questionable, we’re just not going to tolerate that risk. While moving would be a royal and disruptive pain, we could do it if we needed to. I’m nothing special, but if you multiply my family by a big number, the city will end up with even worse problems as the professional base and tax base hollow out.

Bordeaux: Brahima B, already known for "about fifty arrests", attacks a 73-year-old grandmother and tries to kidnap her granddaughter (Update: he would have an accomplice, he was placed in psychiatry)

Bordeaux: savage assault of a plainclothes policeman in front of his wife and children (Update: the video resurfaces) -


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A man has been arrested after one person was left in a life-threatening condition and another was injured in a stabbing attack at a London hospital.
Police said the man arrested at Central Middlesex Hospital in Park Royal also sustained "self-inflicted" injuries.

South of France, Nottingham, now London. All knife attacks.
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