Meteorite explodes over Cuba: Fragments hit Earth, Windows shattered

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The governor of the Venezuelan region where the fireball has been seen tried to deny the matter.

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It is interesting, because you can perceive that politicians live in denial of natural cyclical disasters, and although this guy Rafael Lacava not know anything about the matter, facing a fact of this kind tries to deny it even though it has been perceived by many people. It is a defense system against Nature. Politicians (and other ruling class) are even likely to see Nature as a thief who will take away their social position, their money and their property... And their flock of followers.
What if this idiot had said that the meteor was part of an American imperialist bombardment? It would have been fascinating, because he would be talking about what the elite can do in a future, what they have always done: generate wars to cover the cometary reality. Quoting Clube:
[W]hen the prospect of these global catastrophes recurs, such is the nerve-racking tension aroused in mankind that the principal leaders of civilization have long been in the habit of dissembling as to their cause (and likelihood) simply in order to preserve public calm and avoid the total breakdown of civil affairs. ...

The Christian, Islamic and Judaic cultures have all moved since the European Renaissance to adopt an unreasoning anti-apocalyptic stance, apparently unaware of the burgeoning science of catastrophes. History, it now seems, is repeating itself: it has taken the Space Age to revive the Platonist voice of reason but it emerges this time within a modern anti-fundamentalist, anti-apocalyptic tradition over which governments may, as before, be unable to exercise control. The logical response is perhaps a commitment on the part of government to the voice of reason and a decision to eliminate all signs as well as perpetrators of cosmic catastrophes in order to appease a public not too far given to rabid uniformitarianism. Cynics ... would say that we do not need the celestial threat to disguise Cold War intentions; rather we need the Cold War to disguise celestial intentions!
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Cubans are warned by the authorities that the Fragments of the Meteorite are radioactive and shouldn't be used for jewelry:

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