Monkeypox: The new plague?

Covid isn't the job fast enough, add another one!

THE PLAN: WHO Plans For 10 Years of Pandemics, From 2020 to 2030

When covid has been just a starter and tptb have in mind to present us with ongoing pandemics until 2030 then monkeypox may just represent one step further along that road.
It may just depend on how good the propaganda machine can sell these pox to us. If the fear train gains sufficient speed I imagine our imminent future to be 'poxy'.
in this picture, one of the bases in the composition of the astra zeneca vaccine contains chimpanzee adenovirus. In this case, is it possible that the vaccine has caused a mutation in someone ?
I was wondering the same thing. How convenient it would be to add that in to ensure long term follow up pandemics.
in this picture, one of the bases in the composition of the astra zeneca vaccine contains chimpanzee adenovirus. In this case, is it possible that the vaccine has caused a mutation in someone ?

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Saw the above on an italian alt news telegram channel. Very interesting if it's true, it reminds me the news about the hiv infections spike a few months back, in February. Someone has a real fetish for fear mongering it seems.
Map of confirmed cases.
almost all of NATO and its friend Australia... punishment? :curse:
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It so happens that these countries from the above are owned countries thus controlled by the owners almost in every way possible, thus the people of the said countries are being treated like disposable rats. At least that's the prospective of those who think of owning the people in the Western world.

Edit: clarification
The +/- simultanous outbreak in well controlled countries is much suspect. About the media reaction it remains calm for the moment, but they did the same at begin with covid (they are waiting for their orders). They also made a lot of predictions these last weeks, like if they had a cristal ball and that they know there will be another pandemic.

But on the other hand, if it's really only transmissible with prolonged contacts, this should theoritically not spread so much ... thus why would they bet on this one ?

Revelation 16:2 ~ 'The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly, festering sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.'
Nice finding, a bit scary.

I wonder how this will evolve.? I do not believe much in this one, but what i wonder the most is the increasing bad consequences of jabs on people's health, from more to more voices are being heard about. Thus, they could use this non-subject of monkeypox to cover this, the time they are ready for what they prepared next ? Maybe that they already noticed and concluded that the ukraine subject is not anymore "strong" to divert attention of people ?
And on top of that, if what C's informed us about really happens, this would mean that in this already complex knapsacks and unexpected game changer comes in ?
LoL :lol:.

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TBH my initial reaction was, "this is the big one!!!" but after calming down after a long and personally stressful several weeks, my reaction calmed down to, "welcome to the new Biosecurity State". That is to say, I think we should expect many news stories about scary viruses that will fizzle out to nothing. Like several people have mentioned before, the human immune system has never been so compromised and we should expect a whole bunch of very real, very scary viruses to find suitable hosts in the immediate times.

I remember back in 2014 when a few people in the US got Ebola and it was on the National news:

Even back then, when I was still quite new to the Cass material, I thought, "this is the big one!!!". Alas, it did not come to pass! And thank god it did not as I had much work to do for the years to come.

I don't think we'll need any news stories to inform us when the space virus comes. That will likely be evident within a week. Everything else is likely being used as a distraction.
It does have me wanting to brush up on supplies and make sure we're set for another hunkering down time. Interestingly, I've had a little retail shop since last year and just last month realized I couldn't anymore, felt very strongly compelled to close it down and come home so I've been setting up my home office again and next week we'll close. With this coming up in the news, I'm not going to regret cozying up at home for the near future.
That’s what I was wondering or potentially worse—it recombines with mRNA from the “vaccines”
However, there is now growing evidence for both RNA and ssDNA viruses recombining with host dsDNA genomes and, more surprisingly, RNA virus genes recombining with ssDNA virus genomes. Mechanisms are still unclear, but this deep recombination greatly expands the breadth of virus evolution and confounds virus taxonomy.

I think we may want to ask the C’s about Monkeypox?
Ultimately, let’s just all keep looking after our immune systems.
Thursday Dr Klnghardt told us that a very interesting thing is happening in Germany right now. His students have started opening up vaccine injury clinics all over the country in the face of the official lies. And that the actual injury figures are 40 times higher than those officially reported.
Amazing Polly takes on the Monkeypox issue.

If Polly's take on this is correct, it looks like this is something they are well invested in. Thus, could quite possibly run with this one. As usual she has names, places, dates, and their connections to each other.

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