Monkeypox: The new plague?

I'm getting the impression that it isn't ordinary monkeypox that's being spread, but rather a gain-of-function variety whipped up in one of those illegal Ukrainian biolabs the US went in to destroy evidence before they were caught out by Russia. The other aspect is this is being spread by gay/bi men - originally from a big gay fetish festival in Belgium that has resulted in the first monkeypox quarantine or else from a superspreader event at an adult sauna in Madrid:

And then there's that specter from the past, a connection of monkeypox to "rodents" i.e. mice/gerbils . . .
What could facilitate the spread of monkeypox among gay men? I do not know. As most past monkeypox outbreaks were associated with rodents, we first need to see if these men shared or used any rodents or had them as pets or some such.

In 2003, 71 persons in the US were infected with monkeypox. That incident was also rodent driven, had very limited human-to-human transmission, and fizzled out as soon as it was identified and the rodents were taken care of.

Supposedly an urban myth that's never been officially substantiated although anecdotal accounts persist. But then again, the 2003 infection was via prairie dogs for pets housed with Gambian pouched rats by an exotic animal importer - and one remembers how smallpox contaminated blankets were used to spread the disease to unsuspecting Native Americans. :-/

Of course, when one sees this, how can one not think it's a planned event that's been launched:

“NTI” stands for “Nuclear Threat Initiative”. Their report.

And that was from last November.

Yeah - way too many coincidences.
Someone made a funny infographic (Dutch) with new measures (not real):
Hahahahah!!! This made my day!

Carry a banana
Even though there is no medical reason, we recommend always to carry a banana as a precaution.

And then... there were Banana shortages, and there were debates at the WHO and Fauci came out on TV saying that Plantains are also safe, but you should carry two instead, the science is clear on Bananas and Plantains. Bill Gates used all his farmland to plant GMO PlantainBananas and forced governments to make every citizen buy them weekly, and YouTube Censored all the channels talking about the fact that Bananas do not prevent the spread of Monkeys, in fact it may enhance their population.

How appropriate lol !

European CDC Drops Bomb: ‘Monkeypox Outbreak Appears To Have Leaked From US Biolab In Ukraine’​

According to a source at the European Centers For Disease Control, the latest monkeypox outbreak originated in a bioweapons lab in Ukraine.

Dr. Benjamin Braddock, an independent investigator, claimed that an unknown source at the ECDC told him that preliminary investigation of the monkeypox strain currently circulating indicated the virus originated in a lab and could be linked to US biological research in Ukraine.


“ECDC source tells me that the preliminary analysis of monkeypox indicates that it is ‘a third lab strain with unknown characteristics’ and that there is chatter about this being somehow related to Moscow’s charges against U.S. biological activities in Ukraine,” Braddock tweeted on Saturday.

RELATED: US Embassy Quietly Deletes All Ukraine Bioweapons Lab Documents Online – Media Blackout

Shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the World Health Organization warned Ukrainian authorities to destroy any high-threat pathogens being researched in biolabs to prevent “any potential spills” into the public.

Russia’s Parliamentary Commission on Investigation of US Biological Laboratories in Ukraine on Friday accused the US of conducting illegal research on smallpox and Ebola at clandestine biolabs in Ukraine.

“Today, we presented an analysis of which pathogens the US was particularly interested in in Ukraine,” Irina Yarovaya, co-chair of the committee, told reporters Friday. “Aside from the pathogens that are territorially bound to Ukraine, [the laboratories] researched viruses and pathogens that are endemically very far from Ukraine, such as Ebola and smallpox.”

Prior to this recent outbreak, monkeypox cases were only documented in central and West African countries, baffling experts over the monkeypox cases quickly popping up in North America and Europe in recent weeks.

“I’m stunned by this. Every day I wake up and there are more countries infected,” said Oyewale Tomori, a virologist who formerly headed the Nigerian Academy of Science and who sits on several WHO advisory boards.

“This is not the kind of spread we’ve seen in West Africa, so there may be something new happening in the West,” he said.

Curiously, the U.S. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) recently purchased 13 million doses of Bavarian Nordic’s Jynneo smallpox/monkeypox vaccine, but the Health and Human Services (HHS) released a statement claiming the large order has nothing to do with the ongoing monkeypox outbreak.

“The most recent BARDA purchase of smallpox vaccine was part of a standard and ongoing preparedness efforts and unrelated to specific events,” an HHS spokesperson told Axios on Friday.

“BARDA has worked with industry to develop and purchase vaccines and treatments for a potential smallpox emergency, some of which may also be used to respond to monkeypox,” the spokesperson added.

Notably, there have been no naturally-occurring cases of smallpox in the US since the virus was eradicated in 1980.

Why would the U.S. government feel compelled to buy a shipment of smallpox/monkeypox vaccines, especially right now?
So, it could be that something other than a sedative type drug might have been surreptitiously injected. Here's another report but not in English:

Maat send me this one last week, same needle attack in France in bar and nigth club. Dozens of case all accross the country.

in French;

which made me think of this youtube postcast that my wife received a few month ago about this Canadian technology, a gene gun, the modern version of a blow dart to transfert (transfection) dna and how it may have been used and experimented on the west cost.

Screenshot from 5/23/22 Amazing Polly 35 min. vid and its topic:



And yea! A gene therapy startup, AmplifyBio, a Battelle offspring, is expanding to a new building with the original started a year ago!


Nothing to see here folks - move along! Just fixate on jobs-jobs-jobs! Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain who performed DNA work with Moderna on its coronavirus vaccine! JOBS-JOBS-JOBS!
Every new batch of bullshit is under strict scrutiny, the narrative cannot be foibled here. They are scared of going in deep this early, it was not in the playbook.
Good and long summary article about monkeypox, it relates some interesting historic facts.
It's in french :

... there's an english flag on top-right to change the langage but it's not working.
I translated using google then copy/paste here below, with images (some images have french text that are not translated ...)

Spaniards risk mass death from monkeypox​

Bill Gates has been promising it for months, someone may have done it, now the monkeypox virus MKP, a West African clade, has appeared concomitantly in many European countries including France, the USA, Canada and elsewhere, particularly affecting a population of male homosexuals, which has not yet been explained by anyone. How subjects who have not traveled can have contracted this disease specifically Nigerian, extremely little contagious and on all continents at the same time? Will a cobbled-together gain-of-function in the lab raise this virus above its usual 2% mortality rate, which would make it a hundred times more deadly than CoV-2 and corroborate Gates' predictions? What is certain is that the therapeutic agitation has already begun (**) and that above all, horror of all horrors, the most useless epidemiologists in the world (or the most corrupt, but they are often the same ones) are preparing for us the most deadly vaccination there is, that of subjects already in contact with the sick. Everything has been demonstrated since the 19th century, this vaccination, if it is implemented, will kill in a certain way and on a very large scale. Vincent Reliquet and Bernard Guennebaud cooperate here for urgent lighting. Warn your Spanish friends, a new madness is beginning, probably orchestrated since March 2021 and you will see how, good reading... if implemented, will kill for sure and on a very large scale. Vincent Reliquet and Bernard Guennebaud cooperate here for urgent lighting. Warn your Spanish friends, a new madness is beginning, probably orchestrated since March 2021 and you will see how, good reading... if implemented, will kill for sure and on a very large scale. Vincent Reliquet and Bernard Guennebaud cooperate here for urgent lighting. Warn your Spanish friends, a new madness is beginning, probably orchestrated since March 2021 and you will see how, good reading...


Several cases of monkey pox have appeared in Europe and even in France.

There are two human smallpox viruses, that of variola major, the most serious, and that of variola minor also named from a Portuguese name alastrim.

These two viruses, from the poxviridae family, were officially declared eradicated by the World Health Assembly on May 8, 1980. This means that they no longer circulate although they are officially kept in two laboratories, one in the USA and the other in Russia. However, there are other poxviruses such as that of the camel or that of the monkey, the monkeypox. These viruses can, if necessary, contaminate humans as has happened on several occasions since 1980. According to Nice-Matin , Spain would consider vaccinating contacts with the vaccine used against human smallpox:

capture-decran-2022-05-21-a-183103.png 768655

  • No vaccine has yet been approved in Europe, but faced with the rise in monkeypox cases in Spain, the Ministry of Health has decided to order thousands of doses of vaccine against classic smallpox. The vaccine should be injected into contact persons. »

Vaccinating contacts from smallpox, the bad idea forever​

This vaccination of contacts was used more and more systematically and restrictively during the campaign to eradicate human smallpox.

There is hardly any doubt today to be able to attribute to this vaccination of contacts the epidemic outbreaks which followed these vaccinations and which were described as “explosive and unexpected” by the WHO. But as this vaccination of contacts was practiced in conjunction with the isolation (most often quarantine) of patients and contacts, the transmission of the virus was interrupted and this success was largely wrongly attributed to this vaccination of contacts.

This measure, which aggravated the disease and amplified epidemics, was thus introduced into the smallpox plans of the States and even made compulsory in France for high-level contacts by a decree of February 2003.

I had studied these questions in three Aimsib articles (1)(2)(3) Here is a complement to these.


India, 1974: Vaccination followed by confinement of all contacts with the sick: Explosion of cases, then eradication of the disease.

On the WHO website, the smallpox homepage states (4):
– “ Following a worldwide vaccination campaign led by the WHO, smallpox was declared eradicated in 1980.”
Yet this same home page refers to documents which, as we will see, are far from being so affirmative, demonstrating that eradication was an adventure whose favorable outcome was only narrowly obtained . There were many hurdles in the field to be able to apply wherever smallpox was present, the isolation of cases that had to be discovered first and then that of their contacts.

The success of these interventions, sometimes rendered perilous by a precarious network of communications, was unfortunately compromised by the increasingly systematic vaccination of contacts due to what I have proposed to call the Buchwald effects which I recall here (2 ):

– First Buchwald effect: in a non-immune person, vaccination during the incubation period or a few days before will aggravate the disease. Collectively, this effect will be manifested by an increase in serious forms and mortality in patients (lethality).
– Second Buchwald effect: in a person immunized (by an old vaccination or an old smallpox) the same vaccination will trigger the disease that it would otherwise have avoided. Collectively, this effect will manifest itself in an amplification of epidemics.

They were known in 1870 as the writings of the experts of the time testify to it but they considered them as a simple rumor which they will crush by recommending on the contrary the systematic vaccination of the contacts. A century later, the same attitude prevailed during the eradication campaign:

  • The smallpox vaccination is protective when applied within 4 days of contagion. »

I propose to name this affirmation the postulate of Henderson in order to refer to it easily even if it had been affirmed for a long time. It was considered to have been established by immunological demonstration confirmed by epidemiological demonstration.

  • The immunological “proof”: the average incubation period for smallpox is 14 days and it is accepted that the antibodies appear 10 days after vaccination. Also, if the vaccination was carried out within 4 days of the contagion, the antibodies will appear before the disease begins. This was considered sufficient to be able to deduce that the virus was going to be neutralized before the onset of the disease… However, it was also known that the antibodies appeared a week after the onset of it and that despite this it continued another 3 weeks. This fact might have been enough to cast doubt on the relevance of such a simplistic argument. Unfortunately, nothing happened.
  • The epidemiological "evidence": it was reported in the seminal document by Fenner, Henderson et al with the study by Rao (5):
    During a smallpox epidemic, 61 people identified as contacts of cases were vaccinated for the first time in this circumstance, 18 will get smallpox (29.5%). Among 42 contacts who had never been vaccinated, 20 will get smallpox (47.6%). This difference in proportions was considered demonstrative of the effectiveness of this vaccination carried out after contagion.
  • The flaw in this "demonstration" is that there was no way to know if the contacts had really been infected with the smallpox virus unless they became ill. There is therefore no evidence that the 43 vaccinated contacts who remained unharmed were true contacts or false contacts. On the other hand, it can be argued that the 22 contacts who had never been vaccinated and who had not previously had smallpox either were false contacts not infected with the virus.

How many false contacts among the 43 vaccinated and not sick? No one knows, which takes away all value from such a conclusion.

Or if you want, adding 10 volumes of water in whiskey against 1 volume in beer, we could demonstrate that beer is more loaded with alcohol than whisky! This is obviously to be avoided.

What would the fraud inspectorate think?

Who to declare as subject-contact?​

Since this vaccination has always been said to be effective on contacts, vaccinators tended to classify as many people as possible in order to protect them by vaccinating them.

It is therefore quite logical to find many more false contacts among the vaccinated than among the unvaccinated. The recruitment criteria being very different, the proportions observed are therefore not at all comparable. It will be necessary to wait until 2005 with the first results on experiments on monkeys for the experts to finally begin to realize that this vaccination of contacts could not be effective.

It could have been done much earlier, as early as 1870, as the documents of the time show.

Much later, in 2009, Samuelsson wrote this (6):

  • WHO recommendations for smallpox include post-exposure vaccination as soon as possible. However, there is only anecdotal historical information on the success of post-exposure vaccination against smallpox , and in most cases the pre-vaccination status was unclear. “Furthermore, in animal models, no significant survival advantage after post-exposure vaccination was observed in monkeys” He then refers to Staib and Stittelaar (2005, 2006)”
  • We could not find strong scientific evidence on the effectiveness of post-exposure vaccination in people naïve to the smallpox virus. »

There is also, on this subject, the report of the Committee of Independent Experts (AGIES) appointed by the Director-General of the WHO to examine the experiments carried out between 1999 and 2010 on smallpox: (7):
– “The Scientific analysis suggests the possibility of using post-exposure vaccination for therapeutic interventions, but data on this promising method remain limited.
– “ If a smallpox outbreak occurs, post-exposure vaccinations will be required, but further work is needed to validate this strategy. This point is only briefly mentioned in this chapter, perhaps because of the paucity of data. »

Limited and rare data? Contact vaccination was routinely performed on tens and hundreds of thousands of people during the eradication campaign. Field reports were drawn up by the teams on site. Kept by the WHO, they represent 700,000 pages of documents that have been digitized.

Another report also dating from 2010 by a committee appointed by the WHO does not hesitate to question the effectiveness of smallpox vaccination on contacts as it was affirmed in the wake of the major campaign to eradicate smallpox. smallpox. (8)

  • These results appear to call into question the limited data, collected during the eradication phase of smallpox, on the effectiveness of vaccination given up to 4 days after exposure in preventing disease. »

When the error is commonly shared​

In 2002, Professor Didier Raoult, a world-leading expert on infectious diseases, was asked by the government to issue analyzes and recommendations relating to the bio-terrorist risk: (9)
– “ Vaccination against smallpox has was the first to be the subject of a strategy of encirclement, in a situation in which part of the population was already immunized. This strategy consisted, each time a new case of smallpox was notified, in vaccinating widely around the cases observed. This strategy has had great success in eradicating the last cases of smallpox
– “However, the finding of protection conferred by vaccination carried out within 4 days of exposure suggests a role for cellular immunity. The vaccine can therefore be effectively administered to patients after they have been in contact with people with smallpox. »

For him, as for all the institutional experts in 2003, Henderson's postulate rested on observations whereas it had never been demonstrated and which it will be recognized as false a few years later.

At the time, the Minister of Health will take good note of it for a possible application. Scientific research will follow. They will completely upset this belief about vaccinating contacts against smallpox.

Experiments on monkeys​

The smallpox vaccination was purely empirical, no animal experiments having ever been conducted on her. The first reason for this was that the smallpox virus did not grow on the animal. It is this specificity of the virus for the human species that has allowed its eradication. However, by proceeding intravenously, it was possible to provoke the disease in monkeys. The first publications on these experiments came out in 2005-2006 (Stittelaar, Staib).

They will express the surprise of the experimenters noting that in primary vaccination Henderson's postulate was not verified, certain antivirals being able to be protective but not vaccination.

They were using a 100% lethal challenge dose on the controls. These experiments were repeated in 2008 by Earl et al. (10) with a lethal dose reduced to approximately 50% and the Dryvax vaccine used during the eradication campaign. The published results will confirm the first Buchwald effect:


In comparison with unvaccinated controls, vaccination with Dryvax shows its effectiveness when it is practiced 10 days before the test and even 6 days before. On the other hand, the results are reversed 4 days before with 1184 lesions on average for the vaccinated against 643 for the controls.

The authors also used the MVA vaccine (modified Ankara strain). This vaccine was obtained by cultivating the vaccinia virus 530 times on a chicken embryo. It then loses its ability to replicate, so it does not produce a vaccine pustule. Its effectiveness against smallpox is not known.

10 days or 6 days before the test, this vaccine is less effective on monkeys because more lesions occur than with Dryvax. On the other hand, 4 days before, the results reverse very clearly with an average of only 248 lesions against 1184 with Dryvax.

These findings could provide confirmation, under the conditions of the experiment, of the reality of the first Buchwald effect with Dryvax.

Curiously, the authors comment on their results by stating that there are no differences between the controls and the vaccinated!!! In addition, they do not publish any results when the vaccination is carried out, for example, 2 days before the test dose or on the same day. Given the very significant degradation of the results when going from 6 days before to 4 days before, it is not difficult to predict, without great risk of error, that the results would be catastrophic.

Have these experiments been carried out? It is very probable because the scientific community which dealt with this question and which was endowed with a large budget because of the fear of bioterrorism, awaited the results with great interest after the failure of the experiments of 2005 with lethal doses.
Even more curious, the authors whose mission was to verify or invalidate the veracity of Henderson's postulate in primary vaccination, rely on him to explain the failure they observe in monkeys. Here is :

“Analysis of historical records suggests that primary vaccination within 4 days after exposure to smallpox is usually protective of serious illness”.
In this first sentence they recall Henderson's postulate by considering it as established whereas the objective of their experiments was to verify it. Under these conditions, why sacrifice monkeys? Especially since experimentation is prohibited without special authorization from Animal Rule, to which the reasons and conditions for the experiment must be explained.

“Because the incubation period preceding systemic smallpox is 2 weeks, it is understandable that Dryvax administered only 4 days before an iv challenge would not be protective. »

The first part of the following sentence also refers to humans while its second part applies to monkeys, "an iv" meaning intravenously. There is thus a mixture between human and animal incubation times, which is a most dubious comparison.

A judicious comparison cannot be made between man and ape, especially on the basis of an unproven postulate for man. It must be between the monkeys themselves. First between the controls and the vaccinated monkeys and there the results are clear: very clear inversion of the number of lesions when going from 6 days before (advantage to the vaccinated) to 4 days before with an advantage to the controls confirmed by the viremia ( see the study). In addition, there is a considerable acceleration in the deterioration of the results when going from 6 days before to 4 days before . This could be explained biologically by the fact that then the two viruses, vaccine and contaminant, had the possibility of meeting. The non-replicating MVA vaccine does not cause this phenomenon,at least on such a scale.

Meetings announced but data secret​

The 2010 report of the WHO Advisory Committee on Variola Virus Research mentions the consultation of unpublished data, the so-called gray literature. He tells us that these data were presented during a WHO meeting at the highest level because opened by the Japanese K. Fukuda, the second in the WHO, one of the 2 rapporteurs being the Frenchman R. Drillien (11 ):

“1. Report of the Secretariat
1.1 The WHO Advisory Committee on Variola Virus Research met on 17 and 18 November 2010, with Professor GL Smith as Chairman and Drs R. Drillien and F. McLellan as Rapporteurs.
Dr. Robert Drillien said he had worked as a consultant for Bavarian-Nordic, a firm that produces a smallpox vaccine, and was a consultant to the French army on smallpox vaccines.
1.2 Dr K. Fukuda opened the meeting, noting that discussions on these issues have been ongoing since 1986 and are still of great interest to countries. The assessment will focus on two main points: first, a review of the literature and unpublished data conducted by a group of scientists approved by this Committee. »

At the Adelf-Sfsp congress in Bordeaux on October 17-19, 2013, I presented a poster on the subject (12). It will play a revealing role because on Friday 18, during the lunch break, I notice that an important personality of the congress reads it attentively. I approach. He pointed out to me that I was only talking about contact vaccination and then told me that it had never been used under these conditions (13) !!! There, I am destabilized! I admit that he took me completely from the back because I really did not expect that!On the contrary, it has been perfectly proven and he very certainly knew it, that the vaccination of contacts was a real systematic and restrictive machine-gunning and that our smallpox plan of 2003 had made it compulsory by a decree of February 3, 2003 ... I insist on support that but my interlocutor firmly maintains his assertion. He will put an end to this exchange, which is surreal to say the least, by telling me “ I only know of one effective vaccination after infection, that against measles within 72 hours”.

So he had just told me, given the context, that the one against smallpox was not effective under these conditions! Even if there is a gap, at least formal, between ineffective and aggravating, here is an admission that deserves to be framed! Formally there is a gap but in fact it is less certain because, for my part, I do not know of epidemiological situations where the lack of efficacy of smallpox vaccination has not been associated with an aggravation. This is also what experiments on monkeys show.

This aggravation, even in immunized people, was it known to my interlocutor? Since this surreal exchange, it has become highly probable for me because I do not see how else to explain his assertion when he maintained that the vaccination of contacts had never been used. It's as if he had said to me, "Of course, we have a gun that can kill, but we've never shot anyone with it!" Indeed , he did not seek to dispute what I said in the poster on the catastrophic effects of this vaccination.

For me, the most likely explanation for all of these facts is that a solid team of epidemiologists would have gone to study the reports of the eradication campaign at WHO headquarters and that, with their eyes opened by the animal experiments, they would have finally understood what had happened. Having thus had before their eyes the dramatic reality of the Buchwald effects and the explanation of the disasters recognized by Henderson, they would have exposed all this in a report studied during the WHO meeting opened by Fukuda and of which R. Drillien was rapporteur.

It is highly probable that R. Drillien was interviewed by the HCSP to prepare the opinion of December 21, 2012 on the revision of our smallpox plan at the request of the DGS (14). It should also be noted that this opinion mentions relying on an unpublished report by the HCSP on the subject and that I was able to find out during this congress that it had been classified as a defense secret. Today, it is recognized that we do not know how resistance to smallpox occurs (see WHO reports 2010) or how the vaccine works.

In October 2001, the bioterrorist risk will make the headlines and will be at the origin of a document “ Use of the smallpox virus as a biological weapon instead of vaccination ” (15). Written by Nicole Guérin, expert at the ministry and Daniel Lévy Bruhl, now head of the vaccinations unit at Public Health France, it mentions page 18:

  • The limited transmissibility made it possible, if we act quickly, to interrupt the chains of transmission through the isolation of cases, the active search for their contacts, their vaccination and their follow-up to check that they do not develop the disease. . There is no doubt that it was the implementation of these control strategies that made it possible, at least in high-density areas, to achieve elimination, the level of immunity in the general population that would have been necessary to allowing elimination alone, close to 100% for the most populated regions, being impossible to achieve in practice.”

On March 12-14, 2003 D. Lévy Bruhl participated in the training of trainers in smallpox vaccination at CRESA in Grenoble where he will present this slide (16):


The active search for patients and their contacts followed by their isolation during the eradication campaign and the importance of this strategy is attested to by the report of the Global Commission for the Eradication of Smallpox: (17)


Let us add that Nicole Guérin, co-signer of the 2001 document on bioterrorism, said at the colloquium organized by the GREENS at the National Assembly on January 31, 2001: “Smallpox was defeated by vaccination and a certain number of other things” .
She was responding to three speakers who had claimed that smallpox had been defeated by vaccination. They were a European Green MP, the Director General of Health Lucien Abenhaïm and an immunologist from Strasbourg. As the scheduled speaker, I will then outline what those “other things” had been.
On December 22, 2017, a very solemn press conference (16) “Vaccines: an opportunity for our children” was organized at the University of Paris-Descartes. D. Lévy Bruhl will launch this magnificent tirade:
- " The only disease that has never been eradicated from this earth, was eradicated thanks to vaccination and it is smallpox with its procession of suffering, death and sequels. »

The conclusions of Bernard Guennebaud​

I don't like to conclude because for me research is never complete, especially on a theme as strong, complex and as muddled as that of smallpox and its eradication. For me, what dominates in this business, after a long and patient research which began in 1978, it is initially the scientific incompetence of the experts in public health. This incompetence did not allow them to understand what was happening when there was still time to avoid disasters. Today the specialists in this question of smallpox have certainly become aware of it, at least that is my belief, but the affair is retrospectively so serious that they cannot report it publicly.

Vaccination of contacts of smallpox cases could occur during so-called mass vaccination in endemic areas and even more so during so-called ring vaccination. It had the effect of amplifying epidemics and aggravating disease and mortality. Thus, for propaganda, vaccination will have overcome a disease that is certainly serious but greatly aggravated by the misuse of the vaccine which will also have put an end to epidemics amplified by this same misuse!!!

Yes, the same goes for propaganda…
On May 8, 1980, the day of the official proclamation of the eradication of smallpox, the Director General of the WHO, Dr. H. Mahler, declared [9]:
– “Because of the exceptional nature of this achievement, it is important that public health officials, historians and future generations have access to the evidence on which these conclusions were based. This book Global Smallpox Eradication – the final report of the Global Commission for the Certification of Smallpox Eradication – rigorously analyzes these elements. May this final report inspire us all to reflect on how this experience can help us tackle other health issues more effectively. »

Can we forget, indeed, that in this experiment to defeat smallpox, the knowledge, methods and practices attached to it have been developed on an ocean of suffering and that Humanity has paid dearly for dogmatic arrogance of those who recklessly launched gigantic and useless vaccination campaigns?

Out of respect for all this past suffering and all that could be avoided today by the application of similar methods, or tomorrow in the face of emerging diseases against which there will be no vaccine, do we have the right to participate , consciously or not, to concealing everything that was not vaccination in the victory over smallpox?

Renouncing this concealment, knowing and making known this adventure, this is certainly the most beautiful tribute we could pay to the victims of smallpox as of its vaccination. I wrote these lines in 2007. Today, everything that is revealed with this coronavirus pandemic provides a new illustration.

The Monkeypox case of May 2022​

The eruption of monkeypox cases concomitantly striking a mostly homosexual male population in France, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the USA and Canada (18), in subjects who do not have not traveled to Africa recently, leaves you speechless.

It obviously seems highly improbable that this dissemination is due to chance , especially since a simulation of March 2021 already gave us a chilling prediction, see instead:


This 36-page document was produced on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference or MSC, it takes as its basis the exercise that a fictitious country, Brinia, sees an epidemic of monkey pox (monkeypox) set in. terrorist origin and that it is secondarily communicated to neighboring countries. (19)

It's already very curious but it becomes even more so when you take note of the chronological sequence enacted for the exercise, I send you a simple image:

capture-decran-2022-05-22-a-103736.png p.12

If it is a little early today to confirm the continuation of the simulation imagined more than a year ago, we can only remain amazed by the start date of the "epidemic", sticking absolutely to reality currently living in Europe

We recall that Bill Gates became the undisputed master of all WHO decisions because he took control of it at the same time as all the health decisions of member countries, in March 2020 (20). This simulation took place at the highest level as evidenced by the list of members present, should we be surprised or not to find there an employee of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Chris Elias, as well as a board member at Merck:

capture-decran-2022-05-22-a-105706.png p.9

Overall, this document does not provide any specific therapeutic proposal, but largely insists on the constraint measures to be applied to populations, safety distances, movement restrictions, confinements and of course the general wearing of masks. One of the participants dropped this sentence, which is very worrying for the future of our freedoms because it is included in the final document:

  • “It will be chaotic and frightening, but you can't wait until you have certainty. You have to act with no regrets.”

Trad: “It will be chaotic and scary but you can't wait to know for sure, you have to act without regret. »

To those who are surprised that in this exercise no recourse is exercised at the level of the use of the human smallpox vaccine, the answer is in the appendix of p.28:

  • Through intentional modifications made by Arnican virology lab scientists sympathetic with the Arnican terrorists, this monkeypox strain is assumed to be more contagious than naturally occurring monkeypox—with a basic reproductive number (R0) for the modified strain of 3, as compared to 2.13 for the wild type strain. The lab-modified strain is also engineered to be resistant to the smallpox vaccine. Vaccine resistance is assumed to be driven by the introduction of the Interleukin-4 gene, as demonstrated in previous mousepox studies. We assume a case fatality rate of approximately 10 percent, which is consistent with previously described monkeypox outbreaks. »

Trad: " Thanks to intentional modifications made by scientists at the Arnican Virology Laboratory sympathetic to the Arnican terrorists, this strain of monkeypox is believed to be more contagious than natural monkeypox - with a base reproduction number (R0 ) for the modified strain of 3, versus 2.13 for the wild-type strain. The lab-modified strain is also engineered to be resistant to the smallpox vaccine. Vaccine resistance is thought to be induced by the introduction of the interleukin-4 gene, as demonstrated in previous mousepox studies. »

What about in reality? Is this MKP increased to resist existing vaccination, as in the MSC simulation or is it an unmodified wild-type virus release?

Since the time Bill Gates has been warning humanity that the virus that will follow CoV-2 will lead to a far more destructive pandemic…


Last minute, communicated by Hélène Banoun: Everything would be explained here!

The FDA-approved smallpox and monkeypox vaccine is also a vector virus (MVA, non-replicating smallpox virus, modified vaccinia Ankara ) of Ebola, Marburg, etc. vaccine (21)

Monkey pox comes at the right time to experiment with this type of new vaccine in the general population, just as Covid has made it possible to experiment with mRNA vaccines for other diseases (including influenza, as planned in October 2019, see the article on the origin of the Covid virus). And even an anti-Covid vaccine based on the MVA vector (22)!

Bernard Guennebaud

Dr. Vincent Reliquet

May 2022

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Possible risk for persons who would be vaccinated during their period of incubation : There is no identified risk for people who would be vaccinated during their incubation period.Indeed, symptomatic cases of Covid-19 have been observed in phase 3 clinical trials within less than 10 days post-vaccination, without the severity of these cases being amplified. In addition, no severe adverse effects related to the administration of a dose of vaccine during a potential incubation period were observed.
It is striking to note that in 1870 the experts said exactly the same thing about the smallpox vaccination practiced near the contamination: « if it is not protective, it will not be aggravating. It can therefore be practiced without restrictions. »It was false, completely false even, but this belief will continue until 2005 and will be the cause of great suffering for the populations.
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Russia Ministry of Defense published photos as evidence of existence of bio-laboratories in Nigerira(they have released more material we hope to have time to translate it for you),related to monkey smallpox spreading,currently there are 4 🇺🇸biolabs in 🇳🇬
Smallpox of monkeys was brought from Nigeria, where at least four biolabs of the United States work, said Igor Kirillov, head of the radiation, chemical and biological protection troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

I did a search on TASS for 'smallpox' and these are the most recent two articles that popped up:

Microgen ready to manufacture around 10 mln smallpox vaccine doses a year

Rostec is ready to increase smallpox vaccine production if need be, the company press service said

MOSCOW, May 26. /TASS/. Microgen, Russia’s smallpox vaccine developer and manufacturer, can produce around ten million vaccine doses a year and can increase production by several times within a year, if need be, Rostec press service told TASS on Thursday.

"Rostec is ready to increase smallpox vaccine production if need be. This vaccine is manufactured by Microgen, which is incorporated into our Nacimbio pharmaceutical holding. The company can now manufacture around ten million vaccine doses a year. But production can be expanded many-fold within ten to twelve months," it said.

Russia’s Central Research Institute of Epidemiology said earlier that a smallpox vaccine is effective against monkeypox, which has no specific vaccine.

Monkeypox is a viral zoonotic disease transmitted to humans through close contact with an infected person or animal (rodents, primate) or with material contaminated with the virus. It symptoms include fever, headache, muscle pains, swollen lymph nodes, feeling tired, and rash. The incubation period is around ten days and the symptoms typically last from two to four weeks. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the case fatality ratio ranges from one to ten percent, with the majority of deaths occurring in younger age groups.

Monkeypox cases have been confirmed in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. No monkeypox cases have been registered in Russia.

Apparently, Russia has herd immunity against monkeypox because of mass vaccination against smallpox "from before".

Lack of control could lead to terrorists using smallpox pathogens, says Defense Ministry

The chief of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force Igor Kirillov noted that smallpox vaccination, which many countries do not currently have, provides protection against monkeypox

MOSCOW, May 27. /TASS/. Lack of proper control could lead to the use of smallpox pathogens for terrorist purposes, Chief of Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force Igor Kirillov said on Friday.

"Lack of proper control and violations of biosafety requirements in the United States could cause the use of this pathogen for terrorist purposes. Between 2014 and 2021, unaccounted-for ampoules of the virus were repeatedly found in laboratories of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) in Maryland and the Vaccine Research Center (VRC) in Pennsylvania," Kirillov said.

According to him, the work at these organizations was conducted in violation of the 1996 World Health Assembly resolution, according to which smallpox pathogen can be stored in only one US laboratory, which is the National Center for Infectious Diseases in Atlanta.

The chief of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force noted that smallpox vaccination, which many countries do not currently have, provides protection against monkeypox.
He pointed out the World Health Organization has announced an emergency meeting of member states on the occurrence of an outbreak of this dangerous infectious disease in May 2022.

"We know that so far, 98% of those who caught the disease are homosexual males over 20. Earlier, Dr. David Hermann, who formerly headed WHO's emergencies department, said in an interview with the American press that sexual transmission is the main cause of the spread of the disease," Kirillov added.

Maybe the Russians know something important about this recent monkey business, making a connection between the revelations of the biolabs in Ukraine and smallpox research and the US biolabs in Nigeria and the monkeypox outbreak. The common denominator is that these are evil people who are busily engaged in creating bioweapons:

The Russian military has spent over two months now detailing the extent and reach of the US military-biological research effort in Ukraine, revealing that the Pentagon has used the country as a testing ground for the study of deadly bioagents, and uncovering the tangled web of military, corporate, and political interests behind these activities.

Russian Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Defence Troops chief Igor Kirillov issued a fresh briefing on Friday, providing new information on US military biological activities in Ukraine, as well as details on what his troops know about monkeypox, a smallpox cousin which has caused a global health scare in recent weeks.

The Pentagon, he said, introduced a mandatory smallpox vaccination back in 2003, with US diplomats and medical personnel also required to be jabbed against the infectious disease.

"This indicates that the United States considers the smallpox pathogen a priority pathogenic agent for combat use, and ongoing vaccination measures are aimed at protecting their own military contingents", Kirillov said.
Excerpt from 2003 memorandum on Pentagon's mandatory smallpox vaccination programme. - Sputnik International, 1920, 27.05.2022

Excerpt from 2003 memorandum on Pentagon's mandatory smallpox vaccination programme.
© Photo : Russian Ministry of Defence

The complete 2003 US "Army Smallpox Preparedness and Vaccination Program Implementation Plan" document can be found here.

"The Pentagon's interest in this infection is far from accidental. The return of the causative agent of smallpox would be a global catastrophe for all of humanity", Kirillov suggested, emphasising that smallpox is 10 times more lethal than COVID-19.

Citing seized documentation, Kirillov revealed that American instructors trained employees of biolabs in Ukraine on how to respond to an emergency smallpox outbreak. Ukrainian-language documents on this training can be found here.

Smallpox was eradicated in the late 1970s thanks to global efforts, with vaccinations against the disease subsequently halted by most countries. However, health authorities in countries around the world have recently begun expressing concerns about monkeypox, after cases began to spread earlier this month.

US Biolabs in Nigeria​

Kirillov took note of the World Health Organisation's recent determination that the causative agent of the monkeypox virus being met today originated in Nigeria, and pointed out that this is "another state upon whose territory the United States has deployed its biological infrastructure".

"According to available information, there are at least four US-controlled biolabs" in the African nation", Kirillov said.
Cropped excerpt from Russian Defence Ministry briefing slide showing locations of suspected US-controlled biolabs in Nigeria, including two in Abuja, one in Zaria, and one in the capital, Lagos. - Sputnik International, 1920, 27.05.2022

Cropped excerpt from Russian Defence Ministry briefing slide showing locations of suspected US-controlled biolabs in Nigeria, including two in Abuja, one in Zaria, and one in Lagos.
© Photo : Russian Ministry of Defence

Kirillov also pointed to media reports on the 2021 Munich Security Conference-Nuclear Threat Initiative simulation modelling the outbreak of a bioengineered, highly deadly strain of monkeypox by terrorists, calling the exercise "an odd coincidence which needs additional verification by specialists".
Daniel Streblow, Ph.D., holds a plate of plasma samples that contain COVID-19 antibodies, to be evaluated in OHSUХs in-house COVID-19 testing lab.  - Sputnik International, 1920, 20.05.2022
2021 Munich Security Conference Monkeypox ‘Pandemic Simulation’ Resurfaces as Real-Life Cases Rise
20 May, 17:35 GMT

The officer emphasised that against the backdrop of repeated US violations of biosafety requirements and evidence of the careless storage of pathogenic biomaterials, including smallpox, the WHO should investigate the activities of US-funded labs in the cities of Abuja, Zaria, and Lagos, Nigeria, and inform the international community on their findings.

The RCB Defence Troops chief also expressed concerns about the safety of smallpox virus samples inside the United States itself.

"The lack of proper control and the violation of biosecurity requirements in the United States could lead to the use of this pathogen for terrorist purposes. Between 2014 and 2021, unaccounted for vials containing the virus were repeatedly found in the laboratories of the US Food and Drug Administration, the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Maryland, and the Centre for Vaccine Research in Pennsylvania", Kirillov said.

Kirillov stressed that the work of these labs violated a 1996 resolution by the WHO, which prohibited smallpox's causative agent from being stored in all but one US-based laboratory - the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

1996 resolution by the Forty-Ninth World Health Assembly requiring the United States and Russia to hold smallpox virus samples at only one facility per country. - Sputnik International, 1920, 27.05.2022

1996 resolution by the Forty-Ninth World Health Assembly requiring the United States and Russia to hold smallpox virus samples at only one facility per country.
© Photo : Russian Ministry of Defence
195 Countries in the world. 21 of them (all NATO or US aliened)"say” they have an outbreak of monkey-business. From the other 175 countries of the world…cricket-cricket-cricket, and I hope to hear crack crackle cracking… of the narrative.

As I went looking for “new” news on other countries/cases I found very little. Its actually pretty quiet.
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This report, from two days ago, doesn't mention which vaccine is being offered but reading another, you find out it's Imvamune. They're really pushing the homosexual men angle, too, and that the lesions don't form anywhere else. I get this feeling of the 'early days of AIDS' reporting. If I understood a tv news blurb correctly, they started vaccinations today.

Quebec to start vaccinating against monkeypox as cases climb to 25

Laura Marchand

May 26, 2022

Quebec will start vaccinating some people with a smallpox vaccine, in order to combat the spread of monkeypox in the Montreal area.

Quebec's public health director Dr. Luc Boileau said Thursday that 25 cases of monkeypox have now been confirmed in the province. Fourteen of them are in the city of Montreal, though all cases are tied to the greater Montreal area.

About 20 to 30 more cases are also under investigation, Boileau said.

Boileau underlined that the spread of monkeypox was "a serious situation," but said it is not sweeping through the population like COVID-19, for example.

"We aren't expecting a rapid, huge number of cases," he explained. "That's why we think it can be eradicated."

To that end, Boileau said that the smallpox vaccine — which hasn't been routinely offered in Canada for decades — will be offered to those at high risk of contracting the disease, such as those who have been in contact with confirmed cases.

Boileau said the province has access to hundreds of doses at the ready, but vaccination will only occur after a recommendation from public health. It will not be open to the general public.

Dr. Caroline Quach, chair of Quebec's immunization committee, told the news conference that the vaccine —_ which was approved in 2020 for the prevention of smallpox and other orthopox viruses — has been shown to prevent monkeypox in animal studies.

The vaccine, she said, will ideally be administered within four days of an exposure but could be administered up to two weeks after.

"Data have shown that if you give it within four days, you have a very good effectiveness in preventing the illness,'' Quach said. "If you administer it between Day 5 and 14, it might not prevent disease, but it might modify the evolution.''

Currently, the "vast majority" of cases are adult men who have had sexual relations with men, Boileau said.
There is one case affecting a minor, Boileau specified, who has been to school since exposure. By Friday, however, health officials said testing showed the minor did not have monkeypox.

But the virus needs close and prolonged contact to spread, Quach said, "so it's not like an entire classroom would suddenly be affected," like it would with more transmissible diseases like the coronavirus.

Boileau specified the government is "not in a community alert situation" when it comes to monkeypox.

Montreal's medical officer responsible for health emergencies and infectious diseases, Dr. Geneviève Bergeron, added that contact tracing and isolation are also being used to prevent the spread.

Dr. Sébastien Poulin, an infectious disease specialist at the Saint-Jérôme Hospital, near Montreal, said he thinks it makes sense for the vaccination campaign to target close contacts.

"I believe it's reasonable because we can't forget that at present, there haven't been any severe cases; there haven't been any deaths,''
he said in an interview Thursday. While the disease can be uncomfortable, Poulin said, "we're not talking about human smallpox; we're not talking about a deadly virus.''

Poulin, who practises at clinics in Montreal and Saint-Jérôme, said during past outbreaks of monkeypox in central and west Africa, patients had flu-like symptoms before developing a rash.

While some cases that have been reported during the current outbreak in the Montreal area and the United Kingdom have involved flu-like symptoms coupled with painful lesions on the penis, anus or mouth, other patients have had few symptoms, he said.

One of Poulin's patients, he said, had no symptoms other than a single lesion on his penis that was not painful and a somewhat painful swelling of one lymph node. Those "atypical'' symptoms could lead to further transmission, he said, as people may not realize they have the virus.
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Mexico registers the first imported case of monkeypox, confirms Hugo López-Gatell

The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, explained that the 50-year-old man is stable and in preventive isolation in Mexico City.

The official explained that the person who was infected with this viral disease is treated in Mexico City and is a 50-year-old man, a permanent resident of New York City, who was probably infected in the Netherlands.

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