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It seems that NASA sure spent a lot of cash making sure we didn't contaminate the moon and the moon didn't contaminate us.


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We're talking about Apollo here, not ancient space travel! I'm not going to dispute your claim as this is a moon landing thread but feel free to provide the evidence. I doubt, on the evidence presented by NASA they achieved lunar orbit let alone a landing, low earth orbit at best.

Seriously?! Why? Like people are supposed to accept the 'new reality' of covid? This is a Moon landing conspiracy thread, I'm not demanding anyone to accept my posts but if they're useful they're free to use them. They're also free to criticize and poke holes in my research. The official record is there and I merely dispute it with the resources at my disposal. Don't have to accept anything!

Indeed the public is caught up in the virus but this is a moon landing conspiracy thread! I'm disputing the Apollo record because people have been led to believe that it's factual! Why bring covid into it? Don't worry, I'm a medic, I'm exposed to covidiots all the time and can hold my own! I'm not stopping anyone on this forum from discussing the virus insanity.

Got the evidence for that? Perhaps it is old hat and inter-dimensional travel is available to a select few but with the power that such technologies would bring why is the official record so lame and poorly executed using early to mid 20th century techniques to fake it, surely they could do better? Would've saved them a lot of trouble in the future! Modern day space travel as portrayed to the masses is nowhere near the level you describe and they've gone to a lot of trouble to maintain a narrative, perhaps even killing astronauts and a safety inspector to keep the whole lie going. Even the LROC images are pathetic, there's better resolution of earthbound objects (using the same hardware) from 25 times the altitude with the atmosphere obscuring the view than there is of the Apollo sites . It would be really nice to know why they did it and why they continue to do it.

1) At a birthday party last Saturday, the birthday boy's dad brought out his silver halide photography equipment. I used to enjoy the same hobby and we had a great technical discussion. Long story short, eventually we began discussing the Apollo images and eventually he realized they were fakes, simply because the film would never have survived the missions, he thought the cameras were specially made to withstand the harsh lunar conditions, they weren't. He woke up a little that night, open to other possibilities, like the fact covid is fake, he's in early 80's, never too late. Took very little effort on my part.

That makes three so far, all face to face and thanks mostly to dodgy Apollo images! Knowledge of the dodgy Apollo history also helps but the images have the greatest impact because they're accessible to almost everyone with a PC and internet connection. The analytical software is freely available and I find it a lot of fun, it's like a hobby to me now, a self affirming activity.
2) The other good thing about Apollo is that unlike 911 it's a 'feel good' fake. People are generally not so defensive about it and it's easier to show some of the lamest fakes in the collection to get them thinking without severe emotional reactions. It's also easy to reassure them and suggest that Apollo was real but the images were destroyed by the harsh space conditions so they had to fake them as this gentleman claims here.
3) It's educational, learning how a mass fraud is committed is always beneficial, you can apply it to other frauds as well. Knowledge protects.
4) I watched Apollo XI as a kid, loved NASA and collected a lot of stuff, built model rockets and so forth. I religiously believed in it and I broke that spell when I clicked those links on the Apollo archive. Eighteen months in now, been a great journey!
5) It's history, and history is extremely important.
6) Finally, it seems I get attacked when I'm researching this, especially when I'm about to post here or elsewhere. However the more research I do I'm finding the attacks are dissipating somewhat. It peaked about 3 months ago when I awoke to what seemed to be a serious cardiac event. It seems that they do take an interest in this and want to shut it down.
How does a person prove awakened memories? It's not possible.

I am one of the biggest conspiracy theorists around, according to the lame stream. I have seen things in the night sky in 1967 that defy today's known technology. You will have to take my word or ask my brother. Dad has passed away so he can't testify. My brother also witnessed the same things I did.

We have been to the moon recently, in the past 50 whatever odd years. Just not with Apollo. I also have pretty much given up discussing this with people in general. It will all be revealed soon enough.
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