Session 4 July 2020

Thank you all - wow that was interesting! I thought I was beyond being shocked these days but those poor cows .... god only knows what else we aren’t privy to ....

I too am now trying not to get wound up by what seems to me to be the majority of people in my immediate circle, who buy what the media says hook, line and sinker. My flatmate is very vocal on Trump and US politics in general, and loves telling me I’m a conspiracy theorist. :cry: Have given up on having an opinion around him as I realised it just ends up causing me a lot of angst!

Staying neutral at the moment, particularly on media platforms, sounds like a good idea.

Take care everyone :hug:


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Thanks to all for this session which is filled with words of wisdom for these times we are living in. I have never been one to be on social media. I reluctantly signed up for a FB account 4 years ago only because it was how my 25th High School reunion was being organized by classmates still in town. Even then, I never posted anything of my own and felt like trying to keep up with all the "friends" posts/comments was taking too much time away from things I felt were more important such as the reading SOTT, the Forum, recommended readings here, and work on myself. Plus, I just felt I would be opening myself to misunderstandings with people I haven't seen in years and who would probably not understand the path I am on. Perhaps that feeling is due to my narcissistic wounding from early childhood, a great fear of rejection from others. Looking at the current situation, not being on social media has helped me to avoid giving unnecessary energy to negative emotional feedback loops that other members have mentioned.

Congratulations Laura on achieving that part of your destiny and task here on the BBM this go around. I feel like reading your book will be a part of my destiny, a huge task of deprogramming, and finally hearing and understanding the true Christianity, which has been such a large part of my life and journey. Thank you for your amazing effort and perseverance!


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By now, it seems to me that those who can see are already seeing, whether by their own efforts and inclination or association with this group, and the rest can't or won't.
Last night I received a message from a friend thanking me for the "covid is nonsense" posts on FB. They are not to convince the brainwashed but to confort those who already know or suspect something is not quite right. So an occasional distillation of information, including through humour, may be sufficient at this point. Truth cannot reach those who refuse to see it anyway.


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Took me a while to understand what David R Hawkins called 'nonattachment'... sort of like the middle axis of the Tree of Life... neither attached, nor detached... nonattached... fits in with the music/singing alignment with 'others'.... fits in with most everything.... letting the flow of the river take you along for the ride.... this 'enjoy the ride' does have to be seen by the C's comment on one of Laura's past lives when she did a faceplate on the road? outside the house... it's a different sort of 'ride' to experience... in nonattached manner.... a different sort of harmony... watching Gravity do its thing.... thru each of us.... learning to play our part when it's our turn.. like in the Celestine Prophecy book... tested whether we can hold our light/knowledge/awareness or not.

the 3d in 4d aspect of the triangle etc reminds me of how those crop circles look in basic photos from above the ground... more 2d or flat... then some take them into a more 3d perspective to show their expanded formation...

Kay Kim

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I was wondering whether there might be a chance that some of you could make a recording of ‘In the Garden’ together? That I (and others) could play to our crystals whilst learning how to sing it? I imagine it would also be quite powerful.

Joe’s post contain Laura’s singing voice of “In The Garden of the Universe “.
You can download, and sing along with Laura!

Session 7 May 2016


Thanks, great session. I found this rather disturbing and it brought back a memory from April 20th this year.

A: 3D satellites. Induced heart attacks.

I research the human efforts in space, especially the Apollo landings but it's also happened once when I began to research a haunting in South West Sydney. Quite often when about to post some research I seem to get attacked. Usually it's in the form of a nightmare or I wake to an extremely negative and unpleasant presence in my room, the effects are debilitating and last for 2 or 3 days afterwards.

However on 20/04/20 this year as I was about to send some more research I awoke at 2am, not to a nightmare or a presence but to what appeared to be serious heart trouble. My heart was racing and beating at about 140, pulse was visible in my wrists, could hear the pounding in my ears and feel throbbing at my temples. Strangely my breathing was calm and relaxed, I began to panic slightly, as a medic I know what this can lead to in a middle aged man like myself. I began breathing exercises to bring my heart rate and blood pressure down which I did after a few minutes and after achieving stability I walked around my house till all returned to normal. I returned to bed, planning to get myself checked out ASAP and went back to sleep.

Not long after, shortly after 3am I awoke to exactly the same condition, however, this time rather than try to fight it I said, non-verbally and without thinking. "If you kill me you'll only make me stronger!" In an instant my heart-rate dropped, back to normal in about 15 seconds.

First time it's ever happened and hasn't happened since, just getting nightmares or evil presences when I post or even thinking about posting my research.

Has this ever happened to anyone else on this forum? If they TPTB brought about the death of an even partially aware person would they become stronger, in whatever realm they arrived in?

I'd like to stress I'm not advocating dying in order to 'become stronger', I enjoy my life and I've even helped bring bring a couple of ppl back from the other side in my job as a medic. Just very curios. Cheers!


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(L) Oh yeah! We finished charging a whole new batch of crystals. When we started out, we were all in a very bad voice. Andromeda and I were still recovering from all that virus business that affected our lungs and throats, and it took us a number of days to even start to be able to breathe properly and sound normal. But then at certain points once we had gotten our mojo back, there were times when we were singing and I would hear other voices joining in. Was I actually hearing other voices?

A: Yes

Q: (L) What were those voices?

A: 4D STO support for charging magnification.

Thank you for this new session.

Perhaps the crystals I requested are in that new batch, so I take this opportunity to thank Laura and her daughters for the time, love and energy they gave to prepare the crystals.

I will look for the best songs in Spanish to sing to them, but I already made a playlist in Spotify with the songs in English suggested in the session.

Being connected with you (on the forum, SOTT, Facebook, Twitter and through the crystals) is fundamental to deprogram myself, to have faith in my abilities and to trust that I am not alone on this path of consciousness growth and in trying to serve others more and better.


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What a timely and amazing session, ascribing words to some of what all of us have been feeling and going through.
Q: (Pierre) I have a question about charges and discharges. The Malta Ruts suggest material removal. Were they caused by upward electric discharges?

A: Downward. Conducted.
I am glad this was asked. I had been pretty confused as to how to differentiate between upward/downward electric discharges when studying the surface scarring.

Laura said:
In a funny way, it's one of the reasons that I was drawn to read this series of novels was that it elicits ideas of a different world. It wasn't conscious, but it elicits ideas of romance, harmony between men and women, and so on. You guys laugh at me about them, but they really depict relationships in a most interesting way. They're just... And yeah, they talk about physical relationships, but they also talk about mental and emotional relationships.
I can identify with this. When growing up as a child, I read a lot of older stories and books which my father had and to me they still provide with ample real world examples of human relationships, various archetypes, necessity of morality and feelings higher than bodily impulses and lusts.


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Burundi's Nkurunziza has been on the PTB's target list for some time now, the following article is from 2015.

The Burundian government has become a target of Africom, US neocolonial rule in Africa which advocate the creation of a strong state with a multi-vectored foreign policy. Important contracts have been signed in recent years with Russia and China for the exploitation of natural resources such as nickel. The country is also moving closer into the orbit of the BRICS countries. This is why it is being attacked by Western-backed political subversion.

Pierre Nkurunziza, the country's president, is among the most popular leaders in Africa today. The reason for this is quite simple. Since coming to power in 2005, Nkurunziza has built more schools than all the combined rulers since independence. A keen ecologist, Nkurunziza is known to spend weekends working in the fields with peasants. He has initiated a vast tree-planting programme to protect the country's environment. The Burundian government intends to turn the country into a major exporter of fruit and free medical care for pregnant women has been provided in newly constructed healthcare centres throughout the country.


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What an amazing session, thank you all so much!

A: Remember the secret correspondence between Kennedy and Kruschev.

Q: (L) So in other words, the leader of Russia and the leader of the USA still have a lot of forces arrayed against them within their own countries.

(Niall) They have to act a certain strategic way.

I just read RFK Jr.'s book "American Values" and the whole Kennedy saga is really quite something. The correspondence between Kennedy and Kruschev was fascinating, they were super careful, and they both had such powerful internal enemies. And look at what happened to them despite their carefulness, and now imagine that since then the dark forces had decades of strengthening their power...

A: Keep eyes and ears open so that you can enjoy the show. But also pay close and careful attention to those around you in love and harmony. Balance is key. Goodbye.

Wow, I can so relate to a lot of what has been said. I went on a Social Media hiatus lately, keeping myself informed, but also keeping my distance. There really is a feeling of "disconnect" between realities, and I kind of have given up convincing people. And I'm less emotionally invested in whether people "get it", or the craziness around. There is much love, and positive things seem strengthened. I'm doing things like playing piano, gardening, beautifying the house, calling relatives... There needs to be balance. Also, I'm tired of staring at all the craziness around all the time, I want to focus more on what's in me - reading, learning about things I'm interested in, moving in a positive direction, getting into the "cosmic groove". Let the crazies be crazies and move away from them kinda thing.

However, I also have bouts of depression from out of nowhere, everything is amplified. It seems more crucial than ever to keep it together, even slight "slips" in awareness seem to do lots of harm. I feel like I need to constantly up my game mentally, to keep my thoughts and emotions pure and balanced, and do some mind-ninja tricks to stay on track.

For example, just yesterday I decided to get Spotify and was listening to some nice songs. But then I saw that in the German version, they use gendered language everywhere! Like "Artist*X" and things like that. I suddenly got terribly mad, enraged!! The feeling was so strong that I had violent fantasies! So I stopped myself, and asked my wife, "what can you do if you have feelings like that?", and we talked a bit, and suddenly those bad vibes just vanished, and I was calm and centered again.

I think it is very important to maintain a spirit of curiosity these days - curiosity about our own feelings and reactions, about what we can learn from all the challenges, internal and external, facing us. It boils down to the question of how badly we want to learn? How badly do we want to grow? How badly do we want to know? This kind of spirit will transcend our challenges, and even turn errors into valuable lessons. Otherwise, because of all the "intensifying" going on, we can be violently thrown off-track very quickly.

Thanks again everyone, and much love :love:


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Thank you for this session. What to say. This session brings us more subtle information about our reality and how to navigate through it in those dark times.

I felt exactly the same. After the initial shock when all this madness started back in March now I really feel more distant from all that madness.
Like refusing to put energy and to participate in that crazy reality.
I can't really describe it but this way I feel it is better for me. It is like not allowing all that dark energy to enter inside me. Like creating a defense system that can filter those dark energies and not participating or enhancing them.
I feel the same way, Konstantin, but we have been suffering the madness since last October with five months of Australian bush fires raging all around us, and that was followed by the coronavirus, with ship-loads and plane-loads of people bringing it home from their travels with them.
I also have felt a pulling away lately, knowing that those who are going to understand the message have already been informed, and those who will not absorb that knowledge will remain in the darkness.
My personal Christian philosophy is that if I pray against the dark forces, any spells they cast at me will bounce off and go straight back to the source. This has been tested many times, and I am still here, still being tested.


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This session filled me with peace and beauty.
Thank you all very much for you, for the work you do, for sharing your work and your beautiful humanly emotions and everything else.
Laura, congratulations on finishing the book! 🌹 Thank you very much for everything.
I wish I could be there with you, guys. You are amazing.


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Interesting that you say the above, and the comment about most of us making this shift. While I'm certainly aware of the descent into madness, I'm still find it difficult to just walk away. I suppose it has a lot to do with my temperament and the years of 'fighting the power' that makes me respond in this way. There's something in me that seems to respond as if this is what I've been training for all these years. On FB in particular, I've been posting a lot of stuff relating to lockdowns and the virus that seems to have attracted a lot of attention (2,500 new 'friends' in the last couple of months). That said, it's a good idea to not be too identified with being engaged in the 'fight'. At the end of the day, there's no changing this world or the path on which a lot of its inhabitants are set, and those who are not on that path probably have enough awareness at this point to see them through.

Interesting Joe, I have had similar thoughts a number of times, but not necessarily connected to Corona. Thoughts like - is THIS why I came here? Is this my mission? I do wonder though how much of these thoughts are vanity on my part - with each new craziness, there are "stars" on Social Media that emerge, and maybe I'm a bit jealous and want to be among them? Maybe instead of running a freelance business working for corporations I would love to earn my living with being a famous writer/youtuber/whatever? Or maybe I have illusions of single-handedly changing people's minds? Or is it a genuine recognition of how I can best put my abilities to use? I kind of came to the conclusion, for me, that I need to purge myself of all egoistical and vain thoughts, to purify my "thought world" as best I can. Only if I'm focused on truly helping people can I do something positive, and humility is crucial. I need to look at this from a spiritual perspective, not a material one. I need to practice not to anticipate any outcomes on this plane, nor any "successes" here. Contributing to the "conduit", perhaps having a humble positive effect on someone should be enough. I will do a little youtube video soon giving tips on how to deal with procrastination, and maybe other basic maladies people are dealing with these days. I kind of feel that this is more important than "fighting power" or "reaching lots of people" by focusing on the madness du jour. Otherwise, it's enjoying the show, reading, getting my sh*t together as best I can... that should be enough, I think. It's already more I can handle... Just sharing some of my own experiences here.
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