My cat has cancer - I need advice.

Oh Brenda, I am so sorry to know of this situation, that would be so upsetting for you, and your beloved ✨Dante✨
My heart goes out to you both, he is a darling boy 🥰 and gorgeous! But I can see and feel he is not in a good way at all.

About 10 years ago my beloved cat Kashmir (Kashi) had an immune condition... she was very sick.
She had developed a big black 'wound' on her face that continued to grow and spread, and it turned out to be cancerous.

Local mainstream vets (including the most expensive, rude and utterly useless "holistic vet" I have ever encountered) had no solutions for me - except medication: 'to make her comfortable'. I absolutely refused to accept this was our only option, so muttering to myself, cursing their ridiculous ineptitude, sheer laziness, and lack of actual awareness of anything beyond their own 'bubble', I started researching online, knowing full well that there must be a good reason she was so sick - and absolutely convinced there was a solution.

I found a holistic vet in the United States: Gloria Dodds from Everglo-Natural Veterinary Services (California), who was honestly quite amazing. This vet focused on Homeopathy, Kirlian Photography, Dowsing, Hair Analysis for Heavy Metals, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing, Oral Oxygen Therapy etc... she was totally different to every other 'holistic' vet I had come across. I felt she had an unusual way of looking at things and a very enquiring mind from the things she had written about on her website, I felt I could trust her knowledge base. Gloria made me no promises. If anything she was not particularly encouraging at all. She certainly didn't take the work on because she needed the money. She seemed very genuine and concerned about my cat, and I think she realised I was literally calling from the other side of the world because I was desperate and I loved Kashi deeply. She certainly did not take advantage of my situation in any way or load me up with a huge debt, nor did she give me false hope. She was realistic and down to earth, very knowledgable... she had a very different way of 'seeing' things.

When I initially contacted Gloria, she asked me for a photo of Kashi. She 'dowsed' the photo to read her energetic field in the photo. We had a phone consult, she said my cat was very sick, she was not sure she would be able to cure her.
I said I wanted to try anyway.

Bottom line of this story is: Kashi survived and was healed.
But this route is not for the faint of heart, there is a lot of effort required. I followed her instructions to the letter, Kashi's tumour shrank / dissolved... her sweet face began to heal and the issues did not return. Gloria was pretty surprised it worked, because of how sick Kashi was, she has clearly had some devastating situations and tried everything to helo them, so at least this result was positive, despite the odds.

Gloria has since passed away, but her family and other vets who worked closely with her, continue her wonderful work, I have just checked their website - OMG, the prices are the same they were 10 years ago: amazing.

Some useful info from Gloria's website...
There are newsletters / info sheets for sale @ $5 each.
The website has links to Mercola articles but they don't work since his website has been so heavily restricted.

(confusing! so I colour coded them below)

1) ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE FIELD (referring to the 'personal field' of a living thing)
2) ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCY ('noxious energy fields' - geopathic /man made - which affect living things negatively)

Everglo Natural Veterinary


It is possible to treat an animal's health problems symptomatically with diet change, vitamins and minerals and even supportive homeopathy remedies.

However it is Dr. Dodd's goal to find the causes of why the animal got sick/painful /or taken over by parasites in the first place and remove these causes. There are as many causes as there are for why people get sick.

In Dr. Dodd's experience of observing the many animals who have came to her since she opened her practice in 1960, and her education in both orthodox and holistic philosophies, Dr. Dodd has come to the following conclusion:


We have to stop thinking of our animals as physical beings alone.

  • Inheritance of a genetic code that is flawed and produces a weakened constitution. This may produce impaired organ function, immune response or coping with stress. Yes, animals do suffer illnesses due to stress as we do.
  • Environmental toxins- Chemicals in the food, water and air that is foreign to the metabolism of the body. To this, Dr. Dodd adds the toxic affects of drugs and vaccines.
  • Trauma to any part of the body but especially to the head, which deranges the natural flow of Chi or Life Force. This touches every cell in the body depriving it of the needed energy for health.
  • Noxious energy fields where we work and live. These are EMF's of the earth known as Geopathic forces and man-made noxious EMF's. Geopathic forces are produced where two underground streams of water intersect, giving up a ray of energy. Any animal confined over this point for a period of time will develop painful arthritis, malfunction of the internal organs and impairment of the immune system. Dr. Dodd has seen cases of cancer in animals in such areas. In Europe there are documented areas known as "Cancer" houses where people and animals living there, have developed this disease down through the years. Refer to Newsletter #8 - "Why Therapies Fail, The Geopathic and Man-Made Noxious Energies" for in depth discussion and products offered for protecting you and your pet. Man-made noxious energy fields are more important, because this element is becoming more omnipresent. Every electrified building, system of telephones, computers, radios, television, telecommunication of every nature from cellular telephones to military and commercial satellites in the stratosphere, which circle this planet, are radiating an ever widening destructive force field to our bodies. Progress at a price. What can we do to protect our animals and ourselves?
  • Chronic Stress of emotional, physical illness, and toxicity and exposures to noxious energy fields in the environment. Please see our new product Anti-Stress Support Formula 30C.


Dr. Dodd wants to share with you what she learned from masters of healing. Through knowledge is power - power to make a difference in your pet's health and your own. With Dr. Dodd's informational website articles, and newsletters with accompanying instructional charts you will learn how to do this, and with the products she has developed, we will give you the tools to do so.

(this is the order that she treats the health issues in - ie: head trauma is always the FIRST issue):



Food: All commercial pet food is pretty toxic. Helpful solutions and very useful info is offered in this newsletter.
Water: Gloria strongly recommends giving your pet quality bottled spring water due to heavy metal contamination in water supplies, particularly if it is very sick. The less contaminants now the better their chance of recovery.

BOVINE COLOSTRUM (newsletter here)
BC has been used for thousands of years.
Provides instant antibody protection / destruction of infectious bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancer cells. It is a multifaceted healer - one of the most important nutritional supplement available for enhancing the immune system and increasing tissue repair. Certified organic pasture-fed colostrum is the best - no hormones, no antibiotics, no nuclear contamination, no pesticides, prepared without extreme heat /cold, water soluble. (NZ has good quality - don't buy from USA)

Vitamin C for Cancer in Cats

Vitamin C has many functions, some of them is being an antioxidant and in boosting immunity. Therefore, it can help in reducing the risks of these pets developing malignancy since it is one of the cancer-fighting vitamins.

However, since these pets can make their own ascorbic acid, they do not require any added in diets or supplemented unless they have underlying conditions that may necessitate supplementation such as liver disease.

Secondly, since this malignancy often results in oxidative damage as puts it, supplementation of this powerful antioxidant vitamin can help manage the oxidative damage of cells caused by therapies for treating cancer or the malignancy itself.

Oxidative damage occurs when there are more free radicals being generated than the body can counteract the damaging effect they cause.

Thirdly, if these pets are injected with high doses of ascorbic acid, it may help. Health Pets by Mercola suggest that it can help kill cancer cells. This is because of its higher concentration in the blood means more will reach cells. Also, Dr, Tom Schell, a veterinarian researcher and head of Nouvelle Research Inc., concurs.

Finally, being an antioxidant, ascorbic acid may also help reduce any resultant inflammation

Gloria used / promoted colour therapy. That might sound ridiculous but colour therapy is pretty amazing. My grandfather spoke with me about this over 35 years ago and said he actually had some treatment for a problem with his foot, using colour therapy (over 50 years ago!) which was very unusual for back then (and he was not what you would call 'alternative' so I found that fascinating). He said it worked, he never had a problem again.

The other thing I would encourage you to do is start using some quartz crystals that have been cleansed in natural clean water, put them where your kitty sleeps. I also feel rose quartz. Make sure you cleanse them in clean water DAILY and don't leave them anywhere that they are exposed to the moon. If you feel any crystal you have has accumulated negative energy, the C's say you can put it in the sun for 3 days to clear any programming/low vibrations - but take it inside before dark, each day. (Unless you have crystals that have been purchased through the Fellowship - these should not be exposed to the sun or the moon - they have been lovingly charged already and if you expose them to the sun or moon you will clear the activation held within the crystal.)

Currently Gloria's website says they are not taking international orders due to Covid but that may well have changed by now.
I would call them direct during USA working hours to find out - Argentina is 4 hours ahead of California.

If you have any questions or I have not explained anything very well, just let me know.
I hope the tests the vet does can offer some clarity and positive solutions.
Big gentle hugs to you and Dante. :hug2: 💛
Hi, I have an update about Dante, his tumor turned soft in some parts (almost everywhere) for some reason, and I also think it shrunk a little bit, this last is hard to know because it's a judgment I made by touching and I could be wrong. Tomorrow I'll go to the post office to pick up the Essiac, so I'll start giving it to him tomorrow. I don't know if this change in consistency, so to say, is normal, I saw it happen before in some parts, but today is like the whole tumor turned that way. It used to be really hard, but now I can even move it, and when I press it, it's as if it sinks a little. I haven't told to his vet yet, I just realized this a few hours ago, and yesterday the tumor was as it used to be.
Hi, I have an update about Dante, his tumor turned soft in some parts (almost everywhere) for some reason, and I also think it shrunk a little bit, this last is hard to know because it's a judgment I made by touching and I could be wrong. Tomorrow I'll go to the post office to pick up the Essiac, so I'll start giving it to him tomorrow. I don't know if this change in consistency, so to say, is normal, I saw it happen before in some parts, but today is like the whole tumor turned that way. It used to be really hard, but now I can even move it, and when I press it, it's as if it sinks a little. I haven't told to his vet yet, I just realized this a few hours ago, and yesterday the tumor was as it used to be.
That sounds good to me, time will tell. Our dog's sarcoma started coming apart just before we went on to surgery that would be fatal. I didn't realize that was what was happening. He was healing himself and I was too upset and blind to consider that was what was happening all those years ago.

I did feel Dante was getting a lot of prayer and I sent Reiki and maybe others did too. I will continue but it seems like he doesn't need it right now. I imagined him floating in a lot of good energy that was sent his way once you posted here.

Our vet homeopath/Reiki master without listing all her skills, said cats don't need or take that much Reiki and they respond very, very well.

Essiac sounds good, too! Glad to read this update!
I did feel Dante was getting a lot of prayer and I sent Reiki and maybe others did too. I will continue but it seems like he doesn't need it right now.
Indeed, thank you all for the prayers! A friend of mine also gave him reiki, today we were joking about him being sanctified because of all the prayers he's been getting. I think he's getting better, or maybe the proper thing to say is that at least he's not getting worse, the tumor was growing so fast since I found it and the differences between one week and the other were alarming. I don't want to have false hopes because I don't know what's going on with the tumor yet, even though it seemed to get smaller, my knowledge of tumors and cancer is not extensive and maybe there's something I'm missing. I still haven't told his vet because he might want to try again the medication he gave him 10 days ago to shrink the tumor but ended up not working, and maybe interfering with was is going on right now with the tumor is not the best thing to do. I want to see how he responds to the essiac, from what I read I'm sure that it won't affect him negatively, unlike the medication he got that lowered his defenses.
Hi, I wanted to share that Dante died on November 8, his cancer suddenly got worse. I'm thankful he didn't agonize and that I could accompany him during his illness. The day he died I remember going to work and saying my last words to him, I knew that he was going to die, in fact, I wasn't expecting that he could make it through the night. I said to him for the last time that I would like to see him again, maybe in this life or another, it didn't matter. I also told my mother that I wasn't going to have cats anymore, not because I was angry about his death, but because I have other cats and I didn't see a reason to have more. The only way I could have another was if the cat found me or suddenly appeared, so to say, instead of me looking for a pet. And the curious thing about it is that the next day, at 8 am when I was about to go to work, my mother heard meows outside so she went to check and there was a little cat outside. I kept him because I said that the only way of having another cat was if the cat appeared in my life on its own. It's an interesting thing that happened, maybe coincidence, maybe something else, who knows.
I named him Ron, here are two pictures of him.


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I'm sorry to hear about Dante, I'm sure he had a wonderful life with you and in a way is still around, I'm glad you got to say goodbye (or rather, see you later) :hug2:Very special that the next day a new kitty showed up. Ron's looking very cute!
I’m sorry for your loss, Brenda. It’s never easy to lose a ‘family member’. But right on cue, the universe sent you another ball of fluff ! 🥳

We recently had a young female show up at our house and she had four kittens! I was able to find homes for the mama and two kittens. They really do bring a lot of joy.
My condolences Brenda. How heart warming that Dante may have made room for Ron to experience your love and care as he did. What a blessing that your love and reaching out for help from others eased his transition and prevented his suffering. What a beautiful gift you gave him.
Oh Brenda, I am so sorry to know of your loss.
He was a beautiful furbaby. You gave him so much love and did all you could to help him...
You have both been in my prayers.

How heartening to know another little soul has found their way to you at such a time.
The C's have said "Coincidences are the spice of life for those with higher knowledge."
The Universe appears to have brought you a little one to 'spice up your life' and perhaps to help soften the pain on some level.

I wish you great joy together... and many happy, lighter memories of better days with your beloved Dante,
who I am sure holds an 'inferno' of love and gratitude for you ❤️‍🔥
I am so sorry for your loss Brenda, it is not easy losing our furry loved ones. :hug2: I am glad that you have Ron now, what a cutie. May you create some beautiful memories together and cherish the ones you have of Dante. Big hugs!
So sorry for your loss of Dante, Brenda. He had a good life and was surely aware of your love for him. I'm glad that Ron came into your life, both for you and him. And he is a real handsome little guy. May he bring you new memories and adventures to share. :hug:
Désolée pour votre petit bonheur... Je sais l'atroce déchirure que l'on ressent quand nos petits anges nous quittent...
Mais la Providence vous a confié un autre petit ange, prenez en bien soin et partagez des photos qui seront toujours très appréciées...

Sorry for your little happiness... I know how heartbreaking it is when our little angels leave us...
But Providence has entrusted you with another little angel, take good care of him and share pictures that will always be appreciated...
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