My cat has cancer - I need advice.

I'm so sorry for your loss, Brenda! But I'm glad that you could at least say good-bye to Dante and it seems that he had a very good life with you, so that's really wonderful!

Your new cat looks lovely! May you have great moments with him!
Sorry to learn about Dante, it is truly sad to lose a pet in such a way, although, another way to look at it is that he had your company to go through life and transition. I know it's a small consolation, but it may go a long way for him.

And little Ron looks adorable, and it may be the universe letting you know that you've got more love to give, and to receive from yet another furry companion, so it sounds like a little blessing.
Ooooh, I am very sorry, Brenda, that Dante passed away. I've kept him on my phone and looked at him from time to time, sending my prayers... and thought, perhaps he will make it. So, reading now that he passed away, does make me sad. At the same time, i love how the universe sent you little Ron into your life and it doesn't seem to be 'by accident' ! He looks simply adorable 💕
Thank you for the update and telling of the most amazing appearance of a little kitten in your life! Well, this is the next phase and I sure don't know objectively what happens when the bonded ones die, but there seems to be contact ongoing. I am so glad you were with him, too, when he died. So glad the two of you were so connected and that many of us here took some small part. Ever onwards!
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