My first "official" track


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Well done Pearce, that's really good! It definitely has a chill vibe to it and I can see myself listening while writing or in the sauna. Tonal Harmony is available on Kindle for around $10 so it's not that expensive. I assume it's the same as the hardcover.


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Hi Pearce, thanks for sharing, sounds interesting, the metallic sounds, like cosmic atmospheric, a bit melancholic, as if you had an internal dialogue in a long and meditative day, well, that's what came to me, good luck in your projects 🍀🎼


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Hi Pearce,
I'm regularly used to work with ambient music and this one you composed fits well. Well done ! :clap:
Dunno if you ever heard about "Ektoplazm" ? I'm used to fetch and find nice album there - at least i gave the link :)
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