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So we have created this sandbox called out of our desire to give the original Czech blog which was established by rylek in 2007 a new form. Besides wanting to present all the info in a more attractive design with better readability, the idea was basically to copy the format in terms of categories as they are on the and start learning how to incorporate articles from the Czech scene in a way we consider collinear with the view of SOTT team. Not an easy task as we have soon found out since there is no one to turn to for advise during the process. We learn to comment articles according to the knowledge gathered via the Forum and books read. Even a few sentences, when one wants to express something in the best possible way in order to uncover a bit more of reality connections to the reader, sometimes give a feeling of writing an essay on the meaning of life 🤔 I believe that this experience will in turn make us stronger and smarter when we do some work for the original SOTT - and I hope that the time will come rather soon.

The official kick-off of the website was on Summer Solstice 2018 and after the Summer we caught a steady rhythm which settled on one article a day on average. So during the last half year we re/published close to 200 articles. It could actually have been way more if it was not for the IT stuff (learning to use WordPress and optimize all processes) and for the fact that when we transferred the original blog to the new hosting server, the database was complete but slightly corrupted (formatting of text in articles) so we had to edit every single article to make it look good and readable. This process is still not finished but the most important texts are online and now we are more focused on creating new content.

Visits to the website fluctuate between 3.000-10.000 per month and the pieces that get most response are from health section, current politics and psychology. The traffic comes mostly from our Facebook page where we share the articles and when it is an original piece by SOTT editors or something we consider fundamental to the SOTT knowledge base, we promote such text to various FB groups. That way we get waves of visitors. On the other hand when we don't promote articles this way, the visits are very low. It is getting better with more likes on FB day by day though (over 500 to date). Nonetheless we realized that there is not so much point in focusing on marketing - the content is what sends the signal out so the promotion is slowly becoming a secondary issue and we should be moving onto translating some crucial texts that we want to publish from SOTT. And, hopefully, start writing our own pieces. That is the goal for the next season for me. I want to learn how to put my thoughts/views together with evidence and knowledge in such a way that I will be able to produce something that can be read, discussed and argued meaningfully.

We would like to thank MK Scarlett for letting us use extraction of her picture for our background graphics and let me apologize for stealing a part of original SOTT graphics in profile photo of our FB page. We did not want to spend much time on design - our priority was to get going. I played with several pictures in image software for hours but at the end decided to take it easy and opted for a quick solution :-[ The 'smart brain head' picture will be replaced if requested by the author or the SOTT team.

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Thank you anka for getting this thread started. We're well overdue to share about this project on the Forum. I think you've covered the main points in the life of the website and the challenges faced so far.

I should add that when we started a year or so ago to consider the idea of upgrading from the blog format our idealistic idea was to launch straight into a CZ Sott. We quickly realized this wasn't doable - as was pointed out we'd need to hit the ground running so the first step was to demonstrate that we are able to consistently put in the time and effort required to maintain a project like this going. The backstory is in this thread: in Czech

Moving forward then we can get more into where we want to take the website in the next year or so, part of this will be as anka already pointed out working on and delivering original articles.

Edit: I should add the name of the website means 'up north', it's kind of a play on words. At the time of starting the blog I lived in northern Europe so that was partly the inspiration, also it was an indirect reference to climate change and the likely coming ice age.
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