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I really wanted to present this to the forum because it touches on a lot of topics that have been discussed here over the years. I've been very ill for a long time and on my search for a better understanding of what has been going on with me I found myself in a private facebook group for Morgellons and Lyme sufferers called Morgellons Support Science. I now believe both of those diseases are too tied together and are one in the same. I'm also being convinced that most of the unexplainable illnesses and autoimmune diseases we're seeing are related to infections that are new to us and our environment. Steve Beddingfield is a microbiologist who runs the group and he has been working to create a protocol that is effective against Morgellons disease. He has succeeded in helping many people with a cheap protocol based on fenbendazole, iodine, reishi and a homeopathic yeast medication.

What is truly interesting here is what he has learned with his microscope after years of looking at samples from himself, group members and the environment. He has hundreds of thousands of images from his research and has been identifying both terrestrial organisms but also organisms that are only found miles beneath the ocean near hydrothermal vents. There is only one website that has a fair amount of information on his discoveries posted for public viewing. That website is run by a woman who had some disagreements in the facebook group and I'm unsure of the reasons, but she did a fair job collecting information to put out there. However, she is extremely wordy and it feels unnecessary but it isn't too hard to skim through and find the gems. The link to her write up on Steve and the facebook group is here:

If anyone really wants to dig into this I would recommend joining the group on fb. The group is kept private for the sake of everyone sharing their photos and struggles with disease. I would love for Steve's work to be public but as with anything that is controversial and possibly dangerous to the ptb, it probably won't be known for some time. He did give me permission to share here and I think the only thing I can do is quote some of his more remarkable posts from the facebook group to give you all some idea about where his research led him.

While doing some searches here on Cass I saw that Laura had written this in the thread for Session 13 Feb 2011:
"One thing we have been thinking about around here lately is airborne chemicals or pathogens that precipitate out of the stratosphere. Such things can be "dropped off" in the upper atmosphere by exploding comet fragments. You will definitely want to read Psyche's article in the upcoming dot connector about this.

That might suggest, of course, that a warning about dead birds and fish could also be a smoke screen, attributing it to terrorist activity when, in fact, it is "natural." As I've said many times, I think that the whole idea of chemtrails is propagated widely to cover up the far more scary things going on in our atmosphere, on our planet, in our solar system, that all presage very serious earth changes which could include the destruction of 90% of humanity or more. The PTB really want people to "believe in chemtrails" because they then continue to think that the PTB really are in charge and they also do not read the signs accurately. This, of course, spells their doom. "

Here are a few comments on the topic from Steve on the chemtrail phenomenon:
"We overfed the microbes living at the bottom of our oceans, they bio remediated the ocean for eons, but when too much pollution was fed to them, they experienced an overgrowth, a bloom, a Harmful Algal Bloom. Storms picked up the bloom, threw it to land, now our water, food, air is contaminated. GVT tries to kill it in the clouds with spray. GMO's are the new foods that Monsanto has developed GMO's so that Microbes such as Protomyxzoa do not destroy the new types of trees. Bees are almost gone, new species are being developed, Deer, Bats, Trees, etc. "

" While I fully understand that Chemical spraying is happening worlwide, its the reason for this massive undertaking that people get wrong, chemtrails are for controlling a massive influx of new micro organisms that can replicate rapidly inside of clouds. No one ever mentions red, pink clouds, but we hear a lot about red, pink microbes in our specimens, our comode bottoms, in the lichens, but mainly in the clouds. I got caught up in a monster cloud, a red cloud, it was scary, dense and full of fungi. My helper had a panic attack over this red cloud that engulfed us. This cloud formed whenever the giant bloom of Bryozoan formed in the Gulf of Mexico 4 years back. "

"All areas are being sprayed, this is for the algae, not for us. This algae is chemosynthetic, not photosynthetic, so no worries about chemtrails. "

Steve on Giant Sulphur Bacteria:

"Many species of organisms can now possess the genetics of GSB, it makes them more powerful. Look at mosses, Bryophytes, mushrooms that grow where they once never grew. Mosses have ruined most lawns, these mosses seem to glow with their super green color. Lichens created from these mosses can now attack trees, look at the massive amount of lichens upon trees, the number of species of lichens upon trees is also extraordinary. GSB can transfer its genes horizontally, unlike humans with their vertical transfer, vertical is mom dad, Kids, grandkids, horizontal means it can do the transfer instantly, plus it can switch the genes of other microbes, off and on. The environment around volcanic cracks in the ocean floor can be extremely hot, 750 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, massive amounts of nutrients are available, in particular, hydrogen sulfide, which is the main source of energy for GSB, Some organisms adapt to this extreme enviroment so well that their metabolic processes occur at super high speeds, these same organisms can be seen at cold seeps, but there their metabolic processes are performed at much slower Rates. GSB and it's high speed metabolic processes are now here on land, and in our bodies, upon other organisms.These high speed processes can be seen. But here's what's interesting to me, GSB can transfer its high speed actions horizontally to other organisms, even to humans, we can become genetically altered by GSB. "

"Why does mold now have the ability to destroy our homes, autos, workplace and lives? This is a question that needs answering, for all of us are now in some way, negatively affected by Mold. This question about mold and its new role as a super pathogen enters into my research with GSB. MOLD and GSB have come together, not as one, but yet they can present themselves as one. How is this possible? How can one organism, such as a species of fungi, become genetically linked to a species of bacteria? It's achieved via Horizontal gene transfer. "

"Plastic is a product of petro, contains lots of sulphur. GSB is eating the plastic island in the Atlantic ocean, it ate the gulf oil spill, "

"Using glyphosate upon areas which hold water will yield mosses which have received genes from GSB via horizontal gene transfer, glyphosate increases rapidly the growth of this pathogenic process. Note the luminous appearance of the green in this sample of moss. "

"Hugo, Andrew, Sandy and her flooding, even the Oaklhoma tornado got in on this action, Clouds born from the Great Lakes, Baikal, the big lake in Guatamala, all are covered with these bacteria mixed with algae and chlorophyll. Look at the west coast bloom, it's all GSB and algae, very little cyanobacteria is inside this bloom. Chlorophyll concentrations can be see in the maps of the "glob" , the hot water created by Fukishima, its driving the GSB while its EATING AND FUELING on the radiation in the water. We kill one monster but create another, I understand the dangers of radiation but I'm concerned about the GSB bloom coming in to shore, what have we done to our planet? We've destroyed it? "

" Normally, All life forms complete their cycles and expire, the death cycle, life is then recycled through decomposition and onto rebirth. My question to a professor was about this death cycle and whether or not all life experienced death. His answer was yes, absolutely, well, seems he was wrong, GSB in its natural, marine environment, doesn't experience a death cycle. It seems to have adapted to its environment in such a manner, that dying and being reborn, is not necessary nor is it a part of the GSB survival strategy. Once it becomes terrestrial, it simply re enters a separate life form and keeps on going, even when it's trophic partner expires. GSB is also an extremophile, able to withstand extremes of temperature, pressure, low dissolved oxygen and it lives upon hydrogen sulfide, which is very toxic to most forms of life, so killing it may not be the best strategy for dealing with GSB. Interrupting it's cycles may be our best and only approach,. Toothpaste is a prime example of interruption for GSB growth, it draws in the GSB, locks it there and then hardens up due to dehydration. Removing the toothpaste removes the GSB from our skin. Its not a perfect process to exploit for removing the GSB lesions, but it certainly beats anything else. Looks like we'll need to keep up with tricking GSB into locking itself into other forms, then removing that form. "

" Solar energy is not a part of its life cycle at the bottom of the ocean, its when GSB takes up algae as a trophic partner that it can utilize solar energy. Science tells us that cyanobacteria is the trophic partner of algae, I do not see this as now being true, GSB is algae's partner. In late fall, the algae expires but GSB doesn't, it maintains forward motion but locomotion is not maintained, it sinks to the bottom of the water and waits there until algae re emerges in the spring time. As algae blooms, GSB is released into the atmosphere, finds other life forms and re starts locomotion. Ive simplified the wording of the cycles of gsb, so some may say, that my explanation is incomplete, but at least you can see my points about the cycling of GSB. "

" GSB is able to clone organisms by utilizing enzymes present in it's enviroment, kind of like yeast enzymes making bread and beer. "

I'm going to leave it here for now. You can probably already see how this could tie in to mass die offs of flora and fauna, climate, DNA changes, SIBO and other illnesses, etc. The shock factor isn't the same without all the images on the group of the things people are finding from their own bodies and from the environment. There is an incredible amount of information to go through and it's all extremely fascinating and the implications are huge if true.


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I notice that iodine is one component mentioned in the protocol. You may want to read the thread Iodine and Potassium Iodide .
It is a very long thread but I think it might really help you.

This disease was asked about in one of the sessions:

Session 29 July 2006:
Q: (Perceval) What is the origin of Morgellons disease?

A: Off planet plague.

Q: (Galahad) Oh geez! (Perceval) Is it set to become throughout the…

A: To those who are genetically predisposed.

Q: (Perceval) Got a number?

A: Open.

Q: (Galahad) And is this something that the pathocrats are aware of and doing consciously?

A: No.

Whether "Off planet" is from comet dust or out-gasing from volcanic eruptions and earthquakes I don't know but Steve Beddingfield does mention the upper atmosphere and the possible reasons for the chem trails.

Another way to fight it is improving the diet such as paleo/keto as they mention here:

Session 20 August 2011:
Q: (L) Okay, meanwhile... Back to {name redacted}'s problem. Well, maybe not {name redacted}'s problem. What's the next question? (Psyche) Does {name redacted} have Morgellon's disease?

A: More or less!

Q: (L) What are they key elements to making a person susceptible to this? There are so many conflicting things about it.

A: Having "plastic" fats and high insulin.

Q: (Perceval) Has {name redacted} been eating a lot of processed oils and stuff? (L) Well it can take a long time to replace all the fats in your body. (Psyche) Two years. (L) It can take two years to replace the fats in your body, and you have to be really careful that whole time. I guess that whole time, you have to keep your insulin levels really low. (Psyche) I want to ask something about ketosis. Why is it so healing for the brain? It's been useful for cases of epilepsy, but now they're finding uses for bipolar disorder and other psychiatric and neurological diseases.

A: It reflects a balance. That is, no gluttony, respect for the gifts of the goddess blood.

Q: (L) So it's as much a spiritual balance as physical. [Comments about Kitty, who was reclined on the floor by the table] (Perceval) Does that answer about {name redacted} mean that if he continues with eating animal fats and protein only, more or less, that that would be a possible cure for Morgellons?

A: It will help his body to fight the invaders. But most important, it will remove their "cozy home".

Avoiding "plastic" fats sounds like it would help since they can even eat a "plastic" island.


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Thank you for the reply Goyabocol. I have read most of the thread on iodine and the book by Dr Brownstein but it has been awhile. I had purchased the iodine and cofactors and experimented with it but my body was and still is unable to handle the detox. I'll attempt it again when my system is in better working order since it seems to be an absolute must for treating this disease.

This thread should probably be renamed to include Lyme and Morgellons since others with the disease could benefit from it.

Q: (Perceval) What is the origin of Morgellons disease?

A: Off planet plague.

Steve has said this on the matter:

"Myxomycetes (slime mold) is the vector of many diseases, it transfers chronic diseases by holding bacteria, fungi, other microbes as endo and ecto symbionts, it first overwhelms them with its slime, then holds them as part of its own composition, thus whenever it requires assistance to eat, propagate, defend, progress forward, it calls upon its symbionts to awaken and help decompose its own barrier, too bad that we are sought out to be decomposed, heterotrophism by slime mold is now upon Us. Within its symbionts lie bacteria, fungi, alien to us microbes which are found Inside rocks beneath Earth's crust, these rocks which have arrived here from other celestial bodies, Some as tiny particles, such as those found in comets, asteroids, meteroites, etc., These extraterrestrial microbes, ones which we know so very little about, now cause us great discomfort and harm, chronic diseases, skin afflictions, probably all diseases of all species are from these micro organisms., I can now see these pathogenic micro organisms in plants, bees, bats, deer, our pets, our beautiful trees, all suffer greatly from these invasive, microscopic organisms, plus those species of life which we treasure the most, our fellow human beings, for they are being massively afflicted, effected, dying, threatened with extinction. "

The mention of plasic fats and the keto diet with the clue that it removes their "cozy home" is also curious. There is a co-infection of lyme called protomyxzoa and it was discovered by Fry Labs which specializes in lyme disease. ( for more info)
The infection creates massive biofilm and Steve says that "rope worms" are a manifestation of protomyxzoa. Dr Fry recommends a strictly fat free diet for the treatment of the infection but I wonder if he was seeing the infection thrive on plastic fat. Maybe natural fats have a different effect on it. Either way, slime mold seems to be a staple of morgellons/lyme and those infected are passing it from their bowels, coughing it up or covered in it from head to toe. Even ladies hair is becoming covered in goo and some of them have had to shave it all off.


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Dr Fry recommends a strictly fat free diet for the treatment of the infection but I wonder if he was seeing the infection thrive on plastic fat. Maybe natural fats have a different effect on it. Either way, slime mold seems to be a staple of morgellons/lyme and those infected are passing it from their bowels, coughing it up or covered in it from head to toe. Even ladies hair is becoming covered in goo and some of them have had to shave it all off.

I really think you hit the mark on the idea it is the natural fats that make the difference. Dr. Fry probably went the fat-free route because our diets are so full of "plastic" fats.

If you are not extremely allergic to idodine you might want to do a "nuke-em" test and follow up with plenty of de-toxing.

His research is very interesting. I hope you find a combination that will help you heal and feel better.


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Thank you, I will definitely look into the thread again and see what I can find on this "nuke-em" test. A lot of people reported great changes with iodine so I'd be willing to push through it if it was just temporary discomfort.


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Thank you, I will definitely look into the thread again and see what I can find on this "nuke-em" test. A lot of people reported great changes with iodine so I'd be willing to push through it if it was just temporary discomfort.

The Iodine and Potassium Iodide thread doesn't really use the term "nuke-test" it does have many references to "nuke" and the reactions are very individual so I am not recommending anything drastic but for me it is more about finding the maintenance level by gradual experimental process and some have found that one time or short term higher dosages worked better. There can be "herx reactions" but they can be worked through usually.

The concept of nuking critters started before the iodine with antibiotics I think but here is the conversation that illustrates the approach:

Session 21 November 2015

Q: (L) We sort of wondered if that was the case. Several of us, as soon as we had been taking iodine a few days, old issues started coming up, like cold sores and such. Several of us started having pains and tiredness and activation of some kind of viral condition, stiff neck, and a bunch of other things. It was similar to the herx reactions we had with the anti-biotic protocol. On the other hand, it seemed more like the viruses got energized by the iodine. Chu even had an attack of her cocksackie virus that flares up in her pancreas about once or twice a year. That’s what made me think that instead of backing off and lowering the dose, the best thing would be to raise the dose and nuke the critters. So, Chu doubled the dose and then did it twice a day. You went from 5 drops a day to 10 drops twice a day?

(Chu) Yeah.

(L) So, Instead of backing off like this other book says you should do, she just went full bore whole hog and nuked 'em. Is that advisable?

A: Indeed. The battle is difficult to win if you keep supplying the "critters" with food and energy.

Q: (Chu) And before, they said people who get symptoms, it's activation of microbes drawing on the enhanced energy...

(L) So if you get energized by taking the iodine, that energizes your critters too, and they start getting more active. But you're not taking enough of a dose to kill them. You're just taking enough to energize yourself, which then feeds them because you're not taking a microbicidal dose.

A: Exactly.

Other factors like diet and fluoride avoidance would also need to be considered as well I think.

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It would also help if a person could control their food source, as in growing your own food. To depend on the grocery store and others to supply your food opens you up to problems. Eating much less so that you are hungry all the time also takes away their "cozy home".

We work with controlling moss and mould on roofs and buildings. Hydrogen peroxide is our go to product, to use. It works by changing the ph of the roof which seems to control growth very well and makes establishment of new colonies difficult for the moss and mould.

It seems like we are at war with it, moss and mould. I seem to feel working with hydrogen peroxide, getting product on my skin and breathing in the overspray is beneficial to me in a certain way. My view from the trenches.
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