Prolonged attack and countering it

Thank You all gentlemen, i learned a lot from you here. Reading RedFox' first post i remembered my case as a teenager, experiencing these phenomena, but not knowing then, why they emerged. I just wanted RedFox and hungrig to begin read these important books. Initially i tried to find out, how to mention two books, but thought it would be too much, so i only dared telling about one.
Thank You again!
I can't comment on behalf of others here, but I am here to learn. I presume the same for everyone else none the less. :)
If I run accross a situation where I've read some books that would perhaps help someone, I'd mention my situation, the books I read and what I learnt from them that helped my situation. That way I've provided data in the form of a relevent example that they can choose to form there own conclusion/use how they see fit.
This forum and website are like no other place I know on the internet. I'm learning how to post here in such a way as to be of the most use to others, an important lesson in external and internal considering. Or so I see it.
Like the C's say 'Learning is fun!'
GB said:
Thank You all gentlemen, i learned a lot from you here. Reading RedFox' first post i remembered my case as a teenager, experiencing these phenomena, but not knowing then, why they emerged. I just wanted RedFox and hungrig to begin read these important books. Initially i tried to find out, how to mention two books, but thought it would be too much, so i only dared telling about one.
Thank You again!
This is a rather bizarre thing to say, GB. Why would you 'only dare' to tell about one book? It makes little, if any, sense.

If you 'wanted' anyone to read anything, then the logical, clear and non-manipulative thing to do would have been to state it clearly.

These books are on the QFS suggested reading list that is on this forum here - so it's not as if it was secret information.
Having replied to painter here
I'd like to expand on this thing that 'would devour you if you moved', and its striking similarity to what I posted about in this thread.

And having reread my posts, it they take on a slightly different context perhaps.

anart said:
Now, it has been evidenced time and again that certain phenomena/entities/ghosts/etc can be manifestations of a person's own energetic 'programming', as it were - that these things manifest because of unresolved issues within the person themselves - not as an external attack by some unseen entity. I think that is where GB was trying to go, though he could not get past 'himself' to get there.

I wonder now if this is only partially the case.

The first time I remember encountering the thing, it was in an entirely different context that what I have previously posted.
I tend not to like to repeat this story, but it is there and may be relevent to piecing together parts of this. I've tried to recall it without adding details that I may have added later.

I must have been about 3-4 at the time. I slept in the back bedroom of our old house at the time.
I remember waking up at some point in the night, with the room bathed in white (slightly fluorescent) light.
I then remember seeing small humanoid beings, sitting up in my bed (swinging my legs over the edge) and saying 'Hello' to them.
There where 2 or 3 of them, and they where roughly 3ft tall (because they where exactly the same height as the chesta-draws [I think they are just called 'drawers' in america] they where stood next too). In later years I measured the height of it to check.
Things had a sort of fluidity about them, in that a few items that should have been in the room where they stood didn't appear to be there, and the wall itself appeared to be glowing.
The humanoid beings did too. They tried to appear to me as 'teddy bears', but it was somewhat unsuccessful.
My mother had given me a teddy bear from her childhood that was almost devoid of fur now, and they looked like that.
Thin, 3ft tall, brown leathery skin with the odd tuft of straggly fur (like the teddybear). It was comforting, amusing and disturbing all at once (but I think these are more resent interpretations).
There eyes however where black. Not very big, but totally black.

The next part I remember was being elsewhere (I think), somewhere noisy and busy (lots of voices around), and being shown a small silver pyramid sat on a pedestal. My view seemed disconnected and I sort of zoomed in on this object, I couldn't take my focus off it.

The next memory after that was being back in my room, the room being dark, but this 'pyramid' sitting on my chesta-draws 'watching me'. I and that I was to 'lay still or it would devour/destroy me' (which from digging I can only figure was some sort of post hypnotic suggestion, or similar).
I lay there staring at it not wanting to close my eyes for fear of falling asleep, not wanting to barely breath, for fear of moving too much.
I lay there until the sun started coming up, and I couldn't really see it any which point I fell asleep from exhaustion.

Weather in subsequent years this thing that showed up is the same thing, or something else I am uncertain, but that's where the initial idea seems to have come from.
I am new to this forum, but felt I had to respond to this thread. I am experiencing a similar experience. I bought a house and it was haunted. I am rather used to that as I am a sensistive. The big error was experiementing with Electronic Voice Phenomena by recording in the house. Once communication was established it was off and running. I sought advice from different communities in New Orleans, and the Golden Dawn in Sacramento, CA. I had photos of the matt black entity and voice samples. We had physical phenomena occuring and the communications eluded to something much more sinister than it was although it is quite manevolent. A neighbor informed me that a murder had taken place in the house, which I did not know.

I sold the house and it followed. I have since moved to Sacramento. I just continue with my life. Some psychics have seen it and one warned that it is feeding off of me and to just say no. Well, I have. Another wise man told me to ignore it and maybe it was evolve and move on. Another psychic that was sent to me said that the entity was a psychotic murderer and hated me.

One thing for sure, you cannot think of it as in terms of yourself. A psychotic or negative is an alien among humanity. It is devoid..........Not all entities have love, compassion, a conscience. or the understanding of humanity. Some people do not have those capabliities and death is not a ticket for ascension. Try not to acknowledge it and you are right about the "observing" of the attempted manipulations of your thought forms and energy. You are also right to consider it a parasite.

Another thing is do not give it credit for things which are in fact a natural occurence. Jung is a good study on the metaphysical.
I've made a few changes regarding how I'm dealing with my own situation (as per advice given on this forum) and I've noticed some differences. The changes I made were doing the breathing exercises, becoming aware of the feelings that come up when something "strange" happens, acknowledging to myself that what's happening is an illusion and finally redirecting myself to a calm state where I'm not feeding or being fed.

I still have a long way to go, but so far this seems to have calmed things down a bit or at least what's happening now is more subtle.

This caused me to wonder, the strangeness that happens in everyones life - Perhaps "it" (whether internal or external) gains enough strength (particularly if it's happening from childhood) that it can present itself in a more obvious way. Once we develop proper tools, it gets weaker and thus the interactions (for lack of a better word) get smaller...
I wanted to revive this thread to add a recent experience to it.
Last weekend my sister was visiting and we spent most of the day (lunch and dinner) eating out. I did my best to check ingredients and go with my gut instinct....with one exception. I ate some lime sorbet, which I think is what caused me problems.
About an hour later I was feeling incredibly drained and my stomach was extremely tender. I went to bed after taking something extra digestive aids.

That morning (4-5am) I was dozing and generally not sleeping too well....I don't usually sleep on my stomach but did as a teenager and did that night too....rolled over onto my side and dozed off again.
Just as I was dozing off I noticed a familiar sensation by my foot (see my first post in this thread), and instinctively kicked it this time. No way in hell was I having that thing show up....bounced my feet about to shake me out of the sleep paralysis that would always kick in a few seconds later.

Snapped out of that state and noticed my flight or fight response was engaged (waves of energy/tingling down my body from the top of my head), and my blood pressure was low.
So spent the next hour or so doing pipe breathing and checking my reactions.....and dispelling the last remaining fears I have about such encounters. Real or otherwise.

The next day was spent in a brain fog that felt like I had the flu (immune system was going nuts).

So, in seems that (whatever these things may be) food and inflammation plays a hugely significant part in it which cannot be overstated. Without the inflammation (caused by diet etc) these things don't show up!!
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