Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine


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Russian-Led Forces Suffer Heavy Losses Attempting To Cross River In Bilohorivka, LPR (Photos)
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The Russian-led forces are aimed at surrounding the Ukrainian grouping deployed in the Severodonetsk-Lisichansk region in the Luhansk People’s Republic. Despite the recent successes on several front-lines in the region, the Russian and LPR military are stuck in the town of Bilohorivka located to the west of Severodonetsk.
The joint forces continue unsuccessful attempts to cross the river of Seversky Donets and gain a foothold on the left bank. According to Ukrainian military sources, 5 attempts of Russian forces to cross the river were thwarted.
The Russian-led forces attempted to establish at least three pontoon crossings from 7 to 11 May, which were destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).
Russian-Led Forces Suffer Heavy Losses Attempting To Cross River In Bilohorivka, LPR (Photos)
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As a result of the shelling, the Russian-led units suffered heavy losses. According to the drone footage from the spot, 73 units of Russian equipment were destroyed, including:
  • 38 infantry fighting vehicles;
  • 4 armored personnel carriers;
  • 6 T-72 tanks;
  • 3 trucks ;
  • 4 MT-LB (fully amphibious auxiliary armored tracked vehicles);
  • 2 boats;
  • 5 machines for the construction of pontoon crossings;
  • 1 armoured recovery vehicles;
  • 9 other armoured fighting vehicles.
Russian-Led Forces Suffer Heavy Losses Attempting To Cross River In Bilohorivka, LPR (Photos)
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Russian-Led Forces Suffer Heavy Losses Attempting To Cross River In Bilohorivka, LPR (Photos)
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Russian-Led Forces Suffer Heavy Losses Attempting To Cross River In Bilohorivka, LPR (Photos)
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Russian-Led Forces Suffer Heavy Losses Attempting To Cross River In Bilohorivka, LPR (Photos)
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Russian-Led Forces Suffer Heavy Losses Attempting To Cross River In Bilohorivka, LPR (Photos)
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Russian-Led Forces Suffer Heavy Losses Attempting To Cross River In Bilohorivka, LPR (Photos)
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Russian-Led Forces Suffer Heavy Losses Attempting To Cross River In Bilohorivka, LPR (Photos)
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Russian-Led Forces Suffer Heavy Losses Attempting To Cross River In Bilohorivka, LPR (Photos)
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Meanwhile, LPR forces with support of Russian units including the Special Force reportedly launched an assault on the city of Severodonetsk. The Allied forces are advancing from three directions from the north. Clashes broke out on the outskirts.
During the retreat of the AFU, the bridge between Rubezhny and Severodonetsk was blown up. At the same time, the roads leading to Lisichansk are almost under the Russian fire control. Fierce battles are going on in Belogorovka and Shepilovo. LPR forces are storming Privolye. The offensive from Popasnaya continues in the direction of Kamyshevakha. There are battles for control over the villages of Orekhovo and Toshkovo.


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Ukraine Preparing Another Attack On Zmeiny Island In Black Sea
Illustrative Image: Russian warships are seen during a rehearsal for the Navy Day parade in Sevastopol, Crimea
Judging by the recent developments in the southern Odessa region, the Ukrainian military command is regrouping forces preparing for another attack on Zmeiny Island (also known as Snake Island).
The Ukrainian S-300 air defense system has been recently transferred from the Artsiz area to the Zhelty Yar located on the Black Sea coast to the north of Snake Island.
5 military helicopters flew from the Chervonoglynsky airfield in the Artsiz area to the Buyalyk area north of Odessa and Fedorovka in the Kirovograd region.
4 guard boats of the Ukrainian Navy were deployed on constant patrol at the port of Odessa. 2 more Ukrainian boats are operating to the east of the village of Zatoka.
At least 2 Su-24 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force deployed in the Voznesensk airfield are patrolling the airspace in the north-western part of the Black Sea.
The Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 UAVs are also patrolling the area near the island. The reconnaissance flights are carried out from the Shkolny airfield near Odessa at least twice a day. The Russian Air defence systems continue to intercept the UAVs on a regular basis.
Only on May 13, two Ukrainian UAVs, including one Bayraktar TB2, were intercepted over the island. Moreover, three Ukrainian Tochka-U ballistic missiles were intercepted, according to the Russian Ministry of Defence.
At the same time, Ukrainian forces are closely cooperating with the US intelligence, receiving information from the US UAVs deployed in the Black Sea area.
Judging by the maneuvers of the Ukrainian military, another attempt to counter attack Russian forces on Snake Island should be expected.
Earlier, another attempt of the Ukrainian special forces to take control over Snake island on May 9 failed, as well as previous attacks. In turn, the Russian Navy is likely to reduce the number of ships of the Black Sea Fleet in the area in advance.


“I want to share with you the observation that Bulgaria is an absolutely unfriendly country and it is absolutely pro-Russian. And the population of this country is very fond of Russia and very supportive of Russia.
A certain number of people can even come up to you and say:
– Are you from Ukraine?
– Yes.
– And, well, thank God that Putin is killing you!
They are absolutely stupid and limited gypsies who don’t know how to work. And when they realized that our population came here and started working normally, serving much better than the Bulgarian… Bulgarian poverty and limita, they started to get mad at our people! They are just so stupid that they don’t realize that it’s not Bulgaria that pays hoteliers for us, it’s the European Union that allocates money to beggar Bulgaria to host us!
I was just sharing my impressions of what people are like here.
Of course, every country has its freaks, but here there are especially many.”

The speech was edited in an attempt to make it more clear, because the woman cursed like a sailor.
“I want to address the Estonians and Russians who are here in Tallinn in Estonia, guys.
No one claims your country. No one is going to stay here, live has, claim for housing.
What you publish there on Google, Facebook, what you read, I really worry, and I’m ashamed of you. Are you guys serious?! Do you think Estonia is the coolest country where you can live? No, you have the poorest, beggar country.
People come here to settle with relatives for a while, survive, live and go to their homeland. Are you serious?! Are you kidding me or what?! I read your posts damn I’m ashamed, Estonians, Russians, who are here. Are you serious?! No one wants to live here with you. Why does anyone need you?! … Don’t worry. Nobody’s going to -flicking-g live here. Are you sick?!
What is Estonia?! This is the poorest -flicking-g country. People come here to survive the war, stress, depression, children. What the -flick-. Are you serious ?! You’ve pissed me off, I’m here, *** Are you insolent ***?! Have fear of God ***! Take care of yourself, seriously guys. ***
“Ukrainians have arrived, -flicked- up everything ***. There is no work, everything is allowed to them.” Nothing is allowed. What is allowed ***? 60 euros for a child ***. When the apartment *** costs 650-800! Are you *** serious?! *** Shut up ***. Stay here in Estonia *** -flick- up***. I’m *** sitting here, *** I get only 1000 euros *** when the apartment *** costs 650.
Shut up, -flicking-g Estonians, Russians ***. If this had happened to you, you would have gone *** to Ukraine ***. And we would not have -flicked- up, but accepted you as normal people ***, and would have helped and given you everything ***. That’s when Putin steps on you ***, when the war is going to Finland, you will be like beetles, cockroaches, ants * ** running away, in Ukraine, scattered *** and in the hole * **. I want to see it.
Seriously people, you **** me. With these posts and the whole ***. Sorry *** for being blunt ***. But you really *** me. “Ukrainians are nothing”.
Get out of here ***. *** Why are you leaving for the Netherlands, Norway, Finland *** leaving to work?! Yes, because you in Estonia *** do not want to work for such a salary ***. Ukrainians come and *** work for your salary. Yes, if there were no Ukrainians, you would suck ***. Just suck your ***. And you wouldn’t have anything. *** I’ll tell you this, you guys, my dear Russians, Estonians ***. Shut up *** and say thank you that *** Ukraine is here*** working *** for 5 euros per hour at your factories and at all enterprises ***. Shut up *** please ***. If you don’t like something, *** leave Estonia *** for Finland, Norway, somewhere further ***. Stop bothering Ukraine.
No one is going to live with you ***. No one will live here. Everyone has Ukraine, their own home. We came here, nowhere, someone have their relatives, sit there one out and everyone is going home now. *** Nobody needs you?! Poor people with poor Estonia! *** “Estonia is the richest country in the world”. The poorest country ***. Good luck to you, thank you for your attention ***.”
Hours after Moscow warned there would be retaliation for Helsinki’s announcement that it is applying for NATO membership, Finnish media reports that the Kremlin threatened to cut the country off from Russian gas by Friday
Dmitry Peskok commented to Reuters that this is "most likely" fake news (that they would cut the gas this soon). Interesting wording though, I guess we'll find it out soon anyway.

But Russia has already given plenty of warnings, and explained all the consequences (like an adult to a child) if and when Finland joins Nato:
"We made all our warnings — both publicly and via bilateral channels. They know about this, so there are no surprises. They were informed about everything, what it will lead to," she added, without specifying the consequences.
So whatever the countermeasures will be, the Finnish government can't act surprised; they were told.

It's really sad, post WW2 Finland had smart leaders who outlined as their highest foreign policy goal to maintain good relations with Russia. This so called Paasikivi-Kekkonen doctrine paved way to rebuilding peaceful country with high living standard, and good grasp of geopolitical realities.

President Kekkonen (who was leader for over 25 years!) was famous from the way he handled the Soviet leaders, taking them to sauna and making diplomatic deals which benefited Finnish national interests (such as bilateral trade agreements). "By their fruits you shall know them", and looking back now Finland played well the cold war era.

Unfortunately today (after the decades of 'good times') majority of Finnish politicians are dumb as bricks, and blindly follow what the US and EU dictates, while waiting to get rewarded later with some EU position or similar nonsense. So just like in other Western countries, Finnish political leadership has slowly but surely been reduced to a bunch of shallow, self-centered 'career politicians' who parrot all the correct ideological catch phrases and make only decisions that are increasingly harmful to the large majority. But ultimately it's the Finnish citizens who voted these people, and as the saying here goes, "one gets what one orders".
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"Turkey is "not favorable" regarding potential membership of Sweden and Finland to NATO, Erdoğan said as quoted in The Associated Press, citing concerns over political activities of backers of separatist Kurdish militants in both countries. "Sweden has become a home for PKK and other terror groups. We don’t view their NATO membership positively," he said according to a Turkish media correspondent's translation."

Erdogan says Scandinavia countries have become a safe haven for terrorism. “They are even members of the parliament in some countries,” he said.

“Sweden has become a home for PKK and other terror groups. We don’t view their NATO membership positively”pic.twitter.com/OqUMtZEPv2
— Ragıp Soylu (@ragipsoylu) May 13, 2022

"An additional question also remains: how much extra will this cost US taxpayers in the coming efforts to bribe Turkey into compliance?"



We have a lot of discussions about this publication. I will allow myself to give here a kind of summarizing message.

hataskraynik wrote: Well, we have collected enough data. Let's move on to conclusions.

1) According to the composition of the burnt equipment, we see the presence of the Russian and Ukrainian armies, as well as the forces of the LPR or DPR. It will not be possible to write the whole pile into Russian losses.

2) As can be seen from photo 5, the path there is worn out, which is understandable. After the explosion of the bridges, such a convenient crossing point could not remain without the attention of both sides.

3) Thus, we come to the most probable version of what happened at the crossing in the area of Belogorovka. The crossing place was loved by both sides. And, at first, Ukrainians raked there, but Russian (allied) forces also suffered losses during the crossing.

4) The "mix" of equipment and its condition indicate that the parties fought for the crossing for some time (perhaps about a week) until it passed into the hands of the Allied forces.

5) This is also indicated by Ukrainian photos and videos taken from a respectful distance. The crossing is clearly not under the control of the Ukrainian forces, otherwise we would have already been inundated with materials with hopak on the bones and broken equipment. They have a known tendency to tick-tok peremogam.

6) By the way, there are no bodies in sight, which suggests that one of the parties had the opportunity to take them out.

7) Another interesting detail. The General Staff of Ukraine stated that on the evening of May 11, “The enemy is trying to seize positions on the right bank,” and by the next morning, “enemy was force the river from Donetsk to conduct an offensive.” Later, there were reports that the Russian troops not only did not retreat from the area, but were also expanding the bridgehead. It is difficult to say how much this corresponds to reality now, but on May 11, judging by the published satellite images, the crossing over the Seversky Donets was standing. So peremoga somehow immediately ceases to bloom and smell, and begins to smell something else. Conclusions who is too lazy to climb the links.From there.

У нас много обсуждений этой публикации. Я позволю себе привести здесь некое суммирующее сообщение.
хатаскрайник писал(а): Ну что же, данных мы набрали достаточно. Давайте переходить к выводам.
1) По составу горелой техники мы видим присутствие русской и украинской армий, а также сил ЛНР или ДНР. Записать всю кучу в русские потери уже не получится.
2) Как видно по фото 5, тропинка там наезженная, что и понятно. После взрыва мостов такое удобное место переправы не могло остаться без внимания обеих сторон.
3) Таким образом, мы подходим к наиболее вероятной версии того, что произошло на переправе в районе Белогоровки. Место переправы полюбилось обеим сторонам. И, сначала там отгребли украинцы, но и русские (союзные) силы понесли потери во время переправы.
4) «Микс» техники и ее состояние указывают, что стороны какое-то время бились за переправу (возможно около недели) до тех пор, пока она не перешла в руки союзных войск.
5) На это же указывает украинские фото и видео, сделанные с почтительного отдаления. Переправа явно не под контролем украинских сил, иначе нас бы уже завалили материалами с гопаком на костях и битой техникой. Есть у них известная склонность к тик-ток перемогам.
6) Кстати и тел не видно, что говорит о том, что у одной из сторон была возможность их вывезти.
7) Еще одна любопытная деталь. ГШ Украины заявил, что вечером 11 мая “Враг пытается захватить позиции по правому берегу”, а к следующему утру “ворог форсував річку Сіверський Донець для проведення наступу”. Позже появились сообщения, что русские войска не только не отступили из района, но и расширяют плацдарм. Насколько это соответствует действительности сейчас сказать сложно, но 11 мая, судя по опубликованным спутниковым снимкам, переправа через Северский Донец стояла. Так что перемога как-то сразу перестает цвести и пахнуть, и начинает пахнуть чем-то другим. Выводы кому лень по ссылкам лазить.Оттуда же.

Источник: Посмотрел сегодня Подоляку про Белогоровку. • Политика и экономика
Mourners of the 51-year-old Palestinian-American Christian had draped her casket in a Palestinian flag, and that's reportedly what triggered the beefed up Israeli security presence from allowing her funeral procession to pass.

The report continues, "Video showed them surging toward the funeral procession before grabbing and roughing up some of the mourners, including those carrying the coffin." Indeed the footage shows a brutal attack with batons and kicking, which even targets the pallbearers...

"We are forced to suspend the electricity import starting from May 14," RAO Nordic said, explaining as the reason that it had yet to receive payment for volumes sold in May. "RAO Nordic is not able to make payments for the imported electricity from Russia."

"Russia's move is officially related to payment issues and not to Finland's NATO membership but the coincidence in timing is striking. Sweden will recoup the difference, as Finland only gets 10% of its electricity from Russia." «Интер РАО» перестанет поставлять электроэнергию в Финляндию

— Samuel Ramani (@SamRamani2) May 13, 2022

"We're prepared for this and it won't be difficult. We can make do with a bit more imports from Sweden and Norway," Fingrid's manager for operational planning Timo Kaukonen told AFP.

"While the stoppage is not directly due to Finland's stated intent to apply for NATO membership, which is expected to drive discussion among the 30-member alliance at its major summit in Madrid, Spain in June - most pundits say the timing to the drastic action seems intent on sending an obvious message:"


And who is Sarah Rainsford?
Nice. Thanks for finding this. It's pretty clear that footage from various times was stitched together. This article makes a couple errors though. The building shadow moves about a foot or two east between when the guard walks towards the entrance, and when the two guys walk back and get shot - which could just indicate the passage of about 20-30 minutes (not hours), or shot on different days. And the gatehouse pictures are of two different buildings: the clean one that the solider peers into is the one across from the shop entrance, and the messy one is somewhere behind the store. The timestamp of the messy room camera is either faked or miscalibrated (the time indicates after sunset, but it seems to be maybe late afternoon).

The shot with Russian military vehicles marked V shows the same trucks shown in the clip of the Russian patrol, which the author thinks was legit. There's only a brief shot of the "V" van, with CNN saying the Russians in question used it. But there's no video of them entering or leaving that van, so it's unverifiable and so not relevant one way or the other. In fact, the BBC cuts the video of the van JUST as the door is opening - no view of who gets out. The van stops to the southeast of the store (in front of the gatehouse), but the video of the Russian patrol shows them walking south along the west side of the building, as if northwest is the direction they came from to get to the front entrance. Also worth noting is that the BBC video cuts away from the close-up footage of the shooting right around the same time that CNN does, but does not include the long shot. The yellow car isn't visible in either of the long shots (the old guy approaching, and leaving), but is in all the close-up shots.

One other thing the telegra.ph article doesn't point out is the presence of a shotgun on the floor by the door of the room with the old man's body. There's more to that story!
This is the most recent analysis from UK Column

⁣Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen, Alex Thomson and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.

No bullet points or reference material at this time. the show starts with a current map of the situation in Ukraine.

They did mentioned an article by Prof. Vladmir Goldstein posted on Sputnik (Interesting name) he is a Prof. at Brown University in the US.

Sleepwalking into Disaster

Here is the article for those that are unable to read it (I got a 404 message) with some searching I retrieved it. some images will not be reproduced, but here is the text for those interested.

Sleepwalking Into Disaster: How US Establishment Lost Fear of Escalating Ukraine Crisis​

On 9 May, US President Joe Biden signed a lend-lease Bill to streamline US lethal military aid to Ukraine, while the American press continues to present a one-sided picture of the Ukraine crisis. Vladimir Golstein, associate professor at Brown University in Rhode Island, has explained why this approach is fraught with great risks for the US.
Sputnik: After the beginning of Russian special operation in Ukraine, US Big Tech labelled and banned major Russian media outlets. Now, the Department of Homeland Security has announced the creation of a so-called Disinformation Governance Board to fight "Russian disinformation". What's so scary about Russian news, in your opinion? How far can this go?
Vladimir Golstein
: This trend is highly disturbing, to say the least. As is the case with all sorts of censorship, political in particular, it reveals the weakness of the censoring side. Why are they afraid to discuss issues if they are convinced that they are doing the right thing? What exactly are they hiding? Why are they afraid to be challenged?

Needless to say, this idea of censorship goes against the most fundamental and cherished principles of the United States. This is especially important, when the information which is being suppressed relates to a distant land and complex and highly contentious issues. Americans have the right to know what kind of a cause their money is supporting, and what kind of cause is worth pursuing at the risk of global conflagration.
The whole idea of “fake news” or “disinformation” is highly dubious. Any complex event has a multitude of manifestations and causes. There is no single set of eyes that can see and register it all. As St Paul observed, in the affairs of this world we see “through a glass darkly”, consequently, it is highly erroneous for one side to claim that they see clearly, whereas another side produces only fake news.

President Joe Biden looks to former President Barack Obama after signing an executive order during and event about the Affordable Care Act, in the East Room of the White House in Washington, April 5, 2022.
© AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster

Besides myopia and the self-defeating dimension of censorship, one should highlight two obvious facts related to censorship and the dismissal of alternative interpretations as propaganda:
First, governments resort to this tactic to achieve some sort of consensus, which they don’t want to be challenged. Indeed, ever since the violent overthrow of the legitimate government in Kiev in 2014, the western consensus has been established: “Ukraine is resisting Russian aggression. This aggression is getting more and more out of hand and is bound to spread further. To stop it, we need a stronger NATO. So, dear taxpayers, get ready to pay more for NATO expansion and a build-up of the military.”
Second, the war hysteria and the unchallenged demonisation of the other side serve one additional purpose: a diversion; a diversion from all sorts of failures by the government.
So I am not surprised that numerous western governments, British and American in particular, have decided to resort to various forms of modern censorship for the sake of these two myopic goals: military build-up and diversion.

ImageFighting to Win: Donbass is the Place Where the Old World Order is Challenged, French Volunteer Says

Sputnik: Adam Kinzinger (the Republican Representative for Illinois' 16th congressional district) introduced an authorisation for use of military force (AUMF) resolution which would allow the US president to send US troops to Ukraine. Does anyone among those supporting Kinzinger understand that this step could translate into all-out war between Russia and NATO?
Vladimir Golstein
: This political resolution is nothing but posturing. The United States is not ready to send military forces to Ukraine, knowing very well that that would result in all-out war. At least, top people in the government, the Pentagon in particular, are aware of that, and the president has been rather clear on the issue.
What is more disturbing is the fact that Adam Kinzinger believes that he can get political momentum by acting as an even greater war-monger than the Democrats. He obviously believes that the American campaign of demonising Russia has been so successful that his constituents would welcome further belligerent actions. Here again, we are dealing with the concrete results of the massive propaganda campaign undertaken by the US government along with all sorts of liberal outlets which used to be rather pacifist.

In recent years, however, the endless barrage of news to which Americans have been exposed, seems to carry two messages: first, Russians are barbaric and therefore performing all sorts of barbaric policies, including wars; second, they are not competent at what they do and are therefore being defeated by the courageous Ukrainian forces.
Consequently, Mr Kinzinger's average voter concludes that if barbaric Russians can’t win against Ukraine, they are surely no match for the all-powerful American war machine. Thus, there is no longer any fear connected with this war escalating to another level. This is very disturbing. There is a well-known book by Christopher Clark on the history of the First World War called 'The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914'. That’s exactly what we are facing now: sleepwalking politicians, such as Mr Kinzinger, gain in popularity, while their voters sleepwalk into electing them, ignoring what unfolds in front of their own eyes.

Image Dutch Journo: 'We are Here, in Donbass, to Awaken Westerners Deluded by MSM Propaganda'

Sputnik: Some observers say that the US and other NATO countries are already at war with Russia via their proxies in Ukraine. Do you agree with this view? What's your take on Finland and Sweden's NATO bid amid Russia's special operation, which itself was triggered by NATO expansion?
Vladimir Golstein
: The nature of this proxy war is obvious, and it has been obvious to any unbiased observer. The speed with which Ukraine has been armed by NATO, the provocative Ukrainian stance, the West's refusal to engage in diplomacy, the well-organised sanction campaign, the all-powerful media blitzkrieg, and finally, the acknowledgment of the top figures in western establishment that their purpose is to weaken Russia so it won’t be capable of any military action, all testify to the highly elaborate plans of subjugating Russia before tackling the next country that threatens NATO hegemony: China.

Needless to say, China is not interested in seeing Russia fall. Russia, China, India and other major countries are much more interested in a multi-polar world, and any action that would consolidate western leadership, such as further expanding NATO to include Finland and Sweden, are bound to have all sorts of repercussions, ranging from economic to military pushback. Further expansion of NATO means further undermining of the post-Second World War peace architecture, further escalation and military build-up, further abuse of valuable Earth resources for the sake of militarism.
One hopes that the depth and scope of these repercussions are made clear to the citizens of Sweden and Finland. Unfortunately, here we return to the issue of censorship and the dismissals of the Russian point of view. Somehow, Russian security concerns are consistently delegitimised in the western press, and that includes the Swedish and Finnish media.

This is highly regrettable and, more importantly, extremely dangerous. Poking a nuclear bear is one of the most idiotic things anyone can do, and Scandinavian people, who know Russians well, and who have been interacting with Russians for centuries, should know better.

Sputnik: What forces are interested in poking Russia, cancelling Russian culture, attacks on Russians abroad, further NATO expansion plans and arming Ukraine? What goals are they trying to reach?
Vladimir Golstein
: Unfortunately, militarism remains a very powerful magnet for a lot of people. Demonising Russia pays in all sorts of ways: it pays for the military industrial complex; it pays for the press that loves hysteria and black-and-white stories of the evil Russians and their innocent victims; it pays for the politicians who expect to ride and exploit this war of the Slavs for their own benefit; and last, but not least, it pays for the military strategists who know that taking on both Russia and China to reassert American supremacy is a complicated if not an impossible task, whereas starting with weakening Russia and gaining access to its resources is a much more reasonable undertaking. Consequently, too many people with access to power are interested in further escalation, in further expanding this proxy war.
It is the task of Russia to provide an adequate response without bringing the world to the brink of the Third World War. One hopes that Russian success in Ukraine will make NATO leaders rethink their strategies. Otherwise, the poking of Russia will continue, ushering in everything from a nuclear war to Russia’s collapse and dismantling.

End of article.

IMHO a Saner voice coming from someone in the sphere of US Academia and analysis. Sadly such voices are missing in the discourse, only to be replaced by a shiziod diatribe.
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