Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine


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Russian Forces Back On Zmeiny Island, Reinforce Their Positions (Photos, Video)
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After the failed attack of Ukrainian forces on Zmeiny Island (also known as Snake Island) in the Black Sea, the Russian military was reportedly forced to leave military positions on the island. Most recently, the satellite imagery revealed the presence of Russian forces on the island, which was confirmed by the Ukrainian and Russian military officials.
Satellite imagery taken in the Black Sea area showed a huge letter “Z” on Zmeiny Island. Landing boats and a floating crane of the Russian Black Sea Fleet are also seen in the area.
The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has recently confirmed that Russia is “trying to increase its military presence on Zmeiny Island, strengthening the air defense system.”
Russian Forces Back On Zmeiny Island, Reinforce Their Positions (Photos, Video)
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Russian Forces Back On Zmeiny Island, Reinforce Their Positions (Photos, Video)
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The representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Vadim Skibitsky, has previously revealed that Tor-M2 air defense system had been transfered to the island as well as Russian Pantsir missile system to provide air defence in the area.
“Amphibious boats and other ships are actively used to deliver ammunition, military equipment (primarily radar stations and reconnaissance equipment),” he added.
Earlier, another Russian Tor missile system was damaged as a result of the Ukrainian attack on the island. It was reportedly taken out from the island.
Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces do not stop reconnaissance missions in the Black sea area. The Russian Ministry of Defence is reporting the interceptions of Ukrainian UAVs, including Bayraktar TB2s, over the island on a daily basis. The last Ukrainian UAV was shot down last night.

Having established control over the military positions, the Russian military shared the footage of the destroyed Ukrainian forces remained on the island. On the eve of May 9, the Ukrainian military command attempted to counter attack the island and carried out an unsuccessful assault operation. As a result, Ukrainian forces suffered heavy losses. A fierce battle ensued on the island. During a decisive counterattack, all Ukrainian servicemen were reportedly pushed to the edge of the island and destroyed.
Apart from heavy material losses, the AFU operation resulted in “senseless death of more than 50 Ukrainian militants and soldiers of the elite units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” according to the Russian Ministry of Defence. So far, at least 27 corpses of the Ukrainian serviceman remain on the island. The AFU reportedly ignore the calls of the Russian military to take the corpses of Ukrainian soldiers from the island to burry them in Ukraine.
It is not the most important part of the analysis, but it is interesting how so far there are no videos on twitter or tik tok of this event or propaganda, all elements that the Zelensky regime loves.

What really happened at the Seversky Donets crossing?​

A person who says he is a Ukrainian combat engineer has already claimed the glory of destroying a whole Battalion Tactical Group and killing 1500(!!!) Russian soldiers at a river crossing near Belogorovka. Ukrainian propaganda twitter & BrOSINT are all over it, coming up with ever higher numbers, sharing photos of the battle. What actually happened there?
Let’s take a look. This post will be a mix of my own observations, as well as a translation of the analysis provided by Greatwarchannel.
First off, some basic premises:
1) Photos and short videos with no proper geolocation & date given are inherently not representing a complete picture & even in the best case are nothing more than a snapshot.
2) We don’t know the time period over which the events depicted in such a snapshot occurred.
3) Both sides use a similar set of military equipment. It is difficult, and often impossible, to determine from the available photos and videos the identity of a particular vehicle.
4) Both sides have trophy vehicles from the other side, further complicating the analysis.
5) People pretending to be “Open Source Intelligence” specialists on Twitter are biased to a ridiculous degree, media uses them as “objective” sources, thus disproving Ukrainian war propaganda is an often thankless task of having to “defend” against the most extreme pseudo-analysis.
In addition, one side of the conflict has lied a lot more than the other side about such things, including blunders like using video game footage. If anything, you should try to be as unbiased as possible about tactical claims, but if something comes from the side that posts ArmA 3 videos, some extra scrutiny is in order.

Photo 1
There’s something interesting in Photo 1, namely wreckage of BMP-1s (1, 2 and 4) and also turrets torn off by ammo detonations, from the same type of vehicle (3 and 6)
Another interesting exhibit is 5, which looks like a BTR-D.
BTR-Ds are used by the Russian Airborne Forces, but Ukrainian air and ground forces also have them. The Donbass republics also captured several of them as trophies.
As for the BMP-1s, everything is more interesting. The Russian Army no longer uses the base variant of the BMP-1. They use BMP-1AM "Basurmanin" and BRM-1K, but both of them differ in combat compartment, and here we can clearly see the small single turrets of BMP-1.
The BMP-1 is, however, in service with the LPR and DPR People's Militias.
Photo 2
On this photo, we can see a bunch of BMP-1s. Numbers 6, 7, 11, 12, 20, 21, 15, 16 and 19 are clearly identifiable. A turret can be discerned around 12. Nine pieces, plus three in the previous shot. Twelve BMP-1s. Yes, number 6 is a BMP-1, it is better visible in another shot.
This cannot be ascribed to a random battlefield trophy the Russian army picked up.
The gem of this frame is number 10, which with a high degree of probability is none other than the Ukrainian "armored ambulance" based on the MT-LB, namely the MT-LB C, which has been supplied to the AFU since 2015. According to open data, the AFU has about 70 vehicles of this type, which is not that rare.
The nine is clearly an old "motolyga" (MT-LB) which has a small turret.
Numbers 8, 13, 17, 18 and 14 are harder to identify. Most likely these are machines of MT-LB family, number 13 even has a small turret.
Next slide.

Photo 3
We continue counting BMP-1s.
Numbers 23, 25, 27, 28, 29, and 30. Twelve BMP-1s plus six more, that's eighteen! Too many to be a coincidence.
Also another MT-LB, number 22.
Photo 4
Seven more BMP-1s: 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 41. Already twenty-five of them.
41, 31 and 35 have visible invasion marks, thus proving that they most likely belong to the Allied Forces of Russia & the Donbass republics (probably the latter, or actually Russian trophies). This, of course, begs the question why all the other BMP-1s, even those in reasonably “good” condition, don’t have invasion marks if they’re supposed to be Russian?
Number 36 is another MT-LB, looks like the turret was also blown off.
Number 38 is not clearly identifiable.
Numbers 39 and 40 are T-72 tanks, possibly the B modification. Both look mostly undamaged. We’ve called the war a “Late Soviet Tech Genocide” before, most of the vehicle losses are among the APCs and IVFs.
Photo 5
Number 42 is a Kamaz 8x8 with a pontoon.
Numbers 43 to 47 are various river crossing equipment, much of it used by both sides (e.g. the the PMP-60).
48 and 49 are tugboats.
Now, what does this tell us.
1) According to the composition of the burned equipment, we see the presence of the Russian and Ukrainian armies, as well as forces of the LPR or DPR. We can no longer write off the entire pile as Russian casualties.
2) As can be seen from photo 5, the path there is well-traveled, which is understandable. After the bridges got blown up, such a convenient crossing place could not go unnoticed by both sides.
3) Thus we come to the most likely version of what happened at the crossing near Belogorovka. Both sides liked the place of the crossing. First the Ukrainians, but the Russian (Allied) forces suffered losses during the crossing as well.
4) The "mix" of equipment and its condition indicates that the sides fought over the crossing for some time (probably about a week) until it fell into the hands of the Allied Forces.
5) This is also indicated by Ukrainian photos and videos taken from a respectful distance. The crossing is clearly not under the control of the Ukrainian forces, otherwise the internet would have been FLOODED by close-ups of corpses and vehicles. They are notoriously prone to TikTok victories.
6) There are no bodies in the shots, which suggests that one of the parties had the opportunity to remove them.
7) The Ukrainian General Staff stated that in the evening of May 11, "The enemy is trying to seize positions on the right bank," and by the next morning "the enemy is crossing the Seversky Donets River to carry out an offensive.”
Later there were reports that Russian troops not only had not retreated from the area, but were expanding the bridgehead. It is difficult to say how large the bridgehead is now, but on May 11, judging by the published satellite images, the Seversky Donets crossing was intact. Right now, fighting is reported on the other side of the river, implying a successful crossing.
It looks like most of the fighting was done by the LPR & DPR in this area, with Russian forces carrying out the river crossing itself.
Two independent private sources on the ground have stated to me that Allied Forces vehicle losses were “around 20” and “fewer than two dozen”, respectively, with casualties between 30 and 50.

Add that both the alleged Russian and Ukrainian tanks were hidden among the trees according to the images and not on the roads, I don't know why that is, other than speculating that they were trying to protect themselves from artillery attacks or others.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has appointed Major General Ihor Tantsiura as Commander of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, dismissing Yurii Halushkin from the post.

According to Ukrinform, the decrees to that effect have been published on the website of the head of state.

Halushkin was appointed commander of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on January 1 this year.

Yesterday, during the telecast, the new LNR Ambassador to Russia Rodion Miroshnik reported that in Rubezhnoye, during the cleaning and demining of the industrial zone, on the territory of one of the factories, a mined warehouse with 49 tons of ammonium was found and defused. (industrial explosives) The fuse was designed for remote detonation and did not work only because of the use of electronic warfare. Not far from this warehouse, several railway tanks with toxic substances (including sulfuric acid) were found, which were specially dragged there in anticipation of an explosion. 49 tons and even with chemistry! If such a thing has exploded, then one big funnel would have remained from all this unfortunate Rubezhnoye, besides it was very poisonous. So far I have not found anything about this in print, but Miroshnik has not been seen lying before.

Вчера, в ходе телепередачи, новый Посол ЛНР в России Родион Мирошник сообщил, что в Рубежном, при проведении зачистки и разминирования промзоны, на территории одного из заводов, обнаружили и обезвредили заминированный склад с 49 тоннами аммонала. (промышленная взрывчатка) Взрыватель был рассчитан на дистанционный подрыв и не сработал только из-за применения средств РЭБ. Неподалеку от этого склада обнаружены несколько ж.д. цистерн с ядовитыми веществами (в т.ч. с серной кислотой), которые специально были туда притащены в рассчете на взрыв. 49 тонн да еще и с химией! Если бы такое рвануло, то от всего этого несчастного Рубежного осталась бы одна большая воронка, к тому же сильно ядовитая. Пока я не нашел об этом ничего в печатном виде, но Мирошник раньше не был замечен во вранье.
'Provocations for expanding the conflict?'

Belarus’ defense ministry does not rule out military provocations from Ukraine

15 MAY, 2022
Ukraine has pulled around 10,000 troops and state-of-the-art weapons to the border with Belarus, First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Belarusian Armed Forces Igor Korol said

MINSK, May 15. /TASS/. Ukraine has pulled around 10,000 troops and state-of-the-art weapons to the border with Belarus, First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Belarusian Armed Forces Igor Korol said on Sunday, adding that military provocations are not ruled out.

"Today, Ukraine has pulled some 10,000 troops near the Belarusian border in the Rovno direction. There are 6,000 troops in the Ovruch direction, and some 4,500 troops in the Chernigov direction They include artillery units armed with state-of-the-art US weapons, and air defense units," he said in an interview with STV.

"There is objective data that American counter-battery stations have been deployed in the vicinity of our (Belarusian - TASS) borders," he said. "Ukrainians are mining roads, bridges in the adjacent areas, and are patrolling these areas. All are armed with combat weapons, so any provocations are possible.".
"Following wave after wave of sanctions threats and impositions, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev predicted this week that there would be a number of global consequences."

" Medvedev also predicted "the collapse of the idea of an American-centric world."

1. A number of global supply chains of goods will collapse, a major logistical crisis is possible, including the collapse of foreign airlines, which are banned from flying over Russian territory.

2. The energy crisis will intensify in those states that have imposed “shooting in their own feet” sanctions on the supply of Russian energy carriers, further growth in fossil fuel prices will continue, and the development of the digital economy in the world will slow down.

3. A full-fledged international food crisis will come with the prospect of starvation in individual states.

4. A monetary and financial crisis is possible in some countries or communities of countries, associated with the undermining of the stability of a number of national currencies, galloping inflation and the destruction of the legal system for protecting private property.

5. New regional military conflicts will arise in those places where the situation has not been peacefully resolved for many years or the significant interests of major international players are ignored.

6. Terrorists are becoming more active, believing that the attention of Western authorities today is diverted to a showdown with Russia.

7. New epidemics will begin, caused by the rejection of honest international cooperation in the sanitary and epidemiological sphere or by direct facts of the use of biological weapons.

8. There will be a decline in the activities of international institutions that have not been able to prove their effectiveness in the course of settling the situation in Ukraine, such as, for example, the Council of Europe.

9. New international alliances of countries based on pragmatic rather than ideological Anglo-Saxon criteria will be formed.

10. As a result, a new security architecture will be created, in which de facto, and then de jure, the existing realities are recognized:

a) the weakness of Westernized concepts of international relations such as "Order based on rules" and other senseless Western junk;
b) the collapse of the idea of an American-centric world;
c) the presence of interests respected by the world community in those countries that are in an acute stage of conflict with the Western world.

A very loud title of the article. In fact, there is no "Shock". The value of this publication is that it is claimed that it is "AZOV" that is being surrendered, and not the AFU, border guards or someone else. I would like to say like Ostap Bender: "the ice has moved, gentlemen of the jury..."

The Azov soldiers who surrendered told who is now sitting on AZOVSTAL: Even the Russian command is SHOCKED. Evening of May 16 (16 videos)
Today, 22:13

Today, on May 16, it was "Azov" that surrendered, a local group that fought off during the defense of "Azovstal": 20 seriously wounded, 31 relatively healthy. They surrendered under some guarantees, but not to be evacuated to Ukraine or Turkey. Most likely, so that they simply did not kill - under the guarantee of life.
No one is publishing photos and videos yet - there is an agreement with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
They came out directly with weapons, cleared the exit route together with the special forces of the DPR.
The deputy commander of the Azov regiment "Kalina" is a formal commander, did not fight at all, just a talking mouth.
According to those who surrendered, thousands of surrounded people settled in the rest of the "Azovstal", there are a lot of them. That's it, more information will be available tomorrow.

Counterattacks of the Russian army have begun near Kharkov, while the AFU is withdrawing its main forces to the Donbass. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is driving thousands of new soldiers under Severodonetsk, but after the capture of Kamyshevakha, the battles at the next turn will actually be for the encirclement of Severodonetsk-Lisichansk.
The EU Foreign ministers could not agree on the 6th package of sanctions against Russia - Borrel.
Сдавшиеся в плен Азовцы рассказали кто сейчас сидит на АЗОВСТАЛИ: В ШОКЕ даже российское командование. Вечер 16 мая (16 видео)

Очень громкое название статьи. На самом деле никакого "Шока". Ценность этой публикации в том, что утверждается что сдается именно" АЗОВ", а не ВСУ, пограничники или еще кто то. Хочется сказать как Остап Бендер: "лед тронулся, господа присяжные заседатели..."
American volunteers alongside Russian forces in the Donbass front.

"Hello, we just arrived in Donbass from America. We come from all over America. Me from Texas, my friend here from Detroit, we have people here from Minnesota and from all over America. We are here to fight globalism and the new world order. We are here to fight the Ukrainian Nazis. Russia is the last place on earth to fight liberalism, globalism and a new world order that is destroying America. If you are our brothers, from America or Canada or Europe and you are fighting alongside the Nazis in Ukraine, then you better turn around and go home. Because we are coming and if we end up on the battlefield, all bets are off. You need to go home and reassess what you think you're doing here. I speak for us, but I think I also speak for most Americans, people in America who don't tolerate the liberalism that is spreading like a cancer. Folks, this is the last chance for the world. It's either freedom or liberalism, but you can't have both. Stand with us as we fight this disease. Thank you."

Translated from French so the original message must be somewhere.

Today it was reported that Scholz seems to be "concerned about a possible escalation" in Ukraine. Apparently he knows what to worry about.

German Leopard 2A4 heavy tanks spotted in Ukraine
Germany secretly transferred 20 Leopard 2A4 heavy tanks to Ukraine.

Germany secretly supplied Ukraine with its Leopard 2A4 heavy tanks. One of these combat vehicles was spotted on the territory of Ukraine about two days ago. Moreover, NATO had no plans to supply these weapons and, obviously, the Leopard 2A4 heavy tanks were transferred to the APU in complete secrecy.

On the presented video, shot by the Ukrainian military, you can see the Leopard 2A4 tank undergoing a run-in in the western part of Ukraine. Taking into account the information voiced by a number of Ukrainian sources, a total of 20 Leopard 2A4 heavy tanks were sent to Ukraine. Moreover, the latter are very dangerous weapons that pose quite a big threat.

Germany does not comment on information about the transfer of Leopard 2A4 tanks to Ukraine, however, there are quite a lot of questions about who controls these combat vehicles, since the Ukrainian military do not have experience in managing German Leopard 2A4 tanks.

"The differences between those tanks that are in service with Ukraine and those that Germany sent to Ukraine are enormous. Only basic training can take several months, and these combat vehicles, among other things, need to be serviced. If the tanks were indeed handed over to the APU, then with a high degree of probability it can be argued that they are controlled by mercenaries," the analyst of Avia.pro notes.

It is known that Germany intended to consider the transfer of Leopard 2A4 tanks to Ukraine, however, discussion of this was planned only in mid-May, while the delivery could stretch for several more months.
На Украине замечены немецкие тяжёлые танки Leopard 2A4

Another option of "escalation"
Multiple drones have been spotted over Transnistria
Numerous drones have been spotted on the border of Transnistria and Ukraine.

Residents of the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic report numerous unmanned aerial vehicles over the territory of the country. Unmanned aerial vehicles were simultaneously spotted over several regions at once. In particular, we are talking about Tiraspol, Parkans, Rybnitsa and other cities and settlements of Transnistria.

It is known that for the first time in recent days, unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted over Transnistria on May 14 at night. However, the very next day, on May 15, it was about numerous drones. Moreover, taking into account the data from the video, the drones followed from the airspace of Ukraine, although they did not show any hostile actions, obviously only carrying out reconnaissance of the area or monitoring the situation.

On the presented video frames, you can see the detection of drones over the territory of Transnistria. Judging by the video, we are talking about quadrocopters, however, these are quite large drones capable of carrying, including various kinds of ammunition, which causes serious concern due to the risk of escalation of the situation in the region.
Над Приднестровьем замечены множественные беспилотники

Сегодня сообщали, что Шольц вроде бы "обеспокоен возможной эскалацией" на Украине. Видимо он знает, от чего следует беспокоиться.
This is a report from Southfront. Is it reality, is it war propaganda, who knows, but I thought it was interesting

US Takes Wheat Out Of Ukraine. War-Torn Country Doomed To Famine​

In exchange for weapons and illusory prospects of becoming a member of the “European family”, the Kiev regime is dooming its own people to a protracted food crisis.

After the launch of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Russian forces blocked the access to the Ukrainian vital seaports in the Black Sea. Before the war, around 5 million tons were shipped each month through the Black Sea. One of the main goods exported from Ukraine were grain crops for Europe.

This became another pretext for accusing Russia of provoking the food crisis in the West. However, a brief analysis of the policy of the Kiev regime and the decisions announced by the United States and European countries predict a long-planned famine in Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden attempted to reassure the Americans that there is no threat of food crisis in the country as the grain can be easily taken from the war-torn Ukraine. He claimed that there are 20 million tons of grain in Ukraine, and now the issue of its export is being resolved. In his opinion, this will help bring down world food prices.

Video of President Biden, stating the aove

On May 11, the European Commission will consider a strategy that would address technical and bureaucratic initiatives to speed up the shipping of vegetable oils, corn and wheat, some of Ukraine’s key exports, people familiar with the discussions said Bloomberg.

Europe intends to export crops by rail and , since the seaports are blocked by the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The problem is that the export capacity of the railway is low. Ukraine’s products also face a myriad of phytosanitary measures and quotas for land transport that complicate their ability to pass through various member states to their final destination, Bloomberg sources reported.

These are the main problems that the EU is set to resolve as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, giant columns of grain carriers are spotted in the Moldovan port of Giurgiulesti on the Danube. Hundreds of trucks are exporting grain from the territory of Ukraine to the EU countries.

“This reminds me of 1941, when Hitler exported grain from the USSR, took it out — and then attacked. So we export grain to Europe, so that they then take us for a naked ass, cold and hungry,” the author of the video comments.

The price the Kiev regime pays for the supply of weapons and financial support of its allies is too high.

According to the official Ukrainian data, the total amount of wheat produced in 2021/2022 MY amounted to 32,4 million tons. Based on the analysis of exports over the last five seasons (2016-2021), Ukraine exports about 80 percent of its wheat. About 6 million tons traditionally remain on the domestic market. This year, about 26 million tons were designated for export.

According to the Ukrainian statistics, since the beginning of the season, which started on July 1 2021, and as of December 15, exports of crops and grain legumes from Ukraine already reached 28.7 million tons. Wheat exports accounted for 56%. Until December 15, at least 16 million tons of wheat were exported.

During the period from December 15 2021 to February 24, 2022, exports continued in full via the usual logistics chains. After the closure of the sea ports, exports did not stop, but were reoriented to land channels. Only railways allow to export about 1.1 million tons of grain per month. Millions of tons are transferred by trucks. According to the most conservative estimates, from December 15 to May 10, at least 6 tons of wheat were additionally exported.

The entire harvest of 2021 MY was already exported and used for the needs of the Ukrainian domestic market

According to the official Ukrainian data, the total amount of wheat produced in 2021/2022 MY amounted to 32,4 million tons. Based on the analysis of exports over the last five seasons (2016-2021), Ukraine exports about 80 percent of its wheat. About 6 million tons traditionally remain on the domestic market. This year, about 26 million tons were designated for export.

According to the Ukrainian statistics, since the beginning of the season, which started on July 1 2021, and as of December 15, exports of crops and grain legumes from Ukraine already reached 28.7 million tons. Wheat exports accounted for 56%. Until December 15, at least 16 million tons of wheat were exported.

During the period from December 15 2021 to February 24, 2022, exports continued in full via the usual logistics chains. After the closure of the sea ports, exports did not stop, but were reoriented to land channels. Only railways allow to export about 1.1 million tons of grain per month. Millions of tons are transferred by trucks. According to the most conservative estimates, from December 15 to May 10, at least 6 tons of wheat were additionally exported.

Various Western sources, including US President Biden, declare the need for the immediate export of additional 20 tons of wheat from Ukraine. This is grain from Ukrainian strategic reserves in the amount of at least four months of wheat consumption by the domestic Ukrainian market.

In the context of the impending global food crisis provoked by the Western sanctions against Russia and disruption of supply chains, the United States and European countries are aiming to replenish their reserves, thanks to the crops taken from the Ukrainian people.

n December 2021, Ukrainian experts reported that “representatives of the flour and grain industries announced an unbalanced wheat trade: high-quality food grades were supplied to foreign markets, and fodder remained for Ukrainian consumers. After the refusal of the Ministry of Agriculture to fix export limits by class in the export-regulating memorandum, the Association of Millers, the All-Ukrainian Association of Bakers and Ukrhlebprom withdrew their signatures under the document. This happened for the first time in 10 years and jeopardized the functioning of one of the most effective mechanisms of mutual understanding in the grain market.”

The policy of the Kiev regime reveal clear signs of famine planning in Ukraine. Amid the ongoing military operations, the sowing season was disrupted in many of Ukrainian regions. The male part of the population were called up for military service, some regions are under control of the Russian Armed Forces. Moreover, the spring of 2022 is significantly colder than in 2021. Not to mention the dysfunction of the agricultural sector, which was sharply reoriented to foreign consumers to the detriment of the Ukrainian market.

Regardless of the developments on the frontline, the harvest in 2022-2023 MY will be much smaller.

At the same time, other branches of agriculture in Ukraine also faced crisis phenomena long before the start of military operations.

According to the Ukrainian statistics, egg production decreased by 13.5%, milk – by 5.8%, meat – by 2%, wool by 6.3%. According to the Association “Union of Poultry Farmers”, Ukraine imported eggs from Belarus in July – August 2021 for the first time since 1991.

The number of various agricultural animals also critically decreased:
• Cattle – by 6.9% (2.93 million cattle heads):
• pigs – by 4.7% (5.83 million heads):
• sheep and goats – by 5.9% (1.19 million heads).

According to experts of the Association “Pig Breeders of Ukraine”, the cattle breeding in Ukraine has already passed the point of no return in 2021 and “the restoration of the livestock is almost impossible.”

As of November 2021, the food prices in Ukraine increased by almost 15%. In 2021, bread has increased in price by 18.9%, dairy products by 15.2%, meat products by 15.4%, sugar by 20.4%.

According to experts of the Association “Pig Breeders of Ukraine”, the cattle breeding in Ukraine has already passed the point of no return in 2021 and “the restoration of the livestock is almost impossible.”
As of November 2021, the food prices in Ukraine increased by almost 15%. In 2021, bread has increased in price by 18.9%, dairy products by 15.2%, meat products by 15.4%, sugar by 20.4%.
It is obvious that such a policy of the Kiev regime will lead to a critical shortage of food by the autumn-winter of 2022-2023.

A similar situation took place in the USSR in the early 1930s, when the young Soviet state, weakened by the First World War and the Civil War, was forced to export large volumes of grain, including wheat, to the United States and other Western countries, including Germany. In 1930-1031, the USSR exported about 2.5 million tons per year.
In 1932-1933, the agrarian policy of the USSR, which caused a crop failure, led to famine in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. The number of deaths in Ukraine amounted to 3 million 917.8 thousand people, Russia — 3 million 264.6 thousand, Kazakhstan — 1 million 258.2 thousand people, in total 8 million 731.9 thousand people throughout the USSR.
In 2023, the tragedy may be repeated in Ukraine because of Kiev’s policy. Russia will once again be declared the culprit of the Ukraine.
The 'skull and crossbones' symbol is not Nazi, but in this case it is being used in the form of the Totenkopf.

Interestingly, this Twitter post from May 12, 2022, is gone.

Latvian Mercenaries 'En Route to Ukraine' Sport Nazi Insignias– Photos

May 15, 2022

Scores of foreign mercenaries flocked to Kiev in the month following the start of the Russian special military operation. Moscow warned that they will become legit targets for its armed forces, and advised foreign governments to dissuade citizens from travelling.

A Latvian activist has published a photo of a group of seven of his countrymen who he claims decided to travel to Ukraine and fight alongside Kiev's forces. In the photo, two of the military-clad men can be spotted bearing Nazi Totenkopf insignia on their caps.

It is unclear when and where the photo was taken by the activist, who writes under the pen name Girts Lapins. Lapins claimed to be "proud" of his fellow countrymen.

A Twitter post by the user Girts Lapins - Sputnik International, 1920, 15.05.2022

A Twitter post by the user "Girts Lapins" © Girts Lapins // Twitter

Alleged Latvian mercenaries sporting totenkopf insignia - Sputnik International, 1920, 15.05.2022

Alleged Latvian mercenaries sporting totenkopf insignia © Girts Lapins // Twitter

Latvia is famous for holding annual marches comprised of supporters of the WWII Nazi SS collaborators, broadly known as the Latvian Legion, with its participants often sporting swastikas and other Nazi-related insignias. The Latvian Legion fought alongside the German Nazis against the Red Army in WWII, and is praised by some today for being "liberators" from USSR "oppression". Local authorities generally acquiesce the Legion’s activities.


For comparison, here is a photo of a WWII cap with the emblem that looks identical to the ones pictured on the caps above:

Well if everyone here knows German tanks are in Ukraine I guess it’s not much of a secret. The real question might be who is inside those tanks?
I will tell you a story that was told to me by eyewitnesses. It was in the early 90s, somewhere in Siberia. Military exercises were conducted and in the process of conducting them, one tank stood out. The mechanic-driver of the tank did things that no one else could do. The command should encourage the best according to the results, and the general who commanded the exercises before the formation awarded the distinguished ones. It's this guy's turn. In the process of presenting the gift, the general asked: "how did you learn to drive a tank so well?" He didn't even ask where, because he couldn't even think... The boy answered him honestly: "they teach well in the Bundeswehr." Everyone who heard this was upset, the general first of all. In those days it was so. Many people left from here, few returned, in the army "they" people were doing business-they studied, and "we" did the most that they dug tanks into caponiers. The story, of course, is not about the present times, but it can partially answer the question. The tanks will be controlled by those who know how to do it, i.e. tankers of the Bundeswehr.

Alleged Latvian mercenaries sporting totenkopf insignia
But these are familiar to us. After the war, they hid in the woods for a long time. They called themselves Aizsargs, we called them forest brothers, an analogue of the Ukrainian Bandera.

Я расскажу историю, которую мне рассказывали очевидцы. Дело было в начале 90х, где то в Сибири. Проводились военные учения и в процессе их проведения выделился один танк. Механик-водитель танка выполнял такие вещи, которые никто другой не мог выполнить. Командование должно поощрять лучших по результатам и вот генерал, командовавший учениями перед строем награждал отличившихся. Дошла очередь до этого парня. В процессе вручения подарка, генерал спросил: "как ты так хорошо научился управлять танком?" Он даже не спросил- где, потому что и подумать не мог... Парнишка ему честно ответил: "в бундесвере хорошо учат". Все, кто это слышал выпали в осадок, генерал в первую очередь. В те времена так и было. Отсюда многие уезжали, мало возвращалось, в армии "у них" люди занимались делом-учились, а "у нас" максимум, что делали, это окапывали танки в капониры. История, конечно, не про нынешние времена, однако частично может ответить на вопрос. Управлять танками будут те, кто умеет это делать, т.е. танкисты бундесвера.
А вот такие нам хорошо знакомы. После войны еще долго по лесам прятались. Называли себя айзсарги, у нас их называли лесными братьями, аналог украинских бандеровцев.
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Just some gigglers and groaners:

Germany proposes historic Autobahn measure

The measure will help to reduce Germany’s dependence on oil imports, regional environment ministers say

Germany should introduce a motorway speed limit, regional environment ministers decided in a reportedly unanimous vote during a conference on Friday. The move is justified by the need to save energy and reduce Germany’s dependence on oil and gas imports amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, they argued.

Britons told to work more to handle cost-of-living crisis

The Labour Party called Safeguarding minister Rachel Maclean’s suggestions “disconnected from reality”

Britain’s Minister for Safeguarding, Rachel Maclean, told Sky News on Monday that those struggling with the cost-of-living crisis should work more hours or move to a better-paid job. The Labour Party accused her of being “disconnected from the realities of people's lives.”

Ukraine wins Eurovision

President Zelensky hopes to “one day” host the song contest in Mariupol, currently controlled by Russia

Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, after making a plea on stage to help save Ukrainian fighters holed up in Mariupol, and receiving landslide support from the European public in a phone and online vote.

“I ask all of you, please help Ukraine, Mariupol. Help Azovstal, right now,” he said, referring to the besieged steel plant. Currently, only fighters from the neo-Nazi Azov regiment and some units of the Ukrainian military are believed to be inside the facility.
Eurovision is meant to be non-political, and contestants can be disqualified or fined for breaking this rule. Russia was excluded from the competition after its military attack on Ukraine, as organizers claimed they sought to keep politics and war out of the contest. However, the Ukrainian band will face no penalties for its statements, the organizers said.
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