Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine

I just asked a friend astrologer who is also interested in symbolism what does upside down triangle means. The man said: "upside down triangle symbolises manifestation of power or rooting. Getting thought forms into manifestation, projection of thought into reality. Armies usually use chevron, but can be also like this"

Those are 2 triangles, one within the other. Maybe it has something to do with tetrahedrons, Star of David, conversion into 3 dimensional representation, and field concepts.

Here are explanations from two military experts (translated from Russian).

This one:

...As for the inverted triangles, the expert said that such signs usually indicate that the equipment belongs to a military unit.

For example, white circles are used by the "Brave" group of troops. And the triangles that presumably appeared on the armored vehicles between April and August, according to the expert, may refer to similar tactical symbols applied to their vehicles by the Pskov paratroopers.

Their vehicles bear similar inverted triangles, but with Roman numerals inscribed in them, Knutov said.

"Usually such symbols are used to indicate belonging to some military district, but it is difficult to say anything about this symbol," the expert concluded.

And this one:

Combat veteran, Captain of the First Rank of the Reserve Vasily Dandykin said that a new tactical symbol - a white inverted triangle - has been noticed on the military equipment of the Russian Armed Forces.

According to the military expert, in general, tactical signs can be used as passwords that change from time to time. They can also signify a particular military unit.

"I served in the Navy, and we constantly had tactical numbers on the ships changed, it could be 100, 120 and so on, it's the order of the day. So it's quite possible they could have done such a thing just based on a certain expediency. To change the signs, as passwords are changed to designate a particular connection," Dandykin said.

In addition, a former special forces officer, retired colonel Anatoliy Matviychuk, also said that the system of identification signs is developed by special services, and the symbols are changed depending on the need.

And here are some pictures with various signs on them.

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Who is Marianna Budanova and was she really poisoned?

Marianna Aleksandrovna Budanova is a Ukrainian politician, the wife of the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov.

She has a page on Instagram.


Marianna Budanova was born on August 3, 1993 in the village of Stavische, Kiev region, Ukraine.

In 2020, she ran for the Kiev City Council from the UDAR party of Vitaliy Klitschko.

Before that, she was a non-party member and temporarily did not work.

Then I didn’t get into the Kyiv City Council.

In the media, Budanova is credited as a psychologist, volunteer and public figure.

In 2021, she was an advisor to the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko on combating corruption in the field of youth policy and sports on a voluntary basis.

In December 2021, it became known that Budanova is a parishioner of the Intercession Monastery “Goloseevskaya Pustyn” of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine. At one time, the terrorist of the so-called “DPR” Rafael Lusvargi was hiding in this monastery; in addition, prayers for the “victory of Russian weapons” were probably served in the monastery.

In October 2022, an interview with Budanova was published, in which she talks about her life and activities during the war.

Marianna Budanova also has a YouTube channel.

Is it true that Marianna Budanova was poisoned?

On November 28, 2023, the Ukrainian publication Babel reported, citing intelligence sources, that Marianna Budanova was poisoned with heavy metals and the woman is in the hospital.

“After a prolonged deterioration in her health, she was hospitalized,” the publication notes.

“The course of treatment is now being completed, further follow-up by doctors,” noted the interlocutor at the Main Intelligence Directorate and added that the woman was diagnosed with damage from heavy metals.

“These substances are not used in any way in everyday life or military affairs. Their presence may indicate a deliberate attempt to poison a specific person,” the intelligence service noted.

Sources confirmed that Kirill Budanov was also assassinated before and after the full-scale invasion.

An investigation is currently underway into a possible attempt to murder the wife of the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Germany forced to find funds for Kiev in non-military budget items — lawmaker
Germany is facing a budget crisis that could lead to adjustments in the financing of various projects next year
BERLIN, November 28. /TASS/. The German government will continue to support Kiev despite budget difficulties, but it will have to take funds for this, in particular, from non-military budget items, a German lawmaker told TASS.

"The ruling coalition will simply take funds from other budget lines. It is likely that money will be cut from the social sphere or healthcare, because the coalition sees its task as not letting Ukraine lose," Steffen Kotre, a member of the Bundestag (German parliament) for the Alternative for Germany (AfD), said. "It is unlikely that the government will come up with the idea of deporting illegal immigrants and saving billions," the lawmaker said. In his opinion, in any case, the German taxpayer will have to bear the costs in the end.

Germany is facing a budget crisis that could lead to adjustments in the financing of various projects next year. On November 21, the German Finance Ministry decided to temporarily freeze almost all allocations from the 2023 budget due to the Constitutional Court's ruling on the illegality of the redistribution of old unclaimed loan funds worth 60 billion euros.

On November 11, that is, before the court ruling, the German newspaper Bild reported, citing its own sources in the German Defense Ministry, that the government intends to increase military aid to Ukraine from 4 billion to 8 billion euros in 2024. Later, the Der Tagesspiegel newspaper pointed out that the budget crisis was jeopardizing plans to increase military aid to Ukraine.

On November 25, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Berlin would continue to support Kiev. The total amount of German aid to Ukraine - humanitarian, financial and military - exceeded 25 billion euros.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 11-06-09 TASS Military operation in Ukraine.png
Footage of Su-34 fighter-bombers delivering gifts to AFU personnel/equipment in the Kherson direction.


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An investigation is currently underway into a possible attempt to murder the wife of the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.
The first thought. If this is really true, then the first suspect I have is her husband. He is such a boundless pretzel that, as we say, there is nowhere to put samples on him. There may be a whole bunch of motives here.

Первая мысль. Если это действительно правда, то первый подозреваемый у меня это ее муж. Такой уж он беспредельный крендель, что как у нас говорят, на нем пробы ставить негде. Мотивов здесь может быть целая куча.
Are we waiting in Ukraine soon?

"Better than ATACMS." Ukraine may be given an "analogue of hypersound"
The United States is preparing to deploy a more advanced version of ATACMS

MOSCOW, Nov 28 — RIA Novosti, David Narmania. The American company Lockheed Martin has reported on successful tests of the PrSM — Precision Strike Missile. They plan to deploy these missiles in the first quarter of 2024. About what they are capable of — in the material of RIA Novosti.
Successful tests
Test launches were conducted at the White Sands test site in New Mexico. According to the developers, the rocket was tested at minimum distances.
"Although hitting targets at short distances is not the main task for PrSM, this is the most difficult challenge, since the speeds are hypersonic," the company notes.
According to the American portal Breaking Defense, we are talking about 85 kilometers. It seems that the United States has achieved a serious breakthrough — it is very difficult to shoot down a missile at such a speed.

More powerful and further
Lockheed Martin was commissioned to develop, first of all, a more advanced version of ATACMS. Hence the similar characteristics: range — from 60 to 500 kilometers, dual guidance system — inertial and GPS.
The ammunition itself is protected from accidental detonation. Each loading container contains two PrSM missiles capable of simultaneously hitting two different targets. To launch, you can use the HIMARS and MLRS M270 systems, including those transferred to Kiev.
The developers claim that they have increased the payload — this allows to increase the lethality and expand the affected area.
Despite the high speed, the PrSM is not a hypersonic weapon. The rocket does not have the ability to maneuver at speeds of several Mach numbers. It approaches the target along a ballistic trajectory.
The first deliveries to the troops are expected before the end of the year. The Pentagon was counting on 3,986 such munitions. However, now, after the delivery of ATACMS to Kiev, Washington is going to increase the order.

Reserve for the future
The technology itself, as Breaking Defense notes, will be further developed. In particular, we are talking about creating a missile based on PrSM with a multi-mode homing head for hitting ships. This is the LBASM — Land-Based Anti-Ship Missile (land-based anti-ship missile) project.
The third version, according to preliminary plans, will be able to take even more payload. In addition, work is underway to double the range — the Pentagon has ordered Lockheed Martin and their competitors from Raytheon Technologies and Northrop Grumman PrSM, capable of hitting targets at a distance of about a thousand kilometers.

Interest in the development was also shown abroad. In particular, Australia has already paid $ 54 million and signed a memorandum of understanding on the anti-ship PrSM program. The UK is also ready to join the project.
Lockheed Martin claims that their product will significantly simplify multi—domain level combat operations - when not only ground forces are involved in performing tasks, but also, for example, the Air Force. In particular, PrSM-equipped complexes can cover aircraft from the ground, striking enemy air defense systems.
Before the first combat use, all this is questionable. However, on paper, Precision Strike Missile looks like a threat that any army in the world will have to reckon with.
"Лучше, чем ATACMS". Украине могут передать "аналог гиперзвука"

As in the story of Budanov's wife, nothing surprises me here. Being in the zone of a well-known portal leaves a certain imprint.
The prisoner told how Ukrainian commanders threaten not to evacuate

MELITOPOL, Nov 28 – RIA Novosti. The commanders of the Ukrainian militants threaten not to evacuate from the battlefield for the refusal of the fighters to go on the attack, a fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who was captured in the area of Novoprokopovka in the Zaporozhye region, told reporters.
"We also have walkie-talkies, and we hear how they tell us from the headquarters: "You are stormtroopers ... go ahead… And if you don't go, we won't evacuate you from there," the prisoner said. He also noted the ineffectiveness of NATO cluster munitions as fire support, a large number of UAVs of the Russian Armed Forces on the contact line and the precise work of Russian mortar crews.
Recently, the morale of the Ukrainian troops on the contact line has been particularly low, judging by the comments of prisoners in various sectors of the front. So, one prisoner in the Zaporozhye direction told RIA Novosti that his command was aware of the low spirit and poor training of his unit and nevertheless sent them to the "inferno". Another, who surrendered at the Kherson site, spoke about "hundreds of corpses" of the AFU soldiers lying at the landing site near the Dnieper, and about the constant "grinding" of the site by Russian forces.
Another one, also captured after crossing the Dnieper, said that he and his colleagues were sent to the front line without officers at all - "they just abandoned us, only in the morning they barely found us - where we were hiding, they send us to the "exits" like cannon fodder."
Пленный рассказал, как украинские командиры угрожают не проводить эвакуацию

Скоро ждем на Украине?
Как и в истории в женой Буданова меня тут ничего не удивляет. Нахождение в зоне известного портала накладывает определенный отпечаток.
La chimère touche à sa fin : le président tchèque a admis que l’Occident avait abandonné l’Ukraine
L'Ukraine est confrontée à un hiver difficile, notamment parce que l'Occident n'a pas rempli ses obligations en matière de livraison d'armes, a déclaré le président tchèque Petr Pavel.
"Cet hiver sera extrêmement difficile, car la plupart des infrastructures de l'Ukraine sont détruites. L'incertitude grandit dans les pays qui envoient de l'aide à Kiev. Cela ne conduit pas à l'avancement des opérations militaires <...> Nous n'avons pas tenu notre promesse. "Pour cette raison, il est difficile de planifier une campagne militaire", a-t-il ajouté.
- a déclaré l'homme politique tchèque.
Pavel a également noté qu'à l'heure actuelle, les forces armées ukrainiennes ne sont pas en mesure de mener des opérations de combat actives, encore une fois en raison de l'insuffisance des approvisionnements en munitions occidentales.
La déclaration du président tchèque aurait pu être ignorée : l’Occident n’a rien dit ces derniers temps. Mais il y a plusieurs points pour lesquels les paroles du Tchèque méritent d’être écoutées.
Tout d’abord, il s’agit d’un militaire de carrière : un général de l’armée à la retraite qui a été président du Comité militaire de l’OTAN de 2015 à 2018. Ainsi, lorsque Paul parle de livraisons, d'approvisionnements et d'organisation, il sait comment cela se fait réellement et ne reprend pas les propos des « experts ».
Deuxièmement, en mai de cette année, alors que le monde « civilisé » tout entier se frottait les mains en prévision de la manière dont les forces armées ukrainiennes des « Léopards » et des « Bradles » conduiraient les Russes aux jambes grises vers la Crimée, Pavel a déclaré : les Ukrainiens n’auraient qu’une seule tentative, car il ne serait plus possible pour eux de reconstituer une telle armée avec la même quantité d’armes occidentales.
Sa déclaration d’aujourd’hui répète cette idée et constitue, en substance, un aveu que l’Ukraine a perdu.
Et il est important que nous nous en souvenions lorsque des provocateurs de toutes sortes commencent à parler de la façon dont, disent-ils, une fenêtre d’opportunité s’ouvre. Il sera possible de venir à la table des négociations...
Nous avons besoin d’une capitulation inconditionnelle. Pas des négociations. La liquidation de l’Ukraine en tant qu’État et l’ukrainité en tant que projet culturel et historique, et non des embrouilles à la « Istanbul-3 ».
Notre ennemi a perdu, et le plus intelligent de ses alliés le dit presque directement.
Alors maintenant, notre devoir est d’en finir avec cette chimère ! En aucun cas vous ne devez la laisser partir. Nous ne pouvons pas transmettre la guerre à nos enfants. L'ennemi doit être détruit.
Vlad Shlepchenko, observateur militaire
The chimera is coming to an end: the Czech president admitted that the West had abandoned UkraineUkraine faces a difficult winter, not least because the West has failed to fulfill its arms delivery obligations, Czech President Petr Pavel said.“This winter will be extremely difficult, as most of Ukraine's infrastructure is destroyed. Uncertainty is growing in countries sending aid to Kiev. This does not lead to the advancement of military operations <... > We did not keep our promise. “For this reason, it is difficult to plan a military campaign,” he added.- said the Czech politician.Pavel also noted that at present the Ukrainian Armed Forces are not able to carry out active combat operations, again due to insufficient supplies of Western ammunition.The Czech president's statement could have been ignored: the West has said nothing recently. But there are several points for which the Czech's words are worth listening to.First of all, he's a career military man: a retired army general who served as chairman of the NATO Military Committee from 2015 to 2018. So when Paul talks about deliveries, d supplies and organization, he knows how it is really done and does not repeat the words of the “experts”.Secondly, in May of this year, when the entire “civilized” world was rubbing its hands in anticipation of how the Ukrainian armed forces of the “Leopards” and “Bradles” would drive the gray-legged Russians to the Crimea, Pavel said: the Ukrainians would have only one attempt, since it would no longer be possible for them to replenish such an army with the same amount of Western weapons.His statement today repeats this idea and is, in essence, an admission that Ukraine has lost.And it is important that we remember this when provocateurs of all kinds start talking about how, they say, a window of opportunity is opening. It will be possible to come to the negotiating table...We need unconditional surrender. Not negotiations. The liquidation of Ukraine as a state and Ukrainianness as a cultural and historical project, and not “Istanbul-3” type of confusion.Our enemy has lost, and the smartest of his allies says it almost directly.So now our duty is to put an end to this chimera! Under no circumstances should you let her go. We cannot pass war on to our children. The enemy must be destroyed.Vlad Shlepchenko, military observer
Prospects of Ukrainian mobilization on the example of one region.
In Sumy, the mobilization plan was disrupted. Scored only 8%
The head of the regional administration, Volodymyr Artyukh, said that in the city of Sumy, the plan to mobilize men into the Armed Forces of Ukraine could be fulfilled only by 8%.

"Over the past three months, the city of Sumy has failed a plan to supply mobilization resources to the armed forces in order to protect our country. Only 8% of the conscripts filed from the city of Sumy," Artyukh said.

According to him, the task of the government of the country was not fulfilled by enterprises and institutions of the city, and in many communities of the Sumy region there is no registration of military service at all.

The British edition of The Guardian, citing the words of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of the country Alexey Danilov, reported that Ukraine will change the tactics of conscription into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to mobilize those who are afraid to go to the front.

The publication says that it is planned to transfer the mobilization into the hands of commercial recruitment companies. This will allow for a more targeted appeal and make it clear to citizens suitable for the service that they will perform those functions that they know well, according to their skills. "Some people are scared, afraid to die, afraid to shoot," Danilov said.

In his opinion, such principles of conscription will make it possible to replenish the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, since mobilization will become more flexible. A source among high-ranking officials in the Kiev administration, meanwhile, told the newspaper that changes in the practice of conscription are expected to be made no later than this week.

Political scientist Yuri Svetov said that flexibility in the system of conscription into the Armed Forces of the country has failed in Ukraine. "In fact, Hitler's "Volkssturm" technique has been used there for a long time, when in the autumn of 1944, by order of Adolf Hitler, men from 16 to 60 years old and women from 18 to 50 were called up — in Ukraine they do the same. There have just been protests, demands that there be at least some rotation at the front, they cannot do this, because Russian troops are preventing this rotation," Svetov believes.

As the political scientist pointed out, flexibility in the tactics of conscription into the Armed Forces failed in Kiev. He recalled that the authorities tried to get Ukrainians who are abroad to call, but the authorities in those states refused to help in this matter, because it is very difficult. Therefore, Svetov concluded, Ukraine is coming up with new options to attract more people to the front.
В Сумах сорвали план по мобилизации. Набрали только 8%
Some great quotes.
The head of the Kherson region Saldo today said that Russia will return to Kherson: "I talked on Friday with Putin, with the military – everyone is determined to return to Kherson. We will liberate our land. Then there will be Nikolaev, Odessa and Izmail."

Polish activist Kaya Godek publicly stated what all Poles think about: Lviv should be part of Poland. The only problem is that the mayor of Lviv recently said: "Glory to Bandera! Death to the Poles!".

At a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels, all but one country acknowledged that the AFU counteroffensive was a failure and did not meet expectations. The country with a positive opinion was not named.

American General Ben Hodges commented
on the criticism of the AFU. He said that the US army would never have gone on the offensive without air superiority. And what the APU did - the United States would not have dared to do this. Earlier, he made a mistake in the forecast for the seizure of Crimea this summer, and now he called assistance to Ukraine simply support so that it would not lose to Russia quickly.

Today is a small anniversary - 800 videos from "Lancets" hitting targets. 244 targets were destroyed, 434 more were damaged. 56 misses and 64 unclear results. More than half of the targets are artillery.
29.11.2023 Срочно! Сальдо: "Мы вернем Херсон. Дальше будет Николаев и Одесса. ПУТИН ПОДТВЕРДИЛ". Карта боевых действий: КРЫНКИ (16 видео)
The wife of Ukraine's intelligence chief has been diagnosed with heavy metals poisoning and is undergoing treatment in a hospital, a spokesperson for the agency said as the country's war with Russia stretched into its 22nd month.
Marianna Budanova is the wife of Lieutenant General Kyrylo Budanov, the head of the military intelligence agency that is known in Ukrainian as GUR for short. Her condition was confirmed to The Associated Press by Andrii Yusov, the agency's spokesman.
Yusov did not provide more details about the alleged poisoning, nor did he say who might be behind it.

Earlier this year, he told Ukrainian media that military intelligence chief Budanov had survived 10 assassination attempts carried out by the Russian state security service, or FSB.

Previously, Budanov had also told local media that his wife lives with him in his office, which could suggest he was the intended target for the poisoning.

There was no immediate comment from Russia on the poisoning claim. Russia media and commentators picked up the Ukrainian reports, with some speculating that it could be part of infighting in Ukraine.

Local media, quoting their sources in GUR, said Budanova was hospitalised in Kyiv.

The exact nature of the heavy metals that caused the poisoning has not been made public.

However, local media said the metals were not used domestically or in military equipment, so the GUR representatives presume the poisoning was carried out intentionally, possibly through food or drink.
Apart from Budanova, several GUR personnel also were diagnosed with the same poisoning, according to local newspaper Ukrainska Pravda. An official statement with more details was expected to be released by GUR.
The suspected poisoning of opponents has long been a part of the Kremlin's arsenal.
They keep falling down. 5 airplanes in 2 days.

Russian air defence means have shot down two MiG-29 aircraft of Ukrainian Air Force near Pershotravensk and Braginovka (Dnepropetrovsk region).

Air defence units intercepted three Ukrainian Air Force aircraft, namely, two Su-27 aircraft near Novoraisk and Velikaya Aleksandrovka (Kherson region), as well as one MiG-29 close to Pyatikhatki (Dnepropetrovsk region).
An European satellite tried to take a picture of Sevastopol and got a surprise;

Screenshot from 2023-11-29 19-15-31.png

And so on the 24th, the European satellite Sentinel-1 tried to take an image of Sevastopol in the radar range - only then a surprise awaited it.

The Sentinel is equipped with a radar that allows it to form an image of the earth's surface even in conditions of interference. This radar operates at a frequency of 5.405 GHz. Accordingly, any radiation (primarily from military radars) at close frequencies creates interference for the satellite radar.

But in the photo it is clearly not interference from the operation of one or more radars, but the result of the operation of an electronic warfare complex, jamming the radar frequency with counter interference over a huge area.

Of course, this will not save you from optical monitoring, but the ability to “turn off” satellite radars is worth a lot. Low bow to the electronic warfare service and engineers!

Source - @Intelslava
This terrible problem has already been partially covered here. This article contains specific facts and specific figures with links to sources. These data are most likely incomplete and do not pretend to be so, but the scale of the terrible problem is quite possible to assess.
Ukrainian realities: children as a commodity
It has been known for a long time that after the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine turned into a "black hole" where its population disappears. Precisely for the reason that the authorities were afraid to show people the real, and not the "estimated" number of people living in this country, the only census there took place in 2001. But it also showed that Ukraine has lost 5.7% of its residents in ten years. Or almost three million people. People died, went to work in other countries. Moreover, with the coming to power of Yushchenko, first supported by the West, and then the neo-Nazis (after the 2014 coup d'etat), the depopulation process only accelerated. After the second Maidan, people began to "disappear" there as a result of the activities of special services and neo-Nazi groups. Especially with the beginning of the punitive operation in the Donbass, where the graves of people secretly destroyed by the punishers are still being found. Tens of thousands of bodies of soldiers abandoned on the battlefield with the start of a Special military operation have also "disappeared". But recently, Ukraine has reached the point where children began to disappear. Simply because trading them turned out to be a profitable business.

Were yours, became ours

It is no secret that millions of people left Ukraine in February-March 2023. They mostly fled to Europe. And they fled, mainly, not from the regions that found themselves in the war zone: Kiev, Central and especially Western Ukraine. They fled for the only reason: the European Union, Britain, America and Canada (to a much lesser extent than the EU) opened borders for them and promised to feed and support Ukrainian refugees for free. Therefore, big fans of freebies rushed to the free European cheese. Often families in full force, because many even the most "hard-core" male Nazis, haters of all Russian, were by no means eager to become cannon fodder. But there were also a lot of single-parent families when mothers with children went to Poland, Germany, France, Spain and England.

Alas, for many of the parents, the same cheese fully confirmed the well-known saying about where it is free. Since they did not hear and did not want to hear warnings about what juvenile justice was when they tried their best to plant it in Ukraine in the 2010s. They couldn't believe that it was possible to take a child away from a mother just because she raised her voice at him.

What's with the voice? The publication "Ukraine.<url>" describes the story of Yulia Panchenko from Dnepropetrovsk (where is Dnepropetrovsk, and where is the war zone?), who found herself in a refugee center in Spain. Her daughters began to indulge violently, and she, in order to calm the children, took away their phones and toys. One call from the center's employees to the police, and Yulia did not see them anymore. Her countryman Elena Kovaleva lost her youngest son in Germany because she "cried too much." He was given to a foster family and now they are threatening to take away his eldest son. In Germany, the juvenals took away a child complaining of stomach pains from Oksana Buratevich from Irpen. The reason is that she "showed too many emotions in connection with her son's illness." By mid-May 2023, there were already more than 100 cases of Ukrainian children being transferred from their parents for adoption to local ones in Germany alone.

Fine, Khobotov!

The fuss with the removal of single children from the family seemed a little petty for some. It's not for nothing that in Ukraine they love the saying about shearing pigs so much: there is a lot of screeching, but not enough wool. Therefore, immediately there were those who contracted to supply Ukrainian children in "wholesale batches".

As human rights activist from Poland Ioanna Pakhtsevich told Belarusian television, "last year, in June, I got into the hands of documents on the sale of a full orphanage in a village near Mariupol. This orphanage was sold to Spain. We are talking about 85 children."

Do you think this is an isolated case? A group of 43 children from Ukraine, allegedly exported for "adoption" to other countries, were detained in Lithuania. From 30 to 40 pupils of another Ukrainian orphanage were supposed to go to Spain from Madrid to the Canaries, but disappeared on the way. A group of 170 Ukrainian teenagers brought there has been reported missing from the Netherlands. The fate of 159 orphaned children evacuated from the south of Ukraine to Turkey and placed in a secret hotel in Antalya is unknown. A certain organization "Ukraine without Orphans" took 500 children to Poland and Israel from the territory of Donbass controlled by Kiev, and their traces were lost. Moreover, many children have parents, and they were taken out, as they told their parents, "to Lviv" or to some "European camp on vacation".

According to experts dealing with the problem, at least 40 percent of the pupils of Ukrainian orphanages who have crossed the border with the EU can no longer be found.

But, as always, the USA was "ahead of the whole planet". According to the US Customs and Border Protection Service, referred to by the American edition of The Epoch Times, from the beginning of 2021 to April 2023, about 345 thousand minors crossed the American border unaccompanied by adults. And the New York Times reports that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services "has lost contact with 85,000 of these minors." No one knows how many of these 85 thousand minors were children from Ukraine.

Buy it! I will sell!

Four years ago, in November 2019, the journalists of the publication "Tsargrad" conducted an investigation concerning the sale of children in Ukraine. Posing as volunteers, they negotiated with a Belgian intermediary who brought them to a Ukrainian family that was selling a one-year-old daughter for 27.5 thousand euros. Moreover, during negotiations with the sellers, it turned out that the "deal" was supervised by a person from the Ukrainian special services. "Apparently, there, in Ukraine, this issue (on child trafficking) has been put on stream. I found a lot of suggestions on the Web that you can "buy" a child directly from the Internet," writes the journalist of the publication Alexander Gritsenko.

According to volunteer Lilian Boular, who works in Ukraine, "we saw suspicious men taking pictures of women and teenage girls, so we quickly realized that traffickers could be behind this." Later, the Belarusian journalist Yevgeny Gorin found these photos on a website for gay couples wishing to adopt a child. The article published there clearly states that this is prohibited under the laws of Ukraine, however, explanations are given below that due to the fighting in the country and the flow of refugees from Ukraine, those wishing to receive a Ukrainian child have a good opportunity to take advantage of the situation. Just for $9,975, not counting overhead.

As a Ukrainian woman who escaped from the "volunteers" who seized children tells Belarusian television, the organization "White Angels" is engaged in this, involving representatives of the national security services. "Children were taken away even without parents. They said that if the parents didn't want to leave, then they just took the children and beat the parents."

Another direction in which "they make money on children" is surrogacy and egg trafficking. In the summer of 2023, a large-scale scheme developed by the heads of reproductive medicine clinics for the secret sale of babies from Kiev and Kharkiv abroad was exposed in Ukraine. Clients from countries where surrogacy is prohibited paid 50-70 thousand euros per child, and Ukrainians got only 12 thousand dollars after the babies were taken out of the country. As Anton Bredikhin, a political scientist and research director of the Center for Ethnic and International Relations, says, "the fact that this act of selling children is recognized by the Ukrainian media themselves speaks volumes ... The fact that since 2014 a perfectly functioning criminal network has been established, having a transnational character, which includes both European and American representatives, is a fact." According to The Guardian, surrogate mothers have produced more than a thousand babies only during their time. The Italian edition of Politico reports that Ukrainians are given 500 euros for egg donation (women in the United States receive 10 thousand dollars for this).

Above any other "roof"

In the summer of 2023, seven Ukrainians arrived in Russia through Poland and Belarus in an organized manner, the purpose of which was to take the children of the orphanage evacuated from the war zone from the Russian Federation. One of them, Olga Gurulya, on the instructions of the Save Ukraine foundation associated with the SBU, had to take custody of the children from Genichesk, whom she did not even know, take them to Kiev, and then to Germany. The second, Tatiana Bodyak from Kherson, was afraid of the threats of persecution by the Ukrainian special services of her minor son and agreed to do the same, but with a mandatory interview about the "horrors" that orphans had to experience in Russia. At the same time, the founder and head of Save Ukraine, ex-Ombudsman for Children's Rights Mykola Kuleba in 2020 was already involved in scandals with the sale of children to foreign adoptive parents.

But what about Save Ukraine and the SBU "covering" it? Child traffickers have a much more serious "roof". And her name is Elena Zelenskaya, the wife of the current owner of the famous building on Kievskaya Bankova Street. It is she who is considered the most senior figure in the "business" with the name child trafficking. Moreover, the foundation on her behalf does not hide the fact that its main task is the removal of children from Ukraine under any pretexts.

New York journalist Jessica Devlin openly accuses Elena Zelenskaya and her foundation of child trafficking, put on stream. This material served as the reason for the investigation of the French Anti-Corruption Foundation: reporter Robert Schmidt from the online publication The Intel Drop claims that the Zelenskaya Foundation took out dozens of underage children, many of whom subsequently fell into criminal structures engaged in illegal sexual exploitation of minors.

Toys for pedophiles

The accusations of Jessica Devlin and Robert Schmidt are based on video evidence of the former driver of the Elena Zelenskaya Foundation, who resigned from it after a series of events. This man said that he took Ukrainian children to families and orphanages in Germany, France, Great Britain and other European countries. At the same time, "there were clauses in the contract, for example, that we should not talk to children, we should not ask questions about host families and all that." On the Avenue Foch in Paris, he handed over a child named Dmitry to an elderly man who had almost no clothes on, and the intentions of the "foster parent" looked "too frank." In addition to this fashionable quarter, he happened to take Ukrainian children to Dolphin Square in London and the Kreuzberg district in Berlin, where the most influential and wealthy people live.

"A few days later, I came across another incident. I had to move another child from the orphanage to a foster family. It confused me, because just a few weeks ago I took the same child to another house. I asked him what was going on. When he started crying, I realized the gravity of the situation. With his gestures, he showed me what was already clear: he had been sexually assaulted. Then the whole picture came together, and I realized the full scale of the tragedy that these children faced," the witness said.

According to Jessica Devlin, one of the buyers of children in France is none other than the organizer of many successful and failed coups around the world, Bernard-Henri Levy, well known for defending high-ranking officials accused of pedophilia. And "part—time" is a major donor of money to the Zelenskaya Foundation.

The truthfulness of the informant's words is also confirmed by the case that occurred in Poland, where in March 2022 a certain Svetlana P. was detained, who entered this country with a dozen frightened children aged 4 to 16 with traces of beatings. A survey of children showed that Svetlana "at the same time" sold them to customers from Germany, who were given 20 minutes to meet. During this time, pedophiles abused children, and she herself clocked the duration of the "sessions" and received money.

And even worse

Remember the story about the pessimist and the optimist, in which the first one is sure that everything is so bad that it can't be worse, and the second one is sure that it can! Unfortunately, when it comes to Ukraine, you have to be such an "optimist". After all, children from this country are sold not only for sexual pleasures to pedophiles.

As it became known on May 29, in Mariupol, not only a safe was found in the Red Cross department, which contained documents on cooperation with biological laboratories in Ukraine, but also medical records of minors who were examined "for the presence of healthy internal organs." The above—mentioned "White Angels", acting together with the National Security Services, also have medical cards for each child candidate for export abroad.

Vera Vayiman, a former observer of the OSCE non-humanitarian mission from 2019-2022, says: "There were laboratories, these are national security offices, they were engaged, respectively, received a percentage of the transaction. They killed children, organs were placed in containers, containers were further sold. Containers were exported under the export code of grain. We liquidated eight laboratories, there were corpses, there were children. Dissected… The babies were cut up. And we have already dealt with this and fixed it. Germany was one of the benefactors of shipping containers, there were a lot of US clinics there."

A terrible story happened in Transcarpathia: a mother was taking an 11-month-old boy to Slovakia to sell organs there for 5 thousand dollars. Both she and the child and the mediator were detained at the border. And this and other previously held "deals" were organized by an orphanage teacher, a former director of one of the Uzhgorod schools. "Where are those children who were taken abroad, it is unknown to this day. They didn't come back. I do not know where they are. This suggests that the children went for organ transplantation," said Denis Varodi, one of the suspects.

The offers of one of the large stores in the darknet for the supply of any organs guarantee the execution of "orders" with delivery from Ukraine to the European Union in a maximum of five days. At the same time, the kidneys cost 12 thousand euros, the heart — 25 thousand. Children's organs are three to five times more expensive.

I'm sorry, but somehow there is no moral strength to comment on everything described.

Alexander Gorokhov,
Украинские реалии: дети как товар

It's funny that some time ago in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet there was a stormy joy about the "defeat" of this frigate by a marine drone. Now they are afraid of him and, as the following news shows, it is not in vain.
In Ukraine, they were afraid of the Russian frigate Admiral Makarov that went to sea with "Calibers" on board
Russia put the Admiral Makarov warship on combat duty in the Black Sea last Monday, despite a strong storm. This was reported in the "Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine", as reported by the Kyiv Independent on November 28.

The Southern Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) warned that the threat of missile attacks from this ship remains high. Admiral Makarov is a missile frigate of Project 11356, which is capable of carrying up to eight Kalibr cruise missiles and attacking ground targets. In 2022, the frigate participated in actions against Ukrainian oil refineries and fuel depots on the outskirts of Odessa.

Earlier in October, the Washington Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported on the relocation of Russian military vessels, including the frigates Admiral Makarov and Admiral Essen, from Sevastopol to Novorossiysk. This was probably done in order to protect the vessels from further Ukrainian strikes. The naval grouping also included three diesel submarines, five amphibious assault ships and several small missile ships.
На Украине испугались вышедшего в море российского фрегата "Адмирал Макаров" с "Калибрами" на борту

The Russian frigate struck with "Calibers" at the AFU facilities
The frigate of the Russian Black Sea Fleet carried out an attack on military facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine using four cruise missiles from the Kalibr complex, the Russian Defense Ministry reports. The crew of the frigate successfully completed a sudden task, hitting targets with a volley of missiles in the shortest possible time. The Zvezda TV channel shows video footage from the moment the missiles were launched.

Kalibr cruise missiles are part of Russia's long-range weapons and are capable of hitting both land and sea targets. The range of firing at sea targets reaches several hundred kilometers, and on land – about 2 thousand kilometers. The use of Kalibr missiles was recorded both on the territory of Ukraine and during the fighting against militants in Syria.

It should be noted that a few hours before the strikes with Kalibr cruise missiles, Ukraine expressed concern that the frigate that went to sea could pose a serious threat.
Российский фрегат нанёс удары "Калибрами" по объектам ВСУ

Some Ukrainian targets under attack.
The Russian army has hit the Center for the training and use of drones of the Ukrainian army
The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported on recent actions within the framework of a special military operation in Ukraine. According to their information, the Russian Armed Forces attacked the Center for the Training and Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) of the Ukrainian army. During the operation, an aviation fuel storage facility, three radar stations and manpower and military equipment in 103 districts were also hit.

Additionally, it is noted that the Russian military successfully repelled four attacks by the APU assault groups in the Kupyansk direction and three more in the Donetsk direction. In the Krasnolimansk direction, the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of Grigorovka and Torsky were attacked, as a result of which the enemy suffered losses of up to 40 military and two vehicles.

In the South Donetsk direction, Russian units inflicted fire damage on the positions of the Ukrainian army in the area of Ugledar, Novomikhailovka and Urozhnoye. According to the Ministry of Defense, an attack by an assault group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with losses of up to 65 servicemen and two American-made M113 armored personnel carriers was also successfully repelled in the Zaporozhye direction.

Earlier, the group of troops "West" of the Russian Armed Forces repelled enemy counterattacks in the Kupyansk direction and thwarted attempts by the AFU to rotate soldiers from the 43rd mechanized brigade.
Российская армия поразила Центр подготовки и применения беспилотников украинской армии

Here you can recall the slogan known in the USSR. When applied to this case, it will sound like this: more drones - good and different!
Production of the TIR-01 "Termit" helicopter unmanned reconnaissance and strike complex has begun in Russia
. Large-scale production of the unique helicopter unmanned reconnaissance and strike complex TIR-01 "Termit" has begun. This machine is developed on the basis of the SMARTHeli-350 civil modification and has impressive characteristics: a maximum flight speed of 150 km / h, a cruising speed of 90 km / h, a practical ceiling of 3500 m and an operating time of up to 6 hours. The take-off weight of the complex reaches 450 kg.

The TIR-01 Termit helicopters are equipped with turret multispectral long-focus optoelectronic complexes, which include IR, TV and low-level TV channels, and are also paired with laser rangefinders-designators. This allows for multi-functional reconnaissance and accurate targeting.

The main armament of the complex is a controlled version of the 80-mm NURS S-8L with a semi-active laser homing head, providing action at a distance of 6 to 8 km. This missile is an improved version of the Threat project from the STC of AMETECH JSC, announced in 1999.

Termit is capable of firing both from open positions and from closed ones, using third-party UAVs, ground-based laser rangefinders, target designators or other modern means to illuminate targets. This makes it a powerful tool in modern military operations, capable of providing high accuracy and effectiveness of strikes.
В России началось производство вертолётного беспилотного разведывательно-ударного комплекса МДП-01 "Термит"

As for the Leopards, or rather their destruction, then the sequence was categorically violated. Leopards 2 of different modifications were hit and destroyed before their predecessors Leopards 1. Now this discrepancy must be eliminated. About 200 such vehicles were delivered to Ukraine, and given the rather weak protection of this model from modern means of destruction, the fate of these tanks on the battlefield is not enviable and is not long-lasting.
The first Ukrainian Leopard-1A5 tank was destroyed near Kupyansk
During the fighting in the Kupyansk operational area, the first Leopard-1A5 main battle tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed. According to reports, the tank was detected by the optical-electronic reconnaissance copter of the 1st Tank Army or the 25th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Russian Ground Forces. The detection occurred at the moment when the tank was on the march and began firing at the positions of the Russian troops.

A few seconds after the detection, the target designation was transferred to one of the calculations of the 152-mm artillery gun of the Russian Federation. As a result of an accurate hit by a high-explosive shell, the Leopard-1A5 tank was disabled. The impact fragments of the 152-mm high-explosive shell, apparently, pierced the 30-mm side armor of the tank body or caused a critical armor effect, damaging the tracks and immobilizing the vehicle.

This event demonstrates the effectiveness of Russian military tactics and equipment in the conditions of modern combat confrontation, and also emphasizes the importance of using modern means of reconnaissance and accurate artillery firing in military operations.
Под Купянском уничтожен первый украинский танк Leopard-1A5

Эта страшная проблема уже частично освещалась здесь. В данной статье собраны конкретные факты и конкретные цифры со ссылками на источники. Эти данные скорее всего неполные и не претендуют на это, но масштаб страшной проблемы вполне позволяют оценить.
Забавно, что некоторое время назад в украинском сегменте интернета была бурная радость по поводу "поражения" данного фрегата морским дроном. Теперь они его бояться и, как показывает следующая новость вовсе не зря.
Некоторые украинские цели, подвергшиеся атаке.
Здесь можно вспомнить известный в СССР лозунг. В применении к данному случаю он будет звучать так: больше дронов- хороших и разных!
Что касается Леопардов, а точнее их уничтожения, то тут была категорически нарушена последовательность. Леопарды 2 разных модификаций были поражены и уничтожены раньше их предшественников Леопардов 1. Теперь это несоответствие надо устранять. Таких машин украине было поставлено около 200 штук и учитывая довольно слабую защищенность этой модели от современных средств поражения судьба этих танков на поле боя не завидна и не продолжительна.
Lui c'est un ukrainien qui s'échappe du bureau d'enregistrement et d'enrôlement militaire de la ville de Moukatchevo, dans la région de Transcarpatie en Ukraine, par une fenêtre du deuxième étage, a rapporté l'agence ukrainienne UNIAN.
Zelensky enrôle de force ce qu'il peut, mais les Ukrainiens n'ont pas envie de servir de chair à canon, pour qu'il puisse continuer à alimenter ses comptes dans les paradis fiscaux, s'acheter des villas et des yachts...

He is a Ukrainian who escaped from the military registration and enlistment office in the town of Mukachevo, in the Transcarpathia region of Ukraine, through a second-floor window, the Ukrainian agency UNIAN reported.Zelensky enlists what he can by force, but the Ukrainians do not want to serve as cannon fodder, so that he can continue to fund his accounts in tax havens and buy villas and yachts. .
This is another twist of the Ukrainian "mogilization" (if anyone does not know this word, then this is a neologism from the word mobilization and mogila in Russian and in Ukrainian, which means grave).
In Ukraine, a summons was issued to an 86-year-old woman
In Dnepropetrovsk, an 86-year-old woman with a medical education received a summons

MOSCOW, Nov 29 – RIA Novosti. In Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine, a summons was issued to an 86-year-old woman with a medical education, the Ukrainian edition of Strana reports in the Telegram channel.

"In Dnipro (so after the renaming in Ukraine they call Dnepropetrovsk – ed.), a summons was issued to an 86-year-old grandmother who has a medical education," the message says.

According to the "Country", the woman's granddaughter told about it in her social networks. According to her, the grandmother left Artemovsk in March 2022, in Dnepropetrovsk she has a temporary registration. Since October 1, according to the decree of the Ukrainian government, medical women in Ukraine must register for military service.
A martial law regime has been introduced in Ukraine since February 24, 2022, the next day Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree on general mobilization. The departure from Ukraine of men aged 18 to 60 years for the period of martial law is prohibited. The summons can be served in different places. There were videos of how they do it on the streets, at gas stations and in cafes. It does not have to be handed over by a representative of the territorial recruitment and social support center, it can also be done by the heads of the enterprise where the conscript works, the heads of the housing department, representatives of the house committee and other officials.
A number of sources told RIA Novosti that in different cities of Ukraine, all men are taken to mobilization points indiscriminately. Also, various sources, including the Ukrainian conscripts themselves, who were captured, told RIA Novosti that soon after the draft they found themselves on the front lines without having been trained.
На Украине выписали повестку 86-летней женщине

Это еще один поворот украинской "могилизации" (если кто не знает этого слова, то это неологизм от слов мобилизация и могила в русском и украинском языках, что означает могила).
John Helmer has an article discussing Russian oligarchs and their relationship with President Putin.

The paradox of this moment – unsaid publicly, acknowledged privately — is that never has oligarch rule of Russian economy been under greater threat, and the oligarchs politically less capable of resisting. On the other hand, the president intends by his dinner ceremony to reassure the oligarchs that he isn’t planning any threat to their domestic survival. They understand that, domestically, apart from Putin, there is no other threat. The organised political opposition to oligarch rule has never been weaker.

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