Question about some material



Have any of you read material on this site:

I read some of Rare Insights, and it seems very similar to what the C's and Ra discuss.

Please let me know your opinions.



And the same "kind" of material may well have been discussed by Heaven's Gate and The People's Temple until the closing chapters of their respective "scriptures".

In the real world materialism, commodity fetishism, xenophobia, dumbing down all have critical mass... and out of them spring cannon fodder for the most "wonderful" "salvation" movements including Islamism and expansionism.

Some of the material in both downloadable books makes coherent sense to me,

"Now is the time to prepare, and to prepare intelligently. This means more than merely reading a few New Age books and becoming self-satisfied in the erroneous idea that all good things will arrive in our laps effortlessly, and that we only need to wait and pray! The most critical advice in the world is today being trumpeted in all open ears by every single angel who is concerned with, and in attendance to, the greatest step ever taken by mankind on Earth: "Humanity, with all your getting, get understanding". "

That is, these things make sense until you have to define "good things", "angel" and "understanding".
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