Question Regarding Sleep Paralysis Incident


The Force is Strong With This One
A 3-4 Years ago i was in Dublin. Have one attack during the night. Was very intense. I was planing to move into Dublin, but because that night i decide to go back to Slovenija. Somehow during that night and days after i recognize that the Dublin Sphere is a antenna that was used for attack. Maybe i am wrong. From my persceptive was definitely kind of attack from something outside of me. Blink of light was outside of me, my body was paralized, not my mind or spirit.
After that i do some research about the subject. Somehow Dublin Spire ( Spire of Dublin - Wikipedia) is a programming antenna that is using Morgellons (Morgellons - Wikipedia) to attack us. Paralysis is just our experience of fighting back.

This is how i was understand the subject.
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