Question Regarding Sleep Paralysis Incident


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They've lessened in degree substantially as I've gotten older. But still hit me from time to time like this one and possibly another last week referenced above in response to R-ME. But that may have just been a dream.
How is your sleeping pattern? Any irregularities? That can sometimes be a cause in addition to what Beau said.


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I agree with Joe. This seems like a ‘normal’ paralysis.

I got a bit of a hair raising/uneasy feeling when you mentioned the “Tap Out” part though!

What Joe mentioned in regard to tapping motor function/repetition, I was reminded that I usually wake from these with my leg twitching or flailing me out of it.

Thinking of it from that perspective makes the “tap out” bit seem less ominous.


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For me personally I find feet movement as mentioned by R-ME helpful in overcoming paralysis which seems more focused around the upper torso than lower body which I find easier to restore motor function.
Thanks Seato for the additional confirmation on this approach.

I will typically grip onto my protection crystal; I currently wear nightwear with pockets for easy access. Depending on whether or not I am able, I will either flee from the room, or if unable to do so will take verbal action which can vary from the prayer of the soul to singing or statements towards the opposing force.
Ya, I sleep with my Crystals every night also. And flee from my room I did! Did not want to go back to it for awhile.

I would also suggest keeping a log and recording your experiences which you may find useful to reflect upon.
This is a great idea and one I've tried implementing before but can never stick to the habit since it's not every night that I actually remember what I dream. So if long periods of time go by without recalling a dream I tend to fail to remember to write it down.

Have you been eating anything with gluten or dairy in it on a semi-daily basis? Sleep paralysis has been known to go away with the elimination of those foods.
No, no gluten or dairy.

All I eat is grass fed/finished ground beef, antibiotic & hormone free chicken, lard, acacia fiber, some salad greens with occasional bone broth protein powder and a touch of Apple Cider vinegar to help with digestion. If I eat/try to eat anything else my digestive system gets bad. I haven't been tested to say for certain, but I'm fairly certain I have some type of Irritable Bowel Disease or Crohns.

How is your sleeping pattern? Any irregularities? That can sometimes be a cause in addition to what Beau said.
Sleeping pattern has been more consistent ever since I purchased a Faraday cage for my bed, started maintenance doses of Iodine and taking sublingual melatonin. I used to have the worst sleeping pattern, insomnia and always woke up feeling drained - due to chronic sinusitis at the time. But that has improved a great deal since. Currently getting in between 6-7 hours a night. Don't seem to need much more than that to get my day started.


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The "tap out" message could have been a kind of code from yourself to yourself rather than the dictionary definition. Tap out means you move tap your hand or fingers on something. This is a common way that people force the motor centers of the brain to wake up, i.e. trying to move a finger(s) or toe(s).
This is probably a good way of interpreting that inner voice, @Andrew. It is also good example of flipping the perspective in your favor. Best case scenario that was you or some part of you throwing your conscious mind a bone and helping you out. Worst case scenario it was some other entity vying for you to submit. Even in the latter case, if you hear that in your mind and interpret it as a clue that actually does help stop sleep paralysis, you win. You are no longer feeding into the fear that something else is using against you and 2 you end the sleep paralysis. In effect, you are not tapping out in the combative sense but having fun now because of the irony. Unconventional responses to attacks, whether the perpetrators are people or some unseen entity, is a great defense mechanism as it throws "them" off kilter so to speak.

I had a few bouts of sleep paralysis as well at different times in my life but haven't really had one in at least 10 years. And further, all of the "things" you are suppose to do to help with that situation I didn't really start doing until a bit later in life. Although, sometimes I think the things you do right now help your past AND future self.

Anyways I digress...for some reason I just felt the need to get on here and at least say yes it sucks sometimes and you are not alone. Also not sure it helps but another thing that helps me, which may work for you, is the understanding that regardless of what's happening it is temporary and you will get through to the other side.

One point to the diet suggestion given earlier. Even though you are already avoiding gluten and other baddies you may want to take a closer look into other stressors your body may be experiencing that are atypical or not commonly thought to cause problems. For example, it may not be gluten but legumes are hidden in many things that are marketed as Gluten Free. I use legumes as an example here but it may be something to look into as it is the random example that popped into my head. The point here is that food allergies or chemical exposures can throw off how your body and mind get to sleep properly.

Hang in there :hug2:


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This is probably a good way of interpreting that inner voice, @Andrew. It is also good example of flipping the perspective in your favor.
Ya I agree. Appreciate your perspective here!

I just felt the need to get on here and at least say yes it sucks sometimes and you are not alone. Also not sure it helps but another thing that helps me, which may work for you, is the understanding that regardless of what's happening it is temporary and you will get through to the other side.
Thanks trendsetter, much appreciated reminder.

you may want to take a closer look into other stressors your body may be experiencing that are atypical or not commonly thought to cause problems.
Ya, recently posted in the Swamp regarding a work situation so this could be related.

The point here is that food allergies or chemical exposures can throw off how your body and mind get to sleep properly.
Ya, the water supply here is pretty toxic for example. And despite having dual house filters the water is still bad so I can only imagine what I'm soaking up every night or how this is affecting me. Doing what I can though to take preventative measures.

Hang in there :hug2:
Thank you!


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Haven't had that happen in many years. (decades) When it did happen there was some dark shadowy presence holding me down. Frightening. I learned quickly to wake myself up by turning my head to the side. Though wiggling toes or fingers may have worked fine, just wasn't aware of that option. Once I out maneuvered what ever it was quickly on successive occasions, it stopped happening. Maybe just coincidence...


I thought I would bring up this segment of the transcripts which briefly covers the ear ringing phenomenon. Though it seems to discuss more general ringing experiences I imagine the information could be applicable to that associated with instances of sleep paralysis.

Sept. 14, 2002

Q: (Montalk) I don't know if this has been addressed before, but what are some possible causes of intermittent ear ringing? (C) I have some theories about it but I want to know if my theories are correct.

A: Monitoring as well as picking up programming signals and also some background "universe" noise.

Q: (C) The reason we ask is because I've noticed a pattern. I even keep a log about it now because it's so weird. I personally get ear ringing when it seems like I'm talking to somebody out loud or to myself about a theory about something that has to do with matrix stuff. (L) So you're being monitored? (C) Right. So any time it seems like I'm having a breakthrough thought - you know drones, the matrix, the programs, holographic inserts - all of the sudden I'll get like an ear ringing. Sometimes the left, sometimes the right, but I'm trying to find out what the pattern is. So I'm keeping track of it. (Montalk) What process is responsible for creating the actual ringing noise?

A: Partly "interpretation" by neural processes that, at some level, recognize the potential and issue symptomatic warning.

Q: (C to Montalk) Remember the one with Ryan, I said it was a warning one. It was the loudest ear ring I've ever had. It burned my ear. (L) So, in other words, seems that the C's are suggesting that your spiritual perception, psychic perception, is picking stuff up, transferring it in a subliminal way to your mind, and then your neural processes are trying to translate it and give you a warning. Is that what you were thinking? (C) I think so. I was wondering constantly about the idea, the concept of fake humans, holographic inserts, drones, organic portals, what ever you want to call it, and just what happened was weeee (a sound like ear ringing) and just really loud in my right ear. (L) So in a sense it's like your early warning system. (C) Ummhmm. (V) You know I don't even have to be talking to somebody, I can just be thinking about something and it'll just zheeee (a sound like ear ringing). (C) The other night is was lying in bed thinking about what you said about drones...(L) I wonder if OP's have ringing in their ears?

A: Ask one.

Q: (Laughter) (Ark) No, first of all there is also ear ringing which comes from physiological causes. (L) Yeah, tinnitus. So of course they could have physiological ringing in the ear. (C) It happens only when I'm thinking specifically about these kinds of matters. (Montalk) Does the frequency of sound have any significance? (C) Yeah, 'cause sometimes their waahs, their soft, there's different tones you know, sometimes it's in the right ear, sometimes the left ear.

A: Observe and you may learn your own internal "code."

Q: (C) That's what I thought, it's like a code. (Ark) I think it's like when people can use, what is it, a finger code, you can somehow train, bypass conscious interference that way. (L) Yeah, that's what it is, it's bypassing your conscious damping. We all tend to just think our ways out of things. (Ark) But the interesting question is can one somehow disturb this monitoring? Is it something physical that can...

A: Sure, the issue is to cover the many frequencies and shifts. White noise makers deal with some but not all!

Q: (Ark) I was wondering if a shot of whiskey beat it. Like, you know, when I had this experiences in Göttingen and the advice was...(L) A shot of whiskey! So you want your shot of whiskey now? (laughter) (Ark) Sure, to prevent being monitored!

A: In some cases a shift in chemistry also means a shift in susceptibility, but not a cessation of the activity.

Q: (L) So it ain't gonna stop it, though you might reduce - temporarily - your susceptibility. (V) Well, a slug of whiskey? Wouldn't that be just a little too easy? (Ark) You know we are in a non-linear world so to become even a little less susceptible can mean a lot. (V) Right. (B) Is that justification? (laughter) (L) We've got some Southern Comfort. Next? (V) Just so I can get it out of the way because I've been wondering for months and months: I would like to get some information about the symbol that came to me one day in meditation, the ankh with the infinity sign vibrating in and out of the bulb. Where did the symbol come from?

So I would infer from this that the ringing may be the brain/neural processes interpreting some danger and warning you.

I once had an incident of hearing the paralysis related ringing whilst in bed but physically awake. I sat up and seeing it was the middle of the night didn’t see much else I could do besides return to bed if I wanted a proper night’s sleep. Every time I lowered my head to the pillow the ringing would intensify and I would feel myself zoning out. Eventually I decided to just go with it and try and power through the paralysis experience at fast as I could. Having been forewarned I was able to manoeuvre into a more advantageous position and brace myself for the actual experience.


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So I would infer from this that the ringing may be the brain/neural processes interpreting some danger and warning you.
Thanks Seato for providing that. I also found some interesting information on Ear Ringing that Kay Kim Posted in another thread.

Session November 24, 1994
Q: (L) My husband wants to know why his ears have been ringing constantly.
A: Lizard move.
Q: (L) Why is this Lizard move causing his ears to ring?
A: They concentrate on those who are not protected or less protected by knowledge.
Q: (L) What can he do to stop this?
A: Open mind then learn.
Q: (L) And if he doesn't, what would be the result?
A: Further attack.
Q: (L) The other night...I had a sudden sharp pain in my left ear unlike anything I have ever had. It was three sharp jabs. What was that?
A: Electrical nerve surge.
Q: (L) What cause that?
A: DNA changing.

Session November 27, 1994
Q: (L) ....why is it every time I think about sitting at the board my left ear starts doing strange things?
A: DNA responding.
Q: (LM) Why or how would DNA make your ear hurt?
A: Changes.
Q: (L) How can DNA changing affect an ear or shoulder, for example?
A: Complex; read "Bringers of the Dawn".

Session December 1, 1994
Q: (L) Well, my ears are ringing to beat the band. What is this source?
A: Earth bound.
I found this from other thread, it seem right ear ringing is not bad.

The Law of One, Book V, Fragment 26

: Can you tell me what the tone was that I heard in my left ear
when you started your communication?
Ra: I am Ra. This was a negatively oriented signal.
Questioner: Can you tell me how I would hear a positively oriented signal?
Ra: I am Ra. Two types there are of positive signal. First, in the right ear
location the signal indicates a sign that you are being given some unworded
message saying, “Listen. Take heed.” The other positive sign is the tone
above the head which is a balanced confirmation of a thought.
Questioner: Are there any other negatively oriented signals that I get?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. You are able to receive thought-forms, wordforms, and visions. However, you seem able to discriminate.
Questioner: Is there a reason that I am open to these signals of a negative
Ra: I am Ra. Are you not all things?
December 31, 1994,

Q: (L) what was the purpose of the Mark's abduction?
A: To study his mind. He has a very strong mind and resolve.
Q: (L) Did they put an implant in him?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And what do they do with that implant?
A: Is monitor. Frequent ringing in ear signifies monitoring activity.
Q: (F) Do you have frequent ringing in your ear? (M) Yes. (L) One ear more than another? (M) Yes. It is kind of a tone.
Q: ...(T) Can implants be removed?
A: No.
Even with all of this, I'm not sure what to make of ear ringing in general whether it's on the left or right side as it seems it could be several different things. I've always kind of just taken it to mean some type of Monitoring activity when it's on the left as that generally seems to happen to me when I come to some sort of realization or some increase in awareness while reading/reflecting. The right side is a bit more rare but was very pronounced during this specific incident. Perhaps it was a 'take heed' message as RA points out?


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I've not had sleep paralysis for sometime. Although it was frequent between ages of about 5-25 or thereabouts. I'm mid 40s now. The last one I remember was similar to yours Andrew. I was fighting to move and I heard a voice say "trust in me". The feeling I had was it was malevolent. I answered back "I only trust in God" then I suddenly "woke up" or at least could move as normal. That was at a time I felt I wasn't in the best psychological or emotional state. I felt more suspectable to other influences than I do now. Other times I had sleep paralysis, I didn't feel frightened by it. I found myself floating out of body, then resulted in lucid dreams. Mostly those experiences were positive. For example flying over clouds and conversing with a friendly presence that looked like a dove, another one I found myself resting in some kind of pink sea that I felt peaceful and I felt loved. Sounds very cliche now writing it down. Some less positive ones I remember running / flying away from people or entities that felt like they wanted to harm me. I've heard a lot about sleep paralysis being triggered by our energetic body (astral / subtle / spirit body or whatever people call it) separating from the physical. We try to move our physical body but because it's in the process of separating, we can't actually move it. That's why we feel we can't move. At the same time we are aware of this realm and can observe entities and critters that inhabit it. Some people claim we have an energetic link, that looks like a silver cord that keeps us attached to our physical body, so it's not possible to never come back to it. I don't know about all that, could be a possibility or could be something else. For now, I prefer to work on my day to day challenges than experiment with this. That could be why it hasn't happened to me for a long time. Hope that's of interest.


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I’m not sure at what point it happened, but at some point I fell asleep into a dream of this exact issue of struggling to fall asleep and struggling to get comfortable. To be honest, I thought I was still awake the whole time as I was still in my room in my exact surroundings. I didn’t realize I was dreaming this until at one point I finally regained a semi-conscious state and tried to sit up.

As I was trying to sit up I had this overwhelming feeling of being subdued
What you wrote above reminds me of a recurring sleep paralysis type dream I had for a short time three years ago. It was as if I was waking up from a dream in my room when it'd happen. I'd seemingly wake up and look at the bedroom door facing me and I'd see a light under the door. It was after looking at the door that the paralysis would set in from what I remember.

Around the same time, I also experienced sleep paralysis after taking a nap in the middle of the day after not getting enough sleep the night prior. So, in this case it was likely brought on by sleep deprivation

As I think back on it now, all the above experiences with sleep paralysis happened when I was living at a place that had a mold problem, to the point that I started to see it on the ceiling in the bedroom. I moved out of that apartment a couple years ago and I haven't experienced paralysis like it since..

I tried to open my eyes but they were being forced shut and I could see these flashes of light passing in front of my eyelids as I was trying to open them, while at the same time my torso was being forced down onto the bed. This was also accompanied by a high pitched frequency going off in my right ear. It really scared the heck out of me.
I haven't experienced ringing in the ears during sleep paralysis but it might be a lot more common than I thought. The following website discusses the timeline of an episode that can start with high pitched ringing in the ears:

Below represents the timeline of a typical sleep paralysis episode:

  1. Those experiencing a sleep paralysis episode first notice a tingling sensation combined with a buzzing or high pitched ringing in their ears.
Other than eventually moving out of that apartment, it also seemed to help to write about it on the forum and in my journal since the recurring dream stopped soon after.
I don't understand this phenomenon but I remember that a similar episode happened to me when I was about 20 years old. I already had an idea because at that time my partner described to me these sleep paralyses that happened to him with some frequency and were to be feared.

Once a gargoyle-like face came out through the ceiling. He was very frightened and decided to take precautions before going to sleep. He was trying to sleep with "something" in his head. This resource was beneficial to him because at that time he trained a lot (Olympic gymnastics is very demanding), in addition to this he completed his working day of loading and unloading trucks (a hard job by the way) and a rest of the day he spent studying high school at night shift.

When he went to bed he slept fast and deep (he fell as "dead"). When this happened he could not move his body. That's why he decided to sleep with thoughts in his mind. So far he takes his precautions. And another thing he implemented is to change the position of the body. He lay "on his back" and before going to sleep he accommodates his body on its side. He has had this care for more than 20 years and it works for him.

My episode was similar to the one everyone lived through but the different thing is that I heard a stunning sound in my ears (I forgot to mention that this noise also happened to him) It was something like a "taca,taca,taca..." very fast and loud. To get out of that I did a lot of force to move my body and woke up screaming. I was very frightened but I knew what happened to me from my partner's experience. But for him the situation was uglier because he didn't have the reference of someone who had gone through it.

We learned from my mother-in-law that the sound we heard during the paralysis was the Alpha sound of the brain. She had taken a "mind control" course, the Silva method, and she had that sound recorded on a device that looked like a small radio. It could be used therapeutically, either for physical pain or to calm down. I don't know, I never found out about this. I didn't even remember it until I read your Andrew thread. I also use the resources applied by my partner, take care of the position of my body and have the prayer of the soul.

Before going to sleep it is necessary to take care of the food, the impressions we see, the exposure to TV screens, monitors, cell phones, etc... EE it would be very beneficial to do it a while before going to bed.

Now I detect when I am about to "enter" that kind of "trance" and change of situation.
I hope our experience helps and I wish you Andrew good dreams!:flowers::hug2:

Translated with

No entiendo a se debe este fenómeno pero recuerdo que me sucedió un episodio similar cuando tenía unos 20 años aproximadamente. Ya tenía idea porque en aquel tiempo mi pareja me describió estas parálisis del sueño que le sucedía con cierta frecuencia y eran de temer.

Una vez salió a través del techo una cara como de gárgola. Se asustó mucho y decidió tomar precauciones antes de dormir. Trataba de acostarse con "algo" en su cabeza. Este recurso le resultó beneficioso porque en ese tiempo entrenaba mucho (la gimnasia olímpica es muy exigente), sumado a ésto cumplía su jornada laboral de carga y descarga de camiones( un trabajo duro por cierto) y un resto del día lo dedicaba a estudiar secundaria en turno nocturno.

Cuando se acostaba dormía rápidamente y profundo( caía como "muerto") Cuando ésto sucedía no podía mover su cuerpo. Es muy desagradable.Por eso decidió acostarse con pensamientos en su mente. Hasta el presente toma sus precauciones. Y otra cosa que implementó es cambiar la posición del cuerpo. Él se tendía "boca arriba" y antes de dormir acomoda su cuerpo de lado. Hace más de 20 años que tiene estos cuidados y funciona para él.

Mi episodio fue similar al que vivieron todos pero lo diferente es que escuchaba un sonido aturdidor en mis oídos( olvidé mencionar que este ruido también le sucedió a él) Era algo así como un "taca,taca,taca..." muy rápido y fuerte. Para salir de eso hice mucha fuerza para mover mi cuerpo y desperté gritando. Me asusté mucho pero supe lo que me sucedió por la experiencia de mi compañero. Pero para él fué más fea la situación porque no tenía la referencia de alguien que haya pasado por ésto.

Nos enteramos por mi suegra que ese sonido que escuchamos durante la parálisis era el sonido Alfa del cerebro. Ella había hecho un curso de "control mental", el método Silva y tenía ese sonido grabado en un aparato parecido a una radio pequeña. Se podía utilizar de manera terapéutica, ya sea para el dolor físico o para tranquilizarse. No sé, nunca averigüé sobre esto. Incluso no lo recordaba hasta que leí tu hilo Andrew. También utilizo los recursos que aplica mi compañero, cuido la posición de mi cuerpo y tengo la oración del alma.

Antes de dormir es necesario cuidar los alimentos, las impresiones que vemos, la exposición a las pantallas de tv, monitores, celulares, etc... EE sería muy beneficioso hacerlo un rato antes de acostarse.

Ahora detecto cuando estoy por "entrar" a esa especie "trance" y cambio de situación.
Espero que ayude de algo nuestra experiencia y te deseo Andrew buenos sueños!!


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I can attest to what Beau mentioned. I can get sleep paralysis if I've eaten something I shouldn't.

I can also get it if I sleep with the curtains open, when it's a full moon or if I have been particularly stressed. These are other things to think about. I think preparing (including locking the front door and windows) for a good restful sleep is very important because IMO it sends a message out that I'm in my safe place to rest and no one else is invited.


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I used to get sleep paralysis all the time as a teenager. I also grew out of it but did learn a few things the last two times it happened.
Usually I would kick my legs (and keep kicking) to break out of it, however one of the last times it happened I discovered I could control my breathing (from all the EE practice). So I just breathed deeply, slowly, calmly and snapped out of the paralysis pretty quickly.
The other thing I learned follows what others have mentioned about diet/sleeping conditions. The last time I ever had sleep paralysis I'd eaten incredibly sugary food and a large meal late at night. Between digesting too late at night and the massive blood sugar spike (or perhaps a blood sugar crash because of the large amount of insulin) it caused sleep paralysis.
I'd be inclined to think it may be a slightly dysregulated brain stem responding to a change in blood sugar that's the issue, so with that hypothesis if anyone is still suffering sleep paralysis taking B1 (see the Thiamine thread) may help resolve things along with clearing up diet/sleeping conditions. fwiw


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A 3-4 Years ago i was in Dublin. Have one attack during the night. Was very intense. I was planing to move into Dublin, but because that night i decide to go back to Slovenija. Somehow during that night and days after i recognize that the Dublin Sphere is a antenna that was used for attack. Maybe i am wrong. From my persceptive was definitely kind of attack from something outside of me. Blink of light was outside of me, my body was paralized, not my mind or spirit.
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