Recurring dream


The Force is Strong With This One
Last time I had this dream was a few days ago and in that dream, the professor came to me and he was looking me in the eyes and he was yelling at me something about why I haven't paid attention to some details on that class and he was pronouncing my name with every sentence.
Like, Konstantin why are you....
Maybe you simply have a problem of guilt feelings or something?

But I would like to suggest another more fantastical (however improbable) explanation, inspired from my readings of several books about alien abductions (especially that of D.M. Jacobs): Many abductees are regularly brought by aliens on their spaceships to learn and train on various subjects (all of this for the nefarious aliens' agenda, not for their enlightenment). Maybe this is (unfortunately) what happens to you, and remember through these dreams? (I hope not, mind you) Particularly disturbing is the teacher looking into your eyes (as hypnotizing aliens are said to do), which made me thought about this weird hypothesis...

In any case, I had a similar dream, although only once. There was this teacher onstage, lecturing in front of dozens of people, and I was watching this from the last row of them. Once it was finished the teacher came to me, and told me with a most disapproving tone, that I wasn't anymore following her courses and studying as I should have. Then I awoke, and thought: "Good that I don't listen to you anymore bitch! I am not your servant and don't want to have anything to do with you, whatever you are and teach on the other side!"
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