RIP The Health and Wellness Show and a big hello to Objective: Health


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No I've not seen those yet. Thanks for the heads-up. Totally missed them.
No worry, there is already so much material available that one gets lost in it. As you may have noticed I completely missed out on the two shows with J.Kruse while watching out for it :curse:
The whole point of my reaction to your comment was that I am really impressed with Keyhole's performance as a host and interviewer. Knowledgeable, focused, inquisitive... the show guests must enjoy it too when they talk to someone who knows and wants to know even more...


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A quick update:

It's been almost 6 months that we made the move to YouTube. So far they haven't been too 'oppressive' but part of that might have to do with the fact that we don't monetize anything on it. Otherwise, the channel has been steadily growing and for the most part we haven't run afoul of them so, so far so good!

But, we also know that YouTube can't exactly be relied on to be fair when it comes to censorship and have been looking at different options. So far there's nothing really out there that works as well as YT (damn you YT!). The closest thing so far that we've found is hosting on They're not too bad and it looks like a good alternative - at least until someone comes up with something better. Here's our channel:

Their system is a bit different in that you need video 'views' in order to 'unlock' more server space to upload videos. We're getting close to unlocking the next 'tier' and perhaps some of you can head on over there and click on a few vids to help generate some views. We're hoping that once we've got more content up there it will generate enough views on its own to get us where we need.

Anyways, that's the scoop and thanks everyone for your support! :flowers:


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Thank you fabric !
I let play all the videos while reading other stuff :-) .
But it's unfortunate they don't have subtitles, so i will continue to follow the health shows on YT, then just play the video on brighteon
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