Ruler of the Mind?: Prayer Questions


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Gertrudes said:
Galaxia2002 said:
I just thought I'd throw something else into the mix here since we are suppose to be looking at all ways of interpreting what is being said in the PTOS.
that's the way I see it too
Same here, that's how I've been interpreting those sentences :)
Same here. Also some other elements mixed in, such as, the As Above, So Below concept and the relationship to Higher Emotional Center and Lower Emotional Center, Higher Intellectual and Lower Intellectual, etc.
:cool: Thanks writing that one down in EE Journal

edited to condense
[quote author=Nienna Eluch]
[to become] objectively and consciously aware enough that it would be carried in our hearts, rule our minds (thinking and feeling in true awareness) and save our souls - Nienna Eluch[/quote]

a sense of peace comes over me when I read that!
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