When I first had a hallucinatory, abduction experience, at 17, I didn't talk about it. I didn't think about it but I didn't of course forget it.
I simply didn't have any place in my world view to put it.
I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy, but privately I thought, f, I'm schizo.
For me it was a time of incredible emotional upheaval and wild sometimes transformative intensity. With major depression, the separation was formative not immiadiate, happening painfully over a number of years.
The answer, of course, is to develop nous, something I've never heard of.
That I have the power to love, that I have the responsibility, faith, to protect myself.
And it is within this Christian faith, in the heart, that I see, not here, a type of schizophrenia that is like a fanatical scar tissue covering up, but not truly healing in response to waking up to the terror of the situation. Still, with all the rampant drug use and manufactured terror it's understandable.
But it isn't just in the fundies.
Lefty ideology hides it's hysteria in a divisive attempt to seek comfort in ideologic security. There's no healing from that.
But in all this there is the social fabric that does provide healing.
Families, children, laughter, security that is transformative whether unconscious and for me more and more learning and being conscious of.
Thank you for sharing your experience. Seems like you’ve gone through a scary and confusing ordeal at a very young age. I’ve been through abductions myself and as crazy as they make you feel, still feels very different from schizophrenia. I too have learned that there are so many beautiful things in this world to direct your attention to instead of dwelling on the circumstances imposed on us.
That's such a beautiful thing to say because, well I feel like I have an opportunity to focus on that when I feel overwhelmed.
This rather than focus on egoistic aims and motivations in worldly and materialistic self endrandisement.
Piano, betrayal, hurt--That's going to happen in life.
It can be a moment of separation which I'm describing as a schizophrenic state, or it can be a moment personal growth and sharing of the soul, that which is pure and unwounded.
Ang knowing this leads me to the development of unity, effort and will.
Polish psychiatrist Antoni Kepinski (Antoni Kępiński) popularised theory of information metabolism. I believe that he noticed that people with mental illness has disrupted exchange of energy/information with outside world.

People with mental illness are often isolated from society, and those people cannot grow mentally and spiritually becouse they don't feed their soul and psyche with correct informations.

In modern times people who drink informations from poisened well are becoming mentally ill.

The so called targeted individuals suffers many mental illness becouse the goal is to isolate them and pacyfy their efforts. They cannot grow and they get stuck. The first step to get out from this is to realise that this is planned strategy and start to see what blocks us from interacting with outside world.

Information Metabolism (Kepinski)

Information Metabolism: Introduction to Socionics #3
Some people with ADHD (and sometimes with ADD) noticed that they have something called hyperfocus. If they want to solve the problem or read book that is essential for their development, they can focus their attention and solve the problem in more effective way than others.

From Wikipedia Hyperfocus article:
Psychiatrically, it is considered to be a trait of ADHD together with inattention, and it has been proposed as a trait of other conditions, such as schizophrenia, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

But there is a price for this superpower. There are many illness that are related with targeted individual phenomena. ADHD, autism, schizophrenia, depression, neurisis, eating disorders and many more. They are paying the price for using antenna (hyperfocus).
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