Secret Space program, 20 years and back, Breakaway civilization, Abductions,Slave labour, Memory wiping.

furryfrog said: Hmm, Like say, Tony's story is real, it just never happened "Here", Or he was taken further into the future for some portions of his experience?

Maybe "real enough" in his perception?!... For whatever that's worth... And to those who understand it as being "real" in their own perceptions.
furryfrog said: Hmm, Like say, Tony's story is real, it just never happened "Here", Or he was taken further into the future for some portions of his experience?

Maybe "real enough" in his perception?!... For whatever that's worth... And to those who understand it as being "real" in their own perceptions.
I think I now understand what you meant earlier, where In my first reply i did not. With Regards to the "Ant Beings" , Tony's story and the Wave are mutually exclusive in this reality. A can of worms Indeed, then there is the part of Tony's story where In this reality, On google maps, he finds the house he was imprisoned in as a child sex slave, then goes to the place near seattle, knew his way around, recognized
renovations, details ect.

There are Parts of Tony's story that really have my curiosity, Then there are other parts I don't really even want to try to digest, It would be much easier if his story never went further than the "base on the moon". After the moon it just gets bizzare, Mars, Ant Beings with Psy abilities, Civilizations on Mars. Underground Cities and Military Bases on Ceres. I am even comfortable entertaining the idea of very large, UFO type cargo ships.
I'm not going to toss anything out as possible, but like AI, I would like to see some effort expended on producing at least some crumbs of evidence. Things like this story don't happen, I don't think, without some glitches in this reality that could be collected.

At the same time, I've encountered a few people who, under hypnosis, told stories about interactions that touched on many of these issues and when techniques were used to "tear away the veil", it turned out that it was pretty much a cover story that was planted in them in order for them to come out and tell it for the purpose of confusing the issues.

Over long years of observation of stories and some of my own (and others) experiences, I've come to the idea that the "STS Overlords" (for lack of a better term), DO make mistakes because of their intense "wishful thinking" perspective, and looking for the mistakes is what one needs to do.
Ok, here is part of Tony's story that has my curiosity, though I am not claiming it is even a crumb of evidence, its just his story. He paint's a picture that him regaining his memory was a screw up, and in the end they sent him back, with a higher than acceptable probability that he would recall his memories. They decided to give him a lobotomy before sending him back, but his file was deleted by his captain, so there was no file they could sign off on to do the procedure. Tony quotes them saying, "screw it, send him back, It can't come back to us". He spends 5 minutes talking about this in this following video.

1 hour 13 minutes-Memory wipe
1 hour 15:15- Chrono visor
1 hour 16:45-probabilities of memory recall
1 hour 17:00-talk of labotomy
1 hour 18:40- back in his 10 year old body

I think why I am so interested in PARTS of Tony's story, is that it paints a possible picture of how STS goes about there business, in a nuts and bolts type way, not just technically, but the culture, and the fact that "spirituality" is down to a science, used for there own personal gain.
Perhaps I am getting suckered and have already invested more time in this story then it deserves, I Dunno.
I am starting to see how big this SSP topic is, and the large amount of controversy both inside and outside of it, it's a total fiasco, full of Drama and finger pointing, popular figures trying to protect there "turf" ect. I had always put the whole thing in the disinformation pile but realize now I'm actually quite ignorant of the whole topic. Hard looking into though, It just smells so bad, but being the SSP community is so big, perhaps something of value has fallen into it.
It sounds like Corey Goode dropped the trademark fiasco rather suddenly and out of the Blue, The question is why? Like the "real" why? Is the disinformation campaign losing control of the narrative? Are some independent researchers getting to close to the truth and they need a bigger distraction to muddle things up? Is it because of the Recent "whistle blowers" coming out and telling a very different story? Or is it just to stall out the community from growing any further, and the community is not really onto the truth anyway? Perhaps what they are trying to hide has nothing to do with the secret SSP at all? Or is it simply someone who has become greedy after seeing how much money can be made?
My view is, Yes, They are creating a big distraction, and trying to pull back control of the narrative. The question though is what are they trying to hide/cover up? Why risk trying to trademark a community when the likely hood of it sticking is low? They must have known the outrage it would start. Why such a big Risk?, It feels like a very desperate move to me.

I think the disinformation Campaign likes using the concept of disclosure to "keep people in line" . Here is an example of using the trademark agenda as an excuse to promote solidarity in the community to fight for disclosure.

"Corey Goode dropped the SSP trademark issue! We highly welcome this and will thank him for this move! As Joe said in the interview below, let us take this point to operate together for disclosure now, we agree fully with this."

Quote is from this From this webpage
Corey dropped the trademark issue!

Here is a video that AI posted earlier. Richard and Joseph spend a bunch of time talking about the legal details, I made notes of some comments that i found more interesting. Joseph believes that the trademark fiasco is an "operation" while Richard is not sure. They both believe there is a "Real" Secret space program of some sort.

14:00- 18:00- tying up community that could be doing real research
19:00-22:30- suspects a "template" being installed, like a religious cannon.
25:30- Discourage whistleblowers from coming forward
30:45- Shut this down
34:45- trademarks usually used on works of fiction
37:45-41:00- Real secret space program
43:00-46:00-Dolan not sure its an OP, Farrel leans towards it being an OP.
46:00- Dolan, SSP 100% a certainty. Starwars and startrek type stuff!!
49:00- Dolan wonders if there is portal technology and time travel
50:00- hunting for technology off world
51:00-51:45 thoughts on "ambassadors"
52:40- Farrel, 100% certain there is a SSP
53:15-57:00 Dolan does not believe corey Goode. Goode mined info from another website for 4 years before going public.
59:30- Farrel very skeptical of corey goode
1:01- talk about the possibility advanced technology- very possible
1:03- Dolan, very possible that activity on moon and mars, but probably not like a hollywood movie.
1:06- talk about ET's,
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