Session 12 December 2010

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I was catching up with the Thread and did not post earlier, my apologies.
I wish a speed recovery for Atreides and a modicum of peace to you guys.
Interesting session. The electric universe ideas are very fascinating.

Also sorry to hear about Atreides.
My best wishes for his fast recovery.

I myself have had major digestion issues since I was young, that had become really bad over the years. Digestion problems are really tough because they effects your sleep, energy levels, and not to forget about the excruciating cramps.

The fact that he has a very good diet and this still happened, does look like a very directed attack.

It also puts the whole incident at Paleofest into perspective.

This is sobering, because it really shows how difficult it is to have face to face meet ups and discussions.
Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery, Atreides. Get well soon :flowers:

I am also happy to hear you are doing better, Ailén :flowers:

Laura, I wish you all the strength you need and much more. I can relate to what it feels like to see loved ones suffer, my Dad is very ill at present (has been for about seven years).

I just checked Google, and it seems More Red are still available in Austria. I'll try to get some for you when I go back next week. Might even try them myself, I'm still smoking Camel Blue and should really get away from those chemicals.

Anyways, all the best to everyone here on the forum, hang in there...
First off, I wanted to wish Atreides a speedy recovery! And I hope that this ailment doesn't return to him :flowers:

Secondly, after reading the session (which was very interesting) I noticed this:

Laura said:
Q: (L) Well, I wanted to ask some questions about Earth Changes. I’ve got this book here “Planet X, Comets and Earth Changes by James McCanney. He’s on about what he calls the “Plasma Discharge Comet Theory” which is that comets are basically asteroid type bodies that enter the Solar system, the Solar System being a capacitor, and when they enter the solar system, they discharge the capacitor and that’s what causes the comet effects: the glow, the illumination, the tail and so on. He says that basically comets are just planets in formation, that there are really big ones that have accumulated a lot of mass or have a lot of mass. You know, they go through the Solar System and keep attracting more and more stuff, and more and more stuff and eventually precipitate into orbit and become planets. He basically said that that’s how the planets of the Solar System got here with the exception of Jupiter and Saturn. They kind of formed at the same time as the sun. All the other planets were acquired. Is he on to something with this? Is this anywhere near accurate?

A: He is on the right the track; but there are other phenomena that are not explained in his model.

Q: And what other phenomena might that be?

A: Clube is correct to some extent about the breakup of a giant comet. One theory does not exclude the other.

Does that mean the Earth started out as a comet as well?
Snow said:
Does that mean the Earth started out as a comet as well?
Yes, according to McCanney, the Solar System may have started with only the Sun and Jupiter (as a close double - and eventually with Saturn) and then the other planets are new-comers being captured by the system. They come, vaccum-clean dust and gas, get heavier, and establish into a stable orbit over time.
I've been thinking about this in the session:

"Q: (L) And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea. Moving to Leo soon.

Q: (L) Is the moving to Leo a signifier of some other potential event that would be noticed by us here on Earth?

A: Yes. Possible Supernova. Will stupendously improve reception of our messages.

Q: (L) Why is that? Cosmic waves?

A: Will affect your DNA as well as the DNA of those that are ready.

Q: (L) We’re assuming that this is a positive affect?

A: Yes! Refer to transcripts."

They say: Possible Supernova, but then say in a way that confirms it: Will stupendously improve reception of our messages.

This could be a 'game changer'. Who knows what the effects could be for "those that are ready"?
Thank you Laura and chateau crew for one very interesting session with lot to think about.

Most important:

Speedy recovery Atreides!! :hug2: :hug2: :hug2:

Sincerely hope for good news from chateau.
sleepermustawaken said:
Alot is to come; As a part to help each other and ourselves, don't forget EE -Mondays and Thursdays (full session) and POTS, along with the daily cleansing.

Thanks again to All present for this session

Divine Cosmic Mind be with you ALL


Thanks for remember this... especially at times somewhat confusing.

Thanks Laura, C's and Team!
Thank you for sharing this. It has made me realise how far behind I am due to the lack of not applying myself. I definitely need to get back on the EE horse and start working on myself again.
Good to hear the invalids are improving. You might want to try acupuncture and Chi Gong to generate more Chi for healing.

I am always concerned whenever I have to travel on public transportation as it seems I always have to fight off a bug afterwards...

Possibly of interest - I read that sunrise came to Greenland a couple of days early this year, and that the US is shutting down GPS for "testing" - interesting that they just launched that huge rocket with the secret payload from Vandenburg airforce base...maybe the these are linked - changes to the Earth's rotation or precession may become evident if they don't adjust things?

Also it was interesting that the C's were agreeing that Rigel may be the impending supernova as I was just reading that Betelgeuse has been swelling up and might nova...we shall see.

Thanks for the sessions Laura, and for all of the interesting discussion everyone.

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