Session 12 July 2014


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Rereading this p art of the session.... hard to think Caesar thought Rome could be fixed, could be a shining light etc.... from what we know of the zeitgeist of Rome, the area etc, that seems quite a bit of wishful thinking on his part.... same as Ron Paul et al today.... it's simply too late in the cycle.
On the temporal displacement of 479 years, if this was started by one of the smaller comet clusters, wouldn't other civilizations not be affected and serve as a temporal template? Later the psychos Justinian and his wife were stopped in their reconquest desires and the invading Turks kept on hold until the disease et al left the area so that the way was safe to conquer Byzantine... Or, when MOther Nature does her cyclical cleansing, she does a good job and leaves little to no crumbs so that the lessons can continue on pace... interesting to reread this and realize the idealist Caesar seems to have been if he thought Rome could change and become a beacon of light... seems a bit silly, same with the American Empire today... it's way too late for any 'fix'.


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Like to read again older sessions after reading some books, threads on the forum, articles on Sott etc. It is like having new insight, new feeling. Every time I read this particular session the feeling of happiness and astonishing is growing although I already know what is written in it. So, no matter how many times I write - thank you - it is not enough. :hug2:


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I have only read the session now. Really impressive. It's amazing ... Thanks to Laura's team and also to Juinius from Cassiopaea.
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