Session 13 April 2024


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Session Date: April 13th 2024

Laura and Andromeda at the board

Joe, Ark, PoB, Chu, Scottie, Falkor, Bella

Q: (L) Okay, today's April 13th, 2024. [Review of those present] Anybody there?

A: Knowledge protects.

Q: (L) And who do we have with us?

A: Ginueaeil of Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Okay. Well, why did you open with, "knowledge protects"? Is there some particular knowledge we need to acquire?

A: Much.

Q: (L) And is it about a particular subject that you wish to address tonight?

A: Ask.

Q: (L) Okay. I've had several dreams. I dreamed of my brother, I think, and Pierre. And then I dreamed about...

A: Promises were not kept.

Q: (L) Promises to who?

A: You.

Q: (L) Promises made by who?

A: Tom.

Q: (L) What promises?

A: He is sorry and regrets his weakness.

Q: (L) But I don't know what promises, what was…?

(Joe) Did he make any promises to you?

(L) That's what I'm saying. I don't know of anything.

A: When you were 9.

Q: (L) I can't think of anything.

A: Ran away from strange people and called grandfather.

Q: (L) Well, I remember that. I just don't remember any promises.

A: Conversation.

Q: (L) So, I had a conversation with him at that time and he promised me something. Yes?

A: Yes. To protect you.

Q: (L) So that's bothering him now?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Well, I don't even remember it, so... So he's worrying about this. So is he going to attempt to protect me now from where he is?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay. And I also dreamed about jar. So basically just in the last few days I had dreams about jar, Pierre, and Tom. And then last night I had a dream about SV and he's the only one not dead out of the whole group.

A: Will be soon.

Q: (Joe) Who's SV?

Q: (L) Kid I knew when I was growing up. Okay. Is there anything particular that any one of these people wants to say or to convey to us, and is that the reason for my dreaming about them?

A: All are looking out for you all.

Q: (L) And is that why I dream about them for... Because they were telling me…?

A: Yes


(Joe) But, so… there's many things that we're missing knowledge on?

(L) Yeah.

(Joe) Are we doing really bad and are we in trouble?

A: You are doing well, but do not let up on vigilance. Things are intensifying rapidly.

Q: (L) Well, speaking of things intensifying rapidly, what was up with that big boom or explosion sound that happened when I was in the middle of that interview with Jay Campbell and Hunter Williams where we were talking about whether or not there would be a nuclear war, or what would happen to the US? Would there be cometary explosions, or what? And I had just opined something along the line of that I think that the US was going to be destroyed, and that I didn't know for sure whether it would be nuclear war, whether it would be comets, and then right then: BOOM! I mean, you'll have to watch it and get to that point to exactly what it was saying. I can't remember exactly, but it was something like that. So what was this boom?

A: Confirmation.

Q: (Andromeda) There was a big fireball that exploded over our region.

(Joe) Probably more than just here, but...

(Andromeda) Probably more than just here. But it was seen widely. And that was on the night we had [friends] over for dinner - on Thursday.

(L) So was that explosion an overhead cometary explosion?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Was there anything hyperdimensional about it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) You know, sometimes I wonder if the Earth is not surrounded by all kinds of
comets and things at all times, but they're just in another dimension or something, or another vibrational frequency and they can be let through if needed. Is that a possibility?

A: Yes

Q: (Chu) Well, and the one you heard was also when they were visiting, right?

(Joe) It was last Saturday.

(L) Yeah, they were here.

A: Yes


Q: All right. Where do we want to go next?

(Andromeda) How's Pierre doing?

A: Fine and now joined by jar and Tom.

Q: (L) So they are all Saints now?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Well, and jar is doing fine?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Any messages from any of them of any particular...?

A: Dreams.

Q: (L) They'll communicate in our dreams?

A: Yes

Q: (L) All right. Any other topics we want to cover? Is Iran going to bomb Israel?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Any minute now! [laughter]

(L) Is it going to be any minute now?

A: No

Q: (Joe) At some point.

(L) But you said in the past that Israel was ultimately going to be destroyed. Is that still in the cards?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) What about that wave anomaly? Was that ever figured out? Was it
just a glitch or...?

(Joe) They said it was a glitch.

(Andromeda) Did you see that? There was some wave height anomaly on the southwest...

(L) Well I read that they predicted it and then it didn't happen.

(Joe) It was on the Ventusky weather maps. You see the border, you can pick different things. You can pick waves and show the wave heights around the world. And for a period of time there was this big area off the southwest coast of Africa. Big area probably, about the size of South Africa. And it was at 14 meters in the color of the highest wave height, like 80 feet. But if you went forward in the prediction, it went north, but then they said no, no, it was nothing, that it was just a glitch in the software. It didn't happen according to them. So we were thinking it might have been some sea floor subsidence that had outgassing or something like that. Dunno. Whatever happened to our Africa... Last year, they said: Watch Africa! Some kind of a sea floor subsidence or something. Maybe it happened and we didn't notice.

(L) Is that what happened with these waves and they covered it up?

(Joe) We can ask if it was real or if it was just a glitch. Do you want to ask?

(L) Were the big waves real?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Why did they cover it up?

A: Why do they cover up so much? People would get agitated more than they are.

Q: (Joe) So was it outgassing from the seabed in that area?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) And it didn't create a tsunami that was going to move out. The different ways to detect wave heights, the buoys and stuff, they read it as high waves. But was that the gas that was being expelled?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Okay. That's what I thought.

(L) So that would be why the waves didn't travel.

(Joe) The subsidence or opening up that caused the gas didn't cause a propagation or movement of the actual body of water. It just bubbled up from below.

(L) Isn't there some place in the South Atlantic where the Earth's crust is very thin or something, like an opening or something there? Is that related in any way?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) There's also supposed to be, I think, an anomaly in the Earth's electromagnetic field in that area, too.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Does it have anything to do with UFOs and underground bases?

A: No. They avoid the area.

Q: (Joe) You want to ask about that couple in Madeira? You know, Madeira, the island in the Atlantic off Portugal?

(Andromeda) About over a month ago now, a couple from Beaumont de Lomagne, a couple in their fifties that owned a bakery. They went with their daughter for a vacation to Madeira. And they both disappeared.

(Joe) At three o'clock in the afternoon, they were on a walk along a coastal road type of thing on the north side. They said they were going to walk to the next town or whatever and they just disappeared. And they searched and searched and searched for...

(Andromeda) For two weeks! And it's not a very big place.

(Joe) It's a pretty small island.

(Andromeda) And after two weeks, they gave up the search. And then right after they called off the search in a place where they had looked already several times...

(Joe) First the wife was found and then, a couple days later, the husband was found.

(Andromeda) Right. But they had a hard time identifying the bodies at first, so they must have been pretty decomposed or whatever because it took several days for them to positively ID the bodies. One of the reports said that it was "gruesome" or something.

(Joe) Yeah, and they didn't really release a lot of information about it.

(Andromeda) But then anyway, we were thinking, oh, okay... Maybe it's a serial killer because in the past three years there were also...

(Joe) The context is in the past three years, there have been four guys. Relatively young guys. One guy is in his fifties, but the other are all youngish - an English guy, a German guy, a Swiss guy - those three are all, like, super-fit runners who were there to run over the mountainous island. So they were there and all three of them, not at the same time, but over the period of three years or so - three years spaced out, they all disappeared.

(Andromeda) And nobody ever found them.

(Joe) Four of them, yeah. French guy as well. And they've never been found. And then this most recent one was what brought it to our attention in a certain sense, because it was in the news, about the two people who have gone missing from Beaumont de Lomagne, and then they mentioned the fact that it's a strange island or whatever. Because in the past few years, these other four guys have gone missing and haven't been found.

(Andromeda) It's 50/50 whether or not it's like a serial killer or Missing 411. The thing that makes me lean toward Missing 411 is the fact that they had searched in the area several times.

(L) And then found them....

(Andromeda) Although a serial killer could possibly bring them and drop the bodies after. So it's not conclusive at all.

A: Missing 411 gets our vote. Human mutilation involved.

Q: (L) You mean human mutilations as in similar to cattle mutilations?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And why did they put the bodies back then?

A: Arrogance.

Q: (Joe) And it's the same for the other four guys who have gone missing there in the past few years?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So is that like a Missing 411 site?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Well, David Paulides says there's a pattern there with super-fit, white people...

(Chu) Well, these two weren't super fit, but the...

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) No, but the previous ones though, when he talked about the previous ones...

(L) Well, they weren't put back, either.

(Joe) They weren't put back. But he has this thing about, yeah... We know that from sessions about picking them for genetic experiments and all.

(Andromeda) They pick differently. Sometimes it's all people with disabilities, sometimes it's super-fit people. But they have these, you know, themes.

(Chu) Don't go to Madeira!

(L) Yeah.

(Andromeda) Creepy!

(L) Creepy, creepy. All right. Anything else?

(Chu) Niall left these three questions, but they can also wait for next time if you're tired.

(L) Was Brigitte Macron born a biological male?

A: Yes

Q: (L) What's happening with Kate Middleton?

A: Vaccine injury.

Q: (L) Is it something that is really horrible and visible?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) Like a stroke where she's partially paralyzed?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is it something on her skin or, or something like Bell's palsy or...?

A: Close. She may not recover.

Q: (L) Does the rest of the Royal Family know that it's a vaccine injury?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) So was the last video of her when she actually came out and made a video saying that she had cancer and she was going through chemotherapy, was that really her?

A: No

Q: (Joe) So that was AI as some people suggested?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Wow. Pretty good.

(Andromeda) Did you see the bench? On either side of her, the back of the bench is different.

(L) Where was Barack Obama born?

A: Kenya.

Q: (Joe) So Brigitte Macron is really her brother?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) And she's still got all her bits intact?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) That's why Macron likes her?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Because it's not a "her"...

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) That's the world we live in...

(L) We have the most corrupt, disgusting, perverse, perverted group of human beings in leadership roles in Western countries that could ever possibly be dreamed up in the worst nightmares of George Orwell.

(Andromeda) [knocks on wooden table]

(L) [knocks on wooden table] Knock wood!! [laughter]

(Joe) What's the prognosis for King Charles?

A: Not good.

Q: (Joe) They didn't say what was wrong with Kate. What were you thinking in terms of her illness?

(L) I don't know. I've seen a couple of reports of people with terrible skin conditions from the vaccine.

(Joe) Is she inflamed, or has she put on weight?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) So that picture of her in the car, that looked very much like a chubbier version of her. Was that actually her, maybe with big glasses?

A: No

Q: (Joe) Not even her... So, super cover-ups across the board. They're sticking different people in at different points and…

(Andromeda) Making it look like her on purpose. That's very suspicious. It's just trying to get people to stop talking, but... [it’s just making things worse].

(L) And basically what it is, is because of the vaccine [which caused the problem] that they've been ordered to keep it covered up.

(Andromeda) Because it's obvious that it's a vaccine injury.

A: Yes

Q: (L) So the Royal Family's basically being put under pressure to keep this hidden, because practically everybody in the country would be...

(Joe) Start to wonder. Is it cancer she has?

A: No

Q: (Chu) She could also have something neurological on top of her skin condition, like too much shaking or something, you know, like some people have...

A: Yes

Q: (L) Yeah. Because we've seen some people become practically vegetables...

(Chu) Or they don't recover. They just shake all the time.

(L) Yeah. They're in wheelchairs, and have feeding tubes.

(Andromeda) It's like a Parkinson's type of paralysis or...

(L) Worse than Parkinson's. It's more like cerebral palsy or something.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Really? Wow.

(Chu) I read yesterday that the Queen was diagnosed with a myeloma exactly a year before she died. Was that a vaccine injury too?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Well, years ago you said something about the Queen having a blood disorder and I guess that's what she got: a blood disorder from the vaccine!

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) That was supposed to be a marker.

(Joe) Yeah, but that kind of reaction that Kate's having is rare.

(Chu) Not so much. In the beginning we saw, like, tons of people with those neurological effects.

(L) Yeah.

(Chu) They just covered it up. But there were a bunch, like nurses...

(L) Yeah, I saw lots - I mean, probably a dozen - videos on Twitter of people who had the vaccine and now they're in a wheelchair with feeding tubes.

(Joe) And I suppose you're increasing your chances every vaccine you get, then. She disappeared basically around Christmas and she would've had one, maybe a month or two beforehand for the seasonal vaccine update.

(L) So she's probably had multiple doses.

(Chu) And all the ones I saw were women in their thirties or forties for that kind of reaction.

(L) Yeah. So...

(Joe) It's horrible.

(Andromeda) From what I heard, she didn't even want to take it in the first place. You never know, but if she didn't, and then they kind of forced her because she's supposed to be this example... That's really even sadder.

(L) That's really sad. Well, and if nobody else has any questions, can we stop now? Okay. So thank you for coming and kisses to Pierre and Tom and jar.

A: Kisses back. Goodbye.

Thanks to Laura and Andromeda for their energy and to all who participated, as always information and knowledge that protects. If these weeks of April with a lot of energy and changes we hope that the unpredictable will play in our favor.
Thank you for Laura, Andromeda & the Cs for the session! I’m so happy that Pierre is doing well, and collectively with Tom & jar, they are all looking out for you at the Château.

The whole Kate situation & the obfuscation around her absence has been very strange. The fake video of her was quickly deconstructed on Twitter, it’s no wonder that people have lost faith & trust in the media. I’m a bit surprised that the Royals took the vax, they didn’t get the memo about it obviously. It just goes to show there is no monolith when we speak of the PTB, but factions, infighting and various agendas all vying to be at the very top.

Edit: also a timely reminder about knowledge & vigilance. As things get more crazy (we can all feel something in the air), it seems all the more crucial to be aware & have our guards up.
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Thank you Laura and the Chateau team for sharing the session.

It feels that the upcoming changes the C's warned us especially in the last few years are about to speed up, probably in shocking and unexpected ways. One can almost feel the tension in the air.

The part about "knowledge protects", maybe that's just my imagination but, i have a sense that growth in knowledge and application of it has more "weight" or density lately.

Edit: clarification
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Thank you Laura, Andromeda and Chateau for a great session!

What hit me right of the bat was the part about promises.
How many do we make on a daily basis with the best intention of carrying them out. Some get forgotten and they may have been the more important ones we ever made. Only at that point of time we didn`t have necessary understanding about binding agreement/contract attached to those promises and that also it can apparently be held across different life experiences. Wow.

Abductions. I have not been paying close attention to it lately but it seemed to me they kinda slowed down. Well, they did slow at all.

Kate. I feel sad about what happened to her. And the cover up circus is just last act of tragedy.
thank you all @ the chateau for sharing this session!

I have to confess that I am rather astonished, that the royals got the spike shot and not a placebo. So many "died unexpectedly and suddenly" among athlets or also TV personalities - and not one politician that I know of. At least here in Germany. half a year ago or so there was news about NZ, where thousands of "shot exemptions" were issued by Ardern in 2021, so I thought maybe all the politicians (and of course the Royals too) got exemptions or placebos.... I wonder why...
I thank you all for the sharing the session and the timely reminder. I cannot honestly say that I am surprised by what I read but I was shocked . Our times are so awful and much of the information is so ugly. I am unable to get accustomed to it. But I remind myself that " if we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering to disarm all hostility ". All in all I am more saddened than anything else.
Thank you team for another great session.
Yes, it is indeed sad with Kate and quite revealing. I hope the children did not get vaccinated at all. Perhaps they did..... Hopefully, all will be well for them. These 3 youngsters must be scared..... I wonder if they'll all be exposed soon....
Thank you again everyone and keep yourselves safe. It's going to be a bumpy ride....
Thanks Laura, Andromeda and the Chateau crew for a very revealing session!

Q: (L) All right. Any other topics we want to cover? Is Iran going to bomb Israel?
A: Yes
Another hit for the C's! We didn't have to wait long for confirmation on that one. Perhaps events are 'speeding up' as well as intensifying?

I get the feeling that the outgassing event in the South Atlantic, may relate to the C's directive to "Watch the skies and land and oceans" from the previous session. If so, it could be that 4D STS are aware of a significant Earth changes event coming up, and their "program change" may be how they attempt to shape glomal perception of this event. Hopefully there will be some critical observers in the Russian and BRICS+ governments who will see through to the truth.

Sad to hear about Kate Middleton. I hope she and her husband consider going public with her condition and make a choice to inform people about the crimes of big pharma. A lot of good for others could be salvaged from the situation.

I hope everyone remains vigilant and continues to grow their Knowledge, Awareness and Being!
Thank you very much, everyone, for the latest session! I was glad to hear Pierre, Tom, and jar are doing well on the other side. I recall SV from some of the earlier C's sessions, and hope SV will have a peaceful transition when the time comes. I wonder if other members who have passed on have chosen to help protect Laura or others in the network as well.

I was never a Kate Middleton fan and hardly paid attention to the royals, but I feel sorry for her now. I remember the videos that came out with the vaccine rollouts of people with uncontrollable shaking. I wonder if those people ever got better or if they're even still alive. What an awful way to live the rest of your life! Maybe some whistleblowers will come along soon; you can't cover up something that big forever. Andromeda mentioned the bench in the video, but I thought her hair seemed a little unnatural with the lighting. I would've thought it was a real video without the C's input, though!

Perhaps some of the talk on vigilance relates to these Missing 411 type events, and how changes in EM fields or other qualities of the environment we may not know much about could affect both ourselves and the people we are in contact with. If something about an area seems off or spooky for no obvious reason, or if you've heard unsettling rumors about a location, don't go there to avoid being lunch. Or if people you've known start to act off to the point where you question how safe you are around them, work on changing your associations. I left a job that grew increasingly toxic for that reason and more without another job lined up, and I don't regret it one bit! I'm not saying to live in fear and never go anywhere or interact with people you're not sure about, but with things heating up on the planet, it's important to keep your eyes and ears open, and not wishfully think you'll always be fine.

And I also think it's important to remain vigilant about ones own thoughts, and not fall into negative thought loops or destructive behaviors. This might sound weird, and maybe inaccurate and a bit egotistical, but it seems like when I get upset about something and ruminate about it, the weather gets worse than expected in my area, but when I'm calm and focus on doing the best I can and participating here, sometimes the weather isn't as bad as the news expected. I think I should start keeping a diary about that to see if there's a correlation or if I'm delusional about that.

Hope that makes sense! Thanks again, and I hope all here will continue to grow in knowledge and have plenty of protection!
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