Session 14 August 2016


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thank you Laura and all the crew for another interesting session, as always it is good to hear that there is still hope for some of us. :clap: :clap: :perfect:

A Jay

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Thank you for the session! Really looking forward to the new book, Laura! It sounds incredible! The whole session is packed with good info!


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zin said:
Fascinating reveal in regards to crystal physiology.

I wonder if the broken bits, or the parts that have detached from the main body or the alpha portion of the crystal are important to use in some way?
I would say to use all the parts as if they were one. What if 1 crystal that had 1 primary circuit/function for that individual broke into 3 crystals where the same function is expressed by the joint effect of the now 3 crystals?

Like: Protect -> Protect, Awareness, Dealing with Uncertainty

Just a quick example, but again, I think it's pretty clear that the self-adapting nature of the crystals involves a lot more intelligence/information than we are giving it credit for.

IOW, it's not like if a part fell off your cell phone! ;D


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Many thanks for another great session everyone!! :thup:

I am constantly blown away by all the things you guys can manage to do! :hug:


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The integrity of the brain is reliant on proper utilization of information? That's what just came to mind... I saw that Hillary video of her mental glitch. Twilight Zone material!

Thanks for the session! Really interesting!


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Cool info about Zurvan, etc. I thought Zurvan might be interesting to look into when I read about the topic and posted in this thread -,31231.msg413212.html#msg413212

I did buy the book mentioned in the thread, but didn't make it too far into it since if I remember right it was a challenging read when I was just starting grad school and I then forgot about it:

Zurvan: A Zoroastrian Dilemma by R. C. Zaehner


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Thank you for the new session and it is very interesting. :flowers:
Laura said:
Q: (L) Okay... Can you get me any closer to a clue here?

A: Check the Hurrian connection.

Q: (L) I thought I had checked that pretty deeply. I guess I could read some more. Now, there are those who say that Zurvanism was an attempt to deal with some of the dangling problems that Zoroaster left in terms of his dualism. One of his hymns describes Ahura Mazda and Ahriman as twins, so, they came up with Zurvanism, the ultimate god of space/time as father to the twins to explain this. Is that in fact the case?

A: No. Zurvan was the ancient god of the steppes and the Indo-Aryan peoples.

Q: (L) Okay, I've got a paper here... It seems that Zurvan was perceived as the god of infinite time and space, and was described as, "One Alone, a transcendental neutral god, and without passion. One for whom there was no distinction between good and evil. So, Zurvan had a varied history... So, the problem I want to get to right now is the idea that Zurvan was represented as the lion-headed god. There was a lion man figure found in Hohlenstein-Stadel, which is a German cave. It's carved out of ivory, and it's THE oldest known zoomorphic animal sculpture in the world, and the oldest known uncontested example of figurative art. It has been determined to be about - ready? 40,000 years old!! That was by carbon dating the material which was in the same layer where the figure was found. It was associated with the Aurignacian culture and it was 29cm in height, carved out of mammoth ivory using a flint stone knife. Seven parallel, transverse, carved gouges are on the left arm. The figure of Zurvan is often represented with a serpent coiled around him seven times. It is said that the sculpture shares certain similarities with French cave wall paintings which also show hybrid creatures. The Lion man is several thousand years older. Anyhow, this artifact seems to resemble very closely the lion man figure that was described as being the representation of Zurvan. So, I guess my question is: Are we talking about the same religion or religious ideas or perceptions that were common to the cultures that produced the cave art in Western Europe?

A: Yes
The Hurrians, also called Hari, Khurrites, Hourri, Churri, Hurri or Hurriter, were a people of the Bronze Age Near East.
I am not sure relevant or not, but find this Interesting. Hindu God Vishnu (also called Hari) has a incarnation called Narasimha in which he has Lion head. Also, the 3 major gods Vishnu considered nuetral, while shiva destroyer and Brahma a creator.

Laura said:
Q: (L) So in other words, what we are looking at here through a probably distorted survival via Zoroaster or Zarathushtra is that the Aryan religion was based first of all on a supreme principle of infinite time and infinite space from which was born essentially "good mind" and "evil mind" as Zoroaster put it?

A: Yes. STO and STS duality.
Asuras (Sanskrit: असुर) are mythological lord beings in Indian and Persian (Ariæns) texts who compete for power with the more benevolent devas (also known as suras).[1] Asuras are described in Indian texts as powerful superhuman demigods or demons with good or bad qualities. The good Asuras are called Adityas and are led by Varuna, while the malevolent ones are called Danavas and are led by Vritra.[2]
Laura said:
Q: (L) And what had it been corrupted to?

A: The Indian Vedas will give clues.
Aesthetic Zurvanism
Aesthetic Zurvanism, which was apparently not as popular as the materialistic kind, viewed Zurvan as undifferentiated Time, which, under the influence of desire, divided into reason (a male principle) and concupiscence (a female principle).

According to Duchesne-Guillemin, this division is "redolent of Gnosticism or – still better – of Indian cosmology." The parallels between Zurvan and Prajapati of Rig Veda 10.129 had been taken by Widengren to be evidence of a proto-Indo-Iranian Zurvan, but these arguments have since been dismissed (Duchesne-Guillemin, 1956). Nonetheless, there is a semblance of Zurvanite elements in Vedic texts, and as Zaehner puts it "Time, for the Indians, is the raw material, the material prima of all contingent being."
Laura said:
Q: (L) Alright. I guess that's it, so we will say...

A: Keep the project on track. There is more to come once the receivers are ready! Help is on the way!!!!!! Goodbye.
Interesting six exclamations


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Thank you for posting the session – most interesting as always! I too am looking forward to the new book! :clap:

mkrnhr said:
Q: (L) If that's the case, how was that possible?

A: The ancient world was quite "well connected".
E. Cline calls this inter-connectedness the first Globalisation. The empires at that time where so connected, some Egyptian artefacts were found in Scandinavia. But maybe connectedness here refers to connectedness to higher densities?
I was wondering the same thing as they used the quotes both times in the responses.

Thanks for the session. Interesting about Hillary, seems her lying has as much or more to do with her recent episodes than that bump on the head, or it's all related. Obama and Hillary are a lot alike in their massive lying, and they both seem to be so phony. It really amazes me how peeps can be so taken in by Obama's so called charm, they both get a lot of help from the media...
For some time I have been astonished at the inability of many acquaintances to discern the outright fakery of both Obama and Hillary – and this from people who at one time I considered to be educated / intelligent. :huh: Due to the extreme measures the MSM and search engines use to bury negative stories and since most of these people are reluctant to stray outside the ‘established sources’ they really don’t have a clue. I also finally realized just how scared many people are – they really really don’t want their cozy worldview shaken.


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Thanks for the new session! It is jam packed with information. I especially like the last bit " Keep the project on track. There is more to come once the receivers are ready! Help is on the way!!!!!". It is very encouraging. :cheer:
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