Session 14 June 2014


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Session Date: June 14th 2014

Laura and Andromeda at the board
Pierre, Perceval, Possibility of Being, Chu, Kniall, Data, Mr. Scott

Joining via Skype:
Mimimari, 1984, Shijing, Tempo

Q: (L) We're going to go a slightly different direction tonight because last week was really exhausting. So, we're going to start with the stuff that we would normally ask questions about if you {members attending via skype} were not here and proceed along and see how things go. After we get through a couple of these things that are occupying my mind, then it'll be time for ya'll, and maybe by then you will have relaxed enough that you will not ask stupid questions. [laughter]

(Pierre) No pressure.

(L) Alright, so... Okay, this is June 14th, 2014. (Possibility of Being) Che Guevara's birthday. (L) Che Guevara's birthday! Oh!! Long live Che! Oh, well, sorry he's dead. Anyhow, June 14th, 2014. So it's 14-6-14. That's a 5-6-5, which is a 7. (Andromeda) Very good number.

[Review of those present]

We don't know if... I dunno, I may be too tired. I just want ya'll to know that these guys have destroyed my bedroom, taken down the wall, and I'm sleeping in the spare room with all my stuff piled up around me. It's like sleeping in a cave. I have not been able to sleep for five days!

(Pierre) Uh...

(L) I'm NOT in a good mood! [laughter]

(Pierre) We should ask the C's about that...

(L) When is my bedroom going to be finished? [laughter]

(Perceval) Wait and see.

(L) There is no time! Okay. Hello? Is anybody out there? Jesus Christ, what a world we live in...

A: Not Jesus Christ, only Korilla of Cassiopaea. However, we understand the sentiment! Things are rather chaotic in some places, yes? Just wait! Much more to come!

Q: (L) Well. That tunes in to my initial question. We've got Ukraine going to hell in a hand basket. Now all of a sudden, out of the blue seemingly, Iraq is being "re-invaded" and there have been suggestions that this is all being done by forces that have been armed by the US and/or NATO. Is that in fact the case? Is the West behind this re-invasion of Iraq?

A: Indeed. However, as has happened before, the "Allies" are strange bedfellows and the alliance will not last. This situation signals great danger because it reflects the cosmic situation. Many of those in "power" do not realize how controlled they actually are nor why.

Q: (L) Okay, so let's ask the obvious question: Why are they controlled and being driven to act in these warmongering ways?

A: Cosmic justice is coming.

Q: (L) Alright then. Um...

A: They feel it like the hound of hell.

[Pause for fixing mic problems on the remote end since they were talking, but we couldn't hear anything]

(L) Okay, where were we?

(Chu) The Hound of Hell...

A: As the changes approach, they feel the pressure but do not understand what it is. They only feel an insatiable hunger and fear that they will be left with nothing. Thus the drive to grab and destroy.

Q: (Pierre) So there's a kind of feedback loop. Those leaders feel the earth changes growing, so they become even more destructive, which in turn increases the cosmic reaction.

(Perceval) I would assume they would project that fear onto the population, and then crack down on them. Then the population responds, and that just increases their fear, and increases the cracking down.

(L) All I can say is that right now, it just really, really looks ugly and desperate and dangerous. And all of that is happening while the freaking planet is going nuts weather-wise, earthquake-wise, volcano-wise...

(Perceval) Shark-wise! It's going nuts!

(L) Leave the shark out of it! We solved the shark problem.

(Perceval) We did?

(L) Read the article. The shark problem got solved.

(Perceval) I don't believe that article.

(L) So, that's that. Where were my articles? Okay... Well, I'm going to ask it anyway. I can't resist. This article says that a 3-meter shark that was tagged, um... Well anyhow, the tags on this 3-meter shark showed up on the beach, and apparently it gave evidence of having been in a stomach. They say that ... "...the temperature recorded during those 3 weeks was consistent with the core body temperature of a white shark, but was too low for something like a killer whale." And they said at one point, the tag dived to a depth of 570 meters. They say this is not unusual for white sharks - it's normal behavior. This dive took place about one week prior to the tag recording the higher temperatures for a 3-week period, not immediately before as some have reported. The two events are not related - that's what they say.

(Perceval) What ate the tag?

A: The story is fairly correct with but one small issue: Why did the shark dive so deep? Another issue is: What else is going on down there? Getting rather warm in places, yes?

Q: (L) Alright, so that's what happened to the shark. Okay, so I'll bite. No pun intended.

(Perceval) The shark had to dive because undersea volcanoes were heating the upper layers of water, so the sharks had to go down further because they like a certain temperature of water.

(L) Is that kind of correct? Was there something...

A: Very close!

Q: (L) Okay. So, in other words, the upper level water was too warm. Suddenly, the shark was in a "hot spot", and he was getting the hell out of the plume of something and he had to dive deep to get cool. Is that kind of it?

A: Close

Q: (L) Alright, well, that's good enough.

(Perceval) I know what happened. An underwater volcano killed the shark with the tag. Then another one ate it and went, "Geez it's really warm in here. I'm getting out of here!" And he went down deeper. Or it was cooked. The shark was cooked!

A: No.

Q: [laughter] (L) Give up, Perceval! Enough about the shark already. I want to know about... There was this incident. It says, "Electronic military exercises were to blame for the mysterious disappearance of DOZENS of planes from air traffic control screens in the heart of Europe, Slovak authorities have said." So this means that Slovakia, that little bitty country that just recently entered the EU, if I remember correctly, somehow was empowered to knock out the air traffic control communication devices...

(Perceval) No, they said it was NATO.

(L) No, no, just let me finish. Slovakia knew about it and was involved in it, but no other country in Europe knew about it apparently? Because this happened to Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia between June 5th and June 10th. So that's for freakin' five days! And after one day or two days of something like this happening, you'd think that somebody higher up would have been notified and that they'd understand what was going on. But apparently, it went on for another five whole days. That strikes me as extremely suspicious. Slovakia blamed the outages on planned military exercises, and they're saying that these planned military exercises, which apparently none of these other countries knew about - because you'd think Germany would make some kind of announcement... So the whole thing was very suspicious. So, right after the problem with the radars was detected, and that would have been on June 5th, the organizing party was made aware and the exercises were stopped. But it just said that it went on for five days!

(Perceval) Over a period of five days in a few different countries, and at different times planes "disappeared" for a few seconds.

(L) Well, I know that.

(Perceval) It was NATO exercises, probably. And they don't want to talk about it.

(L) And it says the first disappearance problems coincided with NATO conducting electronic warfare exercises in Hungary. And they reported that on June 7th. During the exercises, NATO was reportedly using devices that can interfere with enemy radar according to the Telegraph. German air traffic control stated they were trying to identify the cause of the outages... So there's a little bit of confusion with these stories here, and I'm wondering is this actually what was going on? That NATO was conducting planned military exercises, whose goal was the interruption of radio communication frequencies? Is that actually what they were doing?

A: No, not even close!

Q: (Pierre) Was it some density glitch?

(L) Were these hyperdimensional or 4D bleedthrough glitches?

A: Yes. Just like Flight 370.

Q: (Pierre) So, was it like for Flight 370, was it a not-so-subtle message to the PTB?

A: Not a message, but a "sign." Notice how quickly the Iraq problem exploded.

Q: (Pierre) So MH370 was a sign related to the third world war, like these radar glitches were signs of this Iraq invasion?

(L) I don't think you have to bring 370 into it, because they're not saying 370 was a sign. They're saying that these glitches were a sign.

(Perceval) They said Flight 370 was interpreted as something weird going on...

(L) Yeah...

(Perceval) And maybe it's part of the pressure put on them: they feel that fear, the pressure, and these just make it worse. And they see it again happening, and they go, "Holy shit! What's going on?! Let's set Iraq on fire. That'd be a good solution!"

(L) Fits with their modus operandi.

A: Works for us!

Q: (L) Alright. Very, very interesting.

A: Expect more and more such glitches!

Q: (Data) Are such phenomena only limited to flights?

A: Of course not! Have you been paying attention?

Q: (L) I think they mean that there's all kinds of stuff going on. There's probably lots of stuff disappearing and going weird that we can't even find because we can't...

(Pierre) With the plane, it's visible because there are tracking devices...

(L) That just happens to be something that attracts a lot of attention. And they couldn't cover it up because there were so many air traffic controllers watching and witnessing.

(Perceval) It also depends on what the source of this phenomenon is. It's bleedthrough, or some kind of electromagnetic weirdness, or whatever... And that might not just have the effect of making an airplane disappear, but...

A: Bleedthroughs are EM phenomena.

Q: (L) So, all kinds of EM phenomena... I mean, like even those weird noises with the storms.

(Andromeda) And the looping fireball...

(Pierre) Oh yeah! And lightning strikes hitting cars, weird explosions that nobody hears, um...

(Perceval) Strange sounds.

(Pierre) And it seems that electromagnetic phenomena are perceivable manifestations in our density of bleedthrough {of things going on at 4D}.

(L) Yeah. Oh, the circular fireball. What about this circular fireball? Was it a kind of firecracker?

A: No

Q: (L) Okay. Was it an electromagnetic phenomenon also?

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) Was there any material substance, i.e. was it a chunk of rock or a meteorite?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) So it was a meteorite caught in some kind of EM... loopy trap?

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) Loopy trap is now an official...

(L) … technical term!

(Pierre) Yeah, it was spiraling. There was an electric field, and a magnetic field, and...

A: The ancient records speak of such things and much more. Just wait and see. You think you have seen weird?!?

Q: (Perceval) You know what? When I saw that, and I figured it may have been a meteorite doing that kind of thing, then I understood why people in the past like those reported in Baillie's book, why people could ascribe some kind of intelligence to those things.

(L) Of course.

(Perceval) But there's no evidence of them. I mean, WE haven't seen things like that. So why would anybody say it's a god, or it's alive?

(L) What about my book, “The Book of Miracles”? That book is full of some of the weirdest things!

(Andromeda) Yeah!

(L) Are we going to see things like are included in “The Book of Miracles” that I have?

A: Yes indeed!

Q: (Andromeda) Oh boy.

(L) Well that's going to be fun.

(Perceval) I can't wait to hear what the official explanation for them is...

(L) It's gonna get WILD...

(Perceval) That's a new rocket that we developed to go in loops in the sky! And then explode on itself! It's a new technology. It's the Russians!

(L) Let me see if everything I had here is covered...

(Perceval) It's Putin inside a new spaceship!

(L) Okay, my questions are done.

(Chu) I have a question. Linked to the beginning of the session... Starting with dinosaurs, if humans can bring so many disasters to themselves like the Roman civilization, how come there were cometary impacts in the past? So, my theory is there's gotta be something else. Either these things are gonna happen no matter what and people get crazy and start acting in all these weird ways because they sense that something is coming, or/and possibly combined with...

A: You are an experiment! It was necessary for evolutionary progress to proceed, so the dinosaurs had to go!

Q: (Pierre) That's what you wrote in your book. You wrote the dinosaurs were swept away because evolutionarily speaking, they didn't go the right way. Then there is a natural reaction that favors the "right" evolution...

(L) And it's still a natural reaction. We're not that much different from the dinosaurs.

(Chu) So we're bringing it onto ourselves because...

(L) We're part of the living system, and...

(Perceval) But it's not natural in the sense that... Because the first four words are, "You are an experiment!" So, did someone wipe the dinosaurs away so that they could seed the planet with monkeys that could turn into humans?

A: Partly, yes.

Q: (Perceval) They helped it along.

(L) Yeah.

(Chu) So because we're failing, it attracts the event, either bigger event or whatever... That wouldn't happen if the experiment was going right, basically?

A: It would be much ameliorated.

Q: (Perceval) I think the important point is that we're an experiment, so it's not just about the living system. There's some element of being tweaked with, and there being some kind of hyperdimensional influence on human evolution in a negative way.

(L) Okay, so have we covered our questions? Alright. Does anybody over there have a question?

(Shijing) [Audio quality is VERY bad... Almost unintelligible] We were wondering if we could ask if there is some kind of information that we could get in terms of... our group here? And we had a couple of ideas about that. We wanted to ask something about this.

A: If you will read the previous communications and apply the terms to yourselves, all will work as it should.

Q: (Shijing) So, being in Arizona where we are right now, we're wondering exactly what things should we be doing... {???} according to the way everything is {???} right now.

A: Act in ways that support already initiated efforts and thereby connect energies that will attract to yourselves what is needed at the right time. If you dissipate group energy where you are then you will have to deal with the attendant blowbacks.

Q: (L) In other words, I think what it's saying is that you're wanting to get something for yourselves, and you're not willing to pay in advance. You want to be saved where you are, the way you have decided in your own minds that it should be and work out. You have put your own conditions on it. It's gotta be Arizona. It's gotta be this way, it's gotta be that way. We have to plan it out, we have to effect it. And all of that is just dissipating energies.

(Shijing) We're getting things on this end in fits and starts.

(Perceval) That's an example of the broken energy. He said they're choppy.

(L) I think the poor quality of the Skype connection is kind of an example of the poor quality of your group connection there.

(Shijing) I have a personal question if that's okay. I've been thinking about the topic [???] about my daughter. [???] things I may not be saying. I was wondering if I can get some sort of [???]

(L) Did anybody understand that?

(Chu) Daughter's problems, is there any advice they can provide?

(Perceval) I think it was a longwinded way of saying, "Any advice about my daughter?"

(L) Oh, okay. Shijing wants any advice about his daughter?

[The pointer spirals a bit... frequent squeaks and whistles from Skype connection]

(L) Oh... They're thinking.

A: Your daughter needs her space, life, and a healthy emotional environment.

Q: (Shijing) Okay. I don't know if it's worth asking what is within my control. Given what...

A: That's the problem: your control. It is lacking when it comes to yourself, and excessive when it comes to her.

Q: (L) Any other questions?

(1984) I just wanted to ask a personal question if I could about my mother. She passed around the first of the year, and she was very into her Christian religion. I just wondered if she was able to transition okay.

A: Light attracted her instead of repelling so she managed okay.

Q: (1984) Thank you.

(L) Alright, anything else? Okay then, we're going to say goodnight! [Thank yous, Kissies, Nighty nights...]

(Perceval) That was interesting... That whole time, I don't think Shijing, who was doing most of the talking, got an intelligible sentence through in terms of the quality of the Skype connection. Every time he spoke, it broke up, but the others were pretty much clear.

(L) Anything else that we need to know tonight before we shut down?

A: You are doing well and things around are heating up!! Not to worry though, as all is moving along well. The more help you get, the more your energy will increase and benefit those helping. For now, goodbye.

A very revealing session if I may say so. Thanks for sharing so quickly. Much to ponder on. Fastening proverbial seat belts to start with! ;)
(Perceval) And maybe it's part of the pressure put on them: they feel that fear, the pressure, and these just make it worse. And they see it again happening, and they go, "Holy shit! What's going on?! Let's set Iraq on fire. That'd be a good solution!"


(Perceval) That's a new rocket that we developed to go in loops in the sky! And then explode on itself! It's a new technology. It's the Russians!

(Perceval) It's Putin inside a new spaceship!

I like you humor style Perceval! :lol:
Many thanks to Laura and the Gang at the Château. I sense that there are going to be more sessions soon. The changes are speeding up, so help from the Cs will be needed more and more. Cheers.
I thought of some "paranormal phenomenon making those planes disappear on radar and now i wonder if skpye troubles are due to it too.. hm? It's about Electromagnetics - so all communications systems are to be influenced... And didn't recognize quick escalation in Iraq as cover-up for this EM glitch...

THANKS for session guys :thup:
Laura said:

(L) What about my book, “The Book of Miracles”? That book is full of some of the weirdest things!

(Andromeda) Yeah!

(L) Are we going to see things like are included in “The Book of Miracles” that I have?

A: Yes indeed!

Q: (Andromeda) Oh boy.

(L) Well that's going to be fun.

Who is the author of the “The Book of Miracles” ?
Thank you all for continuing to share these sessions...a lot here to think about. So grateful for the heads-up.
Two bonuses for today! I listened to the Sott 's last broadcast, which was very interesting and now this transcript loaded with information!!
Many thanks!

BTW, things are really disappearing from and also emerging in our "reality"...a few months ago, I saw something which didn't match anything I've seen so far (no photo, sorry), but now we were told, much more is available in the "Waiting Zone".

I'm just overwhelmed by the sheer thought of what's in store for us ...and what seems to be really important is "who you are and what you see"!!! Who knows what chances and danger, abyss or heights, gliding or bumpy rides are out there, but I do hope that our Real Self will be our captain when we embark. Until then, getting prepared.

I would like to share some photos of airplanes, the occupants of which survived they are abandoned in the middle of nowhere, but they remain as silent signposts for remembering...miracles exists!

Safe landing !

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