Session 18 December 2021


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Session Date: December 18th 2021

Laura, Andromeda, and Artemis at the board

Pierre, Joe, Gaby, Ark, PoB, Chu, Scottie, Niall, Princess Leia, The Lunar Module

FOTCM Members present via Zoom (in alphabetical order): 3DStudent, 987baz, A Jay, Abats, Aeneas, aimarok, Aiming, alana, Alejo, Altair, aluminumfalcon, Ana Huitzil, anartist, AndrewMn, Andrian, anka, Annp, Anthony, Approaching Infinity, Aragorn, Arne, Arwenn, Aya, Beorn, Bjorn, Bluefyre, Bo, Bobo08, Brandon, Breton, c.a., Carl, cassandra, Chrissy, cinnamon, ClaudiaYG, Cleo, Cosmos, Dakota, Darek, Dave_P, Deckard, Deliverance, Dirgni, domi, drazen, Drea, dugdeep, eboard10, Echo Blue, Ellipse, Erykah, Esprit, fabric, finduilas495, Flashgordonv, Floetus, Gandalf, Gawan, genero81, goyacobol, Harmony99, Hello H2O, herondancer, Hesper, hesperides, hiker, hlat, Hope, iamthatis, inquorate, Irjo, IronFloyd, istina, itellsya, jar, JeanneT, JEEP, Jefferson, Jenn, jhonny, Joan, Josi, Juba, Kaigen, Kari Baba, kawika, Kay Kim, Keit, kenlee, Keyhole, Kinyash, KJN, Konstantin, korzik18, KTC, l apprenti de forgeron, Lainey, latulipenoire, Laurentien2, Learner, Leighton, liam1310, Lilou, Lilyalic, logos5x5, loreta, LQB, Luc, Lucius, Lys, Maat, Maiko, marek760, Mari, Marina9, Mark, Mark7, martinsky, Michael B-C, Michal, Miguel Angel, Mike, Mikkael, Mililea, mimimari, MK Scarlett, mkrnhr, Mr.Cyan, Mrs. Peel, msante, Nachtweide, Nathan, Navigator, Nicholas, nicklebleu, Nienna, Ninas, Obi, Ollie, Orangescorpion, Oxajil, Perlou, Persej, Phill4, Placematt, PopHistorian, primeaddict, Rabelais, Rashi, RedFox, Redrock12, Regulattor, Renaissance, rrraven, Ryan, rylek, Ryu, Saman, ScioAgapeOmnis, Scotseeker, Seamus, Sebbe, seek10, seeker2seer, Seppo Ilmarinen, Siberia, sid, Soluna, Starshine, Stellar, Stoneboss, sToRmR1dR, SummerLite, Temperance, thorbiorn, Timótheos, treesparrow, Tuatha de Danaan, Turgon, Ursus Minor, Voyageur, Vulcan59, Whitecoast, will01, williamsj, Windmill Knight, Yas, Ysus, zar, Zim

Q: (L) Alright. Here we go!

A: Hello to all beautiful people. Cassiopaea on board!

Q: (L) Do we have a name?

A: Follinniaea!

Q: (L) Okay. We have a lot of questions here, so I guess we might as well get to the first one. Mike has some questions about Bitcoin.

(Mike) In general, who is the person (or people) that created Bitcoin?


Q: (L) Well, alright.

(Mike) For what purpose did they initially create Bitcoin?

A: Bridge to nowhere.

Q: (L) What do you mean, "Bridge to nowhere"?

A: Digitize, and then deprive common man of resource.

Q: (Joe) The kind of obvious idea about any digital currency despite what they say about them is that it's a transition away from physical money.

(Niall) Cashless society.

(Joe) And more control of people. If anybody thinks that that's not what it's about, you're naive. That doesn't mean you can't make money off it in the interim. But eventually, it's a bridge to, yeah...

(Niall) When the music stops...

(L) Yeah, it's a game of musical chairs.

(Mike) There are currently a lot of interests involved in cryptocurrencies, and cryptocurrencies seem to be heading toward ‘main street’ adoption at some point with ‘Web 3.0’ being worked on, created, and built. Whether or not TPTB (or elements of it) were initially involved in the creation of Bitcoin, what are TPTB’s current plans in relation to cryptocurrencies?

(L) Well, I think we just got the answer to that.

(Joe) The plan is to destroy the current global economy - for all sorts of beneficial reasons for the elite. And obviously when you destroy the economy, you rebuild it on what? A digital currency.

(L) Absolute control!

(Joe) They can shut you off at any time.

(L) Just remember that session where we talked about the Mark of the Beast and 666 and all that stuff. They were moving towards absolute control. You won't be able to eat without being a member under their control.

(Andromeda) My money collection is gonna be worth a lot historically speaking! [Andromeda collects foreign money.]

(L) Okay, dugdeep wants to ask a question about homeopathy.

(dugdeep) Does homeopathy work by replacing the disease pattern within the Vital Force (Vital Force is passive), or does it induce a hormetic response, spurring the Vital Force to act (Vital Force is active)? Or is it something else? (If the latter, how does it work?)

(L) Oh boy. I HATE compound questions! Where is dugdeep? Let me hit him! [laughter] God... Okay, let's bring it down: Does homeopathy work by replacing the disease pattern within the Vital Force?

A: No.

Q: (L) Okay. Does it induce a hormetic response, spurring the Vital Force to act - that is, the Vital Force is active?

A: Yes

Q: (L) That's all you're gonna get. [laughter]

(Joe) Good enough.

(L) Such a sloppy question. Alright... Here is Mr. Cyan:

(Mr. Cyan) To my understanding the Chinese Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines and Russia’s Sputnik V are actually "normal/traditional" vaccines and are non mRNA. To date more than 2 Billion doses of Sinovac vaccines have been administered (mostly in China) making it the most extensive vaccine in use globally. In China they have no choice in taking this vaccine, but in other countries where these vaccines are available, it is partially a personal choice depending on the circumstances. Considering the plans 4D STS have in creating a new race utilizing mRNA vaccines...

(L) Do we know that?

(Niall) No.

(L) That's an assumption right there. Okay, so we can't ask that question that way. How about: Is it the plan of 4D STS to create a new race utilizing mRNA vaccines?

A: No.

Q: (L) Okay, so the rest of his question:

(Mr. Cyan) Why were China and Russia "allowed" to use non mRNA vaccines?

(L) So that one we won't ask because he made an assumption. The last part is:

(Mr. Cyan) Is this related to the "final choice" available to humanity as asked by Pierre in a previous session where the whole Covid pandemic scam on one level is basically the final choice offered to humanity to wake up from the matrix?

(L) Well, I think we can think about that question in some different ways. Mr. Cyan wants to ask another question: He read an article about a jogger who got murdered.

Humanoid shadow pic is at the bottom of the article here:

(Mr. Cyan) With reference to the death of the jogger in Punggol, Singapore referenced in the URL below; from the grapevine – when paramedics responded to the emergency call: he had multiple deep slash wounds, and could never really identify who or what attacked him. He was having difficulty describing the attacker. He later died in hospital, despite still being conscious and communicating clearly with paramedics during his journey to hospital. Further, his slash wounds were actually very deep, precise and large in multiple locations on his arms and upper torso. Not exactly consistent with a knife attack, but more similar to deep surgical incisions. Later there was a picture taken from a distance of the crime/attack scene – where there appeared to be a large humanoid shadow in the middle of the road near the policemen and emergency services. Was he attacked by a human? Or dimensional window faller? If it is the latter, is the shadow in the picture related to the being that attacked him?

(L), Well, was he attacked by a human?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So it was not a dimensional window faller?

A: No.

Q: (L) What was the shadow being related to?

A: Aroused by negative imprint of attack. Check the history of the location.

Q: (L) Okay, next question:

(LQB) VAERS vax injury database indicates that some vaccine batches are much more toxic than others from the same manufacturer. Is this intentional?

A: Partly, but mainly due to gross incompetence and negligence.

Q: (L) Okay, that answers his second question, which is: "If not, why the great variation in apparent toxicity?" Okay, Aragorn's question:

(Aragorn) After being jabbed by the Pfizer or Moderna Covid vaccine, would immediate heating of the injection site with a far infrared heating pad dialed up to 60°C reduce the possibility of the mRNA packages to enter the cells?

A: Somewhat, yes.

Q: (L) Hmm. Okay, his follow-up question is then: "How much?"

A: 30 percent.

Q: (L) Well, that's interesting. Yes, indeed. That's useful to know, people. Take note of that! Okay, next question:

(Alejo) Is the omicron variant and its deformed protein, which degrades its capacity to attach to cells (according to Dr. McCollough), a result of what the C's mentioned as an intervention of nature, i.e. the nature of mutations?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, they degrade. Next:

(primeaddict) Which nation will be the first to rise up against the government and attack the politicians and health advisers?


(L) You should know better than to ask that question!

(Andromeda) That's a good one! [laughter]

(Niall) The nation of Texas!

A: Might be spontaneous in several places at once. But not yet imminent in any serious way.

Q: (L) Next one:

(primeaddict) Will there be a large number of deaths, due to the vax, that the media cannot hide? Like on live TV or public event?

A: It's relative. More deaths from vax than virus, but easily distracted for most.

Q: (L) The second part of that question is:

(primeaddict) Will there be sudden deaths of the pretty people, politicians and/or celebs that will shock the nation?

A: A few, for sure. And some celebs will get clued in.

Q: (L) And of course if some of these celebrities get clued in and start talking, they're gonna be celebrities no longer!

(Joe) There have been a few already. The meme is that they "died after a short illness". That's what the media is saying.

(L) I see...

(Andromeda) A short illness that was preceded by a vaccine...

(Niall) No, no, no!

(Joe) Don't say that!

(L) Okay, next question... Oh, we'll come back to your question, Jar. I want to come back to it at the end of the session. So:

(Gottathink) What do countries' leading politicians believe about how the SARS-CoV2 virus will affect populations?

A: They are mostly in the know and pushing the agenda.

Q: (L) Next question:

(Alejo) How significant, in terms of increased cometary activity in the inner solar system in the short term, was the recent visit of comet Leonard?

A: It's a long term body, thus not particularly significant.

Q: (L) Next:

(Maat) Where are the good guys, if any?

A: Waiting for major change of choices.

Q: (L) So in other words, as long as the majority of humanity is not choosing to wake up, there's not much they can do. Free will. And we have to live in a miniscule bubble-like alternate reality. Alright...

(Altair) What additions can be made to our vaccination protocol to better handle mRNA vaccines?

(L) Well, we just got one suggestion: heat would be very useful. I suppose there are other ways to apply heat than far infrared. Is heat in general beneficial?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So it's not just infrared. Okay. We can do some research on that. That's...

A: Take more melatonin.

Q: (L) Take more melatonin?

(Gaby) It's an antiviral.

(L) Don't take too much, but you can take more. Okay, now Sid has a series of questions:

(Sid) During 'the seven passes of Venus' as described in Pierre’s book, were there any direct and visible lightning discharges between Venus and Earth?

A: Oh indeed!!!

Q: (Joe) Visible by whom?

(L) What do you mean?

(Joe) Were there people on the planet at that time?

(L) Well, yeah. Ask Pierre.

(Joe) He doesn't know either.

(L) Read the book!

(Pierre) 5000 years ago.

(L) So, I guess some of those discharges may have looked like the z-pinch plasma figures that gave rise to some of the depictions of humanoid-looking pictures on rock paintings and carvings. Okay:

(Sid) Do the Quorum or the PTB know the exact location and timings of "the big one"?

A: No.

Q: (Sid) Or are they a bit clueless too?

A: More than a bit.

Q: (L) Okay, next:

(Sid) Which part or region of our sun is the coldest and what temperature?

(L) Is there a reason for that question?

(Niall) Well, if you ever fly into the sun...

(L) Well, let's see. What IS the coolest part of the sun?

A: Surface actually.

Q: (L) Why is that?

A: Radiation cooling.

Q: (Joe) Isn't the coolest part of your body the surface?

(L) I guess. Well, there you go. I'm a star!!

(Joe) Coolest part of the wood burning stove? The outside.

(L) What's the usual temperature of the sun? Does anybody know?

(Joe) A bunch of degrees.

(L) mkrnhr, what's the temperature of the sun?

(Joe) Which part, Laura?

[Consultation via Zoom chat]

(Scottie) He says: 6400 degrees at the surface. [Later corrected to 6600 K at surface]

(L) What's wrong with Wikipedia? Next question:

(Sid) What was the real motivation behind the mythological Indian texts of Mahabharata and Ramayana?

A: Record events of great significance.

Q: (L) Okay. And the second part of the question:

(sid) Are there any factual events or just adaptations of Odyssey, etc?

A: Odyssey was part of the same phenomenon.

Q: (L) So the Odyssey was another group of people recording the same sort of events?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) But recording it in their particular way?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, you don't have to say that one was the derivation of the other - just that there was something significant enough going on for people to get upset about it and write about it in the only way they could. They didn't have the scientific language that we have. They had to write about things in the way that they were able. Now, Aeneas - speaking of The Odyssey and all those Greek stories:

(Aeneas) Using the 'as above so below' approach, could the 'storing' of information in quartz crystals be similar to the 'storing' of information in the DNA?

A: Yes.

Q: (Aeneas) Is it a storing of information or is it really more like a link-up to the information field?

A: Storing of information that allows link to information field.

Q: (L) It's like a codebreaker or something - I dunno.

(Aeneas) Pierre mentioned in the link below that protein in keratin is spiral shaped in connection with hair as antennas. Session 17 July 2021

Is it the geometric shape (spiral) which the protein antennas use?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Next part:

(Aeneas) Is it also how it operates in the quartz crystals but with crystalline geometric structures (also spiral) in the silicates which makes up the crystals?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) You're batting a thousand!

(Aeneas) Connected to the above is what the C's have said about even computers slowly gathering consciousness. If so, would that be partly due to the silica from which the chips are made which holds massive amounts of information?

A: Partly, indeed.

Q: (L) So, we did those... Oh! Before I come back to Jar's question, I want to ask something for [Redacted]. [Redacted] has got a whole lot of issues. She's got a whole thread about it, and I'm sure members are aware of all that. So, you'll know why I'm asking this question for her even though it's a personal one. What I'd like to know is: Is there any general guidance that can be given for [Redacted]?

A: [Redacted] was given the key to solve her many inner conflicts years ago. The conflict is between her inner true being and her false personality that always seeks the least painful solution.

Q: (L) So, by seeking the least painful solutions in the short term, she ends up with longer term, more painful situations?

A: Exactly.

Q: (L) Anything else?

([Redacted]) And I haven't a clue.

A: All that glitters is not gold.

Q: (Artemis) Do you meditate?

([Redacted]) Um... Can I ask... How can I get rid of the anxiety?

A: Stop the energy drain.

Q: ([Redacted]) Can I ask if I need to take something to help me before I do that, what could it be?

A: There is no physical solution. What do you fear most?

Q: ([Redacted]) I guess I'd have to say what I fear most.

(Joe) It was a question.

([Redacted]) What do I fear most? I fear that I'm going to feel this way forever.

(L) So that's your greatest fear?

([Redacted]l) No, it's not... My greatest fear is that I'm not gonna have done the Work on myself.

A: That is the conflict. You are not doing the Work.

Q: ([Redacted]) Oh.

A: Where is most of your energy going?

Q: ([Redacted]) All my energy is going into what's going on with my health right now.

(L) I think you missed a stage there.

([Redacted]) Yeah, I didn't quite get everything that they said.

A: Your energy was drained in order to get you in this state.

Q: ([Redacted]) Okay... By who? Or what?

A: Who? What? Illusions is the usual answer.

Q: ([Redacted]) Okay.

A: Who???

Q: ([Redacted]) Could it be, um, the person I live with?

A: Up to you to recognize and ponder.

Q: (L) Alright. Is that enough? I feel...

([Redacted]) I'm sorry I wasted too much time on this.

(L) I don't think it's a waste, but I think it's pushing the limit.

([Redacted]) Right, I'm sorry.

(L) It's okay. Jar wants to know...

(Andromeda) Do we wanna ask Niall's questions?

(L) Oh, Niall's questions.

(Niall), Nah, they're so trivial...

(L) Oh dear god... [laughter] Hold on, Jar. I'll get back to your question.

(Chu) If we don't ask your question, we'll ask next time. Put them on the spreadsheet!

(Niall) Does the Swiss referendum result of 28 November, in which two thirds of those who voted supported the government's Covid control measures, broadly reflect the people's wishes?

A: The usual election tactics were used.

Q: (Niall) Has any vaccine ever actually eradicated a disease, or at least positively affected its severity or frequency?

A: Yes.

Q: (Niall) Was Gabby Petito murdered by her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie?

A: Yes.

Q: (Niall) Were government agents involved in Charles Manson programming his followers (into murdering their victims in 1969)?

A: Yes.

Q: (Niall) Is the 'Eye of the Sahara', aka Richat, natural in origin? What caused it? [Notes: It's a peculiar geological formation of multiple concentric circles in the remote western Sahara, in northern Mauritania. From space, it looks like an eye. There are apparent 'current ripples' in the land to the south of it. Picture here: The 'Eye of the Sahara' from space]

A: Yes. Comet explosion shock waves.

Q: (L) Must have been a doozy!

(Niall) One theory about the JFK assassination is that there was a 'plot within the plot' – essentially, one faction planned to stage a 'near-miss' or pretend assassination, but then another faction used that plot to actually kill the US president. Is this what happened?

A: No.

Q: (Niall) Was JFK Jr's death caused by pilot error, as officially claimed?

A: No.

Q: (Niall) Was foul play involved in JFK Jr's death?

A: Yes.

Q: (Niall) Was Rasputin's assassination the work of a foreign intelligence operation?

A: No.

Q: (Niall) Did young tech entrepreneur Aaron Schwartz commit suicide, as officially reported?

A: No.

Q: (Niall) What happened to Noah Donohoe? [14-year-old who disappeared in Belfast in June 2020 under strange circumstances. His naked body was found in a storm drain although it's a mystery how it got there...]

A: Underworld elements.

Q: (Andromeda) That was a really strange case.

(Niall) 'Underworld' as in organized crime?

A: Yes.

Q: (Joe) Why?

A: Grooming gone wrong.

Q: (L) So... Since this is our last session of the year, and Jar and all inquiring minds want to know: Is there any general statement that we can take with us tonight into the new year? I mean, I realize the last time you gave us an end of the year statement, things really went kaflooey. So, maybe I should hesitate about this, but anyway... Anything to hold on to?

A: Times will get increasingly chaotic because the forces at play are becoming even more desperate for control as the changes draw nigh. It will be more important than ever to hold together during this transitional period. Do not get tired or discouraged. You have learned enough of lasting value to recognize this source as positive and valid. Please hold to that knowledge in darker times. Remember: Change IS coming!!!! Goodbye.

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Thanks so much for that interesting session. Must be very tiring trying to get all the information to us but I, for one, am very grateful to everyone concerned. I am going to hold that very last comment from the C's in mind to keep me going through the hard times.:clap:
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